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Elven Decoy

on Fri Apr 13, 2018 3:56 am
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Hey EWE.  Well, You've probally figured it out with the banner and everything, but I've finally got a name for my blog.  Ok, Well, true I guess it didn't exactly have to have a name.  But I wanted one for it and well, I thought it'd give the blog a more personal touch.

Anyways, I've decieded to use this blog to do more than just talk about my opponents.  So, I've decieded to talk about the shows too and all the things that happened in them.  Sure I know you could just watch the show... or even read the Ice Sheet.  But *shrug*.  So without further ado, I shall start with Hell Frozen Over!!

Hell Frozen Over began with those two Chaos Comentators introducing you two the show as well as telling you that they were supposed to start the show with a match from Ladies' Night, but instead show some footage of what happened earlier.

Well, the footage showed Trixy giving an interview to Trish Stratus.  She talks about her up coming match when she'd attacked by Michelle McCool with the Shinging Star Championship.  Why she used that one over the Televixen?  I don't know maybe it was heavier or something.  Anyways, after the attack, McCool goes on to say she's flawless and a double champion, blah blah blah.  Then she leaves.

Then the camera returns to ring side so we finally get a match going.  This one's that invitational match.

Ok, so the first thing I noticed about this match was well, Dustin Jobber being naked.  Who does that?  Well, it does help distract your opponent.. but you won't see me doing something like that.  Anyways, the match went on as Naked Jobber and his brother teamed up to take out Kaitlyn... didn't even know she was entering...  Anyways after some high fives and pointing, the Jobbers decided to take on the other two in the ring, Kelsi and Mickie.  Though, I started to wonder if Jay was more wanting to hit it off with Kelsi than actually winning the match.  Guess it didn't work out for him as a little help from Kelsi, Mickie got Jay out of the ring. Eliminating him.

Then Dustin grabbs Kelsi from behind... though if that we're me I'd of truely flipped out, that some naked guy was... *shudders*  Moving on, Mickie and Dustin square off and well, Dustin starts rubbing his chest and...  Ok, I'm going to cut to the end... Need to get that memory out of my head.  But well, Kelsi manages to get him out with a KSTFO.  But... I'm glad none of my finishers require lifting on my shoulders... then again, I doubt I'd have to have Dustin Jobber in a match.

Anyways with the naked man gone... Kelsi and Mickie's 'teaming up' ended as they fought over each other to win.  Lots of close calls and some short term memory loss from Mickie as she goes for a cover.  Ofcourse, Kelsi also does a submission, but atleast that has some effect.  So finally, after several failed KSTFO's Kelsi succeeds with one and it eliminates Mickie.  So Kelsi gets those points for the WMD series.

After the match, Mickie and Kelsi shake hands and Kelsi heads out of the ring as Mizore comes out, ready for her match with Mickie.

Well, I'd say I felt sorry for Mickie because she had 2 back to back matches.  But With how this match went down?  I mean Kelsi accidently distracts the ref and Mizore strikes Mizore with her Diva's tag championship and goes for the pin.  But when Kelsi tell the ref about what happened... the ref just does the 3 count?  I know that ref's are only alloud to call on what they see, but come on.

So, Mickie heads to the back as Kelsi tried to revive Mizore.  Which obviously worked.  But we cut backstage to see Michelle McCool have an encounter with the Ladies' Night Co-General Manager, Brooke McGuire.  Well, McCool insults Ms. McGuire and says about how she's the face of Ladies' Night for being a double Champion.  then she leaves very rudely.  But from the look on Ms. McGruire's face, I'd say she's decieding on a punishment for her.

So we cut back to the ring where we get another match.  This time for the Tag Team Championship.

Well, sadly the match was one sided as Cashmere and Alessandro Isolate the champions which ended with a joint 3 count... but more because they didn't know the legal man.  Regardless, they still won.

Then we see backstage where Mizore was walking to her down the hall.  Looks like she had managed to wake up.   Anyways, Mr. Chaos is there to try and cheer Mizore up... which turns into a hitting on her session.  Glad that KC guy stepped in, but I'm sure Mizore could handle knocking Mr. Chaos' block off.  Anyways, it's revealed that KC is, or was, Salvatore.  But Can't say I watched Chaos much so I don't know much about him.

Anyways, back to ring side where there was an exchange of Comentators.  As you see me walking to the ring.  Yay me.  Anyways, some banter between Kelly and Stephanie as I warm up some.  And my opponent comes down followed by Heyman.

Ok, So McCool starts to mock me... and true I got a little angery as I attemped to strike her... only got McCool dodging out of the way for my troubles, Twice.  Though, McCool begins to taught and gloat and what not.  But finally I got her and rolled her up.  Almost got it too...

Anyways, I get a little momentum going, but ended when my Knife Blender was countered.  So that got Michelle to start building momentum... Then she manged to lock me in her MADT.  Ofcourse, I got tot he ropes, but Michelle didn't let go.  Almost though she was going to get herself disqualified.  Thankfully she let go.  So Michelle went back to taught the crowd as I remind her that she's in a match with a nice drop kick and Huranicanna.

Well, momentum really shifted then.  And I hit Michelle with my Shadowsband Blade Dance.  And even went for the pin.  I'm just about positive that she was down for a 3 count but then... Josie Wales came down.  She was distracting the ref and I couldn't believe she was out there again... Well ok maybe I could believe it.  But I was mad as I made the mistake as I began to argue with Josie to get out of there.  That's when Raven shows up and attacks me.  And Michelle got the win over it.

But that wasn't enough for them.  No they had to continue to beat on me.  I'm sure glad Mizore came though.  else who knows how far it would of went.  So, Mizore helped me to the back as the others were still out there.

Ok, so the rest of the show I actually missed.  Most of which I was knocked out for reasons I won't be getting in to.  Anyways, I did managed to watch the rest some time later.  So I'll continue.

Anyways, so after Me and Mizore headed out, Michelle tries to taunt Mizore but, she gets attacked from behind by Raven.  So Raven gets Michelle in the ring and get the ref to start the match.

Still think it was a pretty low tactic for what Raven did.  But Well, she gets the pinfall.  I noticed I was still on the stage, and Raven was looking at me and Mizore but honestly, i don't remember it.  Though I'll admit that if I hadn't been so out of it and with how I was feeling that night, I would of charged down there to the ring and attacked Raven to make sure she'd not get the championship.  Doubt I'd do it now, but still.

Anyways, moving on, Josie and Raven celebrate as Mrs. Jensen comes to the ring and announces their punishments.  Grace and Josie got what they deserved.  Maybe they'll think twice next time.  Ofcourse, Raven was put into some handicap matches for the next two Ladies' Nights.  And Me and Mizore gets her first.  Can't wait til then.

Well, they all head back, and Stephanie apprently didn't get the memo that Kristy's the Vice Chairman of EWE.  So she's got the right.  But well, apprently there was another announcement to be made, this time by Brooke McGuire. As she put Michelle's rematch clause on the line against Trish Stratus.  That made it Michelle's 3rd match in a row.  As the match started right then.

Well, Michelle attacks Trish before the match officially gets underway.  And tries for a quick victory.  No good.  Trish then starts getting things going for her and really she had things in her favor most of the match.  Ofcourse, when it got to the end, Trish was going to pin, but changed her mind as she locks in a sharpshooter.  Michelle McCool almost makes it to the ropes, but Trish pulls her back to the center of the ring.  Finally, Michelle can't take no more as she taps out, flawlessly. *hehe*

Anyways, a little more talking from the commentators as Stephanie informs us that Trish is going for the Diva Grand Slammer.  Well, good luck with that.

Afterwords we cut backstage to the new Tag team champions.  They're doing a bit of celebrating as AQ heads to the ring for his match.  Ofcourse, Cashmere gets a vist from Bray Wyatt talking about being Cashmere's Salvation.  Not sure what he means but maybe Bray knows Salvatore.  Or wants to be him.  I dunno, either way, we head back to the ring to see Alessandro Quagliatere *thank you Copy/paste* and CM Punk are heading to the ring to begin their match.

Well, not as much of a match, espcially for a championship match.  True Punk did put forth a bit of an effort but really, not much as Alessandro dominated and locked in the Sweet Dreams to cuz Punk to pass out.

So we get a small comercial about the next PPV.  It got me wondering what I'd be doing for it?  Not sure yet but we return to the ring as Hollie and Syd come down.  Though, I must of missed something but what'd Syd do to the Diva's championship?  She really not care for it?

Almost ended quickly too as Hollie ducked a devastating larat and rolled up Syd in a school girl.  But Syd kicked out.  Though it was even more bad news for Hollie as Syd is mad and was dominating for a while.  Ofcourse, would of had it sooner but she broke her own pin.  Almost costed her too as a bit later, Hollie counters her Syd Special #2 with a hard cross body.  Yet, she kicked out again.  So close.

So the match went on and knocked hollie out with the Syd Driver, but instead of covering she went for a Rolling Texas Cloverleaf But really, it wasn't called for but the ref calls for the bell as Syd won.

Though, more so as she gets Hollie's old briefcase and tosses that and her championship onto Hollie.  She's not treating that belt with much respect... though, maybe she's going to be getting a new one or something. *shrug*

Well we get to see a comercial for the EWE 2K14.  Haven't decieded rather I should get it.  But I might.

We come back to see Eli and Orton getting ready for their match.  Though, makes me wonder if Mr. Chaos was expecting D-Dawg to retain.  Since, well, wouldn't he be the theroitcal Number 1 contender with his rematch clause?

Back to this match, well it was a pretty good one with neither backing down and constant counters and such.  Surprised at the ending as Orton's attack on the outside failed for him as the injury got them both disqualified.  So there was a question as to who was the #1 contender?

Well, that's what Kenny Greenwood went to find out as he went to Mr. Chaos' office to find that out.  And he said both are, so looks like next PPV we'll be seeing a triple threat for the Mid-Eastern Championship.  Or maybe even a fatal four way, if Thunder won.

Speaking of matches, we now see Psychocitca heading down to the ring followed by Bray Wyatt.  Ofcourse, there was a attack before the bell but the match still got underway.

Well, Bray continued to assult and eventually, locks Psychotica into the Buzzards Path. Which Psychotica manages to kick out.  not long after that, the weapons come into play as Psychotica takes control.  But that creepy guy just continues to laugh.  But soon his sheep mask'd friends arrive and attack Psychotica and things don't look to good for her as she's beaten a bit and thrown into the ring along with the steel steps.

Good thing Psychotica has a friend as that hooded person comes out to help even the odds.  Don't last long though as the lights go out and return to show like 15 of those sheep mask people arrive, though Bray wasn't to be seen.  Then the beat down began as the numbers got the better of Psychotica.  There was alot of damage as the lights go out then back on to see Psychtica by those steel steps and Bray Wyatt was back too.  Though, Where'd Psychotica's friend go?  

Anyways, one sister abigail onto the Steel Steps later, and Bray Wyatt wins.  So after a comercial for Wrestlermania, We see the intros of Thunder Dragon and D-Dawg.

This match was pretty good as Thunder gets some momentum using his speed.  Though after a failed high risk move, D-Dawg gets things going form him and locks Thunder in the Snitch killer.  Though, Thunder gets out ofcourse, but almost looked like D-Dawg was going to just get disqualified but eventually, let's go.  But after a counter Thunder puts D-Dawg in the Wing Span, but it still wasn't enough as D-Dawg gets to the ropes.  After that we got some more great wrestling before we start some Finisher counters as D-Dawg finally gets his in and gets the 3.

Then we head backstage to watch Mr. Chaos heads to money, Power, and Influence's locker room.  Lots of people in there but well, I guess they no alot of people.  I'll admit I was a bit sad seeing the encounter with Alyssa and them.  After all, I still don't know where my family is.  *sniff*

Moving on, Mr. Chaos tells Dutch about his match change.  So Dutch and Derrek head out as Mr. Chaos deciedes to talk with Alyssa's mother.  Back in the ring, we see Dutch and Angela get in the ring as Derek Daniels gets on comentary.

Well, this match really wasn't up to par with being a championship match.  Though, after a slight problem Dutch starts working on Fortin's shoulder.  Eventually, all that effort work out as Dutch locked in the Irish Dream.  Fortin doesn't give in but her body does as she passes out and the ref does the drop test, and Dutch wins.

Well, Dutch joins comentary and it was pretty interesting watching him go back and forth with Justin white.  Soon WT heads to the ring and not long after that, HHH enters.

I'll admit this match was a little boring to watch.  I mean they knew each other so well and not much really happened through most of it.  Though the comentary was keeping me more entertained than anything.  Though we get to the end where we get some better stuff and submission attempts and more finisher counters.  Even a few moments from WM 6... I've not seen it but That's what the commentators said.  Last we get a Struck Down Countered into a Pedigree by HHH, thus HHH gets the win.

After the match Mr. Chaos comes out with some secutrity people.  He announced the main event for the next pay-per-view.  Which was White Tiger versus Dutch Clark for the Undisputed Championship.  Should be a good match.

Then we get to see why the security guys were there, as they were there to escort Dutch Clark and Derrek Daniels to the back.  So Mr. Chaos is about to make a big announcement when... The lights went out.  Honestly, I had no idea who it could be... after all, Raven, Bray Wyatt, and some others using that effect.

But anyways, alot of creepy and confusing stuff as those 9 guys and those wierd masks.  Well, they began an attack sometime after they had him pick a card... not sure what that was about.  But the attack didn't go to well for Mr. Chaos as he got completely pummeled.

After that beat down I wondered, was that the only thing they were doing to Mr. Chaos?  And if he was number 1?  who's number 2?  Then again, I wasn't sure if they were just there on Chaos brand, or were they coming to Ladies' Night.

Well that's it for Hell Frozen over.  Now to predict Ladies' Night.  *Not doing Chaos because well, I rarely watch it and I've got enough to deal with with LN.*

LN #50

Lita Vs. Eve Torres
My Prediction: Lita
Reason: Eve's new to EWE but I still think Lita will be the one to win this.

Calista Leon Vs. Kaitlyn
My Prediction: Calista Leon
Reason: Ms Leon has been doing pretty good. and Kaitlyn?  Well, she's confusing.

Sasha Banks Vs. AJ Lee
My Prediction: Sasha banks
Reason: Sasha's very good in the ring and well, I think AJ's got alot to deal with backstage.

Raven Vs. Stealth Elf & Mizore
My Prediction: My Match
Reason: ...

Syd Vicious©️ Vs. The Bella Twins
My Prediction: Syd Vicious
Reason: Well, Syd does have her Shield friends.  Though, I just don't think the Bellas are really up to this fight.

Abby Addiction Vs. Christy Chaos
My Prediction: Chrisy Chaos
Reason: *tails*  But really I've no idea who'd win.  Both are great competitors.  So when in doubt, flip a coin.

Michelle McCool©️ Vs. Hollie Winder
My Prediction: Hollie Winder
Reason: Michelle lost alot of things at HFO,

Hardcore Stratusfaction©️ Vs. The Fugate Sisters
My Prediction: The Fugate Sisters
Reason: They need a win, espically after all the losses they've expierenced as of late.

Ok, now for on final thing.  See, I got involved in this Football poll thing.  So last weekend there was 4 of the games.  So I'll be posting my predictions here and how things went down.  *warning scores and outcome will be posted.*

[size=140]WILD CARD ROUND[/size]
[size=115]JANUARY 4th & 5th 2014[/size]


San Diego Chargers @ Cincinatti Bengals
Pick: San Diego Chargers
Outcome: Chargers
Thoughts: Sadly I didn't get to see this game.  Had things to do.

Kansas City Chiefs @ Indianapolis Colts
Pick: Indianapolis Colts
Outcome: Indianapolis Colts
Thoughts: Stupid things, I forgot that the game was on so I started watching at the 2nd quarter.  But It was disappointing that the team I picked to win had a very bad gap between them and the Chiefs.  3rd quarter came and injuries happened.  Good thing for me because The colts managed to come from behind and defeat them in the last half.  YAY Colts!


New Orleans Saints @ Philadelphia Eagles
Pick: Philadelphia Eagles
Outcome: New Orleans Saints
Thoughts: I had something to do so I had to miss most of it again.  I was so happy though when the Eagles were in the lead.  but that stupid field goal.  Cost them the win thus making my only prediction to fail.

San Francisco 49ers @ Green Bay Packers
Pick:  San Francisco 49ers
Outcome: San Francisco 49ers
Thoughts: Sad I missed this game too.  But hey, glad the 49s won.

Well that about wraps up this Blog.  Until next time.

-Stealth Elf out-

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