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on Wed Nov 22, 2017 3:40 am
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Hello everyone, welcome to my brand new blog!  If anyone is wondering what happened to my old one.  Well, Let's just say with the changes that I've gone through, I'm ready to put that part of my life behind me.

So, for anyone who's unfamiliar with my old Blog, I primarially only talk about the latest wrestling show that I'm apart of.  Of Course, Extreme Wrestling Entertainment has sadly gone under.  Yeah I know my mom and step-dad did all they could to save it, but in the end it wasn't enough.

After recuperating from what happened to me before EWE closed, and finishing school, I'm ready to rejoin the wrestling world.  I'm already in the works of getting my contract set up and here's hoping that I'll get my match soon.

In the meantime, I've been watching the last episode that LAW has put on, LAW #61.  And while I was not there, I'm going to go ahead and begin with this show.  So without further ado, let's get started.

L.A.W. #61

The show opens and after the video, Kenzi Grey along with Sarah Selena Lacklan, come out to the ring.  Seems Kenzi had an issue with two of the comentators but as I'm still new I can't say I know what happened.

Anyways, Kenzi get in the ring and starts to defend herself at what the LAW chairman said about her during the night before.  Wish I had more to really say about it but seems to me that Mr. Dupree was hiding facts to put down Kenzi and explain why even though she won a match against Keira Fisher, Keira got a title match.

As I listen to Kenzi, I wondered what kind of person she is.  There's those who have been wronged and they do their best to defend themselves... I know alot about that.  Then there's the ones who only believe they were wronged and make up excuses as to why that is.  I've seen that kind too.

So a little jump scare to Skye Sparks and Kenzi leaves with Sarah to the back.

[img style="max-width%;" src="https://illiweb.com/fa/pbucket.gif" alt=" "]

This match starts off with some nice showmanship as both Maria and Ana shake hands before it starts.  After that, the match truely begins as they start off with a test of strength, with Maria coming out on top.  However, Ana gets out of the predicament and when Maria tries to keep the pressure on, it's anna who hits a swinging neck breaker to shift momentum to her favor.  

Sadly, it's short lived as she fails a missile drop kick.  I sure know how that can feel.  Maria tries to pick up a pinfall right after a German Suplex but it's no good.  She tries for another suplex but Ana counters with an attack to her side.  Ana starts to take back control hitting a DDT that gets her a 2 count.

Another high flying mess-up gives Maria the chance she needs to lock in her Sleepin Wit Da Fishes, yes it's spelled that way as I made sure to look it up.  Ana taps out ending the match.

I seen that Ana Archia was a new comer.  It's a sad way to start off your career, but hey, here's hoping you can turn things around in your next match. [img alt="Smile" class="smile" src="http://storage.proboards.com/forum/images/smiley/smiley.png"]    

Next, we head backstage to the office of the General Manager, Megan Helms-King.  I assume that's one of those hyphenated last names, though it sure doesn't roll off the tongue like I've seen some do.  Anyways, she's interrupted by... guys wearing black?  Uh, ok.  Seems they're there with that Sara Lacklan.. oh I mean Sara Selena Lacklan... who was on stage with Kenzi Grey at the start of the show.  She's really odd though, speaking of wanting to make people bleed, reminds me of... nah, it couldn't be her... she disappeared some time ago, though we never really did find out who she really was....

So back to the show, Sarah seems to want a match against someone named Kate Bass (forgive me if I still don't know who some of these people are yet).  Anyways, Seems Mrs. Helms-King allows it or.. actually I'm not fully sure what was going on.  She signs a contract and then Sarah stabs a guy with an old quill to sign her name.  The way she talked, it sounded like the contract was more than just your typical match contract, so honestly, I can't say what happened but Sarah seems to have gotten what she wanted as her and her cronies left the room.

We are then treated to a backstage interview with Carmen Diaz and Kate Steele With her husband Teddy.  I'll admit something though, when I first saw Carmen's name on the website, I thought it said Cameron Diaz.  I was like, "She's named after the actress?"  But obviously I was wrong.  Anyways, Kate and her husband talk about Kate's match tonight.  Even mention how Kate and Kenzi are the number 1 contenders to the Tag Team championships.  Ah, that brings me back.  In my old fed, me and Mizore held on to the Diva's Tag Team championships for the longest time.  Sadly, Mizore's done with being a competitor, otherwise we'd probably go after those titles.

Anyways, Kate does some trash talking and is interrupted by the very one she was talking about, Crystal Millar.   Kate's still convinced she'll be able to win the match since she'll have her husband there at ringside with her.  *sigh* Seems he periodically gets involved in Kate's matches, I'll have to take note of that.  Crystal seems to have an answer to that though as she reveals she's going back to her old manager,  Daniel Pollaski.  The four of them exchange more words, then after a cheap shot by Daniel, him and his client leave for the ring.

[img style="max-width%;" src="https://illiweb.com/fa/pbucket.gif" alt=" "]

Somehow, Kate and Teddy make it to the ring first, but either way, seems that's what Crystal wanted as she attacks Kate before the bell even rang.  But soon the match was underway.  It stays back and forth a bit, until Kate starts to pick up movement, hitting a hurricanrana.  She begins to showboat but seems Teddy tried to give his wife more time to recover as he gets on the apron and says some things to Crystal.   It doesn't last long as Pollaski yanks him off but Crystal decides it's not enough or perhaps to send a message as she jumps out of the ring and hits Teddy on the outside.

I'm not sure if that was even called for, not that I know much about these guys yet, and Pollaski seemed to have Teddy in check, but nonetheless, Crystal may have regretted her decision as when she attempts to get back in the ring, Kate is able to take back control of the match.  Even gets a 2 count after hitting a tornado DDT.  Crystal starts fighting back after that but after a failed 'Flashing Lights' kick, Kate is able to take advantaged and gets Crystal in her Shipwrecked submission.

It sure looks painful, and Crystal fights through it.  Getting to the ropes, only for Teddy to yank back the ropes.  *sigh* I guess I'll need to watch out for those kinds of tactics whenever I face Kate Steele.  Good thing I have my own manager to help put a stop to it, [img src="http://storage.proboards.com/forum/images/smiley/wink.png" class="smile" alt="Wink"].

So, the ref sees what Teddy is doing and gets on to him.  I was glad to see it did help Crystal, as Kate released the hold, only for her to pull out some brass knuckles.  She misses, thankfully, but a drop kick from Crystal sends Kate into the ref.  Pollaski then gives Crystal a chair but as she goes to hit kate with it, but her husband steps into the ring to keep that from happening.  But then Crystal tosses the chair to Teddy and I was just as confused as anyone else was as she then proceeds to fall down.  That was until the ref gets back up and kicks Teddy out of the match.  Yeah, seems Crystal set him up but that wasn't all as she fakes an injury.  Kate tries to capitalize but Crystal's ruse works as she hits her 'That's a Wrap' finisher and scores the pinfall.

After the match, Crystal does a little gloating, but it doesn't sit to well with Kate as she uses those brass knuckles to hit Crystal with that superman punch from earlier and proceeds to put Crystal in the Siren's Song.  The ref nor Crystal's manager were able to break her off but a returning Zoey Madigan seems to do the trick.  Well, I only know she's returning from what I've read online.  But hey, it gets the job done as Kate escapes with her husband into the crowd before it's cut to something else.

That very something else, being that of Lucas Dupree's office as Kenzi Grey, Sarah Selena Lacklan, and what appears to be Kenzi's lawyer, Dani Chow.  I did wonder what happened to the two guys who were with Lacklan from earlier, but I guess it didn't matter.

Dani Chow, seemed to be trying to get Mr. Dupree to see reason for Kenzi... though I have to say it's quite obvious she's still learning english, not trying to sound insulting or anything.  Anyways, Seems, Mr. Dupree's solution to the problem was to give Kenzi a mentor which Kenzi pretty much took it as given a babysitter, which Mr. Dupree doesn't deny it.  I'll say though, obviously this was before I started to put together my contract, because I'm not sure how old Kenzi and Lacklan are, but I'm pretty sure I'm currently the youngest talent on the roster now... Seeing how my 18th birthday isn't until May 19th.

Anyways, Kenzi's not to happy about Mr. Dupree's original choice for the mentor, as seems Kenzi has some issues with Amy Jo Smyth, and not to forget Ms Smyth is best friends with the LAW General Manager.  A fact I didn't know until just now.  Dani Chow attempts to get Mr. Dupree to change his mind, which may have worked as he says he's going to officially reveal who the mentor is after Kenzi's match, however, it could still be Ms. Smyth.  Kenzi tries to protest but Dani Chow gets her out of there incase it causes more trouble.

Next up, we have the LAW Champion, Amy Jo Smyth, playing with a remote controlled car.  Looks like she's having fun until her opponent that night, Kayla Winters, shows up.  She makes it clear what her intentions for their match, saying it won't be fun, and then proceeds to knock over Smyth's toy... I agree with her and saying that was pretty rude.   Winters leaves and Amy finds out the toy ambulance was broken.  That wasn't very nice of Winters.  But Smyth leaves and we head off to the next match.

[img src="https://illiweb.com/fa/pbucket.gif" style="max-width:100%;" alt=" "]

This next match seemed to have a lot of hype for it.  You could hear it in the fans cheering and chanting.  I did a bit of research and it seems while Farrah Martell was one of the current Tag Team Champions as she was teaming up with one half of the former tag team champions.  It makes me wonder why it was set up like this, but I guess it didn't really matter.  On the other side was Jessika Hyde and Kenzi Grey, as Kenzi was one half of the #1 contenders for the Tag Team championship.. didn't I mention that already?  Another thing I don't understand is why I saw it referred to a Mixed Tag match.  I thought that's when both team's consist of one Men's division wrestler and one women's division wrestler and they have to tag out if the other side makes a tag.  

Regardless, this match gets started with Farrah and Jessika?  No wait, Katie tags herself in and those two go at it awhile, though it quickly esculated into a brawl as Jessika vicious assault is counted by Katie shifting gears into some form of fight mode, using punches and kicks.  She even starts to choke Jessika and nearly gets disqualified but is broken up by her own partner in this match, Furrah.  Then they began to get into it, shoving each other.  Come on girls, you're not supposed to be fighting each other...

Anyways, that ends with Furrah sending Kenzi to the floor.  Jessika tries to now assault Furrah but is stopped with a Vicious "Kiss This" snapmare driver.  Furrah then turns to Kenzi and wants her to get into the ring... but Kenzi just flips her the bird and goes back to her corner.  

I'm not sure when a tag was made between Kenzi and Jessika Hyde, but seems things continued a bit with a show down between the kenzi and Furrah.  Kenzi escapes to the floor and Furrah seemed to have abandoned the match as she followed her after.

It wasn't long before the match just turned into an all out brawl on the outside of the ring between all 4 competitors.  No one was on anyone's side and the ref just throws the match out.    Seems the ref wasn't enough to get them to stop their fighting and security had to come in.  Even took them awhile to get the ladies subdued.

So after all that, it's time to see who Mr. Dupree has chosen for Kenzi's mentor.  Turns out, it's Mackenzie Roberts.  Yeah I say that like I know who she is.  Again I'm still new here but from what I read, she's the number 1 Contender to the LAW Championship. And based on Kenzi's actions... the two of them do not get along.

Anyways, Mr. Dupree sets the ground rules for Ms. Roberts, as seems she wasn't even a way as to why she was there.  Mr. Dupree informs her that she's to report to the General Manager, but Ms. Chow makes sure the it was to Mr. Dupree himself, due to the bias the GM would have.  Mr. Dupree agrees and Kenzi does not react well.

Thankfully Ms. Lacklan is able to hold her off from doing something she would of regretted, and instead she just storms out of the room.

Also seems Mr. Dupree doesn't think that Kenzi will last till the next show, but guess we'll see.

So we return to ringside where we see Maria Salvatore heading out there with her husband and... whoever Mr. Reagan is.  I'm sorry about not knowing who some of these people are.

Anyways, Maria gets in the ring where she lets everyone know she's been made the #1 contender to the Chaos Championship.  Hmm.. Maria Salvatore... Chaos Championship... Salvatore... Chaos... Eh sorry, just reminds me of this guy I knew of.

Nonetheless, Maria asks for the current Chaos Champ to come out to the ring, which she obliges.   Maria then let's everyone know of her disdain for the more 'extreme rules' type matches that seems the Chaos Championship is designed for.  Then gets Sam Tolson to agree to a Pure Rules match.  The match rules does sound interesting, though I wonder how they'll keep track of the 20 second count for outside the ring?

Anyways, Maria is determined to win the Chaos Championship to bring about a new Pure Rules Championship.  Ms. Tolson doesn't believe for a second that she'll win the match and after a stare down they go to a commercial.. and I got get me a snack.

[img alt=" " src="https://illiweb.com/fa/pbucket.gif" style="max-width:100%;"]

This match starts off with the LAW Champion, Amy Jo Smyth, showing off some good sportsmanship.  Instead of a handshake she goes for a fist bump.  Unusual, yes but it still shows good sportsmanship to me, and it's nice to see even after what happened with her remote controlled Ambulance.

The match gets underway and seems Smyth is having trouble really with Kayla's strength.  The match is mostly back and forth but Winters still seems to be more in control though before she can really get things rolling, Amy manages a counter.

Eventually, Winters catches Smyth in a bearhug, some shots to the head eventually causes Kayla to let go.  Smyth drops to the mat and Winters looks to capitalize Smyth grabs her in a Triangle choke.  It looks effective at first but then Kayla just lifts Amy up and drops her with a body slam... man that girl is tough.

A two count later and Smyth rolls out of the ring, but Kayla was on her as things aren't looking good for the LAW Champion.  Finally, Winters gets Smyth back in the ring and goes for her Special K, but Smyth shows her resilience by moving out of the way.  Man neither of these ladies are going down easily.

Amy capitalizes with a shoulder breaker followed by her Five-O.  Smyth attempts to lift her up for her finisher, but that strength issue doesn't help as she gets a half hearted Death By Glitter.  But still doesn't get a three count.

More back and forth as you can tell the match is wearing down on them.  But after some fun in the ropes, Amy gets Smyth in an Fujiwara armbar.  To bad for that bad shoulder of Kayla's as she instantly taps out.

Next, we're treated to Gabby Camacho in the ring as she let's us know she's more a fighter, than a talker.  I know a little about that, but mine was more a different reason as to why I never said much on camera... but that was in the past.

Either way, she tells us about how she's been in the company since LAW #9 and had only 1 show off since then, which is pretty impressive.  She even mentioned a few people she's defeated, including one Kiera Fisher, you know, I think Keira was in my old fed at one point.  But it's been so long I don't remember, if I was even around when she was.

Either way, Gabby seems to want a piece of Kenzi Grey... man is she popular.. and while Kenzi did try to go out there to the ring, her new mentor prevented her from doing so.

I have wondered if Kenzi would have gotten by Mackenzie, but she didn't as they both went to the back, and Gabby soon after.

[img alt=" " style="max-width%;" src="https://illiweb.com/fa/pbucket.gif"]

The final match of the show was a title match for the LAW Breakout Championship.  As far as the match went, it was pretty back and forth.  No sooner had one hit a move or two, the other would counter and do one or two moves themself.

The real interesting part here was Maria.  I'm not sure who she was but as I watched the match, I couldn't tell who she was there for.  I mean, she'd check on Orchid, then Etsuko, then back to the other... it was odd.

But the real kicker happened at the end of the match.  Seemed Etsuko was ready to end the match as she pulled out.. wait is that a knife?  What's she planning on doing with that...

Then Maria seems to have some kind of remote and... is that a shock collar?  Ok, that's just strange.  So, anyways, Maria seems to want Orchid to wait until Etsuko has recovered from the shock, but Orchid doesn't listen, only to be racked in the eyes by Etsuko and planted with the Mizusaka Special.  Seems that's all it took as she got the pinfall and became the new Breakout Champion.

More confusion with Maria, but seemed Etsuko wasn't done with that knife of hers as she again tries to use it on Orchid... guess it's a good thing she's got that shock collar on as Maria makes use of it again.

Orchid has a look of confusion on her face as she gets up and heads out and Maria checks on Etsuko as the show ends.

That's all she wrote and I have to say it was interesting to watch what all was happening.  It also made me even more excited to finally get in that ring.  But before that, there's one more show and it's now time for Prime Predictions! Where I predict just who I believe will win the matches on the next show.  Now.. let's begin!

[img style="max-width%;" src="https://illiweb.com/fa/pbucket.gif" alt=" "]

Last Time: N/A

(It's my first one, so go figure)

Year to Date: 0 - 0

Starlight vs. Anarchia
Winner: Starlight
Reason: Honestly, I don't know who either of those two are.  But being new will do that to you.  Well ok, Anaaachia did lose to Maria, so there's that. So I'll give it to Starlight, for that and well, I like her name.

Kayla Winters vs. Jessika Hyde

Winner: Kayla Winters
Reason: Seriously, I just saw Kayla take it to the LAW champ.  And with that power she has I think it will be hard for Ms. Hyde to get past.  Unless the match ends like Jessika's did last time, but I have a feeling it won't.

Katalina Starr vs. Sam Tolson
Winner: Sam Tolson
Reason: Well, I don't know much about Sam, except she's the Chaos Champion.. and that's the Extreme Rules based title.  So yeah, I can see her pulling out a win.  Hope she's better by this show, since the last one she looked sick.

Sarah Lacklan/Kenzi Grey/Kate Steele vs. the Boardwalk Angels (Zoey, Farrah and Courtney)
Winner: The Boardwalk Angels
Reason: Tough one.  Lacklan's sadistic will help her side and Kate looks more than capable.  Problem is, who knows what problems may endure with Makenzi being Kenzi's new mentor.  But I have to give it to the Boardwalk angels... They are the Tag Team Champions for a reason and you know both Furrah and Zoey will be ready for some payback.

Gabby Camacho vs. Orchid
Winner: Gabby Camacho
Reason: As I said before, I'm impressed that Gabby's been attending just about every LAW event.  And what she said during this show, I have to give it to her.  Though, why do I have a funny feeling that Kenzi will get involved some how?

Main Event
Amy Jo Smyth & Amarai Reilley vs. Crystal Millar & Mackenzie Roberts
Winner: Amy Jo Smyth and Amarai Reilley
Reason: Yeah I know it's difficult to fully do more accurate predictions based on knowledge of the wrestlers and events.  But I don't yet.  I pick Amy Jo Smyth's side because honestly, she is the LAW champion and was extremely impressive against Kayla Winters.  Yes, I know Mackenzie is a former 2 time LAW Champion, but again, I have a feeling Kenzi will some how get involved in this match.  More so than the other one.  

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