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Kristy Vs Amy James Empty Kristy Vs Amy James

on Tue Feb 20, 2018 9:28 am
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RP Link: http://z6.invisionfree.com/eweefed2k10/index.php?showtopic=894

Show: Chaos [8/30/2010]

RolePlay Limit: 1
Maximum RolePlay Length: 3,000 Words

Pacific: Sunday(30th) 10 pm
Mountain: Sunday(30th) 11 pm
Central: Sunday(30th)/Monday(31st) Midnight
Eastern: Monday(31st) 1 am
UK: Monday(31st) 6am

Amy lost to Alicia Q plus was in the 7 diva match thing.

Kristy was lying down on a couch in her apartment thinking of nothing in particular. occasionally her thoughts would drift to her up coming match with Amy James, and she got the sensation that she should be out training, but she just didn't feel like it show she let the thought fade. Suddenly, her phone rang with Jensen's ring tone. Kristy was depating on rather to answer it. but she relucantly gave in and anwsered.

"Hello," Kristy said.

"I didn't think you'd pick up, " Jensen said, "after all we haven't really talked in a few weeks."

"Well, I've been busy, " Kristy lied, "You know with matches and stuff, "

"I don't see how, " Jensen replied, "Seeing is how I book your matches and you haven't had one since we last seen each other. In fact I was beging to think that booking you a match would be the only way you'd talk with me."

"Shouldv'e have know," Kristy said with a smile, "That's why my next match is on Chaos."

"It's the only show I now have authority to really book now, " Jensen replied and Kristy could tell that he was grinning, "But you know we should really talk about what happened that night."

"Well..." Kristy began.

"I'll let you know now that I'm willing to take are relationship to the next level, " Jensen said then added, "If your ok with it."

Kristy thought about it. Did she really want to take his and her relationship to the next level? A small voice inside her told her to do just that but she still had some doubts. Jensen was the co-Owner of eWe, a fact that practically makes Jensen her boss, In a since. Kristy really didn't want the other wrestlers to thank that she's getting special treatment. She wants to be able to win her matches and obtain title all on her own, and she really didn't want people to start to think that she didn't earn any wins she might get.

"You still there?" Jensen asked.

"Oh sorry, " Kristy said, "I was just thinking."

"You still wondering if you want to or not," Jensen said.

"Well... Yeah," Kristy admitted.

"Tell you what, " Jensen said, "You go on one date with me. once it's over and you deciede to just stay friends we will."

"But your Micheal Jensen, " Kristy said, "your well known, if the press gets a hold of the date they'll think we're dating even if I do deciede for us to stay friends they will still think we are. Plus I want people to know that I deserve any all all wins I get. I don't people to think that you had messed with my matches."

"I can't control the press, " Jensen said, "So if we do start dating they will more than likely think that. You just can't let that bother you and prove them wrong. But as of this date, I know of a special Resturant that's members only. So you have nothing to fear."

"Well Ok, " Kristy said, "When is the date?"

"How about within the next hour?" Jensen Asked, "I'll come pick you up. You'll need to dress up."

"Fine, " Kristy said, "I'll go get ready then." Kristy then hung up the phone then went to get ready. Kristy put on a beautiful red dress.

An hour later there was a knock at Kristy's door. Kristy went to open it to find Jensen standing there in a tuxedo.

"Ready?" Jensen asked.

"Yeah," Kristy responded.

They left the apartment and the building. Jensen then lead Kristy to his limo parked out side. The driver held the door open to them as they both got in. once inside the driver shut the door then went to the driver's door got in and began to drive. Jensen and Kristy stayed in accword silence. Each one began to say something then stopped. Finally the limo stopped in front of a fancey restraunt. There the driver got out and opened the door for Jensen and Kristy. Jensen got out first and Kristy followed. Once out the driver closed the door and got back into the limo. Jensen then extended his arm for Kristy to take. kristy hesitated but then took it. The two walked into the resturaunt, where they were greeted by the host.

"Ah, Mr. Jensen, " The Host said cheerfully, "welcome, Welcome. Everything is ready for you."

Jensen and Kristy then followed a waiter into the dinning area where he selected a nice table for two. Jensen and Kristy sat down and the waiter gave them menus.

"Bring us some of your best wine," Jensen told the waiter.

"Yes sir, Mr. Jensen," the waiter said and walked off.

Jensen looked over to Kristy.

"See it isn't so bad," Jensen said with a smile.

"Right," Kristy said looking down at her menu.

"Order anything you want," Jensen said.

Kristy looked at her menu. She saw a bunch of sophisticated stuff. She wasn't really sure what she would get so she decided to just stick with a chief salad.

"I geuss I'll have the chief salad, " Kristy said.

"All right then, " Jensen said and gesutured for a waiter to come. The waiter did.

"Have you decieded?" The waiter asked.

"Yes I'll take a chief sallad, " Jensen said, "And she'd like one too."

"At once sir," The waiter said then left.

A couple of seconds later a different waiter came and pour them both a glass of shampain then left.

Jensen raised his glass.

"Here's to a perfect evening, " Jensen said. They chinged glasses.

But no sooner had Jensen took a sip of his drink that a voice was heard.

"Micheal, fancey meeting you here."

Jensen choked as he recignised the voice. It was Oliver Queen.

"Now come now Micheal, " Oliver said as he got closer, "Don't go choking on me now, I just may have to save your life."

Both Kristy looked at Oliver as he got up to the table. He had a lady with him. She was a brunette.

"What do you want? " Jensen said not to politely.

"Now is that anyway to treat an old friend?" Oliver asked innicently.

"I've told you all ready, " Jensen told him, "we're not friends."

"If you say so Micheal," Oliver said.

"And I told you to call me Mr. Jensen, " Jensen said, "Actually don't call me anything, just leave."

"Well, I'm here on a date and I wouldn't want to be a disapointment, " Oliver said.

"So am I, " Jensen said, "Now why don't you leave me to it."

Oliver looked at Kristy.

"Say Aren't you Kristy Tiger, " Oliver said.

"Yeah, " Kristy replied.

"Shouldn't you be training for your Chaos match this monday?" Oliver asked.

"And how would you know about that?" Jensen asked.

"I figured that a good manager should know what's happening in the company, " Oliver said simply.

"I've said that your not going to work in my company, " Jensen said anger rising.

"Your company?" Oliver asked curiously, "I thought it was also Law owned part of it too?"

"He does, " Jensen said still angery, "now will you please leave us be."

"Ok then, " Oliver said, "I just wanted to make sure that Kristy was going to be able to do her best agianst Amy James, " Oliver then grinned, "Unless your spending your time on a date because your match is fixed."

"That's not true," Kristy said.

but Jensen continued standing from his chair, "How dare you insult Kristy by telling her that her match is fixed. Now I susgest that you go because I doubt that your date wants to stand here listening to you insult mine."

"Oh she's not my only date," Oliver said, "Aw here comes one of them now."

Another lady walked up to Oliver who looked as if she was the first lady's twin.

"Hey Oliver, " the second lady said, "Tonight so far as been great."

"and it's not over with yet, " Oliver told her.

"Wait a minute, " Jensen said, "You said one of them."

Then as if on cue a third lady walks up who looked exactly like the other two.

"Hey sugar, " the third girl said.

"Jensen these are my date, " Oliver said putting his arms around two of the girls, "their Triplete."

"Hi, " the triplets said in unison as they gave a wave.

They stood there in silence for a moment.

"So you have fun with your single date, " Oliver said, "And We'll just get out of your ha... Well I geuss that's not the best expression now is it, Seeing as it is you've got none."

That got jensen, He stepped towards Oliver and slugs him in the mouth. A waiter came up.

"Hey if your going ot fight I'm going to have to ask you to leave, " The waiter said.

"Fine, " Jensen said, "Lets go Kristy."

And with that the two of them left leaving Oliver being tended to by his three dates.

After a long drive, Jensen's limo finally pulled up to the apartment building Kristy's apartment was in. It was late in the night. The driver got out and opened the door and Jensen and Kristy got out. Jensen walked Kristy all the way to the door of her apartment.

"Sorry about what happened," Jensen told Kristy as they just stood there at the door way.

"Well it wasn't all that bad, " Kristy told him.

"I do apologize...," Jensen began but was cut short as Kristy leaned forward and kissed him.

"You don't need to apologize, " Kristy said.

"So I geuss that means that we can do this again sometimes, " Jensen said with a grin.

"I think it means that you just got a girl friend, " Kristy said with a smile.

Jensen smiled back and leaned in and they kissed again.

"Night, " Jensen said and walked off. Kristy smiled again then walked into her apartment.
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Kristy Vs Amy James Empty Re: Kristy Vs Amy James

on Tue Feb 20, 2018 9:29 am
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