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Kristy Vs Brooklyn Glamorous Vs Beth Phoenix Vs Michelle McCoole Vs Shaul Guerrero Championship Scramble Match Empty Kristy Vs Brooklyn Glamorous Vs Beth Phoenix Vs Michelle McCoole Vs Shaul Guerrero Championship Scramble Match

on Sun Mar 25, 2018 5:58 pm
Kristy Vs Brooklyn Glamorous Vs Beth Phoenix Vs Michelle McCoole Vs Shaul Guerrero Championship Scramble Match WM8-TVScramble

RP Link: http://z6.invisionfree.com/eweefed2k10/index.php?showtopic=3405

Show: WrestleMania 8 [4/22/2012]

Results Link: http://ewe-wrestling.net63.net/WrestleMania8/

Kristy vs Brooklyn Glamorous vs Beth Phoenix vs Michelle McCool vs new champion Shaul Guerrero (daughter of WWE Legend Eddie Guerrero)

*The scene opens to the Jensen Manor where we see Kristy Jensen in her home office sitting behind her desk. She then opens up a video chat with interviewer Trixy.*

Trixy: Hey Kristy thanks for agreeing to help test out Video chat interviewing.

Kristy: No probelm.

Trixy: Ok, I guess the first question is about your husband, Michael Jensen. So tell us did you know of his return?

Kristy: Yeah actually, it's been in the works for a while.

Trixy: So does this mean that you'll have more time to focus on your eWe career?

Kristy: Yeah...

Trixy: That's cool... Anyways so you got a match at Wrestle Mania, how's that feel?

Kristy: pretty good, I...

Trixy: *Inturpting agian* Now this match you're going up against 4 other oppoenents. Do you think you've got what it takes to win it?

Kristy: Well, yeah. Ofcourse, Am I the only one in this match not at some time wrestle for WWE?

Trixy: I'm not sure that Shaul Guerrero or Brooklyn Glamorous was in WWE.

Kristy: Shaul's related to a WWE Legend... and Brooklyn.... I don't know maybe she's some how conneted to Cryme Tyme and their 'Brooklyn, Brooklyn' song and The Glamazon.

Trixy: Which is Beth Pheonix.

Kristy: Oh.... Well, whatever.

Trixy: Now this match is for the TeleVixen championship. Do you think you have what it takes to defend it every single ladies' Night. I mean you're not going to get any kind of break with it... it's every night.

Kristy: Well, if I win it and if I need a break I'll just not show for my match... Championship advantage.

Trixy: Right... What if it's a no Count-out match?

Kristy: Then I'll get disqualified.

Trixy: What if it's a no disqualification and no count out match?

Kristy: You're bound determined that I'm going to have to defend the title, aren't you?

Trixy: (Smiles) Ofcourse.

*Kristy looks at Trixy. She was acting a bit unusual.*

Kristy: You ok Trixy?

*Trixy puts on a smile but Kristy could tell it wasn't genuine.*

Trixy: I'm fine.

*Kristy rose an eyebrow.*

Trixy: Ummm... How about we continue with the interview?

*Kristy crossed her arms. Trixy wasn't telling her something, She just wasn't sure what. Trixy glanced down at a notebook she had.*

Trixy: ...lets see... Oh, I know, what do you think about your opponents?

*Kristy just gave a sigh. She wasn't going to tell her.*

Kristy: have it your way...

*Kristy thought it over for a second.*

Kristy: I believe they'll put up a good fight. After all this is for a championship...

Trixy: *Interupting* The lowest title on Ladies Night.

Kristy: So, a titles a title. If you told my opponents that it's the lowest title you'll probally get the same results. After all a title shows that you're a somebody.

Trixy: Right, But you know one of the biggest things is that most people are going to say that you don't deserve this title shot. You're current record holds at 5:5 and ofcourse the majority of your losses would of been key matches to further your carreer. As in one loss was in King of Extreme while some of the others were championship or #1 contenders matches.

Kristy: *Kristy smiles.* You say that to them and they'll just say they wouldn't know of those losses. I mean when I first started none of my opponents were here in eWe, so unless they do their homework on me they won't know about any of that. As of right now their probally talk more about me being a mother or the fact that I'm a surposed nobody, which in a way are both true.

Trixy: So you're allready counting this match as a loss?

Kristy: I didn't say that... I'm just saying that's the most they'll say about it. Probally say that I don't deserve to be in the match since, in their eyes, haven't earned it. That or they'll say I'm in it because of my husband being the eWe chairman.

Trixy: Ok...*Trixy's eyes drifted to the side. Kristy took notice of this.*

Kristy: You sure you're ok Trixy?

Trixy: I,... uh, you haven't seen Leo have you?

Kristy: Not recently no...

Trixy: Ok, because I haven't seen him since his last match and he hasn't scheduled an interview with me for the open invite match.

Kristy: Don't worry Trixy, I'm sure he's fine.

Trixy: I know... but he was so obsessed with winning that money in the bank qualifier, then for him to loose.... I just hope that he's not going to do something he regrets.

*The two sat in silence for a second. Then the sound of a crash and glass breaking coming from outside made Kristy look up.*

Kristy: Huh?

*Kristy looks back to Trixy.*

Kristy: I'll be right back.

*Kristy got up and left the room. Trixy waited. Suddenly, the sound of a startled yelp was heard followed by a thud.*

Trixy: Kristy?! Kristy What happened?

*The scene fades.*

*The scene opens a bit blurry at first as we see through the eyes of Kristy. Kristy looked around the room as she found herself in a dark room. The room looked to be that of an old cabin. She was cuffed to a chair. A memory surfaced as she remembered a time similer to this. She moved her head expeirmentally to see if she had something around her neck. There wasn't anything there but she came to notice something was fitted around her head. She wasn't competley sure of the shape but that it was circular. Suddenly, not far in front of her a small TV turned on. On the screne showed a doll that looked like the doll puppet from Saw. Kristy raised an eyebrow at that.*

Saw Puppet: Hello Kristy. I want to play a game.

*Not only did Kristy recignise the phrase from the movie, but so was the voice.*

Saw Puppet: Now you're probally wondering where you are right now. Well, right now you are in a cabin in the middle of the woods. But that doesn't matter right now. Right now you should be more concerned about the device strapped to your head.

*The TV then showed a picture of a metal device attached to a manican head.*

Saw Puppet: Now after this ends you will have 1 minute to remove it or it will kill you.

*Kristy wasn't as alarmed by that but she was more focusing on seeing who was doing this.*

Saw Puppet: Before you think that you're cybornetic abilities will save you. Remember this, I wrote the original designs for the XD project.

*This got Kristy's attention. She knew now who was behind this. Dr. Warlin.*

Saw Puppet: Now to remove the device, you need to turn the nobs on the device at the same time. In order to do that you need to find the key to your cuffs. Don't try using you're abilities for doing so will activate the device.

*Kristy then began to look around the room. Where would he hide it?*

Saw Puppet: So the question is... where is the key? For that let me direct you behind you.

*Kristy turned the best she could to look behind her. To her surprise she saw a strange machine that kind of resembled a vending machine, with a Glass panel in front to let you see inside of it. A small round hole was at the bottom as to where you'd collect the item you selected. There was also what looked to be a single button with a display above it. However, there was something else that caught kristy's eye. For inside the Machine was Leo. He was strapped down and gaged, he was ofcourse awake.*

Saw Puppet: Now it's pretty simple... The key to your cuffs is inside Leo and there's only one way to get it out. Now that device he's in is an incinerator, with the push of that button it'll activate the incenirator and burn Leo in no time at all which ofcourse would allow the key to drop into that area for you to get and open your cuff.

*Kristy wipped back towards the TV. He wanted her to kill Leo?*

Saw Puppet: Before you go thinking of allowing yourself to be killed to save Leo take another look at him.

*Kristy turned back to look at Leo.*

Saw Puppet: This man is some one you hate. He's self centered and only cares for himself. He doesn't care about you, or even you're friend Blitz. He's not the same guy he once was. He's never really even been that guy. Think about that...

*Kristy staired at Leo.*

Saw Puppet: You know of his hatred towards Dutch Clark but there's one more he dispises even more than Dutch. And that's you're husband. So if you think that after he gets his revenge on Dutch do you think he'll stop there? Wrong. He'll go after your husband next and don't think he'll stop at just trying to ruin his company. No Leo won't rest til he pays back Jensen for every thing he did to him.

*The words of the Saw Puppet were starting to take effect on Kristy. She was getting angerier and angerier.*

Saw Puppet: If that's not enough think of your children. If you let Leo live you'll be taking away your children's mother and possibly their father. Do you really want that?

*Kristy's eyes narrowed. She wasn't about to let that happen.*

Saw Puppet: Yes, doen't it just burn you up inside, knowing that this man will be the cause of your children becoming parentless? Now go, and show him what that feels like. You have 2 minutes.

*The television screen shut off and Kristy would of noticed the display above the button light up to show the timer, but Kristy's rage didn't let her. So Kristy stood up and hobbled over to the incernerator. as soon as she did she looked into the eyes of Leo. Her hatred didn't even faulter as she saw the look of pure terror in Leo's eyes. Kristy then pressed the button.*

*Flames erupted within the machine around Leo as they began to burn him. The gage was then burt so that it came off his mouth and Kristy could hear Leo's screech of pain. That snapped kristy out of her rage state has she realized what she just did. She watched in horror as she saw Leo being burnt alive. She quickly pressed the button on the machine again but to no effect has the fire kept up. So she just watched, competley horrified. Finally, something small fell out of what was left of Leo's mid section and into the slot. Kristy was still stunned. She stalled for a second but with out realizing it she picked out the key. Feeling the hot key woke kristy from her stunnedness has she quickly unlocked arms from the cuffs. She then reached to the back of her head and found the two nobs and twisted them simutaneously. With that the sound of metallic clamps releashing was heard and Kristy took off the device and threw it to the floor. She then feel to her knees and began to cry at what she just did.*

*The TV crackled to life again.*

Saw Puppet: Congradulations, Mrs. Jensen. Looks like there's a bit of Michael Jensen in you after all.

*Kristy stayed in her posistion still stunned and upset of what she did.*

*The door to the cabin opened. Kristy looked at it for a few seconds then got up. She then walked through it.*

end part 1
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Kristy Vs Brooklyn Glamorous Vs Beth Phoenix Vs Michelle McCoole Vs Shaul Guerrero Championship Scramble Match Empty Re: Kristy Vs Brooklyn Glamorous Vs Beth Phoenix Vs Michelle McCoole Vs Shaul Guerrero Championship Scramble Match

on Sun Mar 25, 2018 5:59 pm
Kristy vs Brooklyn Glamorous vs Beth Phoenix vs Michelle McCool vs new champion Shaul Guerrero (daughter of WWE Legend Eddie Guerrero) part 2

*The scene opens as kristy steps out of the cabin. but instead of being outside, she finds herself in a hallway from what could be an office building. But the walls, floor, cieling, and even the doors were all white. Kristy was confused. Was she not just in a cabin before? Kristy looked both ways and saw that the hallway was pretty long. She wasn't sure which way to go so she just went left. As she went she noticed that none of the doors had any kind of labeling. However, given the situation, she did not want to find out. After awhile of walking Kristy found herself at the end of the hallway. But this hallway branced off into another hallway to her left. However, on the wall in front of her was a door. This one had a simple sign. "In here". Kristy wasn't sure if she wanted to look in there. Instead she grabbed ahold of the sign that was on a string and turned it over. she was surprised to see it was a black except for a white B in the center. Kristy recignised it as Blitz's symbol. Was he in there? Kristy let go of the sign has she cautiously opened the door. She peeked in to see that it was well lit. in the middle of the room were 4 figures on the floor. They seemed to have there feet bound with their hands behind them. They also each were gaged and wearing a blind fold. Kristy looked at them. One was ofcourse, Blitz, Another looked to be Trixy from eWe, the other two Kristy couldn't tell has they were facing the other way but Kristy noticed one had a bald head. So Kristy opened the door wider and went into the room. She wasn't taking a chance of the door some how locking behind her as she left it opened. The four in the room looked towards kristy has she entered. They couldn't see who it was nor could they say anything. Kristy walked over to confirm her suspecsions. One of them was her husband Michael Jensen. The other was some one she knew of, a reporter named Hellen Martin.*

*Kristy removed the blind fold from Jensen's face. Has Jensen saw who was in the room he smiled... well the best he could with the gag. Kristy then went to remove the gag as Jensen then smiled fully. Kristy smiled back for a second or two, just glad to see him. Then she set off to free the others. As she removed Blitz's blind fold and gag Blitz gave a smile.*

Blitz: Returning the favor eh?

*He was refering to when Blitz rescued her from Dr. Warlin sometime back. So Kristy went about and untied all of them. After they were all free they began to massage the stiffness from were they had been sore. Kristy however, seemed a little distance. Blitz took notice of this but before he could say anything...*

Hellen: So any idea on who tied us up here?

*Kristy didn't answer, her mind still on what happened to Leo.*

*Blitz looked at Hellen with a look that said, "Can't you see something's upset her." But it was Trixy who asked.*

Trixy: kristy... Is there something the matter?

*Kristy just stood there for a second. Tears begining to form in her eyes. She then spoke a little quietly.*

Kristy: ... Leo...

Hellen: Leo?!? He's behind this? Well that good for nothing...

*But Kristy shook her head.*

Kristy: ...No it's not that.

Trixy: *Soothingly* Then what is it?

*Kristy looked at Trixy as the tears began to well up again.*

Kristy: ...I... He's...

Trixy: He's what?

Kristy: He's... dead.

*The tears began to flow on Kristy as Trixy just stared at her in a stunned silence. Jensen walked over to Kristy and gave her a hug. Kristy leaned into Jensen's embrace as she began to cry softly into his shoulder. Blitz walked over to Trixy.*

Blitz: You ok?

*Blitz saw has Trixy's eyes began to get watery. Blitz then wrapped an arm around her to try and soothe her sorrow. trixy stayed that way until she leaned into Blitz's shoulder tears slowly falling down her face. The four stayed like that for a bit until Trixy spoke up.*

Trixy: Ummm... I know the loss of you're friend is heart breaking but couldn't you do this after we've gotten out of here?

*Blitz glared at Hellen but Trixy pulled away from Blitz.*

Trixy: she's right.

*Kristy also pulled away.*

Kristy: I... I don't know the way out. I was brought here like you guys.

Hellen: *Sarcastically* Oh swell.

Blitz: Don't worry, we'll find a way out.

*The others nodded.*

Blitz: Well lets get started.

*The five of them leave the room and went down the hallway to their right. Eventually, they came across an elevator. They looked and it indicated that they were on the 4th floor, the top floor. Hellen walked up to the elevator and was about to press the button.*

Blitz: You sure it's wise we take the elevator?

Hellen: Do you see another way down?

*Blitz looked around.*

Blitz: No.

Hellen: Then there you go.

*Hellen pushed the elevator button. It wasn't long til the elevator doors opened to see the elevator. They all then went inside as the doors closed behind them. Hellen was just about to press the button to go to the first floor when a speaker crackled to life.*

Voice: Hello Hellen, I want to play a game.

*the voice sounded just like saw puppet earlier. Kristy froze with fear.*

Blitz: Who's that?

Kristy: That's the guy who trapped us here.

Saw Puppet: Now Hellen this game is quite simple. You see the floor buttons? They will glow in a specific sequence. Your job is to simply press them in the order they show. Get it wrong... well let's just say it's a long way down. *The voice chuckles.*

*The others then watch has the buttons begin to light up in a sequence. Hellen watched has the numbers flashed. Finally, they finished.*

Hellen: No problem.

*Hellen began to press the numbers in sequence.*

Blitz: Wait that's a...

*But it was to late has Hellen pressed in the button. A buzzer sound was heard then in a second the area that she stood went as she fell through. The others didn't have time to grab her has she fell. They watched in horror has Hellen fell through the elevator shaft. At the botom were a few rasied spikes. Hellen hit the spikes as they squired her.*

Blitz: Hellen...

*The elevator then began to move down normally. finally coming to a stop at the 3rd floor. The doors then opened and the remaining four got out.*

Blitz: We are not getting back on that thing.

Jensen: *nods* Agreed.

*They all stood there in silence for a moment.*

Trixy: So... now what?

Blitz: We've got to find another way down.

Jesen: *Nods* let's get moving.

*So the four continue on but this floor looked the same as the rest. Soon they circled around the building and at the other way they found another door with a sign. It read "To the next floor.*

Blitz: Well? what do you think?

Jensen: Not much choise.

*Blitz walked over and opened the door. On the other side Blitz could see some stairs.*

Blitz: Looks like a stair case.

*Blitz and Jensen caustiosly went into the stair case."

Blitz: Looks ok...

*Suddenly the door shut behind them Kristy and Trixy went to try and open the door only to get an shock as they quickly releashed it. Then suddenly two walls rose from the floor and spikes came out of them. Blitz and Jensen tried to open the door but were unable to due to the shock.

Voice: hello Trixy... I want to play a game.

*It was the saw puppet's voice again. Trixy braced herself. She was determined to pass.*

Saw Puppet: This game is very simple... Trixy you are to kill Kristy. You can do this by throwing Kristy agianst one of the spiked walls. Act quickly, for the walls won't stay put forever... but before you begin let me tell you of the one who killed Leo. It was Kristy.

*Trixy turned to Kristy. Her sorrow showing through her eyes.*

Trixy: is it true?

*Kristy remained silent. but Trixy could tell by the look on her face that it was true.*

Trixy: You ... Killed him?!?

*Trixy's upset turned into rage.*

Kristy: ...I... He made me do it...

*But that didn't matter to Trixy as she then lauched herself at Kristy knocking her to them both to the ground. Trixy then unloaded punch after punch to Kristy's head. Kristy then managed to push her off of her. Both girls got to their feet. Trixy waisted no time charging at Kristy. This time Kristy was read as she leaned back and used her legs to propelle Trixy over her. Not long a sickening sound was heard. Kristy got up and saw that Trixy had been flung into the wall, the spikes penitrating her flesh. Kristy turned away. She couldn't bare to look. Then the door to the stairs opened as Blitz and Jensen rushed into the area.

Saw Puppet: Congradulations Kristy... You are still alive.

*Blitz and Jensen walked over to Kristy. They saw Trixy on the wall. Kristy looked at Blitz and Jensen. She couldn't say anything. So the trio made their way down the stairs they went all the way to the 1st floor and left the staircase. They once again found themselfs in a hallway similer to the others. They walked on looking for a way out. They came across a door that had Exit spray painted on it. Kristy reached for the door handle but Blitz pushed it down.*

Blitz: Most likely another trap.

*Kristy nodded and they continued on. The hallways were in a square shape thus they eventually found their way back to the stair case.*

Jensen: Seems that door is the only option we have.

Blitz: Right, but we need to be very carefull.

*They walked back to the door. This time Jensen walked up to and placed his hands on the handle. He then opened it but slowly. Suddenly, the door was pushed forcefully the rest of the way open as Jensen was knocked down. There was a figure in the door way. He was large and bulky. The figure then threw what looked to be a kind of spear pinning Jensen's leg to the floor. Jensen yelped with pain. The figure advanced but with a rather large knife in his hands.

Kristy: Michael!

Jensen: Go run!!

Kristy: But...

*The figure advanced on them.*

Jensen: Now!!

*Kristy didn't look as if she was going to but then Blitz grabbed her arm.*

Blitz: You heard the man.

*Blitz pulled kristy put instead kristy rasied her other arm and aimed it at the figure. She then attempted to blast the figure but strangely it wouldn't work. The figure got closer to Jensen.*

Jensen: Run!!

*This time Blitz pulled harder and Kristy was forced to go with him. She turned back in time to see the figure crotching over Jensen then killing him by stabbing him in the neck.*

*The two ran till they were at the other side of the building. Blitz then began to try and open the doors but to no luck.*

Blitz: come on Kristy... Hurry!

*Kristy was still in a stunned daze. everyone she knew was dying.*

Blitz: Kristy!!

*Kristy snapped out of it. She then grabbed the nearest door and tried to open it. No go. She then tried using her bionic stregth to pull it open but strangely it didn't come.*

Kristy: *Through grunts of pulling on the door.* Why... won't... my... powers... work!

*She then stopped then she saw Blitz try a door in the center of the hall. This time it opened.*

Blitz: In here!

*Kristy could here the sound of the figure getting closer. So she ran into the room along with Blitz.*

*When they got in they could see another door on the opposite end. However, it had a window and you could see outside.*

Blitz: We made it.

*Blitz went to the door and grabbed the handle and instantly let go as he recievied a shock.*

Blitz: Stupid shocking doors.

*Blitz looked around to see if there was something there he could use to open the door. Suddenly to the side a TV turned on showing the saw puppet.*

Saw Puppet: Hello YOu two. Welcome to the final game.

*They turned to the tv. What could be the final game?*

Saw Puppet: This game is simple. Now, Kristy do you see that metal cabnent behind you? Inside the top drawer is something I want you to get.

*Kristy walked over to the cabnent and opened the top drawer and she pulled out what was inside. A small hand gun.*

Saw Puppet: The final game is simple. Kristy you are to use that hand gun to kill Blitz. If you do you go free. If not... you don't.

*Kristy turned to Blitz, who looked back at her. The two stood in silence.*

Kristy: ...I.. I can't...

*Just then there was pounding on the door they came from. Blitz looked at Kristy.*

Blitz: Kristy.

*Kristy looked at Blitz.*

Blitz: Do it Kristy. One of us needs to get out of here... and you have something to loose. You still have Julian and Britney.... Me, I've got nothing waiting out there for me.

Kristy: But... Blitz.. I...

*Blitz moved in closer til then he pressed his head against the barrel of the gun.*

Blitz: Go on... do it.

*Kristy couldn't bare to do it... but the pounding on the door continued. Kristy closed her eyes.*

Kristy:...I'm sorry.

*Kristy pulled the trigger. not long Blitz fell to the ground... Dead.*

Saw Puppet: Well, Done Kristy. We'll make a Jensnen out of you yet.

*Kristy stood there silent. The pounding stopped.*

Saw Puppet: Oh and one more thing Kristy.

*Kristy looked up to the screen. tears building.*

Saw Puppet: Good luck on your Wrestle Mania Match.

*And with that the door leading to the outside opened and Kristy left.*

end part 2

OOC: I'm going to do an General RP later to expain a few things.
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Kristy Vs Brooklyn Glamorous Vs Beth Phoenix Vs Michelle McCoole Vs Shaul Guerrero Championship Scramble Match Empty Re: Kristy Vs Brooklyn Glamorous Vs Beth Phoenix Vs Michelle McCoole Vs Shaul Guerrero Championship Scramble Match

on Sun Mar 25, 2018 5:59 pm
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Kristy Vs Brooklyn Glamorous Vs Beth Phoenix Vs Michelle McCoole Vs Shaul Guerrero Championship Scramble Match Empty Re: Kristy Vs Brooklyn Glamorous Vs Beth Phoenix Vs Michelle McCoole Vs Shaul Guerrero Championship Scramble Match

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