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The Movement Tag Championships #1 Contendership

on Wed Nov 22, 2017 6:59 pm
Note: I'll be adding layouts, coloring, RP Links (where possible) and Results links (again where possible) at a future date.

Promo Start

( The theme of Who Wants to be a Millionare plays the scene opens to the set of Who Wants to be a Millionare. We see Blitz 2, dressed as Regius Filmen, standing in front of those monitor things.)

Blitz 2: Hello. I'm Regius Blitzmen, and welcome Who Wants to be a Millionare.

(The Millionare song plays and Regius Blitzmen had a seat at his monitor.)

Blitzmen: Now continuing from last time we have here Blitz 1 all the way from Beany Town.

(Blitz 1 walks onto the stage and has a set at his seat at his monitor.)

Blitz 1: Good to be back Regius.

Blitzmen: Now Blitz 1 here has made it all the way to his final five qeustions left and he has all of his life lines. (Turning to Blitz 1) Are you ready to begin?

Blitz 1: Ready Regius.

(The tune plays that allways plays at this time and the panel thing apears at the bottom of the moniter.)

Blitzmen: Now for your next question. (he looks at the moniter) Now In your up coming Heatwave match, Which of the following has a hair color in their teams names? A DX, B Hollywood Blondes, C men of Valor, or D I don't care what color their hair is I'll go out with any girl.

Blitz 1: Hmm, I do like choose D, but I'm not sure if that's right or not. Hmm, I'll go with B Hollywood Blondes.

Blitzmen: Final Answer?

Blitz 1: Well... yeah, final answer.

Blitzmen: Well, I'm sorry to disapoint you but... You got it right!

(tune plays agian)

Blitzmen: Now for your next question. (Looks at moniter) What does DX mean in DX mean? Is it A Degeneration X, B Dynamic Xylophone, C Who cares I'll beat them anyways, or D How do you spell DX?

Blitz 1: Well C is difinitly true...

Blitzmen: (interupting) So is that your final answer?

Blitz 1: No, But then again it could be B Hmmm.... I'll have to use one of my life lines.

Blitzmen: Ok, SO which one?

Blitz 1: I'll use 50/50.

Blitzmen: Ok will have the computer elimate to of the wrong answers.

(The panel thing removed answers A and B leaving answers C and D.)

Blitzmen: Yes so your to remain answers are (Looked down at the moniter) C and ...D?

Blitz 1: What's wrong?

Blitmen: (Hitting the moniter) Stupid computer, I knew we shouldn't have accepted those computers donated from Jensen industries, All ways full of bugs.

(Suddenly it showed the moniter and the view suddenly showed a bunch of bugs crawling around.)

Blitzmen: Oh ha ha. Work you stupid piece of Jensen Industry Junk.

(The bugs on the screne suddenly spelled out Jensen rules!)

Blitzmen: Think your funny huh?

(Blitmen pulled out a hand gun and pointed at the screen. All the bugs eeked and ran off the screen.)
Blitzmen: Now you stop telling lies or I'm going to give your your first air hole.

(Suddenly the screen flashed the words, We love you, Regius Blitzmen.)

Blitzmen: good now show the right answer has well as one wrong one.

(the screen flashed 'Yes Master' then did as he asked and showed choses A and B)

Blitzmen: (Putting his gun up) Now your choses are A and B.

Blitz 1: Well, I think B could be it but I'll take a wild stap in the dark and choose A

Blitzmen: final answer?

Blitzmen: ... I'm sorry. Thanks for playing, I do hope you come again because... You got it right.

Blitz 1: Awesome.

(tune plays)

Blitzmen: And now for your third question... (Looks at moniter, the moniter had a smile face with it's tong sticking out but then quickly took it off.) Now What is the name of you partner in the Movement? A The man behind the bars, B Rick Cage, C Leo The Kitty Witty Kitty Kat, Or D We Love Jensen...

(Blitzmen turn his head up then quickly looked back down.)

Blitzmen: Wait a minute...(Shrugs) Never mind.

Blitz 1: Well this one a easy one, It's abviously, ...

Computerizes voice that sounds like Blitz 1: (Interupting) D. Because we all know that Jensen is the most lovablest person of all time. His bald head is just dreamy. Final answer.

Blitzmen: (Stares at Blitz 1) What did you say?

Blitz 1: that wasn't me, it was...

Computerized Blitz 1: Sike, It was me all along. Muhahahahahahahahaha.

(Suddenly the tune plays again and you got it right flashes on the moniter. Then the next question suddenly apears.)

Blitz 1: Stupid Computer.

Blitzmen: hey that's my line.

Blitz 1: oh sorry, go ahead and have it back.

Blitzmen: Thanks, (overly Dramitc) STUPID COMPUTER!!!!

Blitz 1: Nicely done.

Blitzmen: I know, Now for I geuss your next question. The ______ of Valor is the name of one of your opponents. Is it A Men, B Women, C I'm going to beat you this time Spider, and there's nother you can do about it, or D Jensens...

(Blitzmen opens up his jacket to reviel his gun to the computer)

Blitzmen: No more funny buisness got it?

(On the moniter it shows a smiley laughing then put a red circle and slash through the smiley.)

Blitz 1: Hmmm, This ones a tought one. I mean either B or A could be correct, but I'm leaning more towards B. So I'm going to have to use a life line.

Blitzmen: Which one?

Blitz 1: Ask the audience.

Blitzmen: Ok, Now all you audience members, You know the drill, We've been doing this for a long time now so, just do it.

(10 seconds later)

Blitzmen: (looking at the moniter) Now lets see the results. Hmm, 95% of the audience voted for B, 5% voted for A, and 120% voted for Regius Blitzmen should get fired... Computer!!

(The computer showed the words 'Sorry Sorry' and the 5% that voted for A disapeared.)

Blitzmen: computer.

(It flashed 'all right, all right, I thought they were women of Valor anyways' Then put the 5% back up and got rid of the 120%)

Blitzmen: That's better, (Looks to Blitz 1) It looks like most of the audience member think that their the Women of Valor.

Blitz 1: Well that may be so... But I'm going to have to say A.

Blitzmen: You sure?

Blitz 1: yeah

Blitzmen: Positive?

Blitz 1: Yeah

Blitzmen: Absolutly Positive?

Blitz 1: (Slightly irretated) yeah

Blitzmen: Absolutly Positivly sure that you are correct in what you are saying?

Blitz 1: Yes Final Answer.

Blitzmen: I'm sorry, Blitz but you should have picked B for Women of Valor.

(the computer flashed on the screen 'I think he should have agreed with the 120%. But Blitzmen ignored it.)

Blitz 1: Shoot.

Blitzmen: Yeah that's right becuase.... you got it right.

Blitz 1: woo Hoo.

Blitzmen: Hey don't talk about that kind of stuff Kids maybe watching.

Blitz 1: What are you talking about?

Blitzmen: Woo Hoo, That's the Sims word for Doing that thing only mommies and daddies should do.

Blitz 1: Whatever next question.

Blitzmen: Ok Now for your 1 million dollar question.... (Looks at the screen) Who Will win the #1 CON FOR EXTREME OVERLOAD FATAL FOUR WAY TORNADO TAG match this Heatwave? A We won't know till we have the fight but I'm going to give it my all, B The referie, C) Jensen Will rule all, or D Regius Blitmen?

Blitz 1: Hmm... You know I'm going to go ahead and use my last life line.

Blitzmen: Is it that hard of a choose, It's obiously D.

Blitz 1: Well I'm going to call someone anyways, It's the last quesiont anyways.

Blitzmen: Well all right, anyone you call will just tell you that it's D.

Blitz 1: I'd like to call Trixy from eWe.

Blitzmen: Why her?

Blitz 1: i just want to chat.

Blitzmen: Fine. you got 15 seconds.

(A Ringing is heard)

Trixy: Hello?

Blitz 1: Hey Trixy It's Blitz.

Trixy: Oh Hi Blitz, You want to schedule that interview?

Blitz 1: Sorry, I'm probally not going to have time, So what'd you think of my Performance at Retribution?

Trixy: Well...(a click sound was heard)

Blitz 1: What happened?

Blitzmen: Time's up. So what's your final answer?

Blitz 1: A of course. Final answer.

Blitzmen: hahahahahahahaha. You got it wrong. it was D. (Looks at moniter) What? It says your right?

Blitz 1: Ok so where's my money?

(Blitzmen got up and gave Blitz 1 and brief case, Blitz 1 opens it up and see a bunch of Bills that had Blitz 2's picture on it.)

Blitz 1: Hey, This is fake.

Blitzmen: Well, I forgot to tell you? All money is paid in Blitz 2 bills.

Blitz 1: Whatever.

(The scene shows A picture of Jensen that overlapped the scene. It also showed text that read 'Jensen's the best')

Blitzmen: Ok that does it.

(Blitmen pulled out his gun and shoots first the moniters then the camera, the scene goes black)

End Promo

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Re: The Movement Tag Championships #1 Contendership

on Wed Nov 22, 2017 6:59 pm
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