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Kristy Vs Chenoa Champo Empty Kristy Vs Chenoa Champo

on Sun Mar 25, 2018 5:50 pm

Kristy vs Chenoa Champo


Chenoa's debut match.

*The scene opens to Jensen's manor where we see Kristy sitting behind a desk in one of the manor's home offices. Her face showed that of boredom as she had her head in her hand while clicking on the computer's mouse every so often. She was doing one her least favorite thing itn her job and that was going over reports. You see not long after she married Micheal Jensen, he got her a job at Jensen Industries. Her job wasn't all that hard but she found it rather boring. So she continued bored out of her mind. Eventually, she had enough and decieded to browse the internet. Her surfing brought her to the eWe site. As she looked she couldn't help remembering that spark she once had. That spark was almost a faded memory now as she was much to busy to compete anymore. With both a job and twins to look after she barely had time to even work out let alone have a match. She did try to come back once but was forced to take a leave of abscence as her other responsibilities. Her browsing of the site brought her to the Roster section. She noticed that it was doing better now than it once was. She then went to the section that showed those on leave of absences. Ofcourse, her name was amoung them. She looked at it for a bit.*

*Ring Ring*

*Kristy looked at the desk phone. The caller ID said that the caller was Blitz 1. It had been awhile since the two of them talked so Kristy picked up the phone.*

Kristy: Hey Blitz.

Blitz: *On the other end of the phone* Sup Kristy.

Kristy: Nothing of instrest I'm afraid.

Blitz: I see... So hey you here me and Leo have rejoined eWe.

Kristy: Really? How long?

Blitz: Oh ha ha very funny. *Kristy could hear that Blitz was still smiling.*

Kristy: Well anyways, good for you.

Blitz: How about you join us?

Kristy: Huh? What do you mean?

Blitz: You know join back up with eWe. Then the old team will be back together.

Kristy: We were never a team. True you kind of mentored me when I first started but we never techically teamed up. Plus me and Leo never really have spoke.

Blitz: Well, true but we all three were wrestling at the same time.

Kristy: So lots of people were on there.

Blitz: ok, ok, fine. but I still think you should join back up.

Kristy: I'd love to... but I can't. With my job and kids I just can't find the time to do both.

Blitz: What kind of job do you have?

Kristy: I'm Jensen industries VP.

Blitz: Oh, well marring Jensen has it's perks I guess.

Kristy: Don't start that up.

Blitz: Fine. But what do you really do that would really keep you away from eWe?

Kristy: Well for one thing I've got my work which really takes up alot of my time. Espesially all the paper work I have to do.

Blitz: You know I bet Spangled to help you with that. After all what's the point of knowing a computer wiz if he can't help you get out of paper work?

Kristy: well... I also have my kids...

Blitz: Don't you got like servants and nannies to take care of that?

Kristy: And not spend any time with them?

Blitz: Then take them with you.

Kristy: Yeah but....

*Kristy was begining to run out of reason's why she couldn't rejoin. Which to be honest she was actually kind of glad. If Spangled really could help her reduce her work load it'd free her up to spend more time with her kids as well as be able to rejoin eWe.*

Blitz: Well?

Kristy: Ok, you're on.

Blitz: Excellent.

Kristy: So how soon can Spangled be here?

*Suddenly, there was a knock at the door. The door slightly opened.*

voice: there's a young man by the name of Spangled here to see you.

*The look on kristy's face was first of surprise then a smile.*

Kristy: *To the servant* Allright, send him in.

Servant: At once.

*Kristy then directed back to Blitz over the phone.*

Kristy: how did you?

*Kristy could here the smile on Blitz's voice.*

Blitz: I had a hunch that you'd say yes.

*The scene fades.*

*The scene opens to the next Ladies Night Areana as we see Kristy Jensen getting ready for her upcoming match. Since getting the phone call from Blitz she has rejoined eWe. As Blitz had said Spangled was able to make Kristy's work much easier. Which freed up lots of time for Kristy. So she spent that time not only with her kids for different parenting things but she was able to train much more. Thus Kristy was feeling ready to go for this match. As she thought it was a bit disapointing to have a dark match but she put that aside.*

*Then there was a knock on the door.*

Kristy: Come in.

*The door opened to see Interviewer Trixy along with a cameraman.*

Trixy: Hey, kristy welcome back.

Kristy: Good to be back.

Trixy: well sorry for the no small talk but care for an interview?

Kristy: Why no small talk?

Trixy: well, I'm surposed to be doing something else but I wanted to say hi before. The only way he was going to let me come was an interveiw.

Kristy: Oh all right. Sure you can interveiw me.

*Trixy breathed a sigh of releif as she mouthed the words thank you. She then turned to the camera*

Trixy: This is Trixy here with Kristy Jensen, who has just recently come back after being on Leave of absence for some time now.

*Tirxy turns to Kristy.*

Trixy: So tell us with all the ring rust you have probally sustained how do you think you'll fare against your oppoenent?

Kristy: First of all I know that Chenoa is new to the eWe scene. However, I've been able to train off and on while I was gone. Not as much as I'd like but still enough. But since letting eWe I was coming back I've been having sparing matches with my trainer, Britney.*

Trixy: So you believe you're prepared?

Kristy: As much as I can be after what's been going on with me. I just can't wait to get back into that ring.

Trixy: Ok, so what's your thoughts on this being a dark match?

Kristy: Well, it's a bit disapointing. but awe well, can't be helped.

Trixy: Now any other comments about your opponent, Chenoa Champo?

Kristy: I really don't know much about her. Except that she's new but I've come to learn to expect the unexpected. So basically, I'm ready for just about anything.

Trixy: Even if she no shows?

Kristy: Well, duh, I'm all ways ready for that... hey wait is that some way to make it seem that I think she's going to no show? Because I don't and I won't think that about anyone.

Trixy: Ok ok.

*there was a voice from in the hall.*

Voice: Trixy.

*Trixy looked in that direction.*

Trixy: *Sigh* looks like I've got to go. *She turns back to Kristy.* I guess that wraps up the interveiw. We should catch up sometime...

*Her and the cameraman head off. Kristy then continued her preperations. Once she was done she waited for the appropiate time.*

Kristy: Looks like it's time. Ready or not here I come.

*She heads out the locker room. The scene fades.*

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Kristy Vs Chenoa Champo Empty Re: Kristy Vs Chenoa Champo

on Sun Mar 25, 2018 5:51 pm
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