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The Movement Trio Tag Match

on Wed Nov 22, 2017 6:32 pm
RP Link:

Note: I'll be adding layouts, coloring, RP Links (where possible) and Results links (again where possible) at a future date.

The Movement & Kurtis Porter Vs The Rock & Spider & Avalanche

(The scene opens to Trixy, Rick, and Blitz sitting in chairs facing the camera.)

trixy: Hello ladies and gentlemen, I'm here with Rick Cage and Blitz to talk with them about their up coming 6 man tag match.

trixy:now blitz we all heard about your match up for retribution to taken on spider do you have any comments for spider and also we want to know how you feel about the six man tag match with you and rick cage teaming up with ricks former tag team partner?

Blitz: Wow, Talk about a complex question

Blitz: but anyway. My Retribution match against Spider is what I'm looking forward to. You see I admit Spider is a great opponent. I'm going to head into that match ready for a great match. I'm actually glad for the last tag match me and Rick had against Spider, even though we lost, but it's givin me an oppertunity to better understand how Spider fights. Now it looks like me and Rick are Heading into another match this next heatwave, I'm excited.

Blitz:This next match is going to be a good one. Now that we've seen avalance in the ring we can now prepare ourselfs for it better. But I'm saying this now No mystery opponent will get the best of me again, I'll make sure that me and whoever else i may be with is completly prepared for whatever it is we will come up against.

Trixy: So Rick, Do you share in Blitz's excitement?

Rick Cage:Well trixy you see this a big oppurtunity for me its not every day that you get to team up with a former partner and friend so its almost a Detroits Most Wanted reunion but thats the past and this is the future you see what me and kurtis porter had was a mutal respect for each similar to me and blitz then he showed me something but i can't figure that part out yet on what it is but if its excitement you want your not going to find it in a interview you will see when porter my self and blitz takes on avalanche spider and the rock but the most excitement you will see out of me is when we are the ones with our hands raised up in the air then you will see the excitement.

trixy: so blitz do you have any comment on what avalanche said to both of you about your match up this week?

Blitz: What he say?

trixy: well he said and quote To be completely honest I’m not too sure what to say about “The Movement.” It’s obvious that they took me lightly in the first couple of seconds in this match. After that they were shook and I don’t know if it was the fact that they couldn’t regain their composure, or just overall weren’t prepared but their showing was unimpressive to say the least.

Blitz: well, I'd say that, in truth we weren't as prepared has we should have been. But I'm saying now, that me and Rick, will not be unprepared again. Next, time we go up against a mystery opponent we will not go in the ring unprepared.
trixy:now rick how does it feel to know that your former partner still has the founded respect for you has he did when you where tag team champions?

Rick Cage:Well trixy i am honored to be honest its not every day that you get a compliment from a ewe hall of famer and former tag team champion and a really good friend,you see unlike spiders team i know blitz kurtis and myself we have each other backs which is very important in tag teaming with someone because when it comes down to it thats the only way to survive in the tag team division but you know what they say keep friends close and your enemies closer and spider and avalanche i hope your listening to this where not looking for revenge or redemption we are for one thing and that is to entertain the ewe universe.

trixy:Well i am sorry but thats all the time we have today i am the ever so beautiful trixy and along the side of me is the movement we would like you to join us next time when we are live on heatwave.

end of scene

The Scene Opens back up to rick cage in detroit michigan which is his hometown where he has been home in over 3 years for being on the road he pulls up his car next to his house he shuts off the car engine he steps out and looks around he steps away from the car and closes the door he walks up onto the sidewalk and has he steps up on to his porch his door opens up and we see his farther standing in the doorway rick looks at his farther and his farther begins to speak.
Rick Cage Sr:Hey son welcome home come on in.

**rick goes to hug his farther then release the hug and rick cage jr begins to speak**

Rick Cage Jr:How you doing dad its been awhile?

Rick Cage Sr:We doing just fine your mother miss you and worries about you all
the time we taped every single show you have performed in for the ewe.

Rick Cage Jr:Really i didn't know you watched ewe.

Rick Cage Sr:we most certainly do we are always seeing on what your doing because we worry and we love you.

Rick Cage Jr:Thanks dad i love you and mom to.

**just as rick cage and his dad walk into the dining room they close the front door rick cage jr walks over to the fire place and sees some older pictures of him and his family he comes across one when he picks it up he can see his reflection it shows him looking at when kurtis porter and himself holding up the tag team championship belts after winning them**

Rick Cage Sr: So anything big happening this week son?

Rick Cage Jr:well i am in a six man tag team match this week then ewe retribution will be held here in detroit michigan i brought some ring side tickets for you they are in the car i'll give them to you before i leave again.

Rick Cage Sr:thank you son who are teaming up with this week i kinda of feel sleep during the last heatwave?

Rick Cage Jr:well i am teaming up with blitz who is my new tag team partner and i am also teaming up with kurtis porter again to taken on the mid eastern champion spider some new guy named avalanche and the peoples champions the rock.

Rick Cage Sr:kurtis porter how has he been i havent seen him since you guys stopped tag teaming together.

Rick Cage Jr:Well he won money in the bank at wrestlemania 6 he is also a ewe hall of famer now.

**Ricks dad goes to sit down on a chair in the dinning room by the table next to fire place and begins top speak again**

Rick Cage Sr:wow he has done alot for himself.

Rick Cage jr:Yeah i know..

Rick Cage Sr:Whats wrong rick?

Rick Cage Jr:Well i am alittle worried about our match this week two out of three guys has beaten us numerous times and i am not to sure about this one dad.

Rick Cage Sr:well son remember when you and kurtis became tag team

champions and no one else said you could do it but you beat the copreration?
Rick Cage Jr:Yeah.

Rick Cage Sr:Well just imagine that it is that night again and just go in that ring and do what you can remember you do it because you want to and don't let those hooligans talk down on you.

Rick Cage Jr:Thanks dad i know i cant count on you for advise but hey i would love to stay for dinner but i am on tight schedule come on out to the car with so i can give you the tickets?

**ricks dad gets back up from the table they walk out side rick goes and opens up the passenger door and opens up the glove compartment scattering through papers he finally finds the envelope marked tickets he closes the glove compartment and gets out of the car and close the passenger door he walks over the driver side and opens the door he steps in the car and pushes down on the break he pulls his keys out of his pockets and puts it into the ignition and turns it to start the car he gets back out and leaves the driver open and walks back over to his dad on the passenger side**

Rick Cage Jr:Well here they are dad two ringside tickets for you and mom.
Rick Cage Sr:Thank you Son.

Rick Cage Jr:Your Welcome dad .... (just then his cell phone rings the caller id reads blitz) Excuse me dad i gotta take this quick.

Rick Cage Jr:yeah blitz whats up?

Blitz:Where you at i think i got lead from the last clue we found from the planetarium?

Rick Cage:Ok calm down man hmm where you at?

Blitz:I am back at the hotel but lets meet up at the arena?

Rick Cage:Ok I'll See ya there.

**Rick hangs up his cell phone and puts it backinto his pocket**
Rick Cage:I am sorry dad i have to go.

Rick Cage Sr:i understand son give me a call when you get back to the hotel.

Rick Cage:Ok will do dad.

**rick hugs his dad quick then hops into the car and closes the drive door and takes off as the scene fades away**

End Of Scene To Be Continued by Blitz
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Re: The Movement Trio Tag Match

on Wed Nov 22, 2017 6:51 pm
(The scene opens up to Blitz inside of his and Rick's hotel room. There was a knock at the door.)

Blitz: Come in.

(The door opened and Hellen Martin stepped into the room.)

Hellen: Hey Blitz.

Blitz: Hey.

Hellen: So I see Rick's doing better.

Blitz: Yeah, whoever beat him up, didn't beat him bad enough. He was in still good of shape enough to fight in the match.

Hellen: That's good. So have you found out what the envelope's for?

Blitz: Well, truth is it's not the first note. The first note we found after me and Rick took down a group of guys like the one that was torturing you.
That note lead to planetarium.

Hellen: So any idea of who's doing this?

Blitz: Well I'm not sure of how much your going to believe this, but the guy that was torturing you was actually a robot, developed, I'm guessing, by Jensen

Hellen: Why do you say that?

Blitz: Well, before we came to save you, we were asked by Jensen to come to is office. When we arrived there, we found files on the androids on Jensen's
desk. I doubt Jensen is smart enough to make an android by himself.

Hellen: makes since.

Blitz: but the weird thing is that we received the message to where you were from Jensen's cell phone.

Hellen: Hmm. Say listen Blitz, I was wondering if I'd be able to help you guys out with this. I am a reporter after all. Once we find out what's going on I
can write about an article about it for The Print.

Blitz: Sure I guess. Well actually I was about to head out Rick said he's going to meet me at Rimrock Auto Arena - Billings

Hellen: Mind if I come.

Blitz: Sure, if your going to help it'll be easier if your there with us so we don't have to explain what happened. But I will warn you it may be dangerous.

Hellen: Not to worry, like I said I'm a reporter, I've dealt with many dangerous situation.

Blitz: let's go then.

Blitz: starts heading out the door when his cell phone rang. Blitz answered it and talked for a bit. Finially, he hung up and put his phone back in his pocket.)

Blitz: That was Rick. he said that His car broke down and that he's taking a cab here so we'll go together.

Hellen: So I geuss we'll wait.

(The scene fades but then comes back as Blitz and Hellen outside as a cab pulled up, Rick got out of the car paid the driver then walked over to Blitz and Hellen.)

Blitz: Ready to go?

Rick: Yeah, Hi Hellen.

Hellen: Hello Rick.

(Hellen and Rick just kind of stared at each other, then Blitz spoke up.)

Blitz: Well, Hellen's coming with us. She says that she's going to help us by us by writing an article about what's going on.

Rick: If you think that'll help.

(Blitz, Hellen, and Rick walked over to Blitz car and the scene fades as the three of them get in.)

(The scene opens up to Rick, Hellen, and Blitz in Blitz's car. Blitz was driving, Rick was riding shot gun, and Hellen was behind Rick.)

Hellen: Say don't you guys have a match coming up this Sunday?

Blitz: Yeah, Me and Rick here are teaming up with Kurtis Porter, to take on Spider, Avalanche, and The Rock, in a 6-man tag match.

Hellen: Isn't it like the one you just had last Sunday?

Rick: Not exactly, We have a new partner this time. My old tag team Partner, Kurtis.

Hellen: But your still facing the same two guys in pretty much a tag match. You're only adding two more guys.

Blitz: It's true that there are two more guys, but I'm telling you that it will not be a repeat of last time.

Hellen: You make it sound like it's a rematch. What's so important about them?

Blitz: well, I'm set for a title match against Spider at Retribution. That's basically a rematch, in a sense. I don't plan on taking Spider lightly though.
The other matches are mainly a way to get the fans ready for Retribution. Almost like a preview. Ofcourse, I'm not going to take it like that. I face all
my obstacles head on, with out backing down.

Hellen: Ok. So how long will this trip last us? I hope you guys don't miss your match.

Blitz: Don't worry will be there and back long before our match starts.

Hellen: unless something happens. How do you guys know this isn't some sort of trap?

Rick: We'll take our chances and besides if we hadn't listened to these guys we wouldn't of been able to rescue you.

Hellen: Ah yes, My two knights in shining armor.

(There was a small silence then reached into an compartment under the middle arm rest and pulled out a CD.)

Blitz: how about some music?

(Blitz popped the CD into the car's CD player. Then pressed play. "Hero" by skillet then started playing through the car's speaker. The three of them
continued down the road as they listen to the music. the scene then fades.)

(The scene opens up to Blitz's car pulling up to Rimrock Auto Arena. Blitz, Rick, and Hellen get out of the car.)

Hellen: well were here. So now what?

Blitz: we go in of course.

(Blitz and Rick start heading towards the Arena. While Hellen stayed behind for a second to mumbled something then she went to catch up. The scene flashes
as it then shows them walking in the building heading towards the ring. Suddenly they neared the entrance, they entered the area. Down in the ring they saw
a man, wearing a brown trench coat. all around the ring were about 20 or so of the masked androids. Suddenly, "Hero" by Skillet came over the PA system.
Rick, Blitz, and Hellen just looked with confused looks on there faces has the man in the ring raised a micro phone.)

Guy in trench coat: And here they are, the team of the hour. Give it up for The Movement.

(Suddenly, they heard the sound of applause, but the sound didn't come from the stands, because there was no one in them. The sound instead came from over
the PA system.)

Blitz: What's going on here?

Man in trench coat: (gestures them with his hand to come) Now come on down to the ring, The movement.

(Cautiously, both Rick and Blitz started for the ring, Hellen followed behind them. As they neared the ring the android parted to let them in. the movement
and Hellen entered the ring.)

Man in trench coat: (not in microphone) Now you guy's can call me Dr. War.

Blitz: (realizing something) Hey, your the guy from the phone in Jensen's office.

(Dr. War did a small bow.)

Dr. War: Yes that was me.

(Dr. War straightened from his bow.)

Dr. War: I see you brought Hellen Martin along with you.

Hellen: (Stepping forward) So your the one who ordered that I be kidnapped and tortured.

Dr. War: A smart girl you are.

(Hellen looked like she was about to attack Dr. War.)

Dr. War: Well I'm glad your here. Here to witness the rise of the new Industry.

Rick: Wait, the Industry, but that's the name of ...

Dr. War: Jensen's wrestler's, correct.

Rick: What's these guys have to do with eWe.

Dr. War: Well these new wrestler's will be able to easily take out any opponent they come across. Jensen wants to win.

Blitz: but we know their robots. I don't think Law would just let Androids into eWe.

Dr. War: If you don't tell him.

Blitz: what makes you think we'll stay quite.

Dr. war: oh it's simple. You see you've been invited here to a special eWe match Jensen has already set up. It's true there's no audience. but it will be
told to the public.

Rick: What kind of match?

Dr. War: a two on two match. You two versus two of these androids.

Blitz: piece of cake. (turning to Rick) This should be easy.

Dr. War: not quite. you should let me finish. You see you will be fighting only two of them at a time but you will be fighting all twenty of them. If you
beat all twenty, you will stay in eWe. But if you lose, You'll be kicked out.

Rick: what if we refuse the match?

Dr. War: then you'll automatically loose.

Rick: (turning to Blitz) Looks like we don't have much of a chose.

Blitz: It's all right. We can take them all.

Hellen: wait don't you need a ref?

Dr. War: Don't worry we got that taken care of.

(Just then one of the androids entered the ring. This android was different because it was wearing a referee's outfit.)

Hellen: But won't that android be biased?

Dr. War: he was programmed to just ref the match. You'll just have to take my word for it because he's what were using, Now please step out of the ring
unless you want to wrestle with them.

(Hellen quickly left the ring.)

Hellen: good luck guys.

(Rick and Blitz looked towards each other and nodded. then they faced Dr. War.)

The Movement: Ready.

(the first two entered the ring as Dr. War stepped out. a bell was sounded and the match began. The match starts out with both The movement and the two
androids were tied. The androids were good. exchanging blow for blow with The movement. Finally, Blitz managed to pull of a Blitz Flip and pin the first
one. Blitz then ran over to help out Rick as the android Blitz had just pinned left the ring. Blitz then gave the android a Blitz flip as Rick then nails
the android with the Franchise diver. The three count and the android left the ring.)

Blitz: Who's next?

(Two other androids entered the ring. However, these two Rick and Blitz easily took out. The movement began to swept through the next five pairs. The next
pair entered the ring, and the movement quickly got the pin on one of them. The movement backed the last android into a corner. The movement then charged
at it when suddenly the last four of them jumped into the ring and pushed the movement back.)

Hellen: (yelling from the side lines.) 5 against 2 no fair, War.

Dr. War: All is fair in love and war. And this isn't love.

(the movement back up as the 5 androids advanced on them. Then Blitz turned to Rick.)

Blitz: Pinball?

Rick: Pinball.

(Blitz then grabbed Rick hand. Then Rick began to spin Blitz around. after a few moments of this Rick let go and Blitz flew at one of the Androids. Blitz
was able to use is momentum to easily clothes line him. After Blitz made a sweep through, he then hit the ropes and used it as well as the momentum he
already had to propel him at two more targets. As Blitz continued to clothesline the androids, then using the ropes spring to keep his momentum up. Rick
quickly pinned one of the fallen androids.)

Rick: (Yelling) Ref!

(The android ref who had been busy watching Blitz brought his attention to Rick. He then gave the three count and Rick continued to another android. The
movement kept this up. Blitz who managed to keep his momentum up continued to clothesline any android who managed to get back up while Rick went to the
fallen androids for the pin. Rick just got the pin count on the second to last android, when the last android got back up from the mat. Blitz hit the ropes
again but this time pulled back farther. He then released and dashed towards the remaining android. Blitz then did a flip and used his momentum to propel
his feet towards the androids head. He hit and the android fell. Blitz stayed on the android with his legs wrapped around his head. Rick then came up and
pined the android. 1...2...3.)

Android ref: And the winner is The Movement.

(Rick and Blitz got up and high fived.)

Rick: What do you call that move you just did?

Blitz: I call it the Blitz Spring.

Rick: Well it was great.

Blitz: thanks, Now...

(Blitz and Rick turned towards Dr. War. Dr. War looked shocked.)

Dr. War: you beat...

Blitz: hey, what can we say. Mechanical or not, The Movement has come to win.

Dr. War: No! I won't let you win, Androids grab them.

(Suddenly, the androids grabbed Rick, Blitz, and Hellen in a very tight grip. The ones that had Hellen brought Hellen into the ring as Dr. War did the same.)

Dr. War: (angrily) I won't let you win. I will not. I will make sure that you never walk out of here again.

(Dr. War pulled out a hand gun from his pocket and pointed it as Hellen.)

Dr. War: (still mad) You first.

(Hellen struggled to get out of the androids grip as Dr. War Cocked the gun. He was about to fire when the screen in the arena turned on and a voice came
from it.)

Jensen: That's enough Doctor.

(Dr. War turned towards the screen. which displayed Jensen sitting in his office.)

Dr. War: But Sir, they beat the androids. I can't allow them to defile this perfect plan.

Jensen: (crossing his fingers) The android project is a failure. I'm terminating it. So let those three go.

Dr. War: (waving the gun in Hellen's direction) But what do they matter to you.

Jensen: I will not have my company involved in any unnecessary murders. So let them go.

(Dr. War turned back towards Hellen and the movement. He glanced down feeling defeated.)

Dr. War: Release them.

(The androids all let go of Hellen and the movement.)

Dr. War: Now get out of here. before I change my mind.

(The movement and Hellen then back away and out of the ring. Then they left the room. The camera continues to show Dr. War looking down.)

Jensen: Now, Dr. Warlin.

(Dr. War turned around.)

Dr. Warlin: Are you going to fire me.

Jensen: No, I still need you to finish XD 001. But if you do something like this again...

Dr. Warlin: Understood.

(The scene then fades.)

(The scene then opens back up to Blitz, Rick, and Hellen in Blitz's car driving down the highway.)

Hellen: I can't believe he almost shot me.

Blitz: I did warn you that it would probably be dangerous.

Hellen: Yeah, fine. But I'm going to write an article on this.

Rick: You sure you still want to do that?

Hellen: why not?

Rick: they may come after you.

Hellen: yeah right, I'm not afraid of them.

Rick: Just be careful Hellen.

Hellen: I always am.

Blitz: Well, besides the ending, that was a pretty good work out for our up coming match.

Rick: Yeah.

Blitz: So Hellen What'd you think of the Pinball?

Hellen: You talking about that move you did when you were running all around the ring?

Blitz: Yeah, Now imagine us doing that at Heatwave tonight.

Hellen: It'd be interesting, but you sure that Spider, or whoever is in the ring with you, won't try to stop you while Rick is spinning you?

Blitz: well that would be a problem. But then again we have Kurtis Porter to help hold them off while I build momentum.

Rick: Hellen's right, Blitz. We should wait till we've perfected that move before we try it out again in the ring. we need to get your momentum up faster
or at least get it so that we can some how stop our opponent from attack while we do build momentum.

Blitz: all right, all right. We'll wait, to pull off the move, it's not ready yet.

Hellen: So how about you put on some more music.

Blitz: Right. Spider, Avalanche, and The Rock had better be ready for us.

(The scene begins to fade as Blitz pops in a CD and starts the music.)

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Re: The Movement Trio Tag Match

on Wed Nov 22, 2017 6:53 pm
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Re: The Movement Trio Tag Match

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