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The Movement Vs The Russian Mafia

on Wed Nov 22, 2017 6:25 pm

RP Link:

Note: I'll be adding layouts, coloring, RP Links (where possible) and Results links (again where possible) at a future date.


Part 1

(The scene opens up at Rick Cage Industies. Rick and Blitz are seen getting out of Rick's car.)

Blitz: So tell me again why where here?

Rick: I've told you all ready, Where here because I'm going to have my RCI advisors look up information on are next opponent.

Blitz: Oh I see.

(Blitz and Rick walk into RCI. There a doorman greets them.)

Doorman: Good day Mr. Cage.

Rick: Thanks.

Doorman: Think nothing of it. (he then notices Blitz) and who's this with you.

Rick: This is my tag team partner Blitz

Doorman: oh a pleasure.

Blitz: Nah, the pleasures all mine.

(Rick and Blitz head toward the elevator and get in.  Then They head on up to the third floor. Once there they head to the back area to the RCI Boardroom. Rick and Blitz step inside where the RCI advisors where waiting for them.)

Rick: Ok you guys have anything for us.

(Blitz and Rick sit down at the table.)

RCI Advisor: No, should we?

Rick: Yeah you should Me and my partner here have are first Tag team match coming up. Didn't you see the site.

RCI Advisor: uhh. I think, uhh, we had a, uhh, power outage, yeah that's right, a power outage.

Rick: (Slaps is head with his hand) Don't tell me you guys forgot to check again. I hired you guys to keep track of these things for me, so one I come here you guys will have the information ready for me.

RCI Advisor: Well, uh will get right on that sir.

(The RCI advisor turns to another one and whispers something in his ear.)

RCI Advisor: Yes sir, I sent him to go look for information about your next opponents sir.

Blitz: hey do you guys think you could help me out with something.

RCI Advisor: We are a very busy company and don't have time for uh, special request.

Rick: oh you will all right.

RCI Advisor: Ok what is it then.

Blitz: well I was attacked the other day, you see, and well after we stopped them we found this...

(Suddenly Rick's cell phone went off.  Rick answered it.)

Rick: hello

(Rick paused for a minute while listening to the person on the other end.)

Rick: Well ok, we'll be right there.

(Rick hung up his phone and placed it in his pocket.)

Blitz: well?

Rick: that was Katie Jones.

Blitz: Who?

Rick: Jensen's Securtary.

Blitz oh, What she want?

Rick: She said that Jensen wants to speak with us.

Blitz: Cool, what about?

Rick: She didn't say, she just said it's urgent.

Blitz: Well ok then let's go.

Rick: You forgeting something?

Blitz: huh, oh yeah, (turns back to the RCI advisor), hey I need you guys to annalzye this note and tell us who sent it.

(Blitz pulls out the envelope that he found, and handed it to the RCI advisor.)

Blitz: and it's not a joke.

RCI Advisor: ok, will get right on it.

Blitz: great, Well now lets go Rick.

(Rick and Blitz got up and left while the scene fades.)

(The scene opens back up outside of Jensen's office where they where greeted by Katie Jones.)

Katie: Jensen said he had to go some where but to tell you guys to go ahead and go on in.

(Blitz and Rick went into Jensen's office. Inside the office, they had a seat.  They could see Jensen's coat drapped across his chair and a ton of files spread across his desk.)

Blitz: (Indicating the files.) Man I hope that's not something we did.

(Rick got up from his chair and glanced at the files.)

Blitz: you sure you ought to be looking at those.

Rick: Well if it's about us I want to know what it is.

(Rick continued to glance over the files on the desk.)

RIck: What's this?

(Rick moved over one of the files.)

Rick: Blitz come take a look at this.

(Blitz got up out of his chair and glanced at the paper Rick was looking at.  On the paper was a photo of a guy that looked eactly like the masked figures that attaked Blitz.)

Blitz: so it was Jensen? But why'd they blow up?

(Rick pointed to another file)

Rick: that's why.

(Blitz glanced at the file. on it was a piece of paper that said somethings about Robotics.)

Blitz: they were Robots? but why did Jensen send them after me?

(Rick opened his mouth to say something when suddenly a phone went off.  Rick noticed it was coming from Jensen's coat. Quickly Rick pulled out the cell phone and answered it.)

Rick: Hello?

(Rick puased for a second then took the phone from his ear and turned on the speaker phone.)

Voice: (sounding distorted.) Hello Blitz. How are you?

Blitz: How do you know I'm here?

voice: That's not important right now? What's important right now is that I have something for you to do.

Blitz: Wait, is that you Dalton?

Voice: Dalton?

Blitz: I geuss not then. so what's you want?

Voice: well do you know of the old abandoned whare houses in town?

Blitz: I geuss.

Voice: well there you'll find a reporter being, i geuss you could say tortured.

Blitz: what?

voice: Go there. oh and by the way Rick, since you interfeared with the Android's attack on Blitz, You can go help him.  if you both don't arrive, alone, She will die.(click.)

(Rick hung up the phone. and put it back into Jensen's coat pocket.)

Blitz: come on let's go.

(Rick and Blitz came out of Jensen's office. Outside Jensen was scolding Katie)

Jensen: I told you not to let them go in and for them to wait till I got back.

Katie: I'm sorry sir, you were rushed and I could hardly hear you.

Blitz:(walking over to Jensen), Hey it's not her fault.

Jensen: Mind your own buisness.

Blitz: If someones in trouble it is my buisness, espiacially when their being blaimed for something that's not their fault.

Jensen: What are you a cop?

Blitz: No.

Jensen: Then stay out of this.

(Jensen turned back toward Kaite but Blitz stepped in between them.)

Blitz: i geuss you didn't hear me the first time. It wasn't her fault so back off.

Jensen: you can't tell me how I treat my employers.

(Rick came up and placed a hand on Blitz's shoulders.)

Rick: We don't have time for this. we have to get that Reporter.

Blitz: Ok. Be seeing you Jensen.

(Blitz and Rick walked off and the scene fades.)

(the scene opens back up to Rick's car pulling up to an abondened ware house. as Rick and Blitz get out of the car they can hear a womena's screams.)

Blitz: come on.

(Rick and Blitz bust through the doors to the ware house.  Inside was bare execpt for at the far end of the room was a lady straped to a machine. behind the lady was metal springs that were attached to the bar she was tied to.  The bar she was tied to was a part of a machine. by the machine was a figure in a black ski mask. the Figure turned a knob on the machine and the sound of electricity went through the wire springs and the lady screamed again.)

Blitz: hey turn that off.

(The figure turned the knob and the electricity stopped. then the figure turned towards Blitz and Rick.)

Blitz: wow that was easy.

Rick: A little too easy.

(the masked figure charged at Rick and Blitz)

Blitz: You hit'em high, I'll hit'em low.

(Blitz and Rick charged at the masked figure. Blitz dove feet first and swiped the figures legs out form undernether him so the figure fell backwards, while Rick placed his hand onto the figures chest and drived the figure down hard. When The figure landed sparks flew from his back.)

Blitz: well I'm geussing this is another one of those robots.

(Rick bent over and pulled of the ski mask.)

Rick: What the....

(The figures head was made of a dark metal, and it didn't have a mouth or a nose and where the eyes were surpose to be were two lenses.)

Blitz: Well I geuss that answers that.

Lady Tied up: Umm hello, do you think you guys could untie me?

Rick: be there in a second.

(Rick went over to the lady and untied her from the machine. He placed her on the ground then.)

Machine voice: Self destruct in 30 seconds.

Blitz: we best get moving.

Rick: Right.

(Blitz glance down agian at the robot and saw that it had all ready burted into flames.)

Blitz: so much for evidence.

(Rick, Blitz, and the lady ran out of the ware house. quickly there all got into Rick car and just as they did the warehouse blew up.  Rick quickly put the car into drive and took off as the explosion went skyward. Rick easly got a good distance from the blast and then parked the car again.)

Rick: (turning to Blitz) well that was close.

Blitz: yeah.

(the scene then fades)

end part 1

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Re: The Movement Vs The Russian Mafia

on Wed Nov 22, 2017 6:25 pm
Part 2

(The scene opens to Blitz, Rick, and the lady getting out of the car right outside of the destruction made by the explosion.)

Lady: Man, what's going on here? Who was that guy? Who are you? Oh my G! Am I going to prison? Oh I'm going to explain to the police that I was just a hostage. You guys will back me up won't you?

Blitz: No problem. but who are you anyways?

Helen: My name is Helen Martin, I'm a reporter for The Print?

Blitz: well I'm Blitz and this is Rick Cage

(Rick Cage extends his hand out to helen. but Helen just stares at Rick)

Helen: wait you don't mean Rick and Blitz from eWe do you?

Blitz: the one and only

Rick Cage so why us, why did we have to save you

Helen: What do you mean? Aren't you guys some kind of cops?

(Rick Cage looks at blitz then looks back over to helen.)

Rick Cage:are you series honey it's kind of obvious we that we are ewe superstars and we are in way better shape then what cops are rick laughs a little bit

Helen: well I can see that. But since your here a how about a interview?

Blitz: Well I'm not sure that this is the place for an interview, The cops should be here any minute

(sirens can be heard in a far distance as police and emergency crews get closer Rick and Blitz look at each other for a moment before speaking)

Rick Cage:i am sorry helen but theres only person who i trust for an interview and thats ewe interviewer trixy....

( rick turns to blitz and smacks his forehead a bit )

Rick Cage: Man i completely forget we have an intervew with trixy

Hellen: Well how about i interview you guys along with trixy?

rick cage: well i am not sure if thats a good idea i mean what do you know about professional wrestling you thought we where cops earlier?

Hellen: Well I Am a world class reporter. I just assumped that since you came to my rescue that you must be cops.
Blitz: well in that case your welcome to join us

( Rick cage looks at Blitz a little upset )

Hellen: great ( she reaches in her pocket and pulls out a card, then she hands it to Blitz) just call that number when the interview is

Rick Cage : i don't have time for this interviewer who got captured we have to go prepare for our match have you forgot about that blitz

Blitz: course not but... (pointing the poilce cars and ambulences) I do believe they will keep us from leaveing for a bit

Hellen: No worries Handsome, I won't get in your way that much.

rick cage: yeah i have heard that one before

( The police cars and emergency vechicles pull up as the scene fades.)

(The scenes opens up to the interview room, where we see Trixy, Blitz, Rick all sitting in chairs. Trixy is farthest to the left, right bye her is Blitz, writing on a piece of cardboard with a magic marker. sitting next to him was Rick and by Rick was an empty chair.)

Trixy: Hello ladies and gentlemen i am here with the newest tag team in ewe Blitz and Rick Cage. They form the team the movement, how you guys doing today?

Blitz: (stares at his piece of card board) hmmm...

trixy: hmm blitz whats up with the card board your looking at it like it's food ?

Blitz: Nah it's not food. (Blitz turns the cardboard so that the camera could see it, on it was his name,) Well since I couldn't get my own chair with my name on it. I decieded to make my own sign and put it on the back of my chair.

(Trixy opens her mouth to respond when the door to the room opens. All eyes looked at the door as Hellen Martin walked into the room. She was wearing (incert good looking outfit here).

Trixy: Who are you, and what do you think your doing here? (turning to Blitz) This had better not be another publishty stunt.

Blitz: (Leaning of to put his sign on the back of his chair) There was a first?

Trixy: never mind.

Hellen: don't worry Trixy. I'm Hellen Martin from the Print.

Trixy: so your Hellen, I've read some of your articles. but these two are with me.

Blitz: drat it. (turning back around) sorry trixy, I forgot I said she could come and interview us with you.

Rick: against his partner that is.

Hellen: Now Rick, don't get mad at Blitz. he only did what you wanted to but didn't do.

Rick: oh yeah, and what was that?

Hellen: well he invited me to come so you and I could get better aquinted.

Rick: Not likely.

Trixy: Hey, this is a interview, not a social outing.

Hellen: yes that's right. (Glances over and sees the empty chair by Rick). Oh and it looks like I get to sit by you handsome.

Trixy: just sit allready so we can continue.

(Hellen walked over to her chair and sat down.)

Trixy: Now where was I... Oh yeah. Rick tell us why you decieded to form the Movement with Blitz.

Hellen: maybe I should be the one to ask Rick questions.

Trixy: you can wait your turn. So Rick tell us.

Rick: Well I've had partners before but they all seem to put me in the background.

Trixy: but why Blitz, I mean he has beatin you twice before.

Rick: well has the saying goes, if you can't beat'em, join'em.

Trixy: how about you Blitz?

Blitz: hmm... Well actually it all started when these guys suddenly came out of nowhere and tried to attack me. Well Rick showed up and helped me take them out. Man, it was awesome. Later, he asked if I wanted to form a tag-team with him and well I said yes ofcourse. I never turn down an opertunity.

Tirxy: I see.

Hellen: my Turn. My first question is for Rick.

Rick: What is it?

Hellen: My question is after this do you want to get together and do something.

(Rick opened his mouth to reply then Trixy cut him off.)

Trixy: Come on Hellen, be serious.

Hellen: I was only asking.

Rick: well the answer to your question is no. Me and Blitz have some training to do for our match against the rusian mafia. Now do you have a question to ask about that or anything else to do with eWe or are you just going to just get out and let us continue our interview with trixy?

Hellen: well fine then, have it your way. I've read that your going up against the Rusian Mafia. what are your thoughts?

Rick: Well, I've gone up against them before during the Number one contender tournament, and I've won. I've kept up my training and I believe that We can win?

Hellen: What about you Blitz?

Blitz: well I fought Ivan in my first match and during the Tournament, Sadly I do believe that they can do much better. I hoping that during our tag match, they will pick up there game. I'm going in there full force.

Trixy: Well, Recently Blitz, You've lost to Spider? do you think that will affect your performance during your match?

Blitz: No it won't affect my performance. I allways go all out in whatever I do. I say my match with spider was good, He surprised me with that out-of-the-blue finisher. I got to hand it to him. Even when it seemed he was going to loose, he still didn't give up. So congradulation Spider, You've earned it. But Next time we meet I'm going to be ready.

Trixy: strong words from a strong opponent.

Hellen: So tell me Blitz, I've read that you were on a winning streak till you went up against Spider. How does it feel now that Spider, took that from you?

Trixy: Hellen!

Blitz: I had a winning streak? Cool. But it's not going to change anything.

Trixy: well Rick, tell us. You've won one of your first matches in a while during the number one conteder tournament. Do think that you will able to pull of a comeback now that your with Blitz.

Rick: well, I'll admit that I've been in a slump. For a while now. But after making it to the second round I gave me confidence. Now, I'm ready to go.

Hellen: That's good news.

Trixy: (looks at Hellen) yeah.. (turns to the camera.) Well That's all we have time for. I thank both of you Blitz and Rick for your time.

Rick: No problem, Trixy.

Blitz: same here.

(the interview camera fades but comes back in from a different angle to shoe that the interview is done.)

Hellen: Well since that's done... (gets up and turns to Rick.) you sure you don't want to go do something?

Rick: Yes, Me and Blitz have to train for our match.

Hellen: Well ok then. (She winks at him and starts heading out the door.) Bye handsome.

(Trixy gets up and heads for the door.)

Trixy: yeah I have something to do to. seeyah latter guys.

Blitz and Rick: Bye.

(Trixy leaves the room and Blitz turns towards Rick.)

Blitz: You know I think she likes you.

Rick: Who Trixy?

Blitz: No, Hellen.

Rick: Nah you think.

(Rick's phone goes off and Rick takes it out of his pocket and answers it.)

Rick: Hello.

RCI Advisor: Yes Mr. Cage were reporting in.

Rick: good, So what do you have. (Rick puts his phone on speaker phone).

RCI Advisor: for the Rusian Mafia, we have as much information as we did last time.

Blitz: What about the note?

RCI Advisor: I was getting to that. Annlysis shows that the note was typed on a computer and printed off.

Rick: (Slaps his forhead.) That much we kind of figured out ourselfs.

RCI Advisor: Really? You know it took us a while to come up with that conclusion.

Blitz: Well did you come up with anything else?

RCI Advisor: There was one other thing. Inside the envelop is another message, it was faded though.

Rick: Tell us.

RCI Advisor: it says I'm said to be a light, but I only mirror one. Day 4.

Blitz: A riddle.

Rick: What does it mean?

RCI Advisor: How should we know?

Rick: What? You've been working on that thing for a while now and you don't know.

RCI Advisor: Well sir, We actually just now found the message.

Rick: fine. If you can figure it out let us know.

RCI Advisor: Yes sir.

(Rick hung up the phone and pocketed it.)

Rick: ok enough distractions. Time to train.

Blitz: Awesome. Man this match is going to be good.

(The scene fades.)

end part 2
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Re: The Movement Vs The Russian Mafia

on Wed Nov 22, 2017 6:26 pm
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Re: The Movement Vs The Russian Mafia

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