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Who needs a Match at WrestleMania

on Sun Feb 18, 2018 12:49 am
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RP Link:

Show: CD RP [4/27/2015]

RolePlay Title: Who Needs a Match at WrestleMania?

Date: April 27th, 2015

Location: LG Arena - Birmingham England

"However, speaking of WrestleMania, There is another matter I need to discuss."

{ Christy smirks as she looks to the championship. }

"I can't compete in Money in the Bank... AND Defend my Undisputed Championship, on the same night."

{ She stops for a moment, pondering. }

"Well I guess, technically... I could... would be a nice insurance policy."

{ She thinks for a moment, then scoffs. }

"Please, like I need that. I just beat the so called Best in the World... twice in a matter of minutes... The So Called Legend, White Tiger... He's never once pinned me..."

{ She looks to the camera. }

"And Honey, you NEVER will."

{ She twirls her hand through her hair for a moment. }

"As for Alessandro... The last three times we been in the ring one on one..."

{ She chuckles. }

"He's been my B*tch."

{ She shakes her head. }

"So as you see, I don't need an insurrance policy... because I'm going to easily... and I do mean easily, retain my championship at WrestleMania, no doubt about it."

{ Some of the fans boo the notion, but she doesn't seem to care. She turns and looks up the ramp. }

"So I don't need my spot in the Money in the Bank... See, Carter told you I didn't, didn't he?"

{ She laughs again, and shrugs. }

"None the less, to all of you backstage, before you leave the arena and start heading towards London... I know there's some of you back there, that still haven't gotten their name on the WrestleMania Card... Here's your chance... you can have my spot in the Money in the Bank."

{ She nods, then puts up her free hand. }

"Just one small catch... You must first come out here... and play a little game of, Kiss Christy's Ass."

{ She shakes her head. }

"No, Not Literally... You wish."

{ She re-adjusts the Undisputed Championship on her shoulder, before putting her other hand on her hip, as she awaits to see if anyone wants a spot in the Money in the Bank match at the grandest stage of them all. }


Calista was walking around and heard what Christy said and smiled as she approached Christy and immediately she began to kiss Christy’s ass.

“Oh, wow if it isn’t the greatest woman to ever grace the squared circle. The woman that has inspired billions of not only little girls but boys as well and they have all tried to imitate but none will ever duplicate. I know I have tried to be like you in the ring but I will never compare to you. I mean you have done so much that I can’t even think of anything bad you have ever done in this sport.”

Christy just looks at Calista whom smiles meekly at her and then gest on her knees and slowly reaches up to Christy’s waist. Christy keeps her eyes locked on Calista whom scoot behind Christy and stares at her ass for a minute.

“ I know I am not worthy to do this but I can’t help it. I need to know that you are the best ever and that me kissing your ass only makes you that much better. Oh, I hope that makes sense?”

Calista leans in and kisses Christy’s ass. Christy pushes Calista away...

“ I am sorry if I offended you but I just wanna show you how much better you are then everyone and that I’d do anything to represent you in the MITB match. So, anything else you want me to do? I could clean your car? Carry your bags? Shine your shoes?”

Calista says this still kneeling down and then starts to shine Christy’s boots.

TBC: Christy

Christy raises the microphone back to her lips, a grin etched on her face from the anal tonguing session she has just had from Calista, but before she can reply the lights slowly fade to darkness. The fans cheer, although they don't actually know what is going on. Then a cackle is heard over the PA, followed by "Killer Clown" the fans cheer slightly as the heel-tweener has quite the following. Calista looks back up the ramp, rolling her eyes as the lights slowly lighten up. Clown slowly makes his way onto the stage, wearing his in ring attire still, a microphone clutched in his hand.

The Clown: I was in the back drinking my elderberry tea and trying to de-stress but I couldn't help but overhear. It seems to me that you have quite the problem, girl.

He says, as his music slowly fades to silence with the lights returning. Christy arches her brow, mouthing "problem".

The Clown: You know, whoever you hand that spot to for a chance at Money in the bank, you could be shooting yourself in the foot. Whoever wins that match has a chance to get a title match whenever they want and, as you just displayed, the most opportune superstars will make that count.

He nods his head as he continues making his way down the ramp.

The Clown: You need to use your brain, girl, and that is what I'm here to help you with. Think about this, you put me in Money in the Bank and I will garauntee that as far as you are the holder of that title belt, I'll be holding the Money in the Bank breifcase...

He nods, taking the mic down slightly as he continues to the ring. Christy purses her lips, it's a suggestion that intrigues her, Clown makes his way up the steps.

The Clown: Now, some of you may think that is stupid of me because you cold be the champion for a year? You could still be champion when the contract expires - I guess that's the risk I am willing to take.

He climbs onto the apron and between the ring, walking towards the champion.

The Clown: I guess, all you need to know is, if I don't go into Money in the Bank, I gotta do it the hard way, and if I gotta do it the hard way?

He chuckles slightly.

The Clown: Well, you know what happens...

He points at her championship on her shoulder.

TBC: Christy, Calista or Anyone.

{ Christy smirks slightly as she rubs the title, The Clown had pointed to. She looks at Clown pondering what he had said, rubbing her chin. She then looks over to Calista, and rubs her butt slightly, chuckling lightly at that. Still looking at Calista she puts the mic up to her lips. }

"First there's you... who Literally kissed my ass."

{ Christy chuckles as does some of the fans. Christy shrugs and then looks over to the Clown. }

"And then there's you..."

{ The Clown titls his head. Christy shutters before continuing. }

"You, you bring up a very interesting point, and deal, I have to admit."

{ She nods pacing slightly. }

"So the decision I am making..."

{ Before she can continue... }


... Another person enters on stage with a microphone in hand. He didn't have any music, but then again he never really did as it was Paul Heyman. as he raised his microphone to his lips.

Heyman: Let's not go to any decisions before you get all of possible Entrants, Ms Chaos.

The fans boo at Heyman as he pauses momentarilly.

Heyman: Now as you know. My Name is Paul Heyman. And you, Christy Chaos, had a few things to say about me and my abilities to put a client over. But let me assure you Christy, that it is not I, Paul Heyman, at fault as the majority of my clients have given up on me.Then, there's Lay Cool, who under my management has had 4 championship reigns between the two of them. As for Punk, he abandoned me so why bring about information which I had no control over?

He looks to Christy Chaos with a questioning look before continueing on.

Heyman: So if you do claim that Carter Slade, a man who you claim to be great because he brought you into the Undisputed Champiionship, which is nothing more than a mere detail which isn't even of merit as he was not the one who helped you gain the Money in the Bank briefcase and if I may be so bold, a man who had little to do with your actual cash-in. Then by all means, choose one of those two competitors. But if you're truely the Christy Chaos who did not want to deal with the mokery of cashing in on her husband, that she had defended her championship with a guanlet match. Then put your money where you're mouth is by choosing one of my clients to take your spot in Money-in-the-bank. Then we will see who the better manager is.

Heyman nods to Christy Chaos before giving a shrug of his shoulders.

Heyman: Or not, and continue to go into a war with all this he said, she said buisness. But you know that you want to further prove that Carter Slade's better than I am, then choose one of them. And on the other hand, if you don't consider either of my clients, Leo Kat, and Blitz 1, to be any form of threat, what do you have to lose?

Heyman left that in the air for Christy to think on as he remains on stage. Probably because he didn't want to be in the same ring as that Clown but that's besides the point.

TBC: Christy Chaos or Someone else

Backstage, Cyclone was watching all that was transpiring. She was going to go out but she was still thinking of a way to build up the courage. She was a bit on the shy side. But she had her voice modifier over the microphone and her mask firmly in place. So she took a deep breath and headed out.

"Cry Thunder" By DragonForce hits over the PA system as she did. the Audience letting out a BOOM in response. Though while most suspected Thunder to come out, it was actually his manager Cyclone. She takes a deep breath as she waited on stage for the music to fade once it did she raised the microphone to her mouth as it was obvious the voice was altered.

Cyclone: Why are you asking these people who wants your spot. When the only real fair thing to do would be to give it to Thunder Dragon. After all it was he you faced to win that spot and if you don't want it, it's only fair for him to get it.

Cyclone nods but inwardly she was pretty nervous. Glad that the voice modifier kept her voice neutral so you couldn't hear her nerves shaking.

{ Christy chuckled as she looked up the ramp at Cyclone and Heyman on the stage. }

"First of all, Cyclone. Thunder Dragon failed to beat me... but he also failed to beat James Ceno or John Steel... Your boy was a three time failure in trying to get into Money in the Bank."

{ Cyclone crosses her arms, not seeming very enthused by Christy's response. }

"As for you Paul... Your theory, it fails to prove anything, considering Carter Slade is no longer my manager."

{ She shakes her head. }

"You, unamuse me."

{ She waves her hand to the stage before looking back at Calista. }

"And you... While I'm flattered by everything you said... and... uh... did, I guess."

{ Christy chuckles and shrugs. }

"You really should worry about the match you have, and possibly the second match you might have. That second match even more... You should focus on Stealth Elf... and potentially my student. I assure you, if you make it to that second bout with my student, your focus and energy will be expelled there. While Abby may not be as good as me, nor will she ever be..."

{ Christy rolls her eyes and shakes her head. }

"I still taught her everything she knows... you have your work cut out for you."

{ Christy then looks to The Clown. }

"And finally you... You better be a man of your word. Welcome to WrestleMania... Welcome to Money in the Bank."

{ Christy nods to The Clown before stepping out of the ring. She gets about half way up the ramp when... }

-TBC BY- ???

The Instrumental of The Verve's "Bitter Sweet Symphony" hits over the PA System. The Fans all look around and look on as The EWE Chairman himself, Michael Jensen walks through the curtains and out onto the stage. He gives a slight nod to Christy as she walks past him and to the back. Jensen then looks to the people on the stage and in the ring.

Michael Jensen: "So now people care about the Money in the Bank?"

Jensen chuckles and shrugs.

Michael Jensen: "I don't know where all of you were, apart from Thunder... when we had that Battle Royal."

Jensen waves his hand.

Michael Jensen: "But no matter. I had to bring the match down from 6 particpants to 5, after that event... but luckily, I'm feeling generous. Clown, as Christy has said, you have her spot, congratulations."

The Clown nods slightly, not otherwise that's about it. Jensen looks at Calista.

Michael Jensen: "While I am going ahead and re-instating that 6th slot... Calista, I have to agree with the champion, maybe you should focus more on the Shining Star Championship, and perhaps, the Unification."

Calista sighs, as Jensen looks over to Cyclone.

Michael Jensen: "And like Christy also pointed out... your client has failed three times... I don't see why he should be handed a spot, for failing three times."

Cyclone scoffs, but Jensen looks over to Heyman, a few feet away.

Michael Jensen: "However, I am interested in you, and your plans... your theories... So let's see it Paul... I am giving the 6th spot to one of your clients, the tricky part... I'm letting you decide which one... so who will it be?"

Jensen look intrigued, putting Heyman on the spot.

TBC BY: Paul Heyman or Someone Else

Paul Heyman smiles as only he can when he gets what he wants. As he did this, Cyclone went ahead and headed to the back, she couldn't wait to get out of there.

Heyman: What a very wise decision you have made Mr. Jensen. And I must say you've got such a lovely...

Jensen: Stop trying to kiss my a** before I change my mind.

Paul nods at Jensen's interuption as he allready knew his choice.

Heyman: Very well, My choise is obvious as your 6th entrant in Money-in-the-bank is, my client, L.....

Before Heyman can finish suddenly, "Flamboyant" hits the PA system as Blitz comes walking out, his microphone allready in his hand.

Blitz: Me.

His music faded as Heyman was looking at Blitz shaking his head at him with a 'no' being mouthed.

Heyman: No no, my choice is...

Blitz: Me, we all no it Heyman. So stop trying to build the suspense.

Blitz walked over by Heyman and smiled at him.

Blitz: Besides, think about it. You really think that with what you said, you're going to get any merrit by choosing any one else? LayCool's not into the men's divvision and let's face it, I'm the best canidate if you really want to prove you're better than Slader. After all, he takes a champion, allready has Money in the bank, and tells her to do what she had allready told him what to do. Oh yeah that's real mangering there. But then you take someone, who's on who knows what kind ofa losing streak and not the best record at that. And you manage him into winning Money-in-the-bank AND a succesfull cash in? Now that shows you're better than Carter Slade right there.

Heyman thought about it as you could tell that Blitz was making a pretty good point.

Blitz: Not to mention I'd be the biggest underdog. And Leo... rather you want to claim Leo's better than me, his record shows and hey, just goes to show, if you can take a loser like Blitz and make him a champ, you can help ANY body become champ. The clients will become flooding in.

Heyman smirks at the thought. Blitz made a great point as he nods and looks to Jensen with his microphone raised.

Heyman: There you have it. My client, BLITZ, is my choice for the 6th entrant of Money-in-the-bank.

TBC: Jay or someone else.

Jensen shrugs before nodding.

Michael Jensen: "Blitz it is."

Heyman beams, as Blitz smirks.

Michael Jensen: "Good luck to you at WrestleMania."

Jensen looks at Clown and Calista in the ring.

Michael Jensen: "And good luck to you two respectively as well."

Jensen makes his exit through the curtains. As either the scene fades, or Heyman, Blitz, Clown, or Calista still have something to say?

END: / TBC By: Paul Heyman, Blitz, Clown or Calista

(Yeah it's the end)
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