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The Movement Introduction

on Wed Nov 22, 2017 6:19 pm
Notes: Layout and the like to come.

RP Link:

(The scene opens to Blitz walking down the street at night. as he continued a man wearing a black ski mask stepped out of an ally way. Blitz started to walk on when suddenly the guy in the ski mask was joined with five more.)

Blitz: You guys want something?

(The Guys in Black ski masks started circling around Blitz.)

Blitz: Well I don't know who you guys are but if it's a fight you want...(Blitz strikes a fighting pose) Then its a fight you'll get.

(The Guys in ski masks continued to circle Blitz. Blitz then charges at one of the guys. As blitz charges at the men in a ski mask one of them moves out of the way causing blitz to miss as he did an IPod fell out of Blitz's pocket. Rick cage comes out from the alley way and looks around and sees Blitz getting back up)

Rick Cage: Is there a problem boys?

(The guys in the ski mask just stare down Rick and Blitz.)

Blitz: Hey Rick want to help?

Rick Cage: Well as much as I want to see you get but kicked I think I'll make an acceptation on this.

(The guys in the ski masked charged at Blitz and Rick. Just as they did Blitz instantly dropped down and attempted to swipe out the legs of three of them. One of the ski masked guys fell but the other two quickly jumped over Blitz's leg. As they jump over Blitz's leg, Rick clothesline them and then he smashed there heads together. then Rick delivered a Back elbow.

Blitz: thanks for the assist

Rick Cage: No Problem someone has to look out for you

(Another one of the guys in ski masks comes up from behind Blitz. Then Blitz back flips, kicking the guy in the gut.)

Blitz: I can handle myself quite all right.

Rick cage :yeah clearly you can handle it. I came just in time.

(Just then another one of the guys comes up behind Rick,)

Blitz: Look out

(Rick pulls Blitz to the side as the guy in the ski mask ends up running into a light pole that rick and blitz where standing next to)

Rick Cage: Thanks.

Blitz: No problem.

(Blitz and Rick turn towards the remaining to guys wearing ski masks.)

Blitz: Lets have a little fun shall we?

(Blitz hold out his hand and Rick grabs it. Then Rick begins to spin Blitz around. After a few rotations Rick lets go and Blitz dashes towards the Remaining to guys in ski masks and clotheslines them.)

Blitz: Well that was fun.

Rick cage: so can you handle being an ewe superstar now?

(Blitz opens his mouth to comment when suddenly a spark appears on all of the downed masked guys. Blitz looked at the two ski masked guys that he just clothes lined. suddenly they along with the other four burst into flames. The fire only lasted a few seconds then there was nothing left but ash.)

Blitz: What was that all about?

Rick Cage: I don't know I was hoping you can tell me?

(The two stood there in silence. Blitz then walks over to his fallen IPod. As he bends over to pick it up he noticed an envelope with his name on it. Blitz picked up his IPod and pocketed it then picked up the envelope. Blitz turned towards Rick as he opened the envelope.)

Rick cage: Ok what is up with the envelope?

Blitz: Not sure, But it has my name on it.

(Blitz opened the envelope and pulled out a single piece of paper.)

Blitz: It says congratulations.

Rick cage: For what?

Blitz: That's all that's on here.

(Blitz hands the paper to Rick. Rick takes it from Blitz and looks then all of sudden Rick hears Hero by skillet playing)

Rick Cage; Where is that music coming from?

Blitz: Wait that sounds like...

(Blitz pulls out his IPod from his pocket.)

Blitz: Well what do you know, It looks like we had some background music for are little fight.

(Rick smacks his forehead a bit and shakes his head)

(Blitz turns off the iPod and puts it into his pocket.)

Blitz: Well thanks for the help.

Rick Cage : Anytime man you know we make a pretty good team

Blitz: Yeah, we do don't we.

(Rick cage extends his hand out to blitz for him to shake it Blitz pauses for a moment then he extends out his hand and shakes it. Then the scene fades as Hero by Skillet is played.)
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