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on Wed Nov 22, 2017 3:56 am
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It’s that time again Spring Kitties! Time for another edition of Prime Data. Now, before we begin, I know that some of you may know that I’m currently in two other feds, CWF and LAW. Truth be told I probably will not be making any Prime Data’s for the shows I’m apart of there. I appologies for all my CWF and LAW Spring Kitties that wish me to do it. Maybe some time I might put something up for those feds but for now I’m sticking with just the one.

So without further ado. Let’s get started!

Prime Data CardAd

Before the show officially gets under way. We get a little message from Jack and Christy about what happened in Las Vegas. It was a terrible tragedy and my heart goes out to all the families and people who suffered because of it.

Prime Data MidnightGaby

So, instead of the usual hype by our commentators (which they did try at least) we jump straight into our first match. Which I can’t say who I’m rooting for exactly since while I’d love to see Annie be put in her place, I want that #1 contendership and Gabrielle might be put in line for it if she wins.

Right out of the gate, Annie’s on the attack as she hits a few moves before she climbs on top of her and hits several hard shots. Jenna gets Annie to get off which I was a little surprised she didn’t keep going a bit longer. When Gabrielle begins to rise she tries to mount a comeback but it denied with an inverted DDT which was followed up by a reverse chinlock. Gabrielle fights out of it and again tries to get some offense going in her favor but Annie just doesn’t let up as a grabbed kick attempt ends with Gaby getting locked into a half Boston crab. I’m taking a few notes as I watch this even if I am still half way wanting Gaby to pull out a win.

Gabrielle makes it to the ropes but Annie just doesn’t let up as she takes her down with a hard clothesline. This follows with a few shots on her downed opponent before she’s feeling it’s time for her Lunar Eclipse! Which you know I have to agree with Annie how it’s name implies the moon being blocked, so it’s like she’d be defeating herself by using it. OOFFH I Spoke well as Gabrielle lifts the knees to block the attack. But is it enough to turn things around?

Gabrielle takes up some offense and gets some momentum going. After two two counts she’s feeling it’s time for her Latina Bomb! NO! Annie counters with a spine buster! But that bit of momentum really fired Annie up as she his several stomps and headshots. More than enough to make even my head hurt. Gabby tries to get up after Jenna finally gets Annie back but Annie comes in with vicious kick to the head. Annie picks Gabrielle back up and puts her right back down with a Double undertook. That’s when Annie was feeling it as when Gabrielle gets back up. STROKE OF MIDNIGHT! And that’s all she wrote.

While I’m sad Gabrielle wasn’t able to put Annie in her place… like I said, I’m still in line for the #1 contendership. Smile

Next we head backstage and oh look there’s Auburn. She’s pretty cheerful and wait, is that roller skates? I knew it! My sister comes over wanting to talk to Auburn. Oh? Could maybe she’s realized how wrong she’s been? Aww, she’s apologizing. And Ooh, she wants an Auburn hug! They really do know how to… WHAT THAT!! Roller X just hit Auburn with her cursed skull!

Come on sis stop that. Roller X doesn’t let up as she hits her Spinning X signature move with one of her skates on. Come on enough of that. But Roller X his hits her more doing more damage and finally ends with a final Cursed Skull with her helmet. I mean Come on sis, what was that all about?

Kelsi’s next? Wait, what does she mean by that? Well, their match was next so ok, looks like she’s not going to be trying a backstage attack on her.

Prime Data RXKelsi

Ok, there she is, on the way to the ring. Not skating, guess she did break that one skate. But she gets up and… hey, why isn’t she getting in the ring? I got a bad feeling about this.

Soon, Kelsi makes her way out, I’m just hoping she’s paying attention. She’s doing her entrance normally and o.O Derby Smash to the outside of the ring! Come on Britney stop that! Both girls are down! Come on Kelsi! Don’t let, ok there we go! Kelsi was up first and his a short-armed clothesline… wait NO! Roller X somehow grabs Kelsi’s arm during it and locks Kelsi in the X-Blade Trap after they got to the floor.

Roller X keeps the X-Blade Trap locked in tight. Outside of the ring… come on the match hasn’t even started! Jenna’s calling for her to let go but Roller X keeps it locked in. Oh good Kelsi’s tapping, maybe now.. What Britney let her go!

It was enough for Jenna though as she waved off the match. I can’t believe that. Well, I can but really Britney, why are you acting all aggressive? Well, Jenna heads out to force the break up but *whew* ok Roller X is letting go… ANOTHER CURSED SKULL! Come on sis, why?

After all that, we finally head backstage where CCC is talking with Kelly. Wait what does she mean ‘if she can prove it’. Mizore’s the REAL HSW Champion, and besides, are you trying to ‘wave’ her rematch clause now? Tests? What tests? Well, guess we’ll have to find out later as she’s interrupted by Annie of all people.

Greatest group of all time? Ugh, Please Annie, why not just join them hmm? That’ll make things easier for me to just hate you all the more. Not to mention it’d make it that much sweeter for in one Night, Paragon LOSES! every single title the company has to offer Wink

Despite that, I’m curious as to what Annie wants anyways. Maybe to ask to join? Oh, she wants… Me? Good! Come on Book it Christy! No? Oh, A #1 contendership match for next show? Good. I’ll make sure to WIN That and secure my spot at Winter Survival to take that belt from you. Greatest Woman I the company? *eye roll*

Prime Data LYMystery

Next up we have that Mystery opponent match against Little Yokai. I mean guess they needed to give whomever an ‘easier’ opponent. Though, I wonder who it is? I mean it could be… Dustin Jobber!?!

Yeah ok.. I wasn’t expecting that. Seriously, Little Yokai was in the ring… first oddly enough. And suddenly he’s attacked by Dustin Jobber!

Oh, this should be an ‘interesting’ match. I mean Yokai has been taking it to the Jobber brothers and… What? Seriously! The bell rings and Yokai actually ROLLS DUSTIN IN A SMALL PACAKGE! AND gets the three count!

Wow… I’m just… wow.

Prime Data AuburnEli

Auburn’s match and good she was able to recover enough from her backstage attack as she’s her usual cheerful self.

The match starts up and o.O Right out of the gate, the Cornish pasty! But Eli doesn’t give in as he falls back and slams Auburn to the mat. There’s a lot of back and forth going on as Eli his a Pele Kick and eventually locks in a reverse chinlock. Auburn refuses to give up however as she rolls him up and uses it to escape the hold! Go Auburn!

Eli goes to grab her but It’s Hugging Time! As Auburn hugs Eli! But it wasn’t all as she shifts into a chokehold STO as she has a Reverse Chinlock of her own locked in, but Eli pries himself free. There’s some more back and forth as they trade a few moves before it’s Auburn dodges a clothesline attempt and hits a reverse neck breaker! Oh, no Auburn don’t cover! Well she almost did but instead she starts up those ‘Yes’ kicks but Eli ducks the last one before DROP KICK!

Come on Auburn get up! Wait, what’s Eli doing? Get back in the ring. Don’t… Is that a Crowbar?!? Eli gets back in the ring ready to deck Auburn with it. No! Auburn sides steps it and after he drops it, CORNISH PASTY LOCKED IN!!

Eli fights the hold and soon backs Auburn into the corner finally getting free. But his arm’s taking major damage. Auburn grabs his arm and slams it to the mat like a DDT! Eli is in pain now and Cross Armbar! Yeowch that’s gotta hurt!

Auburn has the hold locked in and Eli’s reaching for.. wait the crowbar’s still there!? Eli grabs it and No! He stings it over hitting Auburn in the gut! Not a good night for Auburn and foreign objects. Well, Eli drops the crowbar for now, locking in an Abdominal Stretch. Come on Auburn! Wait, doesn’t seem Eli thinks it’ll get the job down as he tosses her to the mat. Followed by a hard kick to the gut and she’s out to the floor. And Eli goes after her!

Outside, Eli keeps his advantage hitting her back with a forearm followed by a open right hand. Eli tries to grab her but he’s shoved back. Auburn goes to strike but Eli ducks and lifts her up… Uh oh, he’s looking for the Goode Bye out there! That may be light out for Auburn!

No! Auburn slides off and plants him with an inverted DDT! Auburn catches a breather before tossing Eli back in the ring. She goes to fly but NOW Goode BYE in the AIR! Eli makes the mistake to try and cover first, can’t blame him, those things are instinct. Finally he locks her in the Goode Night!

Auburn fights this and soon grabs the ropes. Go Auburn! Eli let’s go and drags her to the center of the ring. He goes to lock in the Good Night again but.. No! Auburn locks him in the Cornish pasty for the 3rd time in this match! But will it be enough?! Yes! Eli taps out as the pain to that worked on Arm was just too much! Auburn Wins!

You know I just realized something. The Auburn and Eli match was the the advertised Main event. o.O So who has the main event?! I dunno but back in the show we see… uh, a room with some guy in a suit and not sure who that other person is.

Uh, wait art of canibalizsm, first, cabin… wait Fray? Ok, so he’s saying he actually killed those people. I’m.. not really sure what to really say. I mean you can’t tell me she was able to break through that kind of glass… unless it was an ‘act’ gone wrong?

I don’t know… but regardless it’s sounds like she’s getting some help. Well, one way or another that’s good.

Prime Data BlairCashmere

There’s Paul Blair coming down pretty arrogant as always. He then grabs a, Paragon sign? Well, fans are allowed to like who they like, I can’t fault them for that. But come on Blair, there’s no need to tear up his sign.

There goes Paul claiming to be a tag champion again. Makes me wonder if he’ll still be doing it once the Frost Elite becomes the TRUE tag team Champions at Winter Survival? Wink

Leon doesn’t seem to pleased with Blair’s mocking with that fake tag belt. Further proving it by clobbering Blair before the ref had a chance to even start the match! Can’t say Blair didn’t deserve it.

Leon’s off like a rocket when the bell finally rings and hits Blair with a hard clothesline. Leon takes complete control as he goes to work on Blair, even a few times getting close to a disqualification. Finally, after a kick out from Blair, Leon picks him up and send shim into the ropes! But Blair comes back with the Blair-Line!

Blair takes control after a quick pin attempt. Blair hits him with quick DDT, stomps on him a few times, and when Leon gets to a knee he grabs him and hits him with a hard right hand. Poor Jeff, he’s nearly lost control of this match.

Blair picks up Leon and goes for a Power Bomb! TMJ! Leon counters with his TMJ! Both men are down before Leon gets up. That’s when my baby’s music begins to play. Am I shocked? Well no. Why? Because I knew exactly what was going on of course. Wink

Regardless of all that, this gets Leon’s attention as he’s ready for my baby to come out, but nothing happens. To bad Leon wasn’t paying attention to his actual opponent as he turns around and BLAIR KICK!

Blair makes the cover and gets the three count!

So Blair does some celebrating and as I catch on what our lovely commentators were talking about. And no that match was NOT fair, Justin. It’s not going to keep my baby from winning her championship back at Winter Survival though.

We head back stage to the traitor.. I mean CCC’s office. Wait is that a HSW CEO Belt? Ok, I’m actually laughing at that. Anyways, Eli comes in and seems to want a match against James Ceno for a rematch. I agree with Eli, I mean Ceno not only cheated to win the match but also the rubber match is what the fans want! Seems Christy agrees despite her annoyance at Eli telling her what’s what. Yeah stick it to her Eli!

Hold up.. a.. Ceno’s Paragon membership? What the? That just doesn’t make any sense. I mean if he wants to join why not just ask to join? Not that I think he should but really? I dunno, maybe he wants to join but think’s Ceno’s such a bad member of the group that he should be removed.

Though geese if everyone trying to diminish my ‘victory over a Paragon member?’ Well, guess that will just have to change later as I take on Amber Wink

Which is.. wait not next?! I’m ready for my match now! *sigh* Well, more Show to come.

Prime Data CenoShido

Speaking of Ceno, seems it’s his match that’s next. I’m curious as to what this Shido guy has to offer. I mean yeah we seen his first match but… Ceno was right… no not about that stupid parent thing. As Ceno’s NOT my biological father…. But Shido didn’t even do anything to ‘hype’ up the match like he did against Blair last Slam. Guess we’ll see.

This match started off back and forth before Ceno gets shifts momentum into his favor after an Angle Slam. Ceno keeps control until he locks in a Crossface but Shido rolls into a cover forcing Ceno to let go. Shido gets a it of offense even a two count after a Fireman’s Carry Spinbuster Finally, Ceno hits a release German duplex and it’s back in Ceno’s favor. Even see that Suplex Zone, which Razz never tried that on me. Wouldn’t of worked but still. Wink

Ceno goes for the Electric Fire but Huricarana! Shido get’s away and has a breather. Both men get up and Shido goes for a Step-Up Enziguir, NO! He grabs his foot. Then locks in the Electric Fire! Come on Shido don’t tap… yeah I know but I’d prefer Ceno get another loss on his record after what he… dang, Shido’s tapping. *sigh*

Ceno celebrates but I catch what Justin and Jonathan were discussing. No, Justin. Amber will NOT win that match. I promise you that!

So, I see Paul Blair’s backstage pretty full of himself. Claiming he’s the Tag Team Champions… Again I have to wonder if he’ll still be saying that when me and Mizore win those belts. Wink

Then again I wonder if Paragon will be doing something about him constantly… wait! Hold on that woman from last show is back again and attacking Blair!?! Is she actually working for Paragon?! It would explain why she’s been singling out Blair… that unless she’s just a Ruler Rooster who was shunned by Blair and she’s out for REVENGE!!… ok I have no idea.

But what she did… it was brutal. First she hits him with more than a few chair shots before sending a warning glare to Justin Mason to leave. She picks him up and slams him into a wall before spearing him right back into it. Then she found a table and… come on don’t make a mess… oh guess she’s already making a mess… well after removing the items off the table she brings it over to Blair before sending him through it with an impressive looking move. But STILL she wasn’t done as she took the chair from early and placed it under him… uh oh that can’t be good. The Woman then finds another table as she jumps off it and hits some kind of flying double foot stomp to him. OUCH! The woman then takes his fake belt and tosses it in the trash before leaving.

Then we’re met with the ‘Non-Stop Terror’ Display. What does that even mean? I mean ok she sure showed herself being a Non-stop Terror but… I guess we’ll find out eventually. For now.. It’s time for my match. Here we go!

Prime Data AmberMaya

So my match was set for the Main Event. 2nd time that’s happened. But I head down to the ring, with both butterflies, determination, and a will to succeed!

Her entrance… man what an entrance. It was intimidating but I wasn’t about to let that stop me. I would be brave. I would make my stand and show Amber JUST what I was made of.

The bell rings and we begin to circle. The tension was high but Amber just waves at me nonchalantly? I’ll show her! I hit her with a hard right but she laughs and hits me with one of her own. We got in a slugfest after that. I think Mike shouted at us to stop at one point. But eventually, Amber blocked one of my strikes before hitting me with one of her own. I stagger back and go for another but a kick to the side stopped that. Followed by another right, a kick and a left which knocks me down.

I was already starting to feel that pain as I work to get up but I’m brought back dow with a snap mare Driver only to be mounted and more hard shots! Mike had my back though as he gets Amber to get off. And Amber shoves him. Really? You better not get yourself Disqualified! You’re supposed to lose this match by my doing.

Well another kick and Amber gets me in the Dragon Sleeper. I hear the crowds cheering me on to get out as the pain just comes in from the hold. I wasn’t going to let that stop me though as I fight though the pain before wrapping my legs around Amber’s head and hitting a head scissors! This gets me free as I sit up. I get all the way up as I see Amber get up too. I run at her and give her a nice one-handed Bulldog following it up with a lionsault. I cover but a two count. Guess I couldn’t expect it to be over that fast but I didn’t stop my attacks s I kick Amber before hitting a Snap DDT. When she gets back up. I grab her and lock her in the 18 WAVES of PAIN!

I have that hold locked in forcing it as tight as I could to inflict as much pain as possible. I noticed Amber spitting in Mike’s face and had to feel sorry for him as that wasn’t the first time someone did that to him. He’s just doing his job guys.

Wonder if that caused me to small laps in my hold but Amber brings her right arm free and grabs the ropes and I’m forced to let go. Amber was catching a breather but I wasn’t done as I hit the ropes and BAM! Tiger Spirit Kick! Amber rolls to the outside as I just sit up and watch as Amber does the same. But I wasn’t going to give her that breather either as I slide out and again we get into a fist war! I think Mike said something, but sadly I was to fired up to catch what he said. We continued trading shot until BLOCK and a kick to my guy again. Suddenly, I’m grabbed by my neck and flung into the steps. That hurt… Mike was saying something again but I was to busy getting kicked hart in the gut. Seemed Amber caught it though as I barely noticed Mike hit 7 as Amber goes back into the ring, I will myself to get going into the ring as well when I seen she came right back out.

My rise didn’t last to long though as I’m shoved right back into the steps. This was followed up by a hard Yakuza kick as my head met the steps and I was seeing stars. But I couldn’t let up. I couldn’t let her beat me!

Next thing I know is I’m being tossed back into the ring and I felt Amber make the cover as she puts her elbow in my face.. Jerk. But I was not going to go down like that as I kick out just in time before the three count.

I’m pulled up and sent into the corner where Amber hits me with her fists and kicks. I take them all as the pain was only escalating with each blow. Then she starts to chock me but Mike pulls her off me. But it was short lived as before I get hit with a hard right kick right to my gut again. The pain sends me out of the corner but an arm drag gets me to the ground before she transitions into an armor tightening the hold once more.

I was not going to let it end that way as I fight to get out. I finally got enough strength to try and turn and pull myself out when suddenly she let got and hit me with a quick Snap Suplex before going for a cover. NO! I kicked out! Amber picks me up but I wasn’t going to let take more momentum as I hit her with my Frigid Ice Wall!

I wanted to cover but I just couldn’t as I laid there. But that’s when I could hear the fans cheering! Willing me to get up! So I gathered up my strength as I pull myself up to my feet. I wasn’t going to let my Spring Kitties down! Or myself! Amber also made it to her feet. She steps up but I duck her fist as I hit her with a quick Russian Legsweep. Amber was down but now it was time to end this!

I made my way over to the top turnbuckle not going to fast as I was still tired and I needed my energy if this didn’t get the job done. Once I was in position I waited for Amber to get up… It was now of Never! I lept off hitting the X-Blade Crash! But I knew it wasn’t going to be enough. And I had one final move in my arsenal. As I’m doing this match for my loved ones. I’m doing it for my fans. I’m doing this for Mizore. But at the end of the day, I’m doing it for me…

Green NO More!.. No she dodged it! I turn around to try again but I get kicked in the guy and planted with the Original Sin!

So that was that. I lost… I failed… I.. ok enough Maya. Anyways… that wasn’t the end of the show. Yeah you’d think it was.. and no it wasn’t because of a Paragon attack or anything… I’m nothing to them so why would they bother?

But no I had some things to say… yeah, odd. Me talking in the ring. That’s something that doesn’t happen. But I wanted to say something.

But, I’ve kept you in suspense long enough. Yeah, I called out Leon Cashmere to a match on Slam 9. Why Slam 9? Well I have a #1 contendership match to win on Slam 8 after all Wink

So I called Leon out. I needed to let them all know that I would not just be slinking away and hiding. I don’t care what Amber may be thinking now.

But… that’s really not the end of what happened. I did say that it wasn’t a Paragon Attack… well I lied a bit there. As right as I finished up and was about to head to the back… WHAM! I was blind sided by James CENO!

But I didn’t entirely lie as he was’t out there for Paragon business… No he was out there to belittle me and try to give me more ‘proof’ that he’s my dad. Ugh when will he learn. He is NOT my father!

Didn’t stop him from adding insult to injury as he even left me with the stupid book. Like he couldn’t of just photoshopped it. Or hire someone more likely.

But ugh.. my head hurts… but yeah that’s the end of the show. Odd, way to end it, with all the Paragon things that’s been happening since Summer BreakDown.

But enough of that.. it’s time for Prime Predictions!

Prime Data D0ImlfT

Last Time: 1-4

(Ugh, so many messed up predictions… Seriously, who’d of predicted it to be Dustin Jobber as the Mystery opponent? Or that Blair would upset Leon?)

Year to date: 21-13

Prime Data LYWallace


Little Yokai Vs Wallace

Winner: Wallace

Reason: I almost have a regret picking Wallace. Just well, I have no idea who this guy is. But he’s facing Little Yokai… But Yokai has gotten an upset on 2 debuting Superstars thus far… So I don’t know.

Prime Data HitmenJobbers


The Hitmen Vs The Jobber Squad

Winner: The Hitmen

Reason: It’s the Jobber Squad! And whatever momentum they had going on Frontline two, they clearly lost.

Prime Data BlairKelsi


Paul Blair Vs Kelsi Parr

Winner: Kelsi Parr

Reason: She can take him!

Prime Data 3Way


Gabrielle Vs Maya Jensen Vs Auburn Cox

Winner: My Match

Reason: I figured Gabrielle would be put I the match. But Auburn? Not that I don’t think she deserves the shot. Just I dunno thought she wanted the World title more.

Prime Data MidnightAmber


Annie Fugate Vs Amber Ryan

Winner: Amber Ryan

Reason: I despise Annie Fugate… she’s a jerk. Amber, Is tough and I can’t say I hate her… not to the extent of how much I dislike Annie. But I’m going with the one who’s better.

Prime Data CenoMizore


James Ceno Vs Mizore Payne

Winner: Mizore Payne

Reason: My baby’s match and she will douse that fire with her Ice cold prowess! Give him an extra punch for me sweetie Smile

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