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Kristy Vs Kelsi Parr Empty Kristy Vs Kelsi Parr

on Sun Mar 25, 2018 6:21 pm
Notes: Kelsi Par as had the Diva's and Women's Championship at one point. But not now.

Kristy Vs Kelsi Parr Kristyssig2

*The scene opens to an abandoned golf course. The grass was all but died out. The trees around the course was in the process. Down at the start of the first hole was Kristy Jensen. She had a golf ball out as she was lining up a shot. She then noticed as someone was approaches her as she looks up at the camera. She grins a psychotic grin as the camera approaches.*

Kristy: Why hello there.

*Kristy leaned on her golf club as she looked at the camera.*

Kristy: I take it you went to find me at my place in the institution? Well, sorry but *she rolls her eyes.* Apparently, my husband decided it was a good place for me. So he had me removed.

*Kristy shrugs*

Kristy: Awe well, I guess it's back to living in the boring old mansion. Anyways, you're probably wondering what I'm doing way out here? Well, I'm playing rich people's favorite past time. Golf!

*She lowers her head as she then hit the ball towards the hole some yards away.*

Kristy: Anyways, you can stay if you want. Not like there's anyone else here to enjoy this beautiful golf course.

*She looks around at the decaying surroundings.*

Kristy: But if you would, how about you make yourself useful and carry that.

*Kristy indicate her golf bag. It was worn down with a red stain on it. The person behind the camera went over to it and picked it up. He then pointed the camera back to Kristy.*

Kristy: There you go. Good boy. Now follow me.

*Kristy walked to where her ball had landed as the camera followed her.*

Kristy: Anyways, I assume your not here because you enjoy my company. *She grins.* Though most people I meet it's normal for dinner.

*Kristy gets to her ball. She then lowered her golf club.*

Kristy: No your here for that silly little tournament I'm in. Honestly, it seems more of a buffet to me. Just think, All the best are here to compete in this tournament and I get a chance to hunt them each down. To make each of them bleed.

*Kristy grinned at the thought. She then hit her ball again, this time the ball landed in the green or what was assumed to be green as the dead grass around the hole was different colors as it had given into decay. Kristy then walked to her ball and began to take aim at the number 1 hole.*

Kristy: Just like my last match. I rather enjoyed my hunt. It was nice. Her blood had that of an old WWE taste to it. Though I was a bit disappointed, her blood was the same temperature as most others. I figured with her being a Phoenix, it'd be much hotter. My putter please.

*After she said that she had her hand out stretched waited for her putter. A hand then got out the putter from the bag as he handed it to Kristy. Kristy then gave him back the club she had been using. She then hit the ball into the hole. Once she did she took out a score card and marked it.*

Kristy: Yes, it was very disappointing, but I'm sure that My next opponent will have much hotter blood. As what I've heard, she's on fire.

*Leaving the golf ball in the hole, Kristy made her way to the start of the next hole.*

Kristy: I'm most excited about my next match, the thrill of the hunt, some might say. Of what I heard, Kelsi has been able to make claims to every title here in the Diva's Division. It excites me to no end.

*Kristy gets to the start of the second hole as she takes from her pocket another ball. She places it on the ground then turns to the camera.*

Kristy: I'll need my number 3 club.

*Kristy handed him the putter as he produced another club and handed it to her.*

Kristy: There we go. *She then hits the ball this time it lands in the green.* OOh, simply gorgeous. *She then giggles.* Oh, I'm sorry, is that not Crystal Taylor's catch phrase? *She grins.* I'll be happy to show that beauty queen the exit of this tournament if I come across her. Well, not until I splatter her blood on the plain white mat. After all I think it'd look better that way.

*Kristy begins to walk towards where her ball landed.*

Kristy: But enough about her. I prefer to look towards my next victim. *She licks her upped lip.* You see, Kelsi, like most people here, will probably see me nothing more than the boss's wife and that I should just give up wrestling. See me like that if you want, but all I'm going to be looking at his a flash of crimson coming from you. You see, Kelsi I crave blood, more than that I need it. And you just so happen to be in the perfect position.

*Kristy gets to her ball as she enhances her club for her putter. She then sinks the golf ball. She then marks her score on her score card.*

Kristy: Take away the stakes of this match, Queen of the Ring, your Televixion title, and all that's left is two people in a fight. One ready to drain you of your precious life giving blood and will stop at nothing till it's done. The other... well, the other is a sad little excuse for a wrestler.

*Kristy makes her way to the number 3 course.*

Kristy: You may have won the Diva's title and the Women's title, but what happened after that, huh? You lost them. Which tells me that your current title, the Televixion title. It'll be leaving your hands soon, And I'm just the tiger to do it.

*Kristy grins as she then takes out another golf bal from her pocket. She puts it on the ground and after exchanging her club she hit the ball. The ball sails through the air as it lands in the green. But it doesn't stop as it makes it down but roles on until it drops into the hole.*

Kristy: Your days in this tournament are numbered Kelsi, but it's not the tournament you have to worry about. It's your own health. Of course, I don't care about it one bit, in fact I care about your health so much that it'll be me that puts it in jeopardy as I open you up and splash your crimson blood around the ring.

*Kristy looks out but the golf course ends after 3 since the rest of the course was nothing but dirt. So Kristy gets out her score card marks her score for the 3rd hole. She then goes over her score then grins.*

Kristy: Would you look at that... I beat Par.

*The scene fades.

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Kristy Vs Kelsi Parr Empty Re: Kristy Vs Kelsi Parr

on Sun Mar 25, 2018 6:22 pm
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