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Kristy Vs Alexis Rhoda Empty Kristy Vs Alexis Rhoda

on Sun Mar 25, 2018 6:01 pm
Note: Alexis has only had one match and loss due to only like one line of match talk.

*The scene opens to a living room inside the Jensen mansion. There we see Kristy and Jensen sitting on a couch. Faceing them sitting on another couch were to FBI agents.*

Kristy: Listen I allready told the cops what happened. Just go ask them.

FBI Agent: Acording to them, they believe that you made up the suposed videos since no sign of them were found at the place.

Kristy: I know what I saw.

FBI Agent: Oh? but didn't you tell the cops that you saw not only your husband but others that you know of? Yet, the bodies that were discovered were none of them.

Kristy: Maybe I was drugged? Ever thing about that?

FBI Agent 2: Your tests came up clean, Mrs. Jensen. There were no traces of drugs in your system.

*Kristy leaned back and crossed her arms. This was what it had been like the entire time.*

FBI Agent: Besides, didn't you go compete in a wrestling match after the incident?

Kristy: And I told you that they wouldn't let me out of it. They said that I was fit to compete and so I was to compete.

FBI Agent 2: You're husband owns the company. He could of let you out of it couldn't he?

Jensen: I had no knowledge that she was told that she had to compete.

*The FBI agents then looked at Kristy as in they believed they just caught her in a lye. But Jensen saw the look.*

Jensen: I was not aware but that doesn't mean that it didn't happen. After all if you've noticed, triple H doesn't see eye to eye with me right now. So it's more than possible that he gave the order just to dispite me.

*The FBI agents shrugged.*

FBI Agent: If you say so. Either way something's not right here and we're going to get to the bottom of it.

Jensen: Very well.

*Jensen's tone seemed that he was getting annoyed at their accusations.*

FBI Agent: We'll be leaving now.

*The two of them got up and left. Jensen and Kristy saw them out the house then went back to the living room.*

Jensen: I don't think those two incompetent agents will be able to figure out what happened.

Kristy: yeah they still think I did it.

*Jensen nodded.*

Jensen: I'm going to launch my own investigation into this. We'll find out the answers much sooner than them. In the mean time I think it's best if you just take the incident out of you're mind.

*Kristy was looking off into space the memories of the event still fresh in her mind.*

Jensen: Which is why I've arranged for you to compete next Ladies Night.

*Kristy's eyes came back into focus as she turned to Jensen.*

Kristy: A match?

Jensen: Yes, Against Alexis Rhoda. She's new and has had only one match. Besides I think preparing for the match will help get your mind off of what happened just as much as the match itself.

Kristy: Ok, if you think it'll help.

*Jensen smiled as he put Kristy in his embrace. He then gave her a kiss.*

Jensen: Everything will be fine. You just leave it to me.

*Kristy nodded as she laid her head on Jensen's chest.*


*Later, Kristy is found in the training area inside the mansion. There was a ring and by that was a punching bag. This was where Kristy was as she using the punching back.*


Trixy: You killed him?

*Kristy didn't stop her training as the memory surfaced.*


*Kristy was now looking up from the flat of her back watching Trixy hit her blow after blow.*


*Kristy punched at the bag harder.*


*Kristy was now getting to her feet. Then Trixy charged at her. Kristy leaned back as she flipped Trixy over her and into the wall of spikes behind her.*


*Kristy could see trixy screwered by the spikes.*

Saw Puppet's voice: Congradulatons Kristy...

*Kristy snapped from her memory as she launched a punch at the punching bag. The bag went flying as it was torn from it's hinges due to Kristy's cybernetic abilities. Kristy lowered her arms.*

Kristy: Trixy...

*Suddenly Kristy cell phone went off. Kristy recignized the ring tone. It was Trixy. So Kristy went over and ansered it.*

Kristy: Hello?

Trixy: Hey, Kristy. How you feeling?

Kristy: Fine.

*Kristy was lying, ofcourse.*

Trixy: Allright, well, I heard that you were going to have a match against Alexis Rhoda. You sure you're ready for a match?

Kristy: I'll be fine, don't worry.

*Trixy was oblivious to Kristy's lie once agian.*

Trixy: Ok then. So you want me to interview you?

Kristy: And who else would I get interview me? Justin White?

*Trixy laughed.*

Trixy: Yeah. So how about later today at say three?

*Kristy glanced at the clock on the wall. It was 12:30.*

Kristy: That works.

Trixy: All right. See you then.

Kristy: later.

*Kristy hung up the phone. She then glanced at the punching bag that was now laying in a heep against the wall. For a second, her mind saw Trixy there instead, spike sticking through her. Kristy shook her head to clear it as she then grabbed her gym bag and left.*


*The scene opens to the interviewing room where we see Trixy and Kristy sitting in chairs facing the camera.*

Trixy: Hey there eWe, Trixy here with Kristy Tiger.

*Kristy gave a small wave. Trixy then turned to Kristy.*

Trixy: Now you're last match was at Wrestle Mania where you competed in a fatal five way match for the Televixion title. So any comments on that match?

Kristy: Well, I'm actually kind of glad I lost right now.

Trixy: Why's that?

Kristy: I just don't feel like I'm up to the task right now of defending it every Ladies Night.

Trixy: I'm sure you'd of done a good job.

Kristy: Any other time sure. But not right now.

Trixy: Anyways, you're next match is against Alexis Rhoda, who in her debut last Ladies Night, didn't do as very well. Any comments on her?

Kristy: Not much to say. I mean if she shows up to our match the same way she did her last, she won't win. Plain and simple.

Trixy: Oh really?

Kristy: Really. Now I'm not treating this match as a shut out. I'm training hard as if she was any other opponent. I've watched her match footage and developed different strategies to best her.

Trixy: Sounds like you're all ready for that match then.

Kristy: I will be, trust me.

Trixy: ok, and with that, we'll conclude the interview. This is Trixy so see you later.

*Trixy presses a button on a remote as the interviewing camrea shuts off. Trixy then turns to Kristy.*

Trixy: say I don't have any more interviews today. So wanna go do something?

*Kristy opened her mouth to reply. Then...*


*Kristy saw Trixy in front of her but she saw spikes screwering her body as her face showed pain.*

Trixy: Kristy?

*Kristy blinked her eyes a few times and Trixy looked normal again.*

Kristy: uh.. yeah we can go do something.

*Trixy smiled then the two of them left.*

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Kristy Vs Alexis Rhoda Empty Re: Kristy Vs Alexis Rhoda

on Sun Mar 25, 2018 6:02 pm
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