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Elven Decoy

on Fri Apr 13, 2018 3:59 am
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 Hey all you Whisper Elfs out there.  Welcome to the 2nd full on edition of The Elven Decoy.  Yeah, yeah, I know It's not my 2nd blog post ever.  But whatever.  moving on.   In this edition will be going over Ladies' Night #50.  Allready said I'm not doing Chaos, so Razz.  So let's kick this blog off and get into the 50 aniversary of Ladies' Night.

Now we kick off the show with fireworks and... is that a new theme song?  Guess new year means new song.  Anyways, we get Kelly and Stephanie our comentating crew introducing the show and tell us about the upcoming matches.  Stephanie also calls The Fugate sisters Whores... I'm not sure what that is to be honest, but Kelly did as she called it a 'prostitute joke'.  Whatever that is. *shrug*.    Anyways we see Hollie Winder and Michelle McCool coming down to the ring to get things started.  Stephanie mentions Michelle should of got someone like Kaitlynn after her bad showing at Hell Frozen Over.  But to bad for her. *hehe*

Love those new banners, but moving on.  Miss Winder and McCool start circling before giong to lock up but McCool puts her hand and Miss Winder's face.  Hoped she washed them.  Anyways, Miss Winder back up to that corner when she fakes an injury?  Why'd she do that?  I thought Miss Winder was a more fair wrestler?  Well she claimed it was Mr. Heyman who did it, but I didn't see anything.  But that got the ref admonishing Mr. Heyman and then McCool also yelling at him to stay out of the match.  Then Miss Winder stops faking as she rolls out a Drum Solo on MCool, and gets the pin fall.

Well, Miss Winder sure was happy about getting her first Championship.  Even Mizore was happy for her as she headed out there and celibrated with her.  Makes me wonder how happy Mizore would be when I make the 4th's time the charm as Frost Elfs becomes Diva's Tag champs.

Back to the show, we see Mickie James going into the office of Miss Mcguire, or as Mizore likes to call her, Furture Step mom. Though don't ask me the details on that.  Anyways, Miss James... or Mrs. James or...  Mickie, is trying to figure out who's the next one to one to get a shot at the Diva's championship.  Ofcourse, wasn't long before we find out Mickie was more trying to get her own shot at the title.  Well, Miss McGuire actually gives her the match.  Though she didn't think she'd win.

So after a comercial, we see Calista Leon heading to the ring while her opponents allready there.  But is assulted by Kaitlynn.  Wow I didn't know she had it in her.

Well Kaitlynn continues with the match actually underway now and she gets some momentum.  But Calista manages to avoid a move while in the corner and turns things around.  Eventually she gets Calista into a sitting posistion then executes Pie Time... but what that move has to do with Pie, I have no idea.  The match doesn't last much long after that as Kaitlynn tries to rush Calista again but gets met with a kick and the Smexxxy Drop... did I spell that right?... Calista then gets the pin and the win.

Sadly, Miss Leon runs into Syd.  It wasn't to pretty as an accident turns into a small brawl.  Thank goodness the security got there to break it up.

Ofcourse, Lita and Miss Torres managed to get by them as they're now in the ring to begin the next match.

This match started off with some back and forth from both sides, and a missed Twist of Fate.  A little after that we get a small package war as they both get some two counts before Lita manages to stop it by grabbing the ropes.  Ofcourse, Eve didn't notice as she thought she won.  But the ref let's her know she's wrong which starts a little argument.  But she finally gets back to attacking Lita and is about to hit a Spinning Neck breaker when... Lita elbows her and gets hits a Reverse of Fate.  After that she does a Litasault and gets the pin.

Next we get some more hype from the comentators til we head off to yet another comercial.  We come back to see, Miss Lee and Miss Banks in the ring.  Miss Lee skipping and Miss Bank glaring at her.

Miss Banks really gets this match going with that clothes line followed by another.  It looks a little onesided before Miss Lee drops her with an RKO.  Here I thought that's Randy Orton's finish, but from what I've heard and she and him our dating, I guess that's why.  So we get more back and forth and more AJ acting like Mr. Orton, but in the end it was Miss Lee's Black Window submission that got the job done.

Sasha wasn't to happy about the loss, then again she won't be to happy when me and Mizore defeat her next Ladies' Night Wink.   Speaking of me and Mizore, after it shows Miss Leon getting a match for next week against Syd Vicious, we return to ringside as it's time for our match.  THough I was wondering why it was taking Raven so long to come out but I glanced at the comentary table and noticed they were talking so I assumed that's what they were waiting on.  Finally, she came down though, what that title she won.  Made me a little mad but not much I could do about it.  Then she sits there and grins at me... ooh that made me even more mad.

So I charge her but she only sidesteps me.  So I glare at her.  Then she pulls out that nunchuck, how did I know it was coming.  Though, I knew the ref was watching so I guess Raven was just trying to hit me and get out of what she had coming to her.  So After she swung it at me, I caught it.  But then the ref called for the bell.   You better believe I was stunned.  After all it didn't hit me, I actually caught the thing.  But the ref says it didn't matter.  *sigh* if I'd a known that I'd of dodged it.

So Raven grabs her belt, a belt I still think looks better on Mizore, and heads up the ramp.  And you'd best believe I was mad.  But thank goodness for Mrs. Jensen.  She's really been good to me and this was just another example of it.  I smiled, though my mask hid the fact, as Raven had to come back in the ring.

So Me and Raven begin to circle and I nod to Mizore.  She knew what I wanted.  So incase you Whisper Elfs don't know, that move we did out there?  We call it, Black Ice.  And trust me when I saw you'll be seeing alot more of it. Wink   So after we hit Black Ice, I make the cover and FIINally! get beat that stupid goth chick.

So I roll out of the ring, just incase Raven tried something else.  So Mizore greeted me and we started our little victory celebration and head on up the ramp.  All the while Raven's in the ring not to happy.  But it's what she gets.  So after a pose to the fans we head on back stage as the comentators hype up the main event for tonight before they cut to a comercial.

The show returns to Miss McCool trying to get her rematch clause back from Miss McGuire.  Though if she really wanted it back she could atleast started off by knocking and waited to be allowed to enter.  So Miss McCool only gets a match against Eve Torres for her troubles.  She needs to start somewhere after all.

So we look back to the ring as we get to see Syd Vicious heading down.  Followed shortly by the Bella Twins.  Though, I wonder what it's like to have a twin?  Well, I know Mrs. Jensen has twins, but their faternal.  Ofcourse, now that I think about it, maybe I do have a twin somewhere out there.  Though I doubt she'd look like me now.   Anyways, the bella's get in the ring as the match gets underway.

The Bellas start things off by double teaming Syd.  Though the ref finally get Nikki out.  A little back and forth between them but the bella's use there 'twin magic' to confuse Syd.  So to elimante the confusion she gets the reg to turn the match to a Tornado Tag match.  Interesting how that almost cost her the match, a few times.  Though, Syd starts getting the upper hand as she hits Brie with a Vicious Driver and Nikki with a Syd Special #2, though I wonder what Syd Special #1 is?  Then Syd does a little moking then hits Brie with her own Bella Drop.  Syd gets the pinfal but apprently wants to knock off both bellas as she makes Nikki tap out.  

Well, Syd Vicious removes the Bellas from the ring, only for Mickie James to come running down to the ring.  Curious about why she suddenly stopped.  Though she grabbed her head so maybe she got a headache or something.  So Syd shows off her Diva's championship who's also confused as to why Mickie's backing away.

So then the show cuts back stage to show... Wait is that me and Mizore!?!  EEK! I didn't even know there was camera on us.  I uh... well I remember takling with Mizore there, but umm....  So... anyways, I was talking with Mizore, though to be honest I had been wanting to tag with Mizore for some time now.  Well, She's by far my favorite Diva in the locker room.  And I always enjoyed watching her compete.  I never even thought about asking her since I knew she allready had a team she was on.  But wow I couldn't believe it when she said she offered to make our alliance permanent, as she called it.  The name Frost Elfs?  Well that wasn't just some out of the blue name I came up with on the spot.  I had actually given it some thought before when I'd image us being a team and.... Wait why am I telling you all this?

Anyways, we headed to Miss McGuire's office to get us a tag match for the next show.  And yes, we actually knocked. Wink   Though, Mizore refered to Miss McGuire as her future step mom.  I didn't know she was dating White Tiger.

We cut back to the ring to see the Fugate sister's entrances.  Strange how different their personalities are yet they're sisters.  After the Fugate's get to the ring, the diva's champions come out to cheers from the fans.  I guess they accepted Trish's 'turnning over a new leaf'.  So that's good for her.  So after they get there, Leticia Cline does her thing and the ref calls for the bell.

This was a pretty back and forth contest.  Though I noticed some problems with HardCore Stratusfaction.  Since Mickie was still going to her old ways as Trish kept her from it.  Honestly almost cost her the match a few times. But still I'm glad Miss Stratus.. umm...  Trish, is pationate for having a clean match.  But after a blocked Solar Eclipse, Mickie manages to score the pin fall after a Long Kiss Goodnight.

Trish was trying to be a good sport by shaking Sunshine's hand... but Mickie tries to attack Sunshine with the belt.  Better not ruin my future title, by hitting someone with it.  Thankfully, Trish steps in and takes the title from Mickie before she connected with Sunshine.  Midnight gets Sunshine out of there as Trish is trying to figure out Mickie's problem.  

One hype up and Comercial later, Abby Addiction and Christy Chaos are announced and head to the ring.  This is going to be a student Versus teacher match and you can see how nervous Miss Addiction is.  I couldn't imagine having to face my own teacher... oh, no I don't mean Mrs. Jensen.  Though I couldn't imagine having to face her either.

So Christy, strange how typing it out like this you can easily tell the difference between Christy Chaos and Kristy Jensen but saying them aloud can get confusing just by using their first name. But anyways Christy Chaos gets to the ring yet oddly hasn't removed her hoodie.  Well we find out why soon enough as she removes it showing off her blond hair.  Strange though as just her being a blond makes her look so different.  Everyone's shocked but I couldn't say I was to much.  Though I did know her more with the old hair color.  But the Ref calls for the bell and the match is under way.

This match was pretty interesting as there was alot of backand forth though you could still tell that Christy Chaos was in control most of the match.  She was the teacher after all.  More high moves and even an 'aerial Christy' but soon it goes to a comercial.  Glad I was there live Wink

More bak and forth as Abby starts to turn things around, But is eventually countered after Miss Addiction attempts to use her teacher's move.  Christy tries for a Star Struck but Miss Addiction counters with the Recovery.  Miss addiction then tries her own high flying finisher, but Christy manages to get her off balanced as she hits the rope.  Then after a modified top rope Charismatic Crush, Christy gets the pin and is declared the winner.

After the match we see that there's still respect for the two of them, then the commentators wrap things up.

So that's how it went down.  So now it's time foooor!  Some Stealthy predictions! (name in progress.)

-Stealthy Predictions-

Last predictions outcome: 5-2

Not bad Smile

Next weeks

Eve Torres Vs. Michelle McCool
Winner: Eve Torres
Reason: It'd be funny to see Miss McCool loose to Miss Torres.

BFFs(Summer & Sasha) Vs. Frost Elfs
Winner: n/a
Reason: my match.  Though I still say we're going to win.

Hollie Winder©️ Vs. Lita
Winner: Hollie Winder
Reason: She just got the belt.  I doubt she'd loose it so easily.

Raven Vs. Hardcore Stratusfaction©️
Winner: Hardcore Stratusfaction
Reason: Sadly, if there's more problems between the two like last LN, Raven would pick up the win.  But I'm confident they can give Raven the punishment she deserves.  just make sure you take her title next Trish Wink

Abby Addiction Vs. Annie "Midnight" Fugate
Winner: Annie "Midnight" Fugate
Reason: Midnight needs a singles victory way more than Miss Addiction.

Calista Leon Vs. Syd Vicious©️
Winner: Calista Leon
Reason: What I'd like to see actually.

Well that's it for this edition Whisper Elfs.  Until next time.

-Stealth Elf Out-

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