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Stealth Elf & Mizore Vs Raven

on Wed Apr 11, 2018 9:54 pm
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Show: Ladies Night [1/8/2014]

Inside one of the locker room in the arena, Stealth Elf was there, standing underneath the shower head as she let the hot water flow over her.  She continued to just stand there as her mind was in turmoil of all the things that has happened to her in the recent weeks not even caring that Hell Frozen Over was still going on.  As she stood there, her mind thought, and it thought.  But no answers were coming to her.  Only the continued disappointment and sorrow that being in this company had given her.  After all she had a chance to make her mark, to become the Televixon Champion in only 2 months of being here in this company. Things were looking up for her.

Then the attack came, and it all went down from there.  Stealth Elf still didn't understand yet it only made her madder and madder that just because of her green skin, blue hair, shortened height, and pointed ears that The general manager as taken it upon herself to constantly make sure that she didn't get any kind of footing in the company.  And it wasn't even her fault.  She didn't ask to be this way, She wanted to be normal, just like everyone else...

Stealth Elf looked down at her green hands.  At her ugly and freaky hands.  She then grabbed the bar of soap she had on a self close by and frantically began to scrub the green from her hand.  Scrubbing back and forth in a frenzy to remove the green filth that was ruining her.  Finally, she removed the bar from her hand as she stuck it under the water, in her frenzied mind she hoped that maybe that's all it took, maybe it was gone...  But as the soap washed away, her green skin still remained.

Stealth Elf's misery only increased as she dropped her hand in sorrow.  Stealth Elf was like that for a bit longer before she turned off the water before grabbing a towel and wiping the water from her body.  As she did the corner of her eye caught her reflection in the mirror.  She paused as she looked directly seeing her naked figure looking back at her.  Stealth Elf walked closer to the mirror as she moved a strand of hair behind her ear.  She then just stood there, gazing at her reflection.  Stealth Elf tilted her head one way and then the other as the reflection mimicked her.  Then that frenzy began to get the better of her as she started breathing deeper and deeper as looking at what she was just angered her.    Soon her anger got so great she yelled out as she smashed her head into the mirror to remove the ugly green freak from her gaze.  But that only resulted in a sharp pain as the mirror busted her open.  Stealth Elf only had the a moment to realize she was bleeding before she passed out collapsing to the floor.


Stealth Elf began to stir on the floor.  As she looked up she noticed one person looking down at her.  Stealth Elf's vision was a bit blurry to figure out who it was at the moment But she noted the long hair and general female shape.

"Kristy?" Stealth Elf managed to ask.

"Nope," Replied the girl, "She's over there talking to the trainer."

The girl point over to the side.  Stealth Elf looked over there as she notice two people talking.  Her vision then began to clear as she could tell it was Kristy over there, while the other was the trainer.  Stealth Elf couldn't tell what they were saying exactly as she watched them.  So she turned back to the girl that had been looking at her.  She was a bit shocked seeing who it was.

"Mizore?" Stealth said curiously, "What are you doing here?"

"Well," Mizore said as she had her hands in her jacket pocket and a lollipop in her mouth, "I came by to see how you were doing.  You know just to check up on you.  I knocked on the door but you didn't answer.  So I came in to make sure nothing was wrong.  That's when I noticed you laying on the floor with that there cut on your forehead."

Stealth Elf's hand instinctively went to her forehead as she felt it had been taped up.

"Yeah, you were bleeding allot so I got the trainer who fixed you up, And well, Mrs. Jensen got wind of it so she came down here too," Mizore finished explaining.

Stealth Elf gave a slight nod as she glanced over at the trainer and Kristy as they came over.  Kristy had an obvious look of concern on her face.  Yet Stealth Elf couldn't bring herself to look at her.

"What happened?" Kristy asked Stealth Elf, "Did someone come in and smash your head against the mirror?"

Stealth Elf shook her head not meeting Kristy in the eyes, "... I did it," She said rather ashamed of herself.

"What?" Kristy said as she couldn't believe it, "Why would you..."  But Kristy trailed off.  She knew how depressed Stealth Elf was getting.  Though she didn't think it had gotten this bad.  Stealth Elf only looked off not meeting anyone in the eyes.

"Well, you'd be pleased to know," Kristy said hoping it'd at least help her a little bit, "That I've suspended Grace and Josie Wales for what they did to you."

Stealth Elf looked up at Kristy finally, "...And Raven?" Stealth Elf asked.

"Well I couldn't suspend her due to her being the Shining star Champion," Kristy said but Stealth Elf just lowered her eyes a little sad that Raven had not only stolen her opportunity to become Champion, but managed to win her match and in turn kept her from getting punished.  Kristy noticed her reaction.

"Don't worry, she's going to get what she deserves trust me," Kristy said, "Especially since I lined her up for two handicap matches.  One for next Ladies' Night and one for the following.  And the good news is, you'll be apart of the first handicap match.  The trainers already cleared you for it."

Kristy looked to the trainer, "Ain't that right?"  The trainer gave a nod.  So Kristy smiled as she looked back to Stealth Elf.  But Stealth Elf just dropped her gaze again.  Kristy was confused.  "Something wrong?"

"...nothing," Stealth Elf replied though it wasn't actually truthful.   Kristy frowned, she could tell something was wrong but decided not to press the matter right now.  She then looked to the trainer.

"That should be all," Kristy told him, "And thank you."

The trainer nodded as he left the room.  Kristy looked to Stealth Elf who was just silent.  Kristy let out a small sigh, "Well, the shows over already, so come to the jet when you're ready."   Stealth Elf remained silent.  Kristy gave another sigh as she headed for the door but was stopped by a question from Stealth Elf.

"...Who's my partner?" Stealth Elf asked.

"Mizore," Kristy replied.  Stealth Elf only looked over at Mizore who was still standing there, she was going to be her partner?  Yet still she had some questions about her and it was more than why they were teaming up to face Raven.  

Kristy noticed that she wasn't needed any more so she headed out.  Though once she did Stealth Elf couldn't help but ask.

"...Why?..." Stealth elf asked looking at Mizore, "...why'd you help me out there?"

Mizore only gave a shrug, "It was the right thing to do," she replied.

".. Yeah but, after what happened with your match," Stealth Elf began not understanding why.  But once again Mizore shrug.

"Sometimes you just gotta put your own problems aside to help someone in need," Mizore said.

"I guess...," Stealth Elf replied, "... well I'd best be going... Don't wanna be late getting home."

Stealth Elf moved to get up but Mizore averted her eyes.

"Might wanna put on some clothes first," Mizore said a little embarrassed.  That made Stealth Elf looked down as she realized she only had a towel draped over her.  This caused Stealth Elf checks to redden out of embarrassment.

"I uh...," She stammered embarrassed.

"... I'll catch you later," Mizore said as she kept her eyes averted then headed out of the locker room.  Stealth Elf waited still embarrassed.  But soon she got up and got dressed.  Once she finished she gathered her stuff and headed out to the Jensen private jet.


Stealth Elf was just got back in her room.  She had been doing her usual training routine most of the week.  Yet, she still wasn't feeling to happy.  Many things passed through her mind as she sat down on the edge of her bed.  She found it hard though to really think though as she shifted further onto her bed as she leaned back supporting her top half with her arms.  As she did she happened to notice her Dairy sitting on the night stand.  Right where she left it all those days ago.  She contemplated and thought wondering if she should begin writing again.  Finally, she made her decision as she picked it up off the night stand as she shifted so she was laying down on her belly arms still propping her up as she looked at her diary.  Finally she opened it and checked what entry she had last done.  Once she established that she began to write in her green pin.

Entry #15

Strange How I haven't really written in here in some time.  What's in been like, 2 weeks?  I'm not sure.  But lots of things have happened since then.   For one, I actually started a blog, yeah I know why am I doing a blog when I write in my diary?  Well, truth be told, I mainly started the blog because of how Kristy said I should be more active in EWE, by doing something like shoot a promo, do an interview, or something.  you know just so people can know more about me and not just see my appearance.   So I started the blog mainly for that purpose, though I'm not sure if I'll be getting to it this week.  I dunno, maybe sometime later though.

Anyways, besides that, I've actually lost two more matches.  First one was to Hollie Winder, though she was Ladies' Choice winner last year so I guess it makes since that I lost...

Then... there was Hell Frozen Over, where I had my chance against the Televixon Champion, Michelle McCool.  But,  I lost.  No, I didn't just loose, stupid Ms. Moretti struck again as her two goons came out and attacked me while the ref was looking away.  Which aloud McCool to get the pin in before I really realized what happened... But that wasn't the end of it.  Oh no, Wales and Raven stuck around after the match and just... attacked me.  I'm getting so sick of them doing that.

Stealth Elf actually began to tear up slightly.

Well, they did finally stop, thanks to Mizore.  And Kristy not only suspended two out of the three of them but set me up with a handicap match with me and Mizore vs them... but....

A few tears fell onto the page of which Stealth Elf was writing on.  But She continued anyways.

What's the point.  I've been going over it again and again in my head.  Joining EWE was supposed to be the place I could fit in, yet time and time again I keep on getting slapped in the face as it showed just how much I don't belong.  Know matter how much I want to.

I'm starting to think that I should of just listened to Sensei when he told me not to join.  But I was too stupid.  After all i don't belong there, and even though when I'm out there, fighting in that ring, I just love it so much.  But I'm just so tired of getting hurt.  No not the physical pains.  But the constant failers and attacks. And all the ridicules from what I look like and what I've chosen as my ring name.  It just hurts so much, and I'm tired of it.  I just can't stand it anymore.

Stealth Elf was on the verge of tears as the sorrow and frustration built up enough that she just grabbed her diary and chucked it across the room.  She had finally had it as she sat there breathing deeply.  So she made a decision as she took out the laptop in her nightstand top drawer and got connected to  She pulled up her blog page and began to write.

Stealth Elf's Final Blog wrote:
Dear EWE.

Yes you read that title correctly.  This will be my final blog.  But that doesn't just mean that I'm done writing in it.  Now it means that I'm quitting EWE.

Why do you ask?  Well quiet simple.  I've just down right had it.  I'm so tired of everything that keeps on happening to me.  And it feels more and more that I'm just useless piece of green trash.  So why must I continue to put up with all this?   

So that's it, I'm finished.  Yeah I know there's allot of people that will be really happy with that.  Ms. Moretti and her little crew for one. And who knows what other countless other people believed just how much of a waist of time I am to this company.  So I'm leaving and you won't be hearing from me again.

As for Mrs. Jensen.  I'm sorry.  I know you've helped me with allot of things over the past few months.  Like setting me up for a title shot, and even the handicap match against Raven.  But, let's face it, I can't beat her.  She'll come up with some way to make sure I don't get the win, or that I'm humiliated.  I know I have a partner but, I'd only slow Mizore down and get in her way.  Besides, Mizore would be much better in facing Raven on her own.  After all Mizore won the Televixon Championship in her debut match against many other Diva's... Including you Mrs. Jensen.  Then she went on to become the first ever Shining Star Champion.  All I've managed to accomplish is continously get blind sided by Raven and Ms. Wales.

So, I'm sorry Kristy, but this is good bye.   And So long EWE... Stealth Elf out, for good.

With tears in her eyes, Stealth Elf moved the mouse over to the send button.   She was going to do it.  She was going to post the blog that formerly gave her resignation.  But something caught the corner of the elf's eye.  It was a small pop on on the bottom right hand corner of the screen signaling that she had just received a new PM from Mizore.  Stealth Elf stared at the message until it started to fade.  Though, Stealth Elf had no idea what caused her to do it, she moved her mouse away from the send key and clicked the pop.  Her web browser then opened a new tab as it showed the PM she got from Mizore.

Mizore's PM wrote: Hey stealth Elf.  I noticed that you seemed pretty down last time I saw you.  So I thought about it and so hoping I can cheer you up with this here PM.  Yeah I know it's a long shot, but at least I'm trying.

Anyways, I know how you feel about your losses.  After all I've been having bad luck as of late too.  Even lost at my PPV.   Though you can't let that get you down.  Just need to chin up and know that things will get better.

As for the other problem.  Well, can't say how many times I was looked down upon when I said I wasn't human.  Trixy even had a laugh at me calling my fans snow bunnies.  But really Stealth Elf, you just need to be who you are and don't worry about what people think about you.  So Cheer up, and I'll see you Wednesday.


As Stealth Elf finished reading the PM, a small smile spread on her face.  Funny, how just a few simple words like that can really effect someone.  'Be yourself'  Stealth Elf kept on reading the same line over and over again.  Yet the more she did, the more that smile managed to spread as the sorrow began to fade.  It was exactly what Stealth Elf needed to hear right now.  So, Stealth Elf went back to the previous tab.  Then, clicked the cancel button, after all, she wasn't done just yet.

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Re: Stealth Elf & Mizore Vs Raven

on Wed Apr 11, 2018 10:11 pm
(Mizore RP)

Mizore is walking around backstage at Hell Frozen Over. She feels so bad about how she went out there and got beat so quick by Mickie James. She is also a bit confused on why KC, or who she knew as Salvatore, would save her from Johnny like that. She has no one she feels she can talk to at the moment. Kelsi is getting Hollie ready for her title match. Her dad is busy getting ready for his title match. She is close to the arena when she hears the bell ring and "Not Enough for me" starts playing. She scoffs.

{Mizore Payne}

I can't believe she keeps winning my Televixen championship. Someone needs to get the belt from her.

She hears the crowd boo. She glances out through the curtain to see Josie and Raven beating down on Stealth Elf. Mizore scoffs. She is so tired of the injustice. She sprints out through the curtains and watches as Josie and Raven bail out. She sees Michelle mocking her but this isn't about her right now. She checks on Stealth Elf who seems dazed. She helps Stealth Elf up and heads up the ramp with her. She stops at the top when she hears Michelle yelling out at her. Mizore smiles when she sees Raven slide in behind Michelle.

{Mizore Payne}

You might want to turn around Miss Flawless one.

Raven lays out Michele and grabs a quick three count and the Televixen championship. Mizore goes through the curtains and hands Stealth Elf off to the trainers. She starts to follow when Trixy rushes up to her.


Mizore. What were you doing going out there to help Stealth Elf.

{Mizore Payne}

It's all about the injustice of it all. Who needs to prove a point with a two on one beatdown. They weren't so tough when they had to deal with me to, were they?


Well you might not have heard, but next week you and Stealth Elf will team up to face Raven two on one.

{Mizore Payne}

Really? Well that is fine with me. I'll stand in the corner and allow Stealth Elf t get all the revenge she can against Raven. I'll just have her back in case anyone else wants to jump in. Now if you will excuse me, I'm going to go check on her.

Mizore heads off after Stealth Elf as the scene fades away.
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Re: Stealth Elf & Mizore Vs Raven

on Wed Apr 11, 2018 10:13 pm
Results Link: TBA
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Re: Stealth Elf & Mizore Vs Raven

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