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The Movement Vs Spider and Mystery Opponent

on Wed Nov 22, 2017 6:30 pm

RP Link:

Note: I'll be adding layouts, coloring, RP Links (where possible) and Results links (again where possible) at a future date.


Scene One:
the scene opes up to a near by gym by the ewe arena for heatwave we see rick cage on tredmill as blitz is along the side of him on his right rick cage looks over to blitz and begins to speak

rick cage: so blitz tell me again why we have a tag team match this was suppose to be our week off.

Blitz: Well I geuss me and Spider tried to jumped the gun last HeatWave, and Law showed up and scheduled us the match we were tring to start. Plus since we did try to jump the gun Law gave us this match.

**Rick Looks at blitz and smiles a bit but begins to breath heavier as he turns down the speed on the tredmill a little bit before speaking again**

Rick Cage: Do you have any idea how i am suppose to make up for lost time with my family man? also why does spider get to have a special partner what makes him so different from us?

Blitz: Well It's becuase we are allready a team, but then again if you don't want help.....

rick cage stops the tredmill and gets off it he goes over to grab a drink of water then grabs a towel to whipe is face off from the sweat and looks back over to blitz

Rick Cage: i never said i didn't want to be your partner , come on man what makes you think that i don't want your help.

Blitz: I didn't say that, I was talking about that this is basically just a dispute between me and Spider. Why they had signed us up for a tag match I have know idea. I'm glad to have you help but if you need to be with your familly, I'd understand.

Rick Cage:you know what blitz lets just move this behind us just a little upset , but forget that i mentioned it man .... so what's on our agenda today?

Blitz: Well...

(but just then Hellen Martin came in the room and walked over to the them.)

Hellen: Hello Blitz, and you to Handsome.

**rick cage slams the towel down on to the ground and begins to speak to hellen **

Rick Cage: Just Great what do you want hellen? .... we have a very important match this week.

Hellen: Glad to see you too. But i was here to ask if maybe i could interview you for the print and oh i don't know

(Hellen pause for a second) Maybe have dinner.

Rick Cage: the interview i am ok with but the dinner part i can't i am on a diet.

Hellen: Hmm (Hellen examined Rick) well I geuss that's how you get so muscular.

**rick looks over to hellen and trys so hard not to laugh and begins to speak **

Rick Cage:Well hellen i thank you for the compliment hmm where do you have in mind for the interview? and how do you know where to find us all the time did you install a gps chip in us or something...

Hellen: Oh i have my resoures (She winked) but if your allright I'd love to interview you now. if your allright with it?

Blitz: What is it that you want to interview him for?

Hellen: Well he did save me from that strange guy. I just wanted to get some information from him so i can finish my articule

Blitz: I helped. Are you going to interview me too?

Hellen: well I only have time for one. after that I need to start on a story on the planetarium. They say they have a new moon exhibit.

Blitz: well ok i... ( Blitz sudenly stopped as he just relized somthing.)

Blitz: Hey Rick, do you remember that riddle in the envelope?

rick cage looks over to blitz and begins to talk rick cage: yeah it said I'm said to be a light, but I only mirror one. Day 4

Blitz: I think I've figured it out.

Hellen: What are you guys talking about?

Blitz: (Ignoring Hellen) It's the Moon. you see acording to Genisis The moon is called a Light but it's actually just the reflection of the sun. and It's says that God created the Moon on the third day.

***rick cage looks over at blitz and scratches his head ***

rick cage: so roadtrip anyone?

Blitz: Hellen where is the Planetarium that you were talking about?

Hellen: Well, I'll tell you, but only if you take me with you.

Rick Cage: Fine your driving blitz i need some rest i call shotgun.

Scene Two

(The scene then fades. It then opens back up with Blitz, Rick, and Hellen in blitz's car driving down the interstate.Blitz was driving, Rick was in the passenger side seat, and Hellen was sitting behind Rick.)

(Hellen then reached in front of her seat and began to give Rick a neck massage)

**rick cage wakes up in startled motion and turns around to hellen **

Rick Cage:what kind of reporter are you hellen i should tell before you try anything else that i am married so don't think about it

Hellen: Well I was just trying to help you relax. Your just so tense.

Rick Cage: you know i didn't mean to snap i haven't seen my wife in over 2 months because of being on the road.

Hellen: It's ok (hellen said soothing.) I could help you relax better if you let me give you that neck massage.

Rick Cage:Fine just the neck massage don't even think about touching my chest thats for the wife.

rick cage goes back to sleep

(Hellen went back to giving Rick a neck massage.)

(The car ride continued like that for a bit until Hellen spoke up.)

Hellen: You know Blitz, I've been reading about you two and i was puzzled about what i found out about your past.

Blitz: What'd you find?

Hellen: Well it seems that your a local hero in your home town, Beany Town and that you seemed to have pulled off some extraodinary rescues.

Blitz: Well yeah, I did help out alot, me and my freinds.

Hellen: So why'd you get into Professional wrestling instead of like the police force.

(Hellen continued to massage Rick.)

Blitz: Well I've allways loved to travel, Going to new places. Here at eWe i get to do that, But I'd have to say that one of the main reason's is becuase my manager asked me too. So I decieded to join and besides, it sounded like fun.

Hellen: oh (Hellen continued to massage Rick's neck and Blitz cotinued to drive.)

Scene Three
(The scene then cuts to the car pulling up to the planetarium, a rather large building.)
Blitz: Well here we are.

**rick cage wakes up as blitz shuts off the car and looks back to hellen and speaks to her**

Rick Cage:You where right i needed that thank you very much.

Hellen: No problem glad to help.

(All three of them get out of the car and head up to the entrance of the Planetarium. However when they neared the door they saw that it had a sign on it that closed.)

rick cage looks over to blitz and begins to speak
rick cage: now what do we do?
Hellen: Don't worry boys, being a reporter has it's advantages.

(Hellen steps up to the door and bends over the lock so that know one could see what she was doing. after a bit Hellen straights up and opens the door.)

Blitz: How'd you do that?

Hellen: Like i said being a reporter has it's advantages.

Blitz: Ok then.

Rick cage: i have a bad feeling about this.

Blitz: Why? What is it?

Rick Cage: think about it we show up and its closed and it just so happen to be that hellen had to come here and she acess to it?

Hellen: Hey, I came becuase i think you guys are on to something, it's my reporters instinct.

Rick Cage:alright if you say i still have a bad feeling about it though

(Blitz, Hellen, and Rick entered the building.)

Hellen: So what is it that you guys are looking for?

Blitz: Well more than likely since the answer to the riddle was the moon, more than likly will find are answers there.

**all of sudden rick cell phone rings he looks over to hellen and blitz * Rick Cage:excuse me guys i have to take this rick answers as he begins to talk on the phone and heads outside for a moment. **

Blitz: Let's go ahead and head to the Moon exhibit you talked about.
Hellen: Right. we just need to follow the signs.

(Blitz and hellen followed the signs on the walls til they reached the moon exhibit. They entered the room and began to look around.)

Blitz: There doesn't seem to be anything strange here.

Hellen: Why have you been to a moon exhibit before?

Blitz: no I'm just saying that there's nothing that really sticks out.

(Hellen walked over and started examining the different things on the wall while Blitz went over to a large model of the moon that was hanging in the center of the room.

(The moon model was low enough to the ground that you couldn't see under standing up. So Blitz got down and looked underneath it. Under it Blitz saw an envelope. Blitz then reached under it and pick it up.)

Blitz: I found something!

Hellen: (Walking over to blitz) What is it?

(Blitz turned around so that She could see a envelope.)

Hellen: An envelope?

(Blitz opened the envelope and found inside of it an index card.)

Hellen: What's it say?

Blitz: It says, Rimrock Auto Arena - Billings Montana.

Hellen: Isn't that the name of the place you last wrestled at?

Blitz: Yeah.

**all of sudden a loud thud is heard in the near by room we see rick stumbling in with his shirt torn and head cut open**

Hellen: Rick!

Blitz: What happened?

Rick Cage:Well i was on the phone outside some guy came out of no where pushed me into the wall then he punched in the gut and then he had a pipe and smashed my ribs i didn't get alook at him but i think i know who sent him.

Blitz: Jensen?

Rick Cage:no the mid eastern champion spider

Blitz: I mean why would he attack you, it's not you he's after.

rick cage:think about it blitz me and you have a tag match with him and he knows that the bond between me and you is strong so the only way he could break us apart is by taken one of us out and he knows eventually your going to get a rematch against him for mid eastern championship.

Blitz: Well i geuss it makes since, but i don't have to beat him in the tag team match to get my rematch.

Hellen: Well let's not worry about who did this we need to get you to a hospital, Rick

rick cage:ill be fine hellen i have had worst hits and bumps they use to call me the king of xtreme.

Hellen: But you said you broke your ribs.

rick cage: its just a rib i got more plus i can get it looked at back the ewe arena.
Blitz: Right, well anyways, I found another envelope.

Rick Cage: you can tell me about it after we have our match i am so fired up right now i want get the match done and over with!

Blitz: Allright then let's go.

(The three of them leave the room and the scene fades.)

Scene 4
(the scene opens up to Trixy, Blitz, and Rick sitting in chairs infront of the camera.)

Trixy: Hi this is Trixy and I'm here with The Movement, and were here to talk about there up coming match against MidEastern Champion Spider, and a mystery Wrestler.

Blitz:well it all started at last weeks heatwave when i sent a open challenge out to spider for a mid eastern championship match for retribution then law came out and made this match up between the mid eastern champion and a mystery partner isn't that right rick.

Rick Cage:yeah thats right you see trixy it doesn't matter who spider chooses for his partner because the movement is ready for whatever obsticles come at us.

Trixy:Now Rick We have seen an impressive debut with the movement will this match be any different then the movements debut match?

Rick Cage:Well trixy i can honestly say that it is no different the

only thing we aren't prepared for is this mystery partner of his but like i said we up for any challenge that is before us,the bond between myself and blitz is stronger then any other tag team that is here in the extreme wrestling entertainment.

Trixy:Blitz how do you feel about you and rick becoming a tag team and having a sucessful debut match together?

Blitz:trixy you see when rick asked me to be his partner i was skeptical about it at first then when those black figured masked men attacked he came to my aid and proofed to me that he has my back,but as far spider goes once this mystery partner is revealed spiders true color will be showing,you see the movement doesn't need a mystery partner to be hyped up also trixy we went over well with the crowd and are a fan favorite because wrestling is our life passion and obsession.

Trixy:Rick if you where spiders mystery partner what would you have to do to be prepared to go up against a tag team like you and blitz?

Rick Cage:Well trixy you see the secret to a sucessfull tag team is to never reveal your strategy and weakness because if you show both of them you will be picked apart in a matter of seconds in a match but when it comes down to the movement is here to stay and where not going anywhere,and once the dust settles tonight on heatwave the movement will be standing tall and spider and is mystery partner will be looking up to us from the flat of there back.

trixy:Well thats all the time we have today i would like to thank you blitz and rick for joining me.

The Movement:It was our pleasure
the scene then fades away

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Re: The Movement Vs Spider and Mystery Opponent

on Wed Nov 22, 2017 6:31 pm
Note: Was there a 2nd RP? The one was labeled 'part 1' but a part 2 wasn't there... So either we were going to do a 2nd RP but didn't for some reason. Or it's simply not in my files.

Note 2: It seems we didn't post a 2nd one... But I'm leaving this in just incase I find it and perhaps we did it but didn't post it.
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Re: The Movement Vs Spider and Mystery Opponent

on Wed Nov 22, 2017 6:31 pm
Results Link: (TBA)
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Re: The Movement Vs Spider and Mystery Opponent

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