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Prime Data

on Wed Nov 22, 2017 3:56 am
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Hello Spring Kitties it’s time for another edition of Prime Data! *cues fan cheering* so this time we are looking at none other than Slam 6 and boy is this going to be something. I mean I got my work cut out for me in my opponent, James Ceno and my baby Mizore… well she’s got an even tougher challenge. But let’s not get ahead of ourself, instead let’s get started with Saturday Night Slam!

So after the video package at the beginning which, wow they haven’t updated it in awhile. I mean Saraya and Rocco aren’t even here any more. But it’s all good.

After the intro we have Jonathan Steele to give us some hype up but instead we have Christy Chaos coming out. Which I curious as to just what she has to say, especially with what her business partner Jack did to Mizore…

Ugh, Justin and his rating comment. I’d like to see him in that ring getting beaten up just for the ratings… though you know, I think that might actually make good ratings. *wink*

So Christy says the match between Jack and Mizore will still be going on. That’s fine, because Mizore’s going to teach Jack a lesson. Christy also claim’s Jack’s been abusing his power which you better believe that’s what he’s doing. Christy’s right he has no reason to put himself in a match.

Oh? Yeah Christy’s definitely not my dad. Very Happy Though, Dad never really wrestled in EWE. I remember talk about this one match with some guy named Winchester but I forgot how that ‘match’ even went down.

Good props from CCC about my baby. And yeah I know exactly what she’s talking about. Mizore’s a fighting champion after all and she’s going to have her very first defense.

And you better believe that it’s not going to be a 4 on 1 assault. I had to promise Mizore that I’d stay in the back, but me and Kelsi are going to be right there in the gorilla position so if Paragon even THINKS of trying something… We’ll be waiting for them.

Winter Survival? Oh sounds fitting for your HSW Champion. After Jack’s put away I wonder who will have to try and ‘survive’ her winter? And hey, that wasn’t very nice. My Dad’s not an idiot! But huh? What match is she talking about I wonder. Because there were a lot of unique matches I remember them talking about over the years. Bus that got lost? Oh, she’s talking about the Golden Intentions Battle Royal.. which I know Spring Kitties I didn’t do a blog about it… and I might have a special edition up eventually explaining a few things but I can go ahead that yeah I lost the match she was talking about, but I did manage an elimination! And had a great showing! But that still doesn’t tell me what she’s referring too… though I think.. Oh ok the Sole Survivor Match! That is HUGE!! Though I have to say, I wonder how much my dad’s royalty check is from HSW Razz

But the question is, will I be signing up for that match? Well, no actually. Don’t get me wrong it sounds like an awesome match and I’d love to be apart of it. But I already have my hands full as I’m going to do my best to get another shot at Women’s and let’s not forget that Paragon’s still keeping the Frost Elite’s titles warm for us. *wink*

With that, CCC had nothing more to say so she heads to the back and we have a small commercial before our first match up!

So, Gabrielle’s not really to intimated by Fray.. then again not many people are.. I mean ok, some of her earlier stuff made me sick to my stomach with how gross it was, but well ok the rest was pretty gross too but still. Anyways, this match was really all Gabrielle’s as she started off strong Fray picked up a bit of momentum of her own but after a Slingshot Cross-body it was all Gabs til a Latina Bomb scored her the 3 count.

Oh, that’s right, it is Gabrielle’s first victory! Well, only her second match so guess I didn’t really pay that much attention to that. But Fray? Yeah she hasn’t one one yet. Makes me wonder how long she’ll be staying.

Seems CCC’s back to work in her office. She gets a knock on her door and oh hey look it’s Auburn. Wonder what she wants with CCC? Well, CCC tries to give her a handshake and… huh, wonder why she doesn’t want to… wait last time that happened… Yep there it is!! An Auburn Hug! They are something I have to say. Though took a bit more of a build up to get to it. The look on Christy’s face though… Very Happy. But they hug for awhile as they bounce around the room, CCC trying to get her to let go but you can’t stay mad at an Auburn hug. Even the cameraman was wanting in on the hug as it got hard to see for awhile… Very Happy

I just laughed and laughed as finally the hugging stopped. And now it was time for business as almost forgot Auburn went in there for something. Oh, Auburn’s not been getting paid? Well, I guess that explains a few things. Honestly, I never really paid it any attention. But Auburn said that’s not what it was about. So what was it? Oh… I guess we don’t get to see as the cameraman’s remove from the office. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see, assuming it’s something she wants to be made public.

You know, I remember the time in EWE when they had a main event at the start of the show, in the middle, AND at the end. But well ok we’re at the 2nd match but it just came to my mind as I watched Eli head to the ring.

With the match, Eli sure went to work on Nero trying to put him away early. Doesn’t quiet work for him as Nero counters a Shining Wizard with a Tilt-a Whirl Backbreaker which after a German Suplex and a pin attempt, got Nero the control of the match. After a Superkick attempt, Eli caught his foot before executing a Pele Kick. Again he tried to cover and a kick out.

Eli starts to get on a roll after that and gets several near falls. Nero finally rolls out of the ring and starts up the ramp but then Eli started up after him. I mean, I can’t say I know why Eli seemed so adamant to get the match over faster… but if he did, why wouldn’t he just let Nero get counted out? Ok, I know. He wants to get that win the right way. Well, Eli gets him back in the ring and after another near fall Eli hits his ‘GOODE DEAL” and gets the pitfall.

So, apparently Eli didn’t stay in the ring long to celebrate. Because after the commercial (which is a Hulu commercial mind you.) we see Blair already in the ring, so yeah he’s already done his entrance. And wait.. what does he have in his hands? A huh? He’s not one of the tag Champions! And that belt is pretty fake.

So here’s another interesting entrance as Shido makes his way down to the ring. I mean all he did was mess with the lights and… ok I have got to stop thinking of my entrance overtime I see an entrance that does a bit more than just song and walking to the ring…

Anyways… The match gets going or well the bell rang anyways but those two were just not doing anything… come on enough taunting… ok there Blair goes with his Finisher Right off the bat, but Shido sees it coming and counters with a Rolling Wheel Kick. Shido picks up the momentum after that. Soon enough Shido hops up on the turnbuckle and is looking to fly, Not entirely sure what he means by that Universe thing but ok… And whatever statement he was making just caused him to eat some canvas… I know the feeling all to well.

So both men are down and Zach (yeah I know his name. Which is odd, never got around to see what the old EWE Ref’s names were.. but soon, both men get up and Shido goes for a Suicide Diva and o.O What a counter! Blair hits his BlairKick right on him causing him to fall hard. YeOuch.

Well, Blair takes off after that, pulling off a few moves on the outside. Though that eye rack was uncalled for. Either way he gets Shido back in the ring and pins but it’s no good. Blair’s not to happy about it though as he… stop yelling and do something… well what he gets as Shido rolls him up in small package but nope another 2 count. Both of them get off and… we’re back to the start of this match as Blair’s yelling at Shido who tells him to just break it. At least this time it doesn’t last as long as Blair goes in for his Blair-line this time and… o.O dang now that was cool. Shido counters with his Blood Stained Love Story and that is what gets him the 3 count.

Ok, I know I put a divider but well, as I watched this well… So, after the match, Shido celebrated his win for a bit as White and Steele did some talking. And yeah Justin… I wouldn’t doubt Paragon would do just that… And there’s Blair rubbing it in again having Darren call out him being one half of the tag Team Champions after Shido headed to the back.

Blair starts to celebrate or something as if he had won the match. Wait a moment.. Who’s she? I mean… come on I mean wasn’t the riot after SBD went off the air good enough? Then again, maybe she’s not a fan? Though I dunno. Either way she makes her way to the ring and gets in it. She doesn’t do anything at first so I dunno maybe she’s a fan of his and just wanted to get up close to him?

Well, ok strike that. She just grabbed his fake title and decked him with it.. I watched as this woman attacks Blair with a some punches before starting to strangle him with the belt. She really shouldn’t be doing that. Though I over heard what Steele said and I… maybe he was right, I wouldn’t put it past him… then again why wouldn’t he just have Paragon do it? They’re not even on the card… I don’t know.

I watched as she picks him up and drags him to the corner. S he props him up and ok, she has some skill it looks like. After those spear and power bomb combination… she might not be a random fan after all…. She drags Blair to the center of the ring and hits one final move on Blair which… she must be strong to lift him over her shoulder like that… that or leverage… but all that dead weight since he was out cold…

Well she finishes her assault and… heads to the back? Uh-oh is she after someone back here or is she… wait what’s that on the titantron? Superior Elite? Ok, I don’t know what that’s about but if she some how got a message on the titantron you can bet she is not just some random fan.

So looks like Annie’s heading to the ring huh? Ugh, probably to rub it into everyone’s faces that she’s the Women’s champ…. Oh a talk show huh? Well, I’ll give her props… I do like the name. And wait, her special guest is Mizore? Mizore didn’t tell me anything about… Oh… *rolls eyes* she was talking about herself… That’s not surprising.

Well, she certainly is not the face of the HSW I can tell you that right now… and fear her? Please, I’m going after that very title. So I don’t fear her. And what? Eliminated everyone? If you want to think about it, with the way the match was set up, only me and Gabrielle fully eliminated someone as Gabrielle was eliminated because she couldn’t get out of the cage and I was… well, oh hey she mentioned my sister… ugh, no, I don’t even know why she gave the belt to her… I mean I know she was mad and all that but… ok moving on…

Not conceited, yeah right. And let me guess who those three people are? Yeah, just as I thought, me, myself, and I… *sigh* she really is full of herself… for being handed the title because of my sister…

Hey, we don’t call them Golden Snow and Forest Freaks… They’re the Spring Kitties!! And Snow bunnies for Mizore Smile. And well, at least she got our Tag name right… And oh no Annie, you’re not going to be holding on that title as long as you like, because I’m coming for it and at Winter Survival it will be me who’s walks out of that match with that belt.

Oh, Auburn’s going down there? And Jessica too? Oh, looks like a party. Well, Auburn does mean well, and hopefully some of her niceness will eventually rub off on Annie… Oh, she gives her an Auburn hug… though doesn’t seem Annie’s as thrilled about it. Auburn gets the fans to cheer for Annie… but they add in that sucks… which I would have to agree. *smiles*

Well, they get Annie to try some and by try some… plant her face in it. *laugh* yeah ok ok I know it was an accident, but I’m sitting her laughing and I just can’t help it. Annie gets up and is mad but doesn’t do anything to Auburn and Jessica, which if it was anyone else, she wouldn’t of hesitated. Instead she heads to the back.

Have to say, that cake does look good and I wish I could get a pice of it… Uh-oh… they’re saying my match is after the break… Ok. I’m steeling my nerves and giving Mizore a quick hug before I head out to the gorilla posision. Funny how quickly you can go from laughing to having your mind focused on a match… But that’s what it was. I was focused and I was going to win, one way or another.

And I’m the first one going down do the ring. Yeah I had some fan interaction as I usually do but I was set and ready for this fight. I looked to the stage and see those flames as Ceno comes walking through them. I wasn’t scared. I was ready to prove I am not afraid and to get some revenge on what he did to my baby. Though oh, ok so he’s officially one of Paragon now. Doesn’t matter though.

When that bell rang I was off, tacking that jerk down and hitting him with a flurry of shots. He may have finally thrown me off though but I wasn’t done as I kicked him right in the face, I hope I broke something. I didn’t stop there though as I speared him again before he could get back up and I hit a lionsault and instinctively went for a cover. He kicked out at two, good, I wasn’t finished.

I get back on him again as he tried to get up, he catches me and tries to go for a slam but I was having none of that as I shift and hit him with a nice Tilt-a-whirl Hurracicanna. I keep the momentum going for a good 3 minutes before I was caught and hit with a belly to belly duplex. I tried to get up but I was dropped again with a stiff Clothesline…

That’s when Ceno started to bring on the pain as he takes control of the match for a bit. I was battered around under his power but I would not be denied! Finally, he locks me in the Shock Lock but I refused to give in… I told him I would NOT and I meant it. So I crawled and fought to get to the ropes and he pulled me back to the center… I went for it again and only went inch by inch… my body screamed at me to just give up, just give in but no, even if my hand raised up ready to tap I wouldn’t do it.

My body nearly gave out on me. I remember blacking out for I don’t know a small part but next thing I knew my hand was being raised… ready to make it drop… Was that the 3rd one? I don’t know nor cared as I swung it up and yelled out to get myself back in this. I could hear you Spring Kitties cheering me on as I dragged myself over finally grabbing on to that bottom rope.

I was relieved but the pain was still there as Ceno used all of that 5 count before finally releasing that hold. I was hurt and already tired but I got up and I got to the center of the ring… Only to be kicked in that ankle and planted with a swift DDT. That Hurt… he then picks me up and this time it’s my stomach that gets the blunt force as I get hit with a hard gut buster.

But the pain didn’t stop there as Ceno keeps beating on me with move after move. What felt like an eternity goes by as all I knew was pain before I’m leveled with a vicious Spear. I stagger up to my feet as I’m suddenly kicked in the gut and lifted up, but I knew what was coming. I knew what he would try to do, so after practicing so many times, I counter his Electric Fire with a Falling armdrag!

Ceno’s down and I knew that was my chance. I block the pain out of my mind and rush over to Ceno as he gets up and I hit my Green No More! I stalled, I know but a kick with that hurt ankle of mine, well whatever, I crawl over and go for the pinfall and Ceno gets the shoulder up.

We both laid there for a moment before slowly we both begin to get up. Ceno reached over to grab me but I shove his hand away.. but I wasn’t going for a Green No More, for this match was more than about me. This match was for what that monster did to my love. So Baby, this one’s for you!! As I NAIL my Frigid Ice Wall!!

I hook the leg and that was all she wrote as Zach hits the 1…2…3!!

As I headed back to the locker room, exhausted but in a great mood, everyone else got treated to the next match. Which was my sister facing Auburn. Which I hate to say it, but I’m really hoping Auburn wins and maybe after losing my sister will see the mistake she made at SBD… well it’s a hope anyways…

Auburn heads to the ring in her pretty addicting fashion. Sure one to make me forget about my sore body for a bit. Deadweight? I’m not deadweight Justin! Did you see me out there with Ceno?

Auburn climbs the turnbuckle to future appeal to the crowd… wait What’s RX doing under the ring? Watch out Auburn! Too late as Roller X attacks Auburn from behind. Roller X gets shoves her off the turnbuckle before jumping into the ring and punches her a few times.. Come on sis stop that. Well, Auburn gets her off and after the ref, this one’s named Thomas Barnes, tells my sister to remove her helmet which she does as she drops it to the steps. So they call for the bell and here we go!

The match starts off between even for a few minutes before Auburn catches RX with a Springboard Cross-body. She pins but it’s no good but it’s what she needed as she takes control of the match. Even getting a near fall. Which I have to say I’m still torn.. I want Auburn to win but I’m wondering if that will help my sister or not… well if anyone can help fix an angry person it’s Auburn.

Auburn stays in control for awhile before she goes for her Cliff Dive. This was it, it’s over… no my sister gets her knees up at the last second. That does hurt, trust me. Knees can be quiet sharp. Roller X gets up and kicks Auburn in the back and takes over the control for awhile as she hits her Spinning X at about 8 minutes in…

*sigh* Justin I’m not a goblin… never was actually as I was a… eh nm moving on… Roller X continues to keep control and soon hits her X-Blade. She waits until Auburn gets up before DERBY DASH! But Auburn rolls out of the ring before my sister can cover. Good job Auburn.

Instead of following her out though, Roller X just tells Thomas to count as she just relaxes in the corner… uh.. come on sis don’t do… oh I mean come Auburn get up! (Why am I so torn…). Well it’s no use anyways as Auburn gets back in at 8. Roller X goes over but Auburn hits her with.. a Hug!! There you go! Maybe that will help her. They jump around a little before Auburn finally hits a belly to belly suplex.

But Auburn’s back into the match as she hits a Lou the press and several hard punches. Roller X tries to get up but Auburn starts to kick her square in the chest. After a few of those she hits one final one right in the side of Roller X’s head but rather it was her momentum or ring awareness she rolls out of the ring.

Auburn starts hyping up the crowd as my sister lays out on the floor. Might be a count out victory here. Well, Roller X finally gets up but… waves her off? She takes her helmet and puts it back on and wait she’s leaving? Why is she leaving? Well, there goes Thomas, making sure she doesn’t walk out on the match. She tries to go past him but he grabs her arm and tells her to get back in again. Oh come on! Roller X just flung him off his arm and right into the steps next to them…

Well, she kept on going about to walk away when, there’s Auburn? Flying over the top rope and crashing onto RX before she before she got to the ramp! Auburn throws Roller X back in the ring as she picks up some momentum, with a diving tornado DDT and then hits her Lands END! But is the ref up? Can he see if she makes a pin attempt?

No, he’s still out cold and Auburn tries to get the pitfall but Thomas isn’t there. She gets up and goes over to him trying to get him up but then Surprised Cursed Skull!! With a helmet too… That really hurts by the way. I watched as Auburn lays out on the floor and Roller X goes and gets the referee… The way she was treating him… that wasn’t very nice. She gets on the pin and I just had to sigh as Thomas his the one, two, Surprised Auburn got the ropes! Roller X is mad as she yells at the ref but then Auburn gets a school girl and gets the one two, three!!

So after the match Auburn gets a microphone and offers to give my sister a handshake She tries to encourage her to it by well, I’m sorry Auburn but I’d love to go dancing with you and those other ones, it’s Annie who would have the problem with it. And besides, I don’t want to sit there and here Annie come up with more insults on me… have enough of those as it is. But I do appreciate the offer none-the-less Auburn.

But come on Sis, shake her hand… well oh she’s going for it. That’s a.. syke? Oh ok she was just teasing… And oh there it is! An Auburn Hug!! Hopefully that will help my sister! Auburn jumps around the place showing her kindness and excitement but finally Roller X gets free of the hug and heads to the back looking pretty mad… well she just needs some time to cool off. Auburn hugs are magical after all. Smile

But it seems Auburn wasn’t quiet done as she starts to address the fans. Get off her chest? That’s the same line she used to talk with, Christy? Wonder what it is. Ok so it’s about who she wants to face for slam 7. Though yeah Auburn the North American Battle Royal hasn’t happened yet. So curious as to who she wants to face… maybe James Ceno? I mean it could be Jay or Little Yokai but I think it’d make more sense for it to be one of them… Or does she know who that mystery opponent is?

Oh well no Cookie for me as she wants to face… wait Eli Goode? But he said he’s not going to enter the match? Well regardless of all that, it seems Auburn wants to face Eli in a Submission match? Oh now that will be good!

Anyways, that’s all she had as she gets her music playing and warming up the crowd’s again! To bad I missed it though as I was actual not in the lock room to see it… Where was I? Well…

Yeah I was backstage heading back to the locker room when I was caught by Samantha Cole. Have to say I rarely get interviews… I mean I remember a few but not many of them. Plus, I don’t remember if I’ve ever had them come up to me in the hall like that.

Anyways Samantha congratulated me on my win which is always appreciated. Then she started talking about Ceno’s claims of being my biological father and abuse my mother too. I quickly put those things to rest as come on, my Mother ‘that’ submissive? Yeah nice try Ceno.

Then we moved on to talking about my opponent for Slam 7. Well, I called her out on twitter and she accepted it so just puts the ball in CCC’s corner now. Either way I reiterated a few things that were said on Twitter, for you Spring Kitties and those who haven’t yet followed me or even Amber.

Anyways, I tell them why I’m want that match, to prove myself and to let them know that I’m not as weak as they may think I am, AND that me and Mizore are going after them Tag Team Championships! Plus, what she was involved with at Summer BreakDown. All in all, I WANT that match.

Speaking of Matches, as I head back to the locker room, the next match at ringside is about to get started.

So this match starts off as Ceno’s entering the ring and LY and Jay Jobber already in the ring. Though Oh, they changed it to a Pin and Submission Elimination match. Which I can’t say I blame CCC. Wouldn’t want Ceno to become the NA champ THAT easily.

Hey what happened to the lights? I know that song it’s.. Eli! What? I thought he wasn’t entering in the match?! Boy did Auburn call it. Or more I guess she got some inside information. Anyways Eli makes his way to the ring and… oh no one else? So Eli was the mystery opponent huh? That makes sense. To bad Kelsi wasn’t able to be in it though. Makes me wonder how I’m counting that in predictions… *chuckle*

So, Eli and Ceno are staring each other down at the start of the bell. LY and Jay try to get things going but they don’t seem to make any head way as LY is thrown away and Eli hits Jay with a kick and Snap DDT and one gain they’re both staring each other down.

Ceno throws LY into the air and plants him to the mat looking back to Eli like saying “see what I can do” funny all that provado even though he just got out of a loss to me *wink*. Eli answers though with a pele kick to Jay Jobber. James then lifts LY up again and nails the Electric Fire! Before literally placing a foot on LY’s chest and the ref gets the 3 count. Eli, not to be one-upped, dropped Jay with his Goode Bye and makes the cover and there goes Jay! Poor guys but hey at least we got a match now… Even if I’m rooting for Eli!

The two stare each other down for a moment again, slowly circling each other. Finally they meet in the center of the ring and get face to face when… ugh Eli spits in James Face… come on Eli that’s no way to put out a fire… Lame joke aside, James doesn’t take it to well as he strikes out with a hard right and Eli comes back with some of his own and it’s goes into an all out fist war!!

The two continue to duke it out before James blocks one of Eli’s punches and starts an onslaught of punches to back Eli into a corner. Jeff Barnes, Yep I know his name too *smiles*, breaks them up. Ceno’s not to happy about that and starts to argue with the ref and well, it wasn’t a Goode idea as Mr. Goode himself comes bursting out from the corner and tackles Ceno to the mat and launches several shots of his own on the downed Ceno.

Justin being an unbiased Commentator? That never happens! But back in the ring Jeff the Ref (see I can rhyme too. *smiles*) gets Eli off Ceno. Ceno gets back up and Eli rushes him but he’s caught and dropped with a Powerslam! Yeah those things hurt! Come on Eli! Don’t let Ceno win and do NOT let Paragon have another title! Woo! Kickout!

Ceno grabs Eli in a side headlock and Eli attempts a back supple to counter but the heavier man is just to much as he keeps him from doing just that. Eli shoves him off and into the ropes but Ceno comes back with a hard SPEAR!! Ouch… Come on Eli don’t.. Kickout! Whew

Ceno waits for Eli to get back up before he takes him to Suplex Ci… oh wrong guy… But a German Suplex followed by a T-Bone Suplex into a Capture Suplex and if that wasn’t enough, a final Dragon Suplex! hmm… wonder I Auburn has ever tried that one. Either way, Ceno goes for the cover one, two… Kickout! Go Eli!

Eli’s pretty worn down at this point but come on Eli, kick into that second gear! Eli punches out but it’s not very fast as James avoids and it takes Eli down and locks in a Crossface. Come on Eli!! Eli fights the hold and rolls around before getting Ceno in a pin attempt. Ceno’s not going to let Eli win like that again (Ok, fine it was a pin on pin but w/e) Ceno picks Eli up and goes for a power bomb but Hurranicana! Seems Eli seen my match with Ceno *wink*

Both men were down on the mat. Finally they get up and lock up. Ceno tries to whip Eli into the corner but no it’s Eli who Sends Ceno! Eli follows and hits a running drop kick Ceno staggers before Monkey Flip!! After that Eli’s looking to fly!

I cheer on as Eli leaps off for a Frog Splash! It connects and Eli hooks the leg! One… Two… Kickout! Come on Eli you got this. Eli knows it too as he waits for Ceno to get up. Ceno does just that as he goes for the Goode Deal, but it’s not a Goode Deal as Ceno grabs his leg and goes for the Shock Lock! Goode thing Eli rolled Ceno up because yeah that Shock Lock hurt. Even if I did get to the ropes *winks*

The two are back up after that exchange and begin to circle before coming in and trading shots. Again Ceno avoid’s one of Eli’s strikes and this time gets behind and hits that German Suplex and bridges into a pin.. Where have I seen that before? Oh right, Slam 2. Jeff drops down and hits the one, two.. Eli rolls the shoulder and Ceno does too! No repeat from last time. Though this time, I can say he would deserve it!

They’re back up again as they stare each other down. Ceno fire’s off a right hitting Eli right in the kisser! Eli drops to a knee and Ceno Cracks his neck… I mean his own neck… geez I never did understand the whole neck cracking thing. Either way Ceno starts to mock Eli and Eli had it as he gets up and tackles Ceno into the corner, he hits a flurry of punches before Jeff tries to get Eli back. But it was the opening Ceno needed as he takes Eli down with a Double leg Takedown. Wait, His legs are on the rope? Jeff don’t count! Don’t… Three!! No!!

Ugh, I can’t believe he cheated like that. I bet if Eli showed CCC the tapes she’ll over turn that ruling. *wink* Either way, for now Ceno is the HSW North American Champion.. the cheater.

It’s about that time… Mizore’s match is next. Though it seems before the match we get a bit of an interview. But me and Kelsi exit the ladies Locker room all the same. No WAY was we going to get locked in there again. *grr*

Before the interview though White and Steele do a bit of talking about the match… lesbian snow bunny? You say that like it’s a bad thing. *wink* And she’s no fluke! She’s just not gotten to the top! She earned that victory! Jack has an injury? Servers him right. Even though, ok, I can’t condone it when fans come in and attack people, but Jack is getting what he deserves.

Ugh, they they are. All holding championship gold that well, two of them will be saying bye bye to in December. The other may be losing it sooner than that. *wink*.

So the interview starts and… are you serious? Only recognized champion in HSW? You’re not a champion at all, didn’t you hear Christy at the start of the show? HSW is not my dad’s company! As much as your arrogant butt wants to think it is… oh got a little carried away there. And hey where’t the note? *sigh* Really, I thought that was so awesome of what he did at the very first episode of Slam… now he’s just further undoing what he’s done thus far.

Current champion? Uh no Jack. EWE closed. So there is no EWE World title. Or Diva’s Champion. Or any of them. Wait… did he just say him along with Paragon? They going to try something during the match? They better not, cuz this time we are ready to keep THEM out. Oh, Jack just said they’d not interfere… eh but Jack also promised to hand the winner of the HSW world tournament the belt and guess what he did then…

Mark asks about Jack’s health condition but Jack doesn’t really go into details. Good because he’d not be getting any sympathy from any one here. Finally, he heads to the ring.

So many emotions flow through me as the start of the match gets underway. Worried that something might happen. Excited for my baby to give Jack what’s coming to him. And anger at Jack. Not to mention checking to see if Paragon really is going to sit this one out. Because I’m not going to trust Jack at his word. He lost right on Summer BreakDown.

Oh? So they’re not letting her do her entrance properly? That wasn’t very nice of them. Then again Jack probably didn’t want to see that Ice Queen coming down at him… and getting more into Mizore’s head.

Well, things start off with Jack telling Mizore to bring it, which she seems a bit hesitant but it gives Jack an opening to go for a grapple but it’s no good as Mizore avoids it. Jack goes again but again Mizore Rolls it. Jack goes a third time and No it’s a fake. Mizore stands back up having falling for it and gets a hard Slap across the JAW!! Ugh I wanna slap him hard across the jaw!!

Jack mocks Mizore a bit saying ‘this is your champion’ to the crowds. And yes that is their Champion! Mizore gets back up and tries for a hammerlock but Jack powers her backward towards the mat. But my baby rolls through as she’s back up and rushes at Jack. NO A shoulder block as Mizore’s down again. Jack jumps over her and off the opposite ropes. They bounce back and forth a bit before Mizore goes for a leapfrog but Jack hits the brakes and ANOTHER SLAP!! Ugh he’s just toying with her! Jack back her into a corner and tells her to start fighting as Mike does his job and backs him away. Yeah you go Mike!

Play around? Justin please. My baby is NOT playing around. Jack gets past Mike the Ref and goes for a short Clothesline but Mizore ducks it and Kick to the gut! How’s that for playing around! Mizore kicks Jack in the ribs and he falls back into the ropes which Mizore uses this for a Vicious knee to his ribs and Jack starts coughing up blood? I guess that injury is true. He put himself into this predicament anyways so he’s getting what he deserves.

Mizore hesitates.. come on baby.. but Jack gets mad as he hits a shoulder into Mizore before a German Suplex. Jack sits up after that and shakes his head sadly. Oh come on, there is nothing wrong with computation Justin. Jack shouldn’t even be in that ring but don’t worry my baby will get it done. Just you watch.

After that Jack starts to get a bit of momentum on my girl. Even got the first pin attempt but that’s fine, my baby will get the last one *wink* After a knee drop to Mizore’s head Jack goes for a 2nd pin attempt but it’s no good! Hey stop that Jack! Jack grinds his elbow in Mizore’s head and Mike gets back in there. See, Jack, Mike’s going to do his job, no favoritism cuz you’re the boss!

Mizore rolls to the outside for a little breather as Jack argues with the ref. Hey, he’s just doing his job Jack, what you’re paying him for *wink* Mizore’s working to get to her feet and gets on the apron when Oh no Jack spots her and ship checks her right off the apron and into the guardrail… Come on Baby! Don’t let Jack be all cocky…

Jack is going out now, watch out baby her he comes. Hey, watch the hair! Ouch what a backhand, I can barely watch but I know my baby can do this! Oh wait is that? Yep there’s that look in my baby’s eyes. You’re in for it now Jack. Mizore punches him right in that bad liver of his before she gets up and kicks him in the knee before slamming his head into the metal barricade. But the count was getting close to 10 so Mizore gets Jack back into the ring. Yeah no count out loss for you Jack. Mizore again works that knee as she gives it a good kick followed by a Hard DDT! You show ‘em Baby!

And now It’s Mizore’s time to get some offense as she hits a corkscrew elbow drop causing Jack to go into a fetal position… Just like what Mizore did after Jack’s attack at SBD. Good. Ok, that makes me sound kind of bad but, I can’t help it. You seen what he did to Mizore right? Well anyways, Mizore stays on the attack hitting him a few times in the head. Jack tries to get back in this with an atomic drop but Mizore lands on her feet and kicks Jack in the stomach and grabs him by the ears. Should of gone with the mustache after he grabbed your hair… but still effective as she hits a double knee to Jack’s face! Jack drops to the mat and Mizore’s feeling it’s time to fly!

Mizore jumps off and goes for an elbow drop… No! Jack gets out of the way causing Mizore to hit that canvas hard. They are both down when a close up of Jack? Oh he’s bleeding pretty bad… but that’s fine. The janitor had to clean up Mizore’s blood after what he did to her at SBD. Guess this time it’ll be Jack’s…

They both get up and Mizore rushes Jack but Jack backdrops Mizore up and over the apron. Mizore grabs the back of Jack’s head before dropping his head right on the top rope. Jack falls back but doesn’t go down! That’s fine it’s what Mizore needs as she gets back into the ring and rushes forward an locks in a OCTOPUS LOCK!! Jack’s splitting up blood in agony! Come on Baby tighten that hold! Get him to the mat! No! Jack hip tosses her off! Mizore is back up fast and goes at Jack one more time but Jack drops and hits a punch straight to Mizore’s gut.. Ooff! Mizore doubles over and Jack grabs her arm… Uh oh I know where that is going. No… Jack locks in the Mean Machine Stretch! Come on Baby! You can get out of that! Don’t give up!!

Jack tries to really lock it in but my baby drops to a knee and escapes Jack’s clutches. She rolls way to get behind Back before hitting a brutal knee shot to his kidney. Jack tries to throw a wild back hand but Mizore keeps her speed up and gets to his front. After a savage kick she pushes him into the corner. Mizore gives him kick after kick in the corner and Ref Mike tries to pull her away. Can’t be mad at the ref for doing that since he is doing his job. Even if I think Jack deserves it. Dang… Mike tossed her out… not very nice but I can’t be mad. Mizore backs away but comes in with a dropkick to Jack’s chest but NO! Mizore connections with Mike’s jaw and he drops to the floor! I’d better pay attention in case Paragon tries to do something while the ref is down.

Mizore watches as the ref is looking pretty hurt. Watch out Baby! Jack grabs her and hits a headbutt! Wham! Hits another as Mizore drops to a knee.. Jack grimaces before grabbing the top of her head and Hits it again! I flinched as I heard that sicken crunch. No! He broke Mizore’s nose! That Jerk! I just wanna… no wait Mizore’s got this.. But I can see the pain in her eyes. She’s bleeding pretty fast. I have to hold my nerve trying to keep myself from going out there and just beating on Jack for that!

Instead I watched, inches away from dashing out there and all I see is Jack making a pinning cradle but there is no ref, remember Jack? You caused Mizore to send him crashing to the floor. Took a moment for Jack to even remember as he gets back up Jack gets up and starts yelling at a few HSW staff members assuming to get someone to bring him a ref, or wake up Mike. But better not keep your eye off the ball there as Mizore’s back up with a fire in her eyes. She stalks Jack and the crowd’s are loving it. Jack realizes what’s happening as he quickly turns around and goes for a right cross but Mizore ducks it and brings him down with a drop toe hold that she transitions beautifully into the SNOWBOUND!

Well, it does matter, Justin as that damage is still done, unlike a pin attempt *wink* but an ice pun? Well it should of been a blast pun as it was Jack’s fault Mizore hit Mike. My baby keeps that hold locked in tight! Jack does what he can rolls them both over but no luck as she still has it locked in. Another roll and he gets to the ropes. But sorry Jack, no ref, no rope break, and it’s Mizore’s time to teach YOU a lesson that you do NOT mess with the Ice Queen!

30 seconds in that hold and finally Jack begins to tap, But again no ref and Mizore keeps that hold locked in. Which almost gives me a slight feeling something may be about to happen as I tense up just in case. Won’t have Paragon getting in there to stop this. After all it’s what Jack deserves. And what he wanted right? Prove that you can get back from a beat down? Well, Mizore’s showing that fire right now.

Finally, Jack passes out and eventually Mizore’s let’s go of Jack to go see if she couldn’t get Mike back up. She’s not able to but during that time Jack starts to get up and finally stands up. Mizore sees this and goes in with a springboard move But NO! It’s countered with a BLAST FROM THE PAST!! Mizore is now down in the ring as Jack slumps down next to her.

Come on baby, get up! Was what I said aloud even if she couldn’t here me. Jack nearly goes for a pin but remembers Mike’s still out cold. Instead he leaves the ring and then I see him grabbing a Steel Chair!? Come on! This isn’t a no disqualification match! And there’s been enough of that already! Play by the rules Dang it!

Hold up… I just saw someone.. Yes! Christy Chaos is on her way to the ring! She’ll put a stop to Jack’s madness! Christy takes the chair away from Jack and the two of them begin to argue. All the while Mizore’s getting back to her feet! Sort this mess out CCC!


I… don’t know what to think of… she… CHRIST CHAOS JUST HIT MIZORE WITH THE STEEL CHAIR!!

I… what’s going on? She’s on our side right? She’s not supposed to do that? CCC goes down and gets Mike and tosses him into the ring as Jack pins Mizore! I… how could SHE!! This is… UGH!!

Mike somehow revives enough to make the 1…2… NO!! THREE!!

I… Gotta get out there… I refuse to stand by if those guys try something more on my love!!

So I rush out there and see those 5 jerks just celebrating their treturous victory. This isn’t a show… this is just Jack and Christy wanting to be big again and using the show to promote themselves! But I don’t care right now. Mizore’s my top priority.

So that’s how it all went down… I still can’t believe what they did. And at the end of it all I don’t care what they say.. Mizore’s your REAL HSW champion. Not Jack. And at Winter Survival you’d best believe that Jack will NOT survive as WiNTER IS COMING!!

… time for some Prime predictions!

Last Time: 3-2

(I’m not counting the Battle Royal. Kelsi didn’t even compete.)

Year to date: 20-9


Jud Kennelly Vs Luck Force Vs Nero Phoenix

Winner: Nero Phoenix

Reason: He’s the only one who’s won a match in HSW…


Little Yokai Vs Mystery Opponent

Winner: Mystery Opponent

Reason: Our last Mystery opponent was Eli Goode. Not sure who this one is but I’m sure they’ll be able to get the job done on LY right?


James Ceno Vs Shido Cavallari

Winner: Shido Cavallari

Reason: He had a good debut against Blair and besides, Ceno cheated to get the belt… so did Jack so I guess cheating runs in the Paragon group huh? But ironic because the slam before SBD Ceno was going on about how he lost via cheating… ok not going into that.. either way, a win against the champ might just put him in line for a title shot!


Annie Fugate Vs Gabrielle Martinez

Winner: Gabrielle Martinez

Reason: The day I pick Annie to win a match is well… the day things change and me, my sister, Auburn and Both Fugate Sisters can go and have that putting Smile. Until then…Get her Gabrielle!


Roller X Vs Kelsi Parr

Winner: Kelsi Parr

Reason: I’m not sure how my sister has been feeling. But these two have fought before and well, Kelsi won.


Paul Blair Vs Leon Cashmere

Winner: Leon Cashmere

Reason: See, I don’t make all my predictions based on my personal feelings towards them… *sticks out tongue* but I don’t see Paul winning this match. Though I wonder if that mystery woman from before will get involved? Who knows.


Amber Ryan Vs Maya Jensen

Winner: My Match

Reason: I’m ready!


Auburn Cox Vs Eli Goode

Winner: Auburn Cox

Reason: Auburn beat my sister and asked for this match! Go get ‘em Auburn! I believe in you!

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