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on Fri Apr 13, 2018 4:11 am
(Note: In case I get confused in the future, but I didn't hit every show from when I started the blog until I ended it. So yeah.)

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OOC: Yeah I know it's WAY past it. But I got started on it and just now found the time to finish.  And why waist what I allready did?

Hey all you Whisper Elfs.  So I can't believe it's been almost a year since I've last done one of these.  Yes for all of you Whisper Elfs you saw my short blog about my Queen of the Ring opponent but sadly, I had to go to bed and didn't exactly get this finished.  Then was training and Blitz 1's birthday party which wasn't as big as mine as it was just a small thing that my mom put on for him.  Besides that, the reason I haven't been doing any before that is because I've had some issues.  Things are fine now so enough stalling and let's get into the main event.

The show starts off in it's usual fashion as our comentator team hype up the show.  Not much interesting here but we do get started with the very first match.  My match.

I'll admit I'd prefer not to talk about this, it wasn't my favorite time. But I will anyways.  So Calista gets in the ring first and from what she said I made sure to bring extra protection to prevent just that. Ofcourse,I asked Mizore to not stay at Ring side during the match for no excuses.  Anyways, when the match got started it was a bit back and forth before Calista started taking control.  I seen how Mizore was having fun on comentary so good for her.  But eventually, me and Calista's back in forth lead to me being put in her submission move which... Triggered one of the attacks I've been having.  yes I know I'm not sure if I should talk about it publiclly but not that they've been happening off camera.However, I can say that this was the last attack I had.  So don't be thinking it'll happen again Razz.  Anyways, that gave Calista to beat down on me but while I could feel it, every blow I felt I saw from what he did... Maybe I... nah it's fine It's over now.   Finally, I was able to fight back in my memory thus was able to get back out and take control of the match.  And I would of had it too but no, Calista had to cheat.  Pulling my hair like that.  You don't see me grabbing a fist of her hair and giving a yank.  Regardless that caused me to releash the hold by natrual reaction and while the ref was getting on to her, some crazy person attacks me.  Who was this person?   Honestly I had no idea what was really happening as I just remember getting knocked out randomly.  When I came too that girl I had lost my title.  Wish Mizore didn't get tangled up but it's not her fault.  It's mine.  But I don't know who that woman was and though I've recently scene her compete on Ladies Night, I still don't know who she is.  But let's move on for now.

Next we were treated to a video package of the things going on between our Co-General Manager Grace Moretti and Josie Wales.  I'll admit I haven't been following up to rewatching the show later and I'm impressed with Josie and glad she got out from that tirant. Grace has never liked me anyways.

After the video they come down to the ring, Grace wearing a mask. Odd because I remember watching the first show she wrestled in and wore the mask... but I thought it was mainly to hide her identity til after she deffeated McMahon and took her GM spot.  Guess I was wrong.

When the match started, Josie was on a roll. That is until yet another dirty move caused the momentumto shift in Grace's favor.  However, after Josie countered Grace's high flying move, Momentum began to shift... that was until Grace hits the ref then calls for the calvery.  Though how many of those have had a sanficant match in awhile Razz. Anyways they get the numbers on Josie and the Ref gets up to count the pin after a final move from Grace

We move straight into the next match pretty much as each enter the ring. During the event, I wasn't paying attention but as I watch the tapes I was interested in the match. I was no longer in the running to face the winner but I won't get into that.  Anyways, lots of great action here and I was a bit sad that Abby didn't feel as strong to me as she could have.  Anyways, then you have Hollie taking a page out of her new, at the time,Boyfriend's book as well. I've notived that happen alot. Wonder if someone will ever use one  of my moves.  Moving on the match was fun to watch and it ended with Mickie taking out Abby, Hollie taking out Mickie but pinning Abby.  So would that of gone differently had she pinned Mickie?  No one will no.

After the match Hollie celebrates and Mickie gets a farewell moment from them.  Shame she's going through with it but I don't know all the details behind it.

Again the matches flowed right into the next one.  Though I was in the back recovering from my attack by the mysterious lady, but apprently mom canceled the match for some reason.  Not that I didnt mind as I didn't really want the match, more reasons than one but mostly because I had enough things to worry about with my Title matches rather than that match... But 18 wasn't to happy about it.  I just hope it doesn't spell more trouble for us.

We move to the next match which ended in a double DQ.  So much for things getting settled there.  Why was Sasha getting involved... I'm not sure. Either out of the loop or I don't know.

Next we're treated to actually something other than a match as my Step father is talking with Seth Rolligns.  I'm not sure what it's all about and he didn't say anything to me. But spoiler alert, you find out soon, for those who's allready seen the shows Wink.

We see another grudge match as Annie had wanted to get a match with Trish.  Not sure why her exactly but it's what happened.  Sadly, Trish didn'tput up as much of afight which I'll admit if I tried that hard to get a match with someone and  they didn't do anything, I'd be alittle annoyed too.  Not that I'd take it as Far as nnie did.  But her wife came out here help her out of that Cloak of Darkness post match.

I did notice the advertisement for the new 2014 video game.  Haven't played it yet but I wonder if I'm on there?  It would be cool though I'm not fully sure about the agreement between Activision and EWE.  I know it allows me to wrestle under my name but as far as other mercindising goes, I have no idea... wow that's alot of buisness talk I don't know came from.

[size=115]-LEGEND'S BATTLE ROYAL-[/size]

We have some coolpeople in this match but I know 18 losing so early didn't help her mood.  Besides that it was fun to watch though I don't know how Jay got into that match.  Regardless, we had Johnny Chaos ttrying to hit on somelady friend of Nero's.  Who I think entered the Queen of the Ring.  But it all came down to Rikku and Brooke McGuire which Mizore had been saying is her future Step-mom...  Anyways, Rikku pretends to be hurt which almost works but Brooke returns the favor after that getting the win. Which means a win for both of the Diva's GMs.  

This match brought me back some memories as I was in the 3rd Scramble match and was the 2nd to enter and defend my title.  So the question would be rather this will be another one of those.  Anyways, We start with the champion, Sasha Banks and Sunshine.  After a quick roll up Sunshine becomes the intern Champion.  I'll admit I thought it was funny how Sunshine thought she won the entire match as she tried to leave.  After that Sasha tries to get the interm spot back but wasn't able to yet as Cayla Phoenix comes out... Grace's new face.  *sigh*  Anyways another pin from Sunshine which was hilarious as the ref had to tell her that it wouldn't do her any good.  Sunshine would get along with my little half siblings.  Anyways, Cayla and Sunshine get into it and Sunshine wins the exchange, only for Sasha to capitalize on it after sending Sunshine out of the ring.  Then it's a game of keep out as Sasha works to keep the other two from entering which works until Rogue comes out and groups them together as they all rush the ring.  After what was to be a 3 on 1 assult on Sasha, Sunshine deciedes to even the odds and make it a 2 on 2.  But soon it boils down to Rogue fighting Sasha and Sunshine getting beaten by Cayla.  However, it's Rogue that gets the pin as she becomes the interm champ.  Lots of action in the ring even after Layla El enters and things.  There'sa moment where Sunshine and Rogue high five but that's Jessica for you, she'll make friends with anybody.  Which I find to be a good quality, to bad it can lead to problems.  Anyways, at about 2minues and 40 seconds, Sasha pins Cayla to gain the intern champion spot back.  Rouge almost ad it but was tripped up by Cayla, which I don't fully understand the need for that but whatever.  More fighting before Cayla's taken out thanks to a chairshot by Josie Wales.  Serves her right for getting involved in her match against Grace.  Things continue until Rogue gets Layla El in her Hell Hound Submission.  Which Sasha went to stop it but Jennifer Sparks pulls her out of the ring for slapping her earlier because she pulled a chair out of her hands when it was her and Sunshine, yh forgot to mention that.  Anyways Layla Taps.  After that an angery Sasha tries to get at Jennifer forgetting about the match it seems as Summer and Sunshine hold her back.  25 seconds later, Rogue is the new Televixen champion becoming the 2nd person to enter the TeleVixen Scramble as the challenger and walk out the champion.  Can you guess who the first was Wink

So Rouge celebrates and Sasha realizes her mistake before heading out with everyone else.  Then we're treated to a video package of the war between the Wyat Family and the Shield.  It was interesting as it seemed it all started back in King of Xtreme last year... Well that's when I was having my own problems with that copy cat Dark Stealth Elf... which interesting enough plays into the previous match as it was her that lost my title.  Awe well, I have other things on my plate than trying for TeleVixen again.  But back to this we see the War unfold as how interesting it all can be complied into a 15 minute video Razz.  

So Bray didn't seem to want to start in the match as he stayed in his rocking chair.  Even that he makes look creepy.  So his... family he calls them... are in the ring and wow just with those 2 alone they are taking it to the Shield.  But Dean wouldn't be denyied Bray any longer as a dive from the ring invites Bray into the match.  More 3 man brawling going on as the fight is just insane.  Finally Rolligns uses a chair shot to finish Rowan and gets the first elimination of the match.  They then begin to get the numbers on Harper but Harper gets back down to just him and Reigns.  Harper looks to be working on Rollins when it's Roman who uses a spear to end Harper's involvement in this match.  Bray creepily laughs and he actually stands up to those guys.  That's just crazy. O.o  He sure has endurence but finally after all three try their long with their finishers then ending with that triple something or another they finally get the pinfall.

I really don't want to get into this match.  We lost.  I failed Mizore.  But it was my fault.  We should of been more in tune with each other, but it was all my fault for that.  We didn't get things situated until a few days before the show.   Who knos how much longer those two had.  But yeah, last time I got to see those titles... Mizore wants to involk are rematch clause at Royal Flush but I didn't want to.  Partly because I plan on being in the Queen of the Ring Tournament up til then, and I don't want to be over booked again.  Why this happens to me alot at Pay-per-views, I don't know.  But the match ended with Angela pinning Mizore as I was unable to get to her in time.

Our next match was interesting.  As Kelsi Parr, one of Mizore's friends, went to try agian to get her first Men's division title.  Which the match ended with a double count out... but hey, Cliff being a great sport restarted the match.  Which was good for Kelsi and he actually again changed so he could win fairly.  But in the end it as Kelsi who got the win.  I feel sorry for Cliff, helping Kelsi all those times only to cause him to lose his championship, but I do like his showing as a real champion and wanting to win fair and square.

Next up was the Money in the Bank Match.  Sadly I didn't watch it during the actual show... Ok so I just got back to this after way to long.  I've been training for Royal Flush, yeah I know.  I've spent WAY to long getting this up so I'm going to have to do a bit more of a quick sums.  Not that people allready don't know what happened at this PPV but It gets my take on it I guess.

So I rewatched this match and though I knew the outcome, let me just say it was wild and crazy.  Everyone going for that briefcase.  I still found myself routing for Roller Brawl all the while, despite knowing the outcome.  Roller Brawl was great as she took it to everyone.  That hanging to unhook the briefcase, wow I was held in suspense.  After more insuing chaos she did unhook it. Which I was almost confused, since I knew she didn't win *spoiler* but the comentator's told me she had to bring it down. Which is what she did but try as she may she was stopped at every oppurtunity to just jump off.  That's when the Clown came in. With a wicked crunch of the bat he brought down the briefcase one rung at a time... I don't have cloriphbia but this guy makes you think otherwise.


Next we have the unification match which.. it should of been me there.  I watched and I was glad to see that Calista get what she deserved.  I was sad that I no longer had my rematch clause, atleast I think.  but No matter, this time she didn't have a way to pull Hollie's hair while she was giving up so Calista loses by submission.  Serves her right.

And last up we have a small recap of what happened and the Star Hawk mystery.  One which I never got caught up in because I was having problems of my own at the time.  But it was interesting what Christy Chaos did.  But not so much at the start of this match, running away from Punk before he gives up on her then she joins comentary.  The others battle but soon Christy gets involved and almost loses a few times.  After she's knocked out and Punk's going to capitalize, here come the Shield O.o.. Well ok I knew about that as I was watching the recording... but still it was something.  And I know the locker rooms were a buzz as to why they did that.  But now we know as my mom and step dad our brining back the Industry... so many things I could get into with just that.  But it ends with a shot of them celebrating Christy's illeged win.  Yeah yeah, they caused Punk to be pinned... Christy wasn't even conscious.

And that wraps thinggs up for WrestleManie 11.  Sorry it took so long to get this up... As for predictions... sorry we're in a ttransistion phase so no matches are made public yet.  With that Enjoy go pre-order Royal flush and I'll see you all later.

-Stealth Elf Out-
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