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Elven Decoy

on Fri Apr 13, 2018 4:02 am
Original Link:

(Note: No actual label on which LN it was but I assume it was the very next one)

 Finally, I've got some time to work on this.  I've just had so much going on.  Mostly training.  Anyways, without further ado, let's get this show on the road.

So Ladies' Night kicks off with the new theme while the firework display kicks off.  Kelly and Stephanie open the show but a little argueing.  Finally the first match starts, but Michelle McCool decieded to attack Miss Torres before she even got to the ring.  But she gets her into the ring so atleast it becomes a match and not just a beat down.

Did I say match?  Well, it was only 2 moves long which results in Eve tapping out.  Though she almost lost the win for not letting go of the submission.

So the scene cuts to the back to see Miss McGuire on the phone, but she's rudely interupted by the Bella Twins.  Really, people, is it that hard to knock?  So the Bella's are mad about not getting a Diva Tag Title match... Why do they think they deserve it?  Not like they're really done much to deserve it... and there was that whore word again.  Maybe I'll look it up one of these days.  Anywyas, Miss McGuire also didn't think the Bella's deserved the match but then books them a match for Anniversary X.  But Surprised Brook's going to be in action?  I can't wait to see it Smile.

Well, then things get started with Raven's second match.  I was actually interested in this match, because I couldn't wait to see Raven loose.  Though, I saw her bring that little girl to the ring.  I'm still a little confused about who that is... but I feel really sorry for her.   Anyways, soon, the Diva Tag Champions came out.  Which made for the second reason why I was watching the match.  After all, once me and Mizore earn our chance at those titles, those two may still be champions.

The match started with Raven and Mickie.  Yet some kind of headache from Mickie and Raven takes advantage.  Mickie really should get some asprain for those headache's.  Or even get it checked out.  Either way, the match continues as the two of them go back and forth.  Though, looked like Mikie was about to start isolating Raven with quick tags, but Raven yells at Trish.  Not to nice.  But it only has Raven counter and gain some momentum.

But Mickie James finally tags in Trish.  Guess she finally realized she could use Trish's help.  But things start looking bad for Raven after that, as they begin to isolate her.   Finally it looked they were going to put Raven away when... Mickie goes for a Lou Thez press?  I guess, she didn't think Raven was done.  But Raven began to counter back as a Ninja Strike later, Raven locks Mickie into her Thief in the Night.  You bet I was hoping Mickie didn't tap.  I didn't want Raven to win.

Thankfully, it didn't end that way, but Mickie gets Trish in who gets some momentum only to get her move countered.  You'd best believe I was at the edge of my seat.  She locks Trish in the Thief in the Night.  It was looking bad for Trish.  Come on Trish!!...  then the scream came.  Mickie was trying to advance on the little girl.  I couldn't believe Mickie was stooping to that low.  Good thing Mrs. Jensen was there, else who knows what all could of happened.  yeah I know Raven did that knife throwing thing... but still.

Well, things kinda get out of hand as Mickie goes to attack Raven.  Almost got her team disqualified.  But Trish got her out.  And it wasn't long after that that the match was over thanks to Trish.

After that match and I saw Kristy head back stage I went to go find her.  Ofcourse, took me awhile to find her, since apprently she went to go talk with Raven aboud that little girl.  But I didn't know that so it took me awhile to find her.  I even missed out on seeing few bits of the show, but I got to check it out

This match started off with Abby taking control of Midnight. But that changes as Midnight counters Abby's Overdose.  2 count later, Midnight sends Abby to the corner but a handstand into a head scissor takedown.  Abby goes for Relapse again but Midnight gets free then hits Stroke of Midnight.  But once again Abby kicks out.  Midnight tries to do more damage but Abby gets her in the addiction which Midnight tapped out.

ofcourse, I was still in the back looking for Kristy.   But the camera's was showing McCool talking with Mr. Heyman.  I didn't care to much about it so I was barely paying attention.  Once Mr. Heyman mentioned going to the bathroom, I just hit fastforward.  

I had finally, found Kristy and we chatted for a bit before we started watching the next match.  I was routing for Hollie, after all she's one of Mizore's friends.

This was a pretty good match as Miss Winder and Lita go back and forth for most of the match.  Hollie debuted her new move, but I was curious as why she called it that Adler Drop.  Does an Adler have to do with rock and roll?  Either way things continue on as Hollie's new move didn't seal the deal for her.  Yet things ended badly as Holliw hits Lita with the Drum Solo outside the ring, but manged to hit her head in the process.  Which resulted in count out.  The draw was bad, but hey atleast she kept the title.  Though shame it was like that.

So the camera's shown backstage as Mizore was having a conversation with AJ Lee... and boy was Mizore right... those camera's are everywhere o.O  Anyways, this friendly conversation went south but Miss McGuire, or Mizore's furture step mom, came to stop the fighting by giving them a match on Chaos.  Mr. Chaos shows up and shows he doesn't like Miss McGuire booking matches for his show, but grants the match only by making it a Mixed Tag match.  Though it bugs me I haven't been able to watch it, but Mizore's said she won it. (spoiler alert Wink )  But as people started walking off, Mr. Chaos tried to hit on her again.  UGH, Why am I never around when he tries that?  I'd show him that he needs to stop doing that.  I don't care if he's the General Manager of Chaos.  But KC was there to step in.... Still wish I'd of been there instead.

Moving on, we see back to Miss McGuire's office where someone actually knocks on the door.  See that?  That's the right way to enter her office.  Anyways, we find it's Midnight and she's asking for another chance at Abby Addiction, which Miss McGuire gives it to her for AVX.

Ofcourse, it was at this time that I finally headed back to my locker room.  After all, only 1 more match til Frost Elfs had their official debut.  ... So I arrived and... found my diary was missing.  I was panicking really really bad.  Though, I'm going to try not to think about it to much.  because I searched everywhere in that locker room but still nothing... I had to find it... and I still need to find it... but Kristy said I need to calm down.  My Diary won't get found any sooner with me being so frantic about finding it.  So let's move on to the next match.  Because I need to stop thinking about it. But please if anyone found it, return it to me.

I was a little impressed about how Calista managed to actually get some momentum going for her a few times in this match.  I thought that perhaps my prediction would come true.  But a few Vivious Driver's later, Syd pined Miss Leon for the 3 count.

Well, the camera's cut backstage again and I was still looking for my diary.  Yes I know, I used the paper to say what I did.  I'm trying.  Anyways, after the camera left I went back to trying to find my diary.

And yes I saw what you said Stephanie... And I didn't leave it laying around.  I had it IN MY BAG!... though, I.. I think the bag was unzipped... maybe it fell out or...  *sigh* sorry rambling again.   Anyways, Mizore came to get me for our match and I'll admit I was in a terrible state for it.  And I'll admit I was just going through the motions... But... I'm sorry Mizore... it was my fault...  Wait, I'm getting ahead of myself.

So yeah, my mind was not in the right place as I let myself get isolated by the BFFs.  Almost lost a few times too.  But I finally, manged to pull myself together enough to get Mizore in the match.  We started are own isolation.  Soon, it was just me and Sasha in the ring... UGH I didn't I see that Tag!... I know Mizore went to keep Audrey from getting involved... I should of seen that tag... So I was caught off guard, again.  I've been learning ninjitsu but why do I keep on letting these things happen to me?...  But don't worry, I'm working on getting better.  That's why I've been increasing my training.

Anyways, after the match, the fans were applauding me and Mizore dispite we lost.  I wasn't in the best of moods at the time So I was just going through the motions.  But still, thanks to all you guys on that night.

*Sigh* but Syd had to come out and make the show about her.  Really, if she hates the Diva brand why don't she just leave for Chaos?  Not like anyone would miss her.  We are better off without her.  But there she was, complaining that everyone on the roster wasn't up to par with her.  Even mocking me and a few others.   Though, she said something about Things not being the same after AVX... not sure what she means.  Unless she means she'll finally be leaving Ladies' Night.  Then I say the sooner the better.

But I should stop.... but that's it for Ladies' Night.  Before I get to predictions.  Want to repeat my plea earlier.  If anyone has found my Diary.  Please, return it to me.  My name's right there on the front so no need to look inside it.

Now for Predictions

-Stealthy Predictions-

Last predictions outcome: 2-3

All outcome: 7-5

Sad Not the best week.

Next weeks

[size=100] Midnight asked for this match, and I wanna see her get the win she wants.

I've been preparing since I got back from Ladies's Night for this match.  But like what Mizore said, we will not get a loosing streak.
My Match

[size=90]--LEGENDS BATTLE ROYAL--[/size]
I'm torn because Even I don't know who'd win this match.  Seen some people on Twitter say they're coming back for it.  So who knows.  But just to say something.  I'll go with Mizore.

Hollie had that match against Lita won... if not for the slight problem of hitting her head.  So going with the champ there.

I'm sorry but I know D-Dawg's gained alot of muscle in the last few weeks.  But with how he's been faring lately?  I don't think he'll win.  Going with Eli actually, after all unlike Orton, Eli's had atleast one match with D-Dawg since.  So I heard he didn't win, but it does give Eli some first hand scouting.

The Bella's won't be leaving this match the winners.  If they did I'd be hugely surprised.  So Mizore's furture step-mom and her partner will get the job done.

I'm honestly not sure who to pick here.  After all Royalty(as they're called now) are very good and they've beaten the former champs before.  Yet It's still possible that Son's of Liberty make a come back.  So... I'll just go with the current champs.

Lots of names in here.  But from what I said, Kelsi Parr Really wants it more.  So going with her.

Simple, I want Raven to loose her championship since she cost me winning the Televixen title.

Don't know much about either of these too.  Yes I know DX is very well know.  So I'll go with them.

I can see Punk coming back to take back that title.  Besides, he beat the guy who beat him... and beat him before too.  

Syd's Vicious.  And Mickie's keep on getting migrains.  So Syd has this.  Plus, maybe it'll get Syd to leave the Diva's division sooner.

WT's got some issues with Dutch.  Plus it's Mizore's Dad.  So ofcourse I want him to win.

Well that's it for this edition Whisper Elfs.  Until next time.

[size=100]-Stealth Elf Out-[/size]

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Re: Elven Decoy

on Fri Apr 13, 2018 4:03 am
(Note: Yeah, I didn't write this... but it was left on the thread so sure I'll add it here)

Syd Vicious left a comment on the EWE post of the Elven Decoy:

"First of all what kind of name is the Elven Decoy? How many of these things do I have to read to know what happened on the show I wrestled on? Are you just going to keep copying Mizore, or what? Second of all, I barely got through it because of all the grammar mistakes. Do our editors at EWE.COM just let people get on here and write on their second grade education level? Third of all, why would I leave the diva's division when I'm the only one keeping it from being a laughing stock? How about this you illogical, green skinned, illiterate, midget, freak, meet me next Ladies Night and shut me up instead of hiding behind a keyboard."
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