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Elven Decoy

on Fri Apr 13, 2018 4:07 am
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So I decieded to go ahead and group these three Ladies' Nights together into one blog.  Last Stand will get it's own seprate blog, So let's get started with LN #52.


Ok so this Ladies Night was a sub-par.  I heard it was due to staff difficulties.  So guess I'll get to it then.  Though they didn't even have Match banners made... Guess I gotta make due with this then.

-Eve Torres v. Jaylina Jobber-

(No pic, sorry)

Ok this match wasn't much of a match.  You have Jaylina, who I'm still completely confused with.  I've heard tons of different stories about her, so I'm not sure what's real and what's not.  Regardless, Jaylina dominates and takes care of Eve Torres.

- VS -

Like I said, Sub Par show as we don't get very many things inbetween matches.  Anyways, This match was back and forth as you'd expect, but then things started going down hill for Midnight.  I'm kind of disappointed, because didn't she ask for this match agian?  And she even tapped out.

Next up, Abby went on about how she was picking up her rematch clause, which I dunno, I did agree with her that Syd needed to finally be defeated and she did managed to defeat her more than once.  But she did give her word that she'd not go for the Diva's Championship as long Until someone else beat Syd.  But anyways, she did give give any one else who thought they deserved a shot to take her on.  I didn't really think about it to much.  Not that I don't ever want to be Diva's champion, Just not sure if I'm ready yet to take on Syd Vicious.  I'll get into more of that later, don't want to spoil things Wink.  But I thought it was really surprising who actually did accept Abby's challenge.

- VS -

Well this was the first match for Cynthia Mochrie, one of that new group, the Elite.  It wasn't that bad of a match, but it was actually Calista who won.  Made me wonder at the time, was Calista Leon just getting better?  Or was that just how bad Cynthia was?

- VS -

This next match I was a little interested to see.  More because I wanted to know a bit more about Smolderdash.  True I guess I could of checked out her promo, but haven't gotten around to it.  Ok, I guess it doesn't help my case that I'm wondering about another person who signed on as a Skylander character... but hey I've allready said that it's not entirely my fault that I look this way.    Anyways, back to the match, Smolderdash got early momentum as she kept in control for awhile.  Then it shifted to Lita after a Tornado DDT.  But it didn't cary her all the way to the end as Smolderdash countered a moonsault which got her the win.

- VS & Milana Radek-

Yeah that's what the match said.  And you best believe I knew I was in for a glorified handicap match.  Thankfully, before the match began, Milana was taken out before the match began, then her attacker, The Voice of Reason, took her place in the match.  Which was fine by me.  Anyways, the match was truely a tag match now as I began with Raven.  They got a bit more momentum at that point but I managed to come back before tagging in VoR, which I doubt I would of been able to do if Milana was still my team mate.  Anyways, We were cleaning house and was on the point of winning... then Milana came to the ring, she said some thing to Josie then slapps her.  I wouldn't doubt for a second that she was saying she was going to give them the DQ win.  That's a really cheap way to pick up a victory, by having a friend attack you to give you the win.  But what's done is done.

Then we moved on to showing Grace's army back stage.  Why I missed this, is annoying because I still had no idea that's what happened to my diary.  Thankfully, Heyman didn't give it to them right away, which would not of been great had she read it.  But looks like that's how Michelle McCool got involved.  Wonder how long that will last.

- VS -

Not a bad fight here as Sasha, thinking she could put AJ away early, wasn't able to.  Infact, AJ even took control of the match, til her Black widow failed which resulted in Sasha picking up a win with a schoolgirl.

- VS -

Hollie was having another Televixen title shot as she was taking it to Summer Rae. It looked like she was going to win, but... Well, she got distracted by the other BFF members on stage, this gave Summer what she needed to take the title from Hollie.  I was pretty annoyed at that, and I'm ready for round 2 against the BFFs.

- VS -

This starts off with what looks to be a friendly jesture, but Michelle pays it no heed as she slapps it away.  Anyways, things continue and Mickie gets Michelle into a sharpshooter.  Still say that was crazy for Heyman to distract the ref, so he didn't see Michelle tap.  that was rediculous.  And Michelle almost capitlized on it too but Mickie managed to kick out.   Things progress til Michelle wins with a McKick, followed by the Faith breaker.  She should of lost had not Heyman distracted the ref.

- VS -

This last match was a bit of a pain to watch.  I remember hoping that Mizore would be able to take out Syd and her fast pace did catch Syd off guard a few times.  But it wasn't enough as I watched my friend get beaten by that sickening Vicious Driver then getting the 3 count.... Atleast she didn't prolong the punishment.

Anyways, that was Ladies' Night #52.  So let's move on to Ladies' Night #53


Ok, During the actual show itself, I was in a very bad way.  To make a long story short, lots of things happened, including, I thought I had found who I really was, and I had to face Syd that night, and Mizore was there... Oh and this was also when I found out about what happened to my diary.  So yeah, I wasn't paying attention to anything.  But Well, as I've been doing with this, I've watched the tapes.  So yeah, another sub par show, as the tapes skipped the opening again.  But it's usually the same stuff anyways.  So here's our first match.

-Summer Rae©️ VS Eve Torres-
(yeah sorry, no pic for Eve so didn't want it messed up.)

Well, What was surpposed to be a match.  I mean, seriously, I heard that Eve had been constantly asking ofr a Televixen title shot, and this is what she does?  Sure you could say Summer's that good, but I'm sure it's more Eve not really doing much, and Summer's anger towards her.

- VS -

This match was another let down. Well it was one-sided just about the entire match.

We then cut to Abby in some random backstage area.  Can't say I knew where it was, but then again, I've never checked for random undisclosed locations, but I heard most are like in the basement or the boiler room.

Ayways, Abby doesn't seem to pleased that no one would take on her challenge to face her at Last Stand to see who'll take on The Diva's Champion at Wrestle Mania.  I've allready said my peice on why I wasn't accepting the challenge.  And it wasn't either of those 2 reasons she said.

- VS -

The next match I found fun to watch.  All those magicians tricks and things were pretty entertaining.  I still wonder how she pulled some of those off.  And so did AJ Lee is seems as she gets takening out with a DDT.

-Calista Leon VS Melina Perez-

The next match was one sided again.  Calista's rage towards Melina was all to apprent as she took it to her.  I still don't get the point of the fake kick out.  Was she toying with her?  Just that wierd? or what?  But it didn't back fire on her as she got the pin fall after a Smexxxy drop.

- VS -

This match had crazy offense by Smolderdash.  Audrey didn't even get the chance to really mount some kind of offsense... seems to be happening alot this show.  Anyways, Smolderdash pulls off her finisher this time, the Eclipse, but haven't I heard that name for a move allready?  But It gets Smolderdash a Submission win.  So good job.

- VS -

Finally some offense from both sides.  I was hoping Hollie would win, well when I was watching the tapes.  Since I wasn't watching anything that actual night.  Anyways, At the end, Hollie goes for the Tiger Snare, a submission that White Tiger uses, but suddenly she stopps and does a surfboard instead... wonder what the deal with that was?   Well with Christy making it out of it, maybe she should of gone with the Tiger Snare, considering Christy Hemme countered Hollie's Adler drop into a Reverse Twist of Fate, giving her the win.  I hope Mizore's friends ok... that's the 2nd match she's lost in a row.

- VS -

Ok, not one of my best moments in EWE.  I almost didn't even want to watch it.  Anyways, that crying I did, yes I admit I was crying, but really it was because of my entrance music, it just further reminded me that I have no idea who I am.

Anyways, Syd arrived and I just didn't care.  I was way to miserable to even attempt to really do anything.  And I guess in some ways, I just thought I deserved the beat down. Which was exactly what it was.  I didn't fight back, Even when I was watching the footage, I almost tried to will myself through the TV to do something... Because now that I see it, that was my one chance to finally show Syd up... but I blew it because of how horrible I was feeling.

So yeah, Syd eventually, pinned me and got the win.  Worse ten and half minutes of my life, and not for the reasons alot believe.  I mean, Mizore wasn't even there to watch my match... and quiet honestly that also played a factor.  maybe if she'd of been there... I might of atleast tried... for her.

Ofcourse, the end of that match wasn't even the worse of my problems, as Grace's little goons decieded to jump me.

Thankfully, the Voice of Reason showed up, who was revealed to be Anya Makarov.  Honestly, at the time I wished they hadn't of stopped.  But they did, partcially because they each had furture matches.  That or they were just scared of Anya  Considering she single handedly sent them all packing.

After the comercial, Grace and Mizore's furture step-mom were talking as Grace was agitated of what Anya did. It really mostly resulted in Brooke ording no one be at ringside during the Josie and Mickie match.

- VS -

Which that match was next.  It was hot and furious and dirty tricks all around.  Then it ended with Josie illegally using the ropes to help her pinfall.  But they are a bunch of cheats anyways.  But don't worry, they get what's coming to them Wink.

- VS VS -

So, the last match of the evening, was the tag team triple threat.  I saw the card and was thinking, aren't two of those teams not seeing eye to eye?  Trish and Lita are having troubles, and Raven did get the Shining Star Championship from Michelle... but I guess they were allies now.

The match goes on with tags here and there.  And it all ended when Trish pinned Raven.  Which I think is pretty great.

Not to mention those to had a rematch at Last Stand.  What happened?  Well if you haven't seen the show, you'l just have to wait til that blog. Wink

So that ends Ladies' Night #53.  Just one more til the end of the blog.  So let's get to it.


This show begins with Abby addressing the masses about her open challenge.  I'm not going to repeat my reasons again, for not entering.  Though, just scroll up if you really want to know.  Anyways, we find out that Midnight is the one who accepts the challenge, like I said back there, interesting because she first issued the challenge right after beating Midnight.  So how will that pan out?  Well, you'll have to wait til my Last Stand Blog. Smile

-Sasha Banks VS Eve Torres-

Kind of sad how Eve's demoloshing has been our opening match for the past couple of Ladies' Night.  Not saying one or the other about Eve's abilities, but shouldn't the opening match be a bit more, I dunno, pazaa or something?  This match was just a rutheless and fast beat down, ending with a Camel Clutch submission.

Well, Now it was time for the trio of matches between the Team Grace members and Team Kristy members.  Me and Mizore were watching at the ready, We had a feeling something would happen, and sure enough, As Anya went down for her match she was ambushed by Michelle and Josie Wales.  We got down there, but sadly the damage had been done.

- VS -

Very quick match as Raven hits Anya Makarov with her finisher then got the 3 count.

So Raven gets out fast as me and Mizore checked on Anya.  We got her out of the ring as it was now time for my match.

- VS -

Another one that didn't last long.  Michelle trying to taught me and putting her hand in my face like that.  Oh I wanted to bite it.  But I did the next best thing as Michelle gets distracted by Mizore... I rolled her up and got the 3 count.

Then McCool, being the sore loser that she is, starts beating on me.  And that turned into a brawl between the 6 of us.  Brooke finally comes down to stop it.  Ordered everyone to stay back stage for the next fight.  I agree that there shouldn't of been brawling.  Anyways, I made sure that Mizore was ok before I left though.  I figured she'd be fine, but hey doesn't hurt to check right?

- VS -

So I watched this match from the back.  I was rooting for Mizore but I did know who she'd have to face after winning this.  Since this was a Diva's #1 contenders Match.  And incase you're confused, Abby's challenge was to who would face Syd at Wrestle Mania.  Though, I remember thinking at one point, that if Mizore became Diva's champ, how'd that fit in her little plan?

Anyways, this match was over fast as Mizore got Josie to tap out.

Afterwards, Syd herself showed up with some intemidation, but Mizore wouldn't have any of it as she just taunts her right back.  Syd leaves and Mizore soon heads back as well.

- VS -

Next up, Calista was getting her... uh, how many shots has she had at the Televixen?  Well I know this is her second shot right?  Because didn't she lose to Hollie at AVX?  I wonder when my next shot is.  Awe well, maybe after I see about Ladies' Choise.

So things get going nicely, but then it looked like Summer was going to just leave the match.  That coward.  But Calista managed to get her back in and which was surprising to alot of people, she actually managed to win the match.

But her celebration was short lived as Lita attacks her.  Commentary said it was most likely to do with her promised rematch.  but I don't know why she'd need to have her attack her.

- VS -

Next up, the Fugate's took on Mr. E's Elite.  Not a bad match as both groups were doing rather well.  But it was really what happened after the match that more got my attention.

For apprently, Smolderdash was a sore loser as she shot a fireball at Sunshine.  How she did it exactly? I don't know... maybe it was a special suit.  Either way, that didn't go to well for sunshine's... was it boyfriend still or fiance?... Well didn't go so well with Dustin as he came down and put a beat down on Smolderdash.  I haven't seen her since so maybe she's out on injury or something.  But serves her right for doing that.

- VS -

Next up was another standard match.  It was ok, but I was sad that Jessie didn't really do any of those magic tricks from the first time.  I wasn't sure why but in the end Mickie was the winner.  Guess she should of stayed with the tricks.

- VS -

The next match began with some offense with Baby Doll as she had the advantage. Lita managed to turn it around for a bit but Baby Doll got it back.  But only momentaerily as she countered a spinebuster with a DDT. One Moon Sault later, Lita got the pinfall.

Mizore and Kelsi had a chat, those cameras really are everywhere.  But, well it was more Kelsi letting Mizore know to watch closly with her match with Syd.

- VS -

And what a match it was.  I'm telling you, it was crazy back and forth.  I had no idea who was going to win.  But finally, after a very fast KSTFO, Kelsi got the pin and took down the Diva's champion.

I was so excited, and Mizore did too as she went to congradulate Kelsi.  Great ending to the show too.

Speaking of endings, that ends this blog.  So no predictions this time either, since I allready know who won at Last Stand.

-Stealth Elf Out-

(Sorry for any problems with the pictures.)
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