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Kristy Vs Beth Phoenix Empty Kristy Vs Beth Phoenix

on Sun Mar 25, 2018 6:19 pm
Kristy Vs Beth Phoenix Kristyssig2

*The scene opens to a padded cell. Inside we see a lone occupant. The occupant was wearing a strait jacket while facing the opposite wall. The occupant was sitting on the floor. As the camera got closer the occupant turns her head to look at the camera revealing that it's Kristy Jensen.*

Kristy: Why Hello there. *Kristy said with a sadistic grin.* I didn't expect company for a while.

*Kristy leans back as she turns around using a swinging motion.*

Kristy: I know why your here. You're here because of what happened last night Right? Well, I've been a naughty girl, a very naughty girl.

*Her grin widens*

Kristy: You see I was so mad last night after my loss that I went hunting. Turns out people don't like it when you attack people in dance clubs till they bleed. So they decided to give me my own little room.

*She indicates around the room with her head.*

Kristy: Isn't it wonderful? Nice and comfy. They even gave me this wondrous jacket as a house warming gift.

*Kristy moves her head as she flips a part of her hair to the back.*

Kristy: but anyways, I was thinking of doing a little redecorating. I nice red color here.

*She indicated a spot with her head.*

Kristy: And some over here.*

*She indicated another spot.*

Kristy: Oh, come to think about it. I think it'll look wondrous to see a nice red splattered everywhere. Give it a nice red and white tie-die look.

*Kristy gave a small laugh.*

Kristy: It's going to look amazing. But you know it might look even better using some phoenix blood.

*Kristy grins.*

Kristy: Oh, yes. Phoenixís have amazing abilities, or so I've heard. But I'm sure it'll add a little glamor to my little room, eh, Glamazon?

*Kristy licks her top lip.*

Kristy: Now I wonder what Royal Blood tastes like? I should be finding that out here soon, unless that Queens of wrestling title is nothing but show. It'll be very disappointing to find out your majestic-ness is nothing but your own ego.

*Kristy shrugs.*

Kristy: Anyways, Ms. Phoenix, despite your name your nothing but another tweety bird to me and I'm just the Tiger lurking in the shadows ready to pounce on its next meal.

*Kristy licks her lips again.*

Kristy: Of course, I already know what youíre thinking. I'm all talk and no game. You believe youíre some Goddess and you'll make short work of me. But no, Iím going to be the one who makes you bleed. I'm going to bleed you dry. I'm not just another insane chick, nor am I just Jensen's wife. On the contrary, Iím a predator stalking its next meal. I'm still a little peeved about losing out on my last meal with Ms. Fashion Queen and my light snack before coming to this luxurious hotel was not nearly good enough to quench my hunger. So go ahead. Call me insane, call me Mrs. Jensen, call me a complete nobody for I am only one thing, hungry and your Phoenix blood is what will satisfy my craving.

*Kristy then grinned psychotically as the camera zooms out as it fades.*

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Kristy Vs Beth Phoenix Empty Re: Kristy Vs Beth Phoenix

on Sun Mar 25, 2018 6:20 pm
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