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Elven Decoy

on Fri Apr 13, 2018 4:05 am
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Hello all you Whisper Elfs out there.  It's time for the next edition of the Elven Decoy.  Before we get to far in, I need to applogies for taking so long to write the next edition, been like almost a month now.  But alot of changes have been going on in my life.

Anyways, Happy Birthday EWE, and awesome job in turning 10.  I've actually not been around for all that time, that I know of, but I have been watching some old shows and things.  Still, it's pretty impressive that EWE has made it ten years.  And all the things you must of gone through.  Honestly, I'd love to make this edition way more special and try to incorporate alot of the history behind this company, but like I said, allot of it I don't know.  So let's get down to it.

So, AVX started with some hype on later matches for the show like usual but unlike usual we get it from both the Ladies' Night Comentating Crew and from Chaos'.   So Stephanie McMahon was the one who started EWE.  Surprised I had no idea.  And really, that's kinda of harse to have started the company, only for someone else to take it over and eventually you find yourself as a comentator for the show.  That's actually kind of sad.  Though don't get me wrong, I like the guy in charge, though I rarely got to talk to Mr. Jensen.  And with how things are now... Ok, I shouldn't be getting into that.  So Moving on as we have our first match.

When I first heard about this match, I was interested to see who all would join.  I mean sure I can't say I know who all the legends are, but I knew a few.  Well, only 2 come to mind right now, White Tiger and Andriod 18.  But I didn't think White Tiger would want to enter this match with his championship match later on.  And 18 well she didn't have anything that I knew of, so wonder why she didn't enter?

Regardless, Only 2 people entered, Rick Cage and Stone Cold, who I didn't even know was in EWE, and this match became a Standard match.  No point in having a Battle Royal with only 2 people.  It'd get over pretty quick.  But that didn't stop this match due with some trash talk from Rick Cage and a middle finger from Stone Cold.  But it was all over in like 15 seconds after Stone Cold hits his Stunner on Rick cage and gets the pin fall.  Though first time I've seen him wreslte, that I know of, and that Stunner of his looks familer.  Like I've seen it before.  Well, maybe it's just an old memory.

Anyways, Stone Cold celebrates with alot of... uh, beer?  Sorry just can't say I've really seen the stuff.  Thought it was some kind of soda at first, but a few comentatings I read said it was beer.  Though, I can't say I get it.  Cause that was a lot of beer he drunk and you'd think he'd be all drunk or something.  Then again like I've said, never really seen the stuff or someone drink it, just heard about it.

Moving on. We get to see the Hollywood Blonds Vs the Bellas.  Which I honestly, didn't think the Bella's stood a chance.  And really those Bellas have not been getting any wins as of late.  But maybe they like being eye candy, something I won't have to worry about.

Well I was right.  The Hollywood Blondes stayed in control through most of this match.
You had some finishers here and there and it ended with a double submission.  They really have those though?  I thought the rules were like only the legal two were allowed in the ring at a time.  But I guess the ref didn't care and it did look nicer with a double tap out as they showed their domance of the Bellas.  Note to self: learn a submission finsher.

Anyways, Christy Chaos and Mizore's Future step mom celebrated their win before we moved on to the next match.

Up next we get a introduction of the two teams as Justin and Jonathan were going over Style and Pride and DX's acheivements.  Apprently, Justin was acting better than usual, which like I've said, I haven't watched Chaos, except that one time when Mizore was competing on it some weeks ago.  Anyways, Justin's professionalism drops finally as he shows how much he clearly dislikes both opponents.  Both teams make their entrances and we get ready to go.

This match was brutal as through most of it you had DDD taking going at HHH.  Interesting both the triple letter names were at it.  so, things go on and we see alot of objects being used.  Including a a cable being used as a whip.  Yeouch that had to hurt.  Can't say I cared for Justin's commentating though.  Anyways, we also get to see quiet a few tag team maneuvers, and yes I was taking a few notes, never know when it might come in handy.   Anyways, this match ended with HBK giving DDD a Dynamic Driver then pins for the win.

After the match we go back stage to see Stone Cold and he was still drinking, really I don't think that's very healthy for him.  Well he has a chat with CM Punk as he congradulated him on his win.  Well, Punk didn't want to drink either, or atleast not on the job, wait.  never mind.  I forgot Punk's a... uh, razor edge?  well something like that and he don't drink or smoke and things.  But after that he heads on.

We moved on to me and Mizore match against the the A.L.A.  Though they wanted to shake hands with us at the begining of the match, but I remember not really wanting to with what they did.  But I followed Mizore's lead on that.   As for the match itself?  Well, I say we did a great job.  Though I really didn't like the hair pulling.  This hair's real you know and it hurts if you pull it.   But despite some isolations on both parts, like when Mizore was isolated, I really wanted to jump in there and stop them, but hey I got my chance when I did the blind tag.  You should of seen the look on Anez's face when she thought I had done an ilegal move.  But then she tripped up with some Black Ice, and we got the win. Smile

Only intros and more brickering on comentary between the two matches.  But anyways, this match was pretty back and forwth the hole way.  It even stared with a 10 chain counter.  That was just crazy.  Things progressed as CM Punk tried 2ce and failed to hit Alessadro Quag... I'm not even going to try and spell that.  Anyways, the GTS's failed 2ce but he did get Alessandro into a GTS.  Eventually though, CM Punk tried one last time for the GTS, and WHAM!! He got the win. Earning himself the All American Championship... a title I doubt I ever hold.  Self doubt?  No, just I don't really have plans to go to Chaos.  I dunno, may at some point way down the line, but for now, I don't see it happening.

Anyways, things progress, and we see Dutch Clark and DDD talking back stage.  Not much worthy but good lucks were shared.  But after they parted company, DDD runs into HHH... alot of triple word names there...  And they get into it, only for Johnny Chaos to have them fight it out at Last stand.  How'd that turn out?  Well, you'll just have to wait til I do that blog Wink.

Next up, we have Hollie Winder facing Calista Leon for the Televixen championship.  You can guess who I was cheering for.  Razz... As for Stephanie McMahon... she was more complaining about Lita not being in the match.  Anyways, it started off with alot of pin attempts. which eventually ended and Calista began to pick up momentum.  Even delievered her pie time to Hollie, but Hollie escapes the pin fall.  Most of the momentum stayed with Calista most of the match.  Wasn't til Calista attempted a Candy Drop, that Hollie countered it into a Drum Solo, that she picked up the win.  Great Job Hollie, to bad... oh wait, spoilers.  Anyways, Hollie and Calista shake hands to show their good sports then we move on to the next thing.

Which just so happens to be a big elimination match.

So each person was introduced individually, doesn't allways happen on camera that way.  But hey, it's a PPV and a big one at that.  Ofcourse, I was routing for Kelsi to win... why?  Well I am an honorary member of the Expierence. Smile  Speaking of Kelsi, she was the one who got the first pin fall of the match as she took out Dustin Jobber.  Mizore said that there wasn't some kind of story behind it, but I don't know what it is.  Then the match goes on and it was funny to see that each time a person eliminated someone, they were the next one eliminated.  There were some great counters though and it was a great match.  And wouldn't you know it, Kelsi won.  Which puts The Expierence Undefeated at AVX. Smile

Next, Kristy Jensen gets a visit from an old friend of hers.  Though when I heard them say Mr. WhiteTiger, I thought it was Mizore's dad.  Turns out it wasn't.  Anyways, they had some small talk and what not... and Blitz asked kristy to unsuspend Grace?  So that's how it happened.  Anyways, Blitz gives her some papers and I wasn't sure what it was at first, but now it would seem that it was Blitz's EWE Contract.  

I honestly didn't pay much attention to this match.  Though I guess I should of at the time.  Trish is one half of the Diva Tag team.  Things go back and forth, though I noticed Stephanie was a bit bias towards Trish... but It was fine with me.  Seeing how I don't like Raven.  anyways, Trish hits her stratusfaction and she gets the Shining Star Championship and becomes the first ever Diva Grand slam.  Mizore will be the next, just you watch.

This was pretty heated as counters and pin break ups were flying everywhere.  Most people didn't even know who was going to win, though you can bet most figured Orton or D-Dawg would win.  But boy were they surprised when Eli pulls out a school boy from out of no where.  But I did predict he'd win Wink.

The next part I didn't really get.  So someone named Mr. E didn't like Eli?  And there were more in his group.  Though I did notice, one of them looked like Smolderdash... a Skylander. And she was going by that name too.  That actually made me curious. Was she just a really big Smolderdash fan and seeing me on EWE she decided to try being her? or what?  Anyways, Eli wasn't to happy with that group showing up.  Well they all left and the show moved on.

Next we got a short of rematch, as Royalty took on the Sons of Liberty... why do I see a Revolutionary War pun in there somewhere?  Anyways, Things were going back and forth the entire time.  You could see how mad Alessandro was after getting his AA title taken away.  But as those two brought their fight outside, Leon Cashmere took out Morgan with that Omnislash thing, giving his team to the win.  And leaves it 1-1 for Alessandro and Punk at AVX.

we head back stage afterwords as Thunder's congradulating Eli on his win.  Though I noticed he asked if Eli knew me... well he called me the green diva... but I guess he didn't mean anything bad with that.  Plus I didn't really knew Eli and I wondered where that came from.  Then Eli said he considers anyone who's nice to him a friend.. and I'm still confused.. what I do that was nice to him?  Can't think of anything... Unless it was me predicting he'd win his match.  Other than that, I have no idea.

Next up, Syd Vicious took on Mickie James.  Mickie put up a great effort and honestly it looked as if she would of won more than a few times.  But in the end, Syd came out with the win... Again.  Someone really needs to put her down.

Last but not least, we had the Undisputed Championship match where Mizore's Dad took on Dutch Clark.  Admitedly, I had it on but I wasn't really into it that night, considering what Mizore's Dad said to me before then.  Things are ok now though, still I found it strange with how he explained it... but I guess it could be wierder.
Anyways, This match was intense and back and forth.  It even got to the outside where things were going crazy.  I couldn't believe most of it.  But after both competteters were worn out and completely beat down.... Dutch defeated White Tiger.

And that's all she wrote as the crowds did their applause and there was the ending from the comentating.... that is, until Leon Cashmere, cashed in.

And what turned into what should of been an easy pin fall, with Dutch's completely worn out, The Champ really showed his stuff as he kept the match going and not just kept from getting pinned, but he even managed to get some offense in of his own in.  It was crazy and instead of being a few seconds, turned into over a 15 minute match as Leon managed to get the pin, Finally!  What a great exhilerating match.

And with that done, their was more ending comentary and the show ended.  Great job everyone.

Now for Predictions

-Stealthy Predictions-

Last predictions outcome: 8-3

All outcome: 15-8

That's pretty good.

No predictions for Next LN... Wouldn't be fair since I allready know who won.

So that's wraps up AVX so here's to another 10 years of EWE.

-Stealth Elf Out-

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