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Kristy Vs Jaylina Jobber Empty Kristy Vs Jaylina Jobber

on Sun Mar 25, 2018 6:03 pm
Kristy vs Jaylina Jobber

Note: Jaylina Jobber is Jay Jobber in a girls outfit. (AKA Jay and Jaylina are the same person.)

*The scene opens to some time after Kristy's last match. The scene opens to her locker room. Just then the door opens as we see kristy coming in. She seems ok, as she shuts the door behind her. Afterwords, she walks over to a chair then collaps into it. The match she had just had was not what she needed, as all through out the match she kept on getting flashes of her horrible expirence before wrestlemania. She did manage to pull out the win but only barely. She wasn't allright.*

Voice: Hello Kristy. I want to play a game.

*Kristy spun around as she heard the sound of the saw puppet. But no one was behind her. Was she really loosing it?

Saw Puppet voice: Now you're probally wondering where you are right now.

*Kristy once again looked around the room. Where was the voice coming from. Yet, Kristy also knew that it was exactly the same words that the saw puppet used when she saw him the first time.*

Saw Puppet: But that doesn't matter right now. Right now you should be more concerned about the device strapped to your head.


*Suddenly, Kristy could see the device now on her head. She could feel the pressure of the device clamped around her head.*
Saw Puppet: you will have 1 minute to remove it or it will kill you.

*Kristy screamed as now she saw herself back in the same place. She couldn't handle it as she collapsed onto the floor shutting her eyes as She heard the Saw puppet continue to speak.*

*Outside, a passing eWe crewmen heard the sounds of Kristy's scream. He ran to the door. He got there and knocked.*

eWe Crewman: Mrs. Jensen, is everything allright in there?

*He was met with another horrified scream. The crewman then tried the door knob which was unlocked. He opened it carefully as he knew he wasn't surposed to go into a Diva's locker room without permission. He then peeked inside to see Kristy on the floor on her knees, hands over her head. The eWe crewman walked over to her.*

eWe Crewman: Mrs. Jensen? Are you ok?

Kristy: *silently and terrified.* make it stop, Just make it stop.

*The creman looked around but didn't see anything.*

eWe Crewman: Make what stop?

*Kristy was rocking back and forth.*

eWe Crewman: I'll fetch the doctors.

*The crewman left to get a doctor. As Kristy continued stay there in her posistion.*


off camera

*Sometime later, Kristy wakes up in a hospital bed. There in the room was Michael Jensen along with a doctor. Jensen stroked Kristy's cheek.*

Krity: What's going on?

Doctor: You've just had a psychotic break down. Well, that was a few days ago actually.

Kristy: A few days?

Doctor: Four to be exact. It's Wednessday.

*Kristy sat up in bed as she held Jensen's arm.*

Kristy: What's wrong with me?

Doctor: Post dramatic stress.

Kristy: But why would I have a Break down now? it's been like 3 weeks.

*The Doctor examed kristy's chart.*

Doctor: I believe it's got to do with you're fight. You're excelerated mind courced adrenerline into your system. And that I beleive caused you mind to remember what happened last time.

Kristy: Then why didn't it happen after my WrestleMania match?

*The doctor shrugged.*

Doctor: I'm not sure. But I do advise keeping stress down. For I also believe stress and adrenerline is the cause of what happened.

Jensen: right. Ok kristy, I'm putting you on leave of absent til you're better.

*Kristy nodded.*

*The scene then fades.*


*The scene opens to Michael Jensen's office. There we see Jensen sitting in his chair. Facing a cameraman.*

Jensen: Now, I'm here to address the concerns and rumors of what happened to Kristy last Ladies' Night. Kristy was taken to the hospital and it seems that she's fine. She's physically fit to compete and I've allready given her a match for next Laides' Night against, Jaylena Jobber. That is all.

*The scene cuts.*

Voice: Kristy...

*Kristy begins to stir.*

Voice: Oh, Kristy.

*Kristy slowly opens her eyes. But after she sees what's going on her eyes widen. She was strapped to an up right table. Her table was one of a large ring of similer upright tables. Each table had someone strapped to it, but kristy could see who they were for they had a sheet covering them. She then saw in the middle of the room. It was Green Arrow. He had his hood up like usual.*

Green Arrow: Good you're awake.

*Kristy's anger flared as she tried to brake out of her restraints using her cybernetic abilities but her strength wouldn't activate.*

Green Arrow: I'm afriad that's not going to work.

Kristy: What do you want?!

*Kristy's anger was high but it was only a cover as her fear was rising.*

Green Arrow: Not so much as what I want. But what my employer wants.

Kristy: employer?

*Suddenly, a voice sounded. As it did Kristy's fear increased all the more as she recignised it.*

Saw Puppet Voice: Hello Kristy, I want to play a game.

Kristy: Y-You! Wh-what do you want?

*Kristy looked around to see where the voice was coming from. But she realized it was through a set of speakers.*

saw Puppet Voice: My game is simple. You are have another match this Ladies' Night and you aren't prepared.

Kristy: Wh-What are you talking about? Jensen put me on leave of absent.

Saw Puppet Voice: No, he didn't.

*Green Arrow took out an Ipad. He then showed it to Kristy. On it was Jensen in his office.*

Jensen: Now, I'm here to address the concerns and rumors of what happened to Kristy last Ladies' Night.

*Kristy watched the video of Jensen adressing eWe about Kristy. Astonished.*

Kristy: that's not....

*Green Arrow then opened up the internet on the Ipad as he browsed to show the next Ladies Night Card. And there was Kristy Jensen vs Jaylena Jobber.*

Kristy: But.... Jensen wouldn't... He loves me....

Saw Puppet Voice: then why had he been lying to you?

*Kristy looked upwards. tears begining to form.*

Kristy: What?

Saw Puppet Voice: He was the one who told the board that you were fit to compete during WrestleMania. He doesn't care for you.

Kristy: That's not...

Saw Puppet Voice: Oh but it's true, why do you think he put you up against a Superstar.

Kristy: Huh?

Saw Puppet Voice: Jaylina Jobber is Jay Jobber after all.

Kristy: ... well, I knew that....

Saw Puppet Voice: Oh but it's only a first step. He wants you to pay. After all you messed up his plans for the XD 001 project.

Kristy: ... Then why'd he not do anything sooner?

Saw Puppet Voice: He wanted an aire. Now that you've given him two, he doesn't need you any more. Besides, he just needed you to rejoin eWe. but you weren't there long enough to do anything, plus with his company problems he didn't have time to do it.

Kristy: I....

*Kristy's tears continued to flow. Was what this guy said true? ... but it wasn't possible. How could it?

Saw Puppet Voice: You're not ready to face Jaylena. You need a blood thirsty edge. So now for the game.

*Green Arrow then left.*

Saw Puppet Voice: You must kill the others here. Live or Die!

*Suddenly, the restrainsts open and the people around fall to the floor. The other took their sheets off their heads then in unison they advance on Kristy. Kristy backed to a corner terrified as she saw the blood lust in their eyes.

Saw Puppet Voice: Go ahead, Kristy. Kill, Kill and survive.

*Kristy didn't know what she should do. Then the others tackled her to the ground. The punched and kicked. One of them even bit her. then something snapped in Kristy as she threw the others off of her. She climbed to her feet and attacked the others. There wasn't much of a fight as one by one the others fell at the hands of Kristy. Soon, kristy snapped the neck of the last one. Then stood over the others her breathing heavy.*

Saw Puppet VOice: Good. Now show Jaylina what you're made of.

*Kristy saw as a door opend behind her. A light shown through it. Kristy then left. The door closed behing her and all that could be heard was the sound of a cold and caculating laughter.*

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Kristy Vs Jaylina Jobber Empty Re: Kristy Vs Jaylina Jobber

on Sun Mar 25, 2018 6:04 pm
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