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Blitz Vs Spider

on Wed Nov 22, 2017 6:56 pm
Note: I'll be adding layouts, coloring, RP Links (where possible) and Results links (again where possible) at a future date.


Part 1

(The scene opens to a labratory that resembles one from Frankinstien. Dr. Warlin and his assistant, Mr. Eden, were standing near a operating table. Straped to the table is a girl around Blitz's age. The girl was naked but the strapes were prositioned to nicely censor her. Dr. Warlin was examining one of the nearby machines while Eden looked at a clip board in his hands.)

Warlin: (turning to Eden) ah yes, it looks like everything is ready. (yelling a bit) It's time to bring my monster to life.

Eden: Monster? Dr. Warlin?

Warlin: Why do are you calling me Warlin, Egore, my name is Dr. Warlinstein.

Eden: What are you talking about?

Warlin: Never mind that Egore.

Eden: It's Eden.

Warlin: Whatever.

(Warlin walked over to another console.)

Warlin: Now the time is right, Just outside is a thunder storm. It's perfect timing. For we will raise my monster through the sky light and wait for lightning to strike. Once it is struck my monster will live. Muhahahahahahahahahahaha.

Eden: What are you talking about? It's not raining outside, It's a clear sunny day. Which is what we want, because we need to raise XD 001 through the sky light and let her absorb enough sun light.

Warlin: (in a waving it off way.) details, details, Egore.

Eden: (slightly irritated) It's Eden, not Egore

Warlin: whatever. Now throw the switch.

Eden: your the one by the controls.

Warlin: right.

(Warlin turns to the console and presses a button. When he does a sky light above the table XD 001 was on, opened. Warlin then pressed another button and the table started to ascend to the opening.)

Warlin: Muhahahahahaha. I, Dr. Warlinstein, am about to accomplish the greatest accomplishment ever, I will create a creature, by combining the parts of dead men, then bringing them to life. Muhahahahahaha.

Eden: Doctor, are you sure your ok?

Warlin: Never been better, Egore.

Eden: It's Eden. And besides, XD 001 is female, and we did not use parts of the dead.

Warlin: (in a waving off way) Details, details, Egore.

Eden: (Yelling) It's Eden.

Warlin: temper, temper, Egore. If you don't behave, I won't write you down for helping me, to create Warlinstein's Monster.

Eden: (sighs) Well, since it's female, wouldn't it be more of the bride of Warlinstein.

Warlin: That's preposterous. She is not my bride.

Eden: whatever.

(A beeping sound was heard from one of the consoles and the table XD 001 was then lowered back down as the skylight closed.)

Warlin: Excellent, Egore. It looks as if she's done.

(The table reached it's original height. Both Eden and Warlin looked over XD 001.)

Eden: It's not working.

Warlin: Patience Egore.

(Warlin and Eden stood over XD 001. They stayed like that for a while then suddenly XD 001 opened her eye's.)

Warlin: (standing back and yelling) It's alive, it's aliiiiive!!! Muhahahahahahahaha!

XD 001: What's going on here? Where am I?

(XD 001 began to struggle in her straps.)

XD 001: Let me go!

Eden: It looks like she showing some resistance, Dr. Warlin.

Warlin: It's Warlinstein.

(The straps on XD 001 broke and XD 001 sat up. She then pushed Eden, which made Eden sail through the air and hit the wall. He then slid down the wall unconsiece. XD 001 then got up from the table and headed towards the door to the room.)

Warlin: Where do you think your going?

XD 001: out of here.

(XD 001 then ran out of the room and the scene fades.)

(The scene fades back in, blurry at first then corrects itself. Eden had just opened his eyes and saw Warlin standing over him.)

Warlin: Are you ok Eden?

Eden: (Sounding dazed) It's Egore, Dr. Warlinstein.

Warlin: Egore? Warlinstein? You must of hit your head harder than I thought. but anyhow, XD 001 escaped.

(Warlin then walked out of the room. The camera then showed eden. Eden scrached his head and got up as the scene fades.)

(the scene opens up to Blitz in his car, nodding his head to his music as he drove down the road. No other cars where in site. Suddenly, a figure ran out in front of his car from the woods by the car. Blitz slammed on his breaks and the car stopped right in front of the figure. Blitz then opened his door and stepped out of the car. He rounded his car to the front and quickly turned his head away from her when he saw that it was a naked girl around his age. It was XD 001)

Blitz: (sounding embarrassed) Uhh... This really isn't a good place to be streaking.

(XD 001 looked down at her self, then she suddenly realized she was naked, and quickly covered her self with her arms.)

XD 001: (sounding embarrassed) I didn't realize....

Blitz: (still not looking at her) It's all right, what are you doing out here anyways?

XD 001: well I don't really know, I woke up in a strange place, then I broke out and ran out through the woods. Next thing I know is I'm emerging from the woods and I see your car about to hit me.

Blitz: You said that you broke out?

XD 001: Yeah, some guys had me strapped to a table, I managed to break the strapes and escape.

Blitz: oh... Well, I have some clothes in the trunk that may fit you.

XD 001: oh that would be great.

(Blitz went to his trunk and popped it open. He then picked out one of his trademark B shirts and a pair of shorts, He then picked up a pair of his underwear too. Blitz then shut his trunk and walked back to where XD 001 was being careful not to stair.)

Blitz: (handing her the clothes.) here you go.

XD 001: (taking the clothes) thanks.

(Blitz turned around and walked back to his trunk as XD 001 put on the clothes he gve her. Blitz shut his trunk while not turning around. Blitz started tapping his foot as he waited for XD 001 to finish. After a few seconds XD 001 walked over to Blitz and stopped in front of him. She was now wearing the clothes Blitz gave her.)

XD 001: Thanks.

Blitz: No problem. Say if you need a lift... (he gestured toward his car.)

XD 001: If it's not to much trouble.

Blitz: not at all.

(Blitz and XD 001 got into the car, and drove off. The scene cuts to inside of the car.)

Blitz: So what's your name anyways?

XD 001: My names Kristy.

Blitz: Well Kristy, My names Blitz. So do you know where you are?

Kristy: No, not really.

Blitz: well we're on a road that leads to Detroit Michigan. So do you live around here?

(Kristy opens her mouth to respond then she stopped and a confused look spread across her face. Blitz glanced at her and saw the confused look on her face.)

Blitz: What's the matter?

Kristy: (pauses for a second) Well... I can't seem to remember where I live. Actually... (she pauses for another minute trying to remember something.) I dont' seem to remember anything past waking up in that weird place.

Blitz: You don't have amnesia do you?

Kristy: I might have, because I can't remember anything past that, besides my name.

Blitz: All right, well then I guess I can take you to the hospital in Detroit.

Kristy: ok, So why are you going to Detroit?

Blitz: Well I'm heading to eWe Retribution, to face a guy named spider for the mid eastern championship belt.

Kristy: sounds exciting.

Blitz: you got that right.

(the scene then fades.)

(the scene opens to a hospital waiting room. Blitz is sitting in one of the chairs tapping his foot. Just then, Kristy walks up to Blitz.)

Blitz: So?

Kristy: Well, the doctor said that the best way to jog my memory is to visit places I've been before.

Blitz: which we don't know.

Kristy: exactly.

(Blitz stood up.)

Blitz: you know, we could try going to that place you woke up in and see if someone there could help you.

Kristy: oh no, I'm not going back there.

Blitz: Ok then, So what do you want to do now, then?

Kristy: I was wondering if I could stay with you.

Blitz: Sure, Well first we need to go to a mall and get you some clothes and some shoes. After that I have an interview for my up coming retribution match.

Kristy: Ok and thanks.

Blitz: No problem, I'm happy to help.

(The scene then fades as the two walk off.)

(the scene opens up to the interviewing room, where we see Trixy standing. After a second Blitz walks in followed by Kristy.

Trixy: On time as usual, I see.

Blitz: I wouldn't miss my interview with you.

Trixy: Thanks, so who's your friend?

Blitz: This is Kristy. She's going to be staying with me, until she gets her memory back.

Trixy: You have amesia.

Kristy: Looks like it.

Trixy: Well I hope you get your memory back.

Kristy: Thanks.

(Blitz, Trixy, and Kristy walk over to three chairs sitting in front of a camera. Kristy pulled the one on the right so that it was out of the camera's sight as Blitz and Trixy sat down. Kristy then sat down too. Trixy pulled out a black remote and pressed it. The interviewing camera turned on and the view becomes the interviewing camera's view.)

Trixy: (facing the camera) Ladies and Gentlemen, I'm here with Blitz to discuss his Retribution match against Spider. (Turning to Blitz) So tell us, you've been here at eWe for about a month, and you've all ready been invited to two pay-per-views, how are you feeling?

Blitz: well, I take on, one match at a time. but I'll admit, it's exciting, just being here.

Trixy: At Retribution, right?

Blitz: I'm talking about just being at eWe.

Trixy: so you don't think being at Retribution, is that big of a deal?

Blitz: No, I didn't say that either. what I'm saying is that It's exciting just to be able to wrestle here at eWe, and get paid for it. But on top of that It's Awesome that I get to wrestle at an important event, like Retribution.

Trixy: So tell us, Why did you start at eWe?

Blitz: well, to be honest, I had never heard of eWe until my manager Mr. Green told me about it. I thought it sounded fun, so I joined.

Trixy: so how do you know Mr. Green?

Blitz: well, he owns this Island called Sunny Shore Island and he puts on all kinds of sports tournaments there. Me and my friends have entered a few times before.

Trixy: Oh, well on to your Retribution match, Which is a title match for Spider's Mid eastern championship belt. Your the one who asked for a rematch am I correct?

Blitz: yeah. You see, Our match was great, even though I lost, plus I wanted another shot at that title.

Trixy: When you asked for your rematch, on Heatwave, you and spider, were about to start right then. Any comment?

Blitz: Truth is, like I believe I've said before, I jumped the gun. I know that I should have waited for either Law or Jensen to officially book us for the match, but as Spider said, We were ready right then. I was ready to go.

Trixy: then Law broke you guys up, then not only booked the match you wanted for Retribution. But he booked both of you guys for a tag team match, the following Heatwave.

Blitz: Yeah, I know. That Surprised me, but I was up for it.

Trixy: even through you lost?

Blitz: Well, I guess I was trying to make the match more of a Retribution preview. I geuss I wasn't really thinking about his partner Avalanche.

Trixy: Any comments on the 6 man tag match, you had last Heatwave?

Blitz: Well, we lost. It was still fun, though.

Trixy: Even through once again it was you who were the one who was pinned for the win?

Blitz: It happens. but anyways you can't win them all. But I won't let that keep me down for my Retribution match.

Trixy: and now this, Sunday, your going to have your match against Spider, for the Mid eastern championship title.

Blitz: Yeah, I know that Spider is not going to be an easy win. but I'm ready for him, and I won't back down.

Trixy: ok so any finial comment's before we stop.

Blitz: yeah.

(Blitz turns toward the camera.)

Blitz: Spider, this Sunday, me and you are going to step into the ring, to determine who gets the Mid eastern Championship belt. I'm going come and go all out, and I know that you will to. I'm counting on it.

(Trixy presses a button on the remote and the screen flicks off then comes back in at different angle show that the scene shows Kristy again.

Trixy: well that was good.

Blitz: Thanks.

Trixy: I hope you do win.

Blitz: I saw that interview you with Spider and Avalanche. Your not saying that because they practically ignored you, are you?

Trixy: (defensively) No. I just hope you win.

Blitz: Sure. well be seeing yah.

(Blitz and Kristy get up.)

Trixy: Bye.

(Blitz and Kristy leave the room and the scene fades.)
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Re: Blitz Vs Spider

on Wed Nov 22, 2017 6:56 pm
part 2

(The scene opens up to a Diner, as we see Blitz and Kristy sitting in a booth across from each other. A waitress was standing by getting their order.)

Waitress: So what would you like?

Blitz: Yeah, I'd like a burger and some fries.

(The waitress jots down the order then turns to Kristy.)

Waitress: And you hon?

Kristy: I'll just take what he's having.

(The waitress writes her order down too then asks.)

Waitress: Would you like to order a beer for your meal, sir? Half price.

Blitz: No way. Beer will never go pass these lips. I'll have a coke though.

Waitress: Ok. (jots down the order, then to Kristy) what about you?

Kristy: Coke sounds good to me too.

Waitress: (jots down order) Ok be back in a minute.

(The waitress then turns to leave. Then Kristy looks to Blitz.)

Kristy: Why don't you like beer? I thought all adult guys like it.

Blitz: Not me. I know what that stuff does to you, if you drink too much.

Kristy: But I'm sure one glass wouldn't hurt.

Blitz: Not going to risk it? But why are you trying to defend beer drinking?

Kristy: Not sure. It's like some strange outside force is compelling me to ask you this to show them your stance on beer drinking.

Blitz: Yeah, weird.

(The two sat still for a moment then the waitress came back with a tray. On the tray were two glasses of coke. The waitress took the drinks of the trey and
placed them in front of Blitz and Kristy.)

Waitress: There you are, you food will be here momentarily.

(The waitress then walked off.)

Blitz: So what do you want to do to help get your memories back?

Kristy: You know? Maybe I should just forget about remembering my memories.

Blitz: Why? Is it because you don't want to go back to the place you woke up in?

Kristy: Well, maybe. But I don't remember exactly how to get back anyways. It was all kind of blurry.

Blitz: must of. I mean, you didn't even realize you didn't have any clothes on and you were shoeless.

Kristy: yeah.

(They sat there for a few seconds then Kristy spoke up.)

Kristy: So tell me more about your Retribution match.

Blitz: Well not much more to say really. I'm going to face Spider, so I can get my hands on the MidEastern Championship belt.

Kristy: But you lost to him three times all ready. What makes this time any different.

(Blitz opened his mouth to speak but just then the waitress came back with their food. She placed the plates down then.)

Waitress: Just tell me if you need anything else.

Blitz: ok thanks.

(The waitress walked off.)

Blitz: (Turning back to Kristy) As I was saying... For starters my last two matches against him were not one on one matches. The one was a tag team match
and the other was another tag team match but with three people per team instead.

Kristy: Oh, So your teammates just suck.

Blitz: No. My teammates were Rick Cage and Kurtis Porter. Rick has been getting better since I first wrestled him and Kurtis and him actually got the Tag
team Championship belt.

Kristy: So then your just not good in a team?

Blitz: I must say, You don't seem to believe that I can beat Spider, do you?

Kristy: No I believe you can win.

Blitz: then why all the questions?

(Kristy glanced down in her seat by her.)

Blitz: What is it?

Kristy: well.... Ok I'll tell you.

(Kristy held up a small tape recorder.)

Blitz: What's that for?

Kristy: Trixy came to see me and paid me some money to ask you some more questions.

Blitz: Well you could have told me.

Kristy: Figured you'd say no.

Blitz: Nah, I love messing with the press.

Kristy: Awe well, I think I have enough for Trixy.

Blitz: ok. But why say that my teamwork is bad?

Kristy: Hey, I'm not a reporter. I don't the right kind of questions to ask.

Blitz: Well, let's just hope your not.

(Blitz and Trixy started eating their food as the scene fades.)

(The scene opens up to the arena that Retribution is held at. Blitz and Kristy we're standing in the hall talking. Just then Jensen came walking by.)

Jensen: Hello.

Blitz: Hey, Jensen.

(Jensen stopped walking.)

Jensen: So you have a Retribution match on Sunday?

Blitz: Yep against Spider, for his Mid Eastern Championship belt.

Jensen: I see...

(Jensen caught a glance at Kristy, then a look of shock appeared on his face.)

Jensen: (Shocked) What are you doing here?

Kristy: Do you know me?

Jensen: Well... (Jensen paused for a moment.) Yes, I do know you.

Kristy: Good, can you tell me who I am?

Jensen: Of course, if you'll kindly come to my office.

Kristy: Great. Come on Blitz.

Blitz: right behind you.

(Jensen looked at Blitz and for a second looked as if he didn't want Blitz to come along but he turned and started walking to his office.)

Jensen: So how did you and Blitz know each other.

Kristy: Well, I ran into him on the road. He's been helping me, since I've got amnesia.

Jensen: Is that so?

(The three of them continued to walk. They finally reached a door. Jensen took out a key and opened it.)

Blitz: Hey, I thought your room was...

(But suddenly, Jensen signaled two guys inside the room and they came out and tackled Blitz. Jensen then pulled something from his pocket and touched Kristy
with it. A static sound was heard and Kristy fell down.)

Blitz: (Struggling with the two men.) What did you do?

Jensen: She is property of Jensen Industries and I'm taking her back.

Blitz: No!

(The two guys managed to push Blitz into the door they came out of. Jensen looked through the door's window.)

Jensen: Don't worry, You we're just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

(The two guys picked up Kristy and they, along with Jensen Walked off.)

(The scene fades.)

(The scene opens back up a little while later in the hall. A janitor guy comes up to the door and unlocks it. When he does, Blitz comes out.)

Janitor: Jeesh boy, what were you doing in there?

Blitz: Never mind that? Do you know where Jensen went?

Janitor: Nah, I don't reckon I do. But I think I heard someone say he left.

Blitz: Ok. Thanks.

Janitor: no problem.

(The Janitor turned back to the room. Suddenly the sound of rushing wind was heard. The Janitor turned back to Blitz and noticed that he was gone. The
Janitor then shrugged and went into the room as the scene fades.)

(The scene opens back up in Dr. Warlin's lab. Kristy was once again strapped to the table but this time she still had her clothes on. Dr. Warlin and Mr.
Eden was right by the table. getting things prepared.)

Eden: I could have sworn, That you were calling yourself Dr. WarlinStein and you we're calling me Egore.

Warlin: I thought we dropped that all ready. I did not do such things. You seemed to have hallucinated the entire thing, when you hit your head. After we're
done with her, you are going on a vacation.

Eden: So what went wrong with her anyways?

Warlin: Well, nothing really. When we tampered with her brain, We took her memories like we planned. We forgot to install the program, through. Shouldn't
be to hard, all we have to do is open her back up and install it.

(Warlin picked up a tool that was on a nearby tray. He was about to place the tool to Kristy's head when the door suddenly busted open.)

Blitz: What do you think your doing?

(Warlin stopped and faced Blitz.)

Warlin: How did you get in here?

Eden: Yeah, there guards all over the place.

Blitz: Let's just say, they could catch me. But it doesn't matter. Release Kristy, now. The police are on their way.

Warlin: The police?

Blitz: yep called them when I found the place.

Warlin: So, you decide to just come in here? Ha, what makes you think your going to leave here alive?

(Warlin then pulled out a hand gun.)

Blitz: Didn't know doctors carried those?

Warlin: Well when you work for Jensen, It pays to have one on you.

(Warlin cocked the gun. But i a flash Blitz was in front of Warlin Knocking the gun from his hands.)

Warlin: How did you?

(Blitz then kicked Warlin who flew to the wall. Eden tried to attack Blitz but Blitz performed the Blitz flip on him. Blitz then walked over to Kristy. He
quickly unstrapped her. Blitz then started shaking her.)

Blitz: This is your wake up call, Kristy.

(Kristy, then slowly opened her eyes.)

Kristy: (very softly) Blitz?

Blitz: Yeah, that's me.

(Kristy and Blitz smiled and the scene fades.)

(The scene opens up to outside of the lab. Blitz was standing near a police car, looking as Kristy was being questioned by one of the cops. Just then a cop
walked up to him.)

Cop1: I don't know how you managed to get in there, but good job.

Blitz: Thanks.

(Suddenly another cop spotted Blitz and came up.)

Cop2: Hey, your Blitz aren't you.

Blitz: Yeah.

Cop2: I'm Detective Tuesday. you remember me from Tower city, don't yeah?

Blitz: Tuesday? Oh yeah, I remember you.

Tuesday: (Turning to the other cop.) Yeah, Blitz here helped us solve a robbery, back in Tower City.

Cop1: You don't say. Well, it looks as if your a real hero, Blitz.

(The cop pats Blitz on the shoulder and walks off.)

Blitz: (Turning to Tuesday) So what brings you out here?

Tuesday: I've been moving around from precinct to precinct.

Blitz: oh.

Tuesday: So what brings you here?

Blitz: Retribution.

Tuesday: Come to watch, eh.

Blitz: Nope, I'm in it.

Tuesday: Seriously?

(Blitz nodes.)

Tuesday: Wow, didn't know you were into professional wrestling.

Blitz: Well, hey I get to move around, wrestle some people, and get paid for it.

Tuesday: Yeah, sounds fun. But you know I still think you should have become an officer.

Blitz: I prefer to save people my way.

Tuesday: Ok.

(Just then Kristy walks over to them.)

Kristy: Well they say I'm good to go.

(Tuesday looks at Kristy.)

Tuesday: Wait, I know you.

Kristy: are you sure? Because the last time someone said that, I wound up strapped to an operating table.

Tuesday: No, I'm sure of it. Your Detective Kristy Tiger, from the NYPD.

Kristy: A detective?

Tuesday: Yeah, I stationed there for a while. You were one of their top detectives.

Kristy: you must be mistaken.

Tuesday: Nope, I'd recognize you from anywhere.

Blitz: Say, Tuesday. Will the police get Jensen?

Tuesday: Sorry, Blitz. Jensen is untouchable.

Blitz: Why?

Tuesday: That's just what they told me. and believe me I tried to go arrest him. Got turned down. But anyway, If you guys follow me to the station, I can show Kristy here, that I'm telling the truth.

(Blitz looked down for a second.)

Blitz: My cars not here.

Tuesday: How you get here then? Doesn't matter though, You get come with me in my car.

(The three of them then left to Detective Tuesday's car and got in. The scene then fades.)

(the scene then opens back up at the police station. Detective Tuesday was sitting at his desk typing on his computer. Blitz and Kristy were standing behind him watching. after a few seconds he found pulled up a profile page with Kristy's picture on it.)

Tuesday: You see. Detective Kristy Tiger.

(Kristy leaned over in front of the computer to get a better look. After a few seconds of reading Kristy spoke.)

Kristy: Hey, it says here that I was in an accident. I was hospitalized. But here's the weird part. It says that I went missing.

Blitz: That's probably, when Jensen had you kidnapped.

Kristy: (Getting back up) But what I still don't get is, why?

Tuesday: More than likely you were a guinea pig for an experimental procedure or drug to fix what ever it was you had.

Blitz: but that doesn't explain why they were trying to but open her head.

Tuesday: I'm not sure either. But I'm going to go check on this.

Blitz: Yeah, Well I've got a match to train for. What are you going to do Kristy?

Kristy: I'll stay here for a while. Meet you later?

Blitz: Of course.

(Blitz walked off)

Kristy: You know he's kind of strange?

Tuesday: Yeah, I know. Some of the things he's pulled off, I still can't figure it out.

(Kristy looked at Detective Tuesday, then the scene fades.)

(The scene opens up to Blitz in his locker room, on the day of Retribution. Blitz was currently changing into his wrestling gear. There was a knock at the

Blitz: Just a second.

(Quickly Blitz finished changing and he went to the door. He opened it to find Jensen on the other end.)

Jensen: You know Blitz, I don't know how you managed to get to that factory. But I will find out.

Blitz: Well, I hope you don't try to hard. Wouldn't want you to tire yourself out before Dean has a chance to pound you.

Jensen: Now you listen here...

(But just then Trixy and a camera man walks up.)

Trixy: Hey, you too.

Jensen: (Turning to Blitz) We'll finish this later.

(Jensen then walks off.)

Trixy: What was that all about?

Blitz: Oh nothing. So what's up?

Trixy: Just wondering if I could get a quick interview with you before Retribution starts.

Blitz: (in a joking manner) And ruin my reputation of only having one interview per match, Never.

Trixy: Oh come on.

Blitz: Oh all right.

Trixy: Great.

(Trixy turned towards the cameraman.)

Trixy: This is Trixy, with eWe superstar Blitz.

Blitz: Hi mom.

Trixy: (Turning to Blitz) So it's the day of Retribution, and It's about ready to start. So tell us Blitz, How are you feeling?

Blitz: In the words of the immortal square one, "I'm Ready"

Trixy: Who's the immortal square one?

Blitz: SpongeBob Squarepants, of course.

Trixy: So any comment's on when Spider said...

Blitz: (Interrupting) Hold on a second, I've decided that I don't care what Spider said. He can come on stage, or where ever, and say whatever he want but frankly I don't care. This match is not going to be decided on who can talk the most. No, This match will be decided once we enter the ring, who will out
wrestl the other. So I'm not going to comment on anything Spider has to say about me, as a matter of fact, I'm not even going to watch them. So I'm ready
for you Spider. Just a little longer. Then We'll face each, once again. To see who will get the Mid Eastern championship belt. bring your best game.

Trixy: Good. No further questions. See you.

Blitz: K.

(Blitz watches as Trixy leaves.)

Blitz: Spider, ready or not, becuase here I come.

(the scene then fades.)

end part 2
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Re: Blitz Vs Spider

on Wed Nov 22, 2017 6:56 pm
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Re: Blitz Vs Spider

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