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Prime Data

on Wed Nov 22, 2017 4:00 am


Hello Spring Kitties it’s time for Prime Data! Wait, where’s HSW Slam 8 edition? Well, it’s pretty complicated. But for now don’t you worry, I’ll try to get that one up when I’m able to. But in the mean time I’ve got another treat for you in the form of CWF’s Hellbound PPV! *cue applause* You see, while I’m not sure I’ll have time to do every single CWF show like I’ve been doing for HSW (Slam 8 not-withstanding) I can at least try to do their PPVs.

Now for this PPV, we have a lot of fun matches and 2 Halloween inspired ones, as I’m even part of one of them, the Monster’s Mash Match to determine the newly reinstated CWF Tag Team champions! So will we walk out with the gold? Well, you’ll just have to wait and see. So let’s get started!

So the shows opens up in, a graveyard? Ok, well this is hellbound. Well, the uh guy in the crypt introduces us to the show as we see different people running around in different masks of various CWF wrestlers. Oh hey there’s one of me and Mizore!

Well, we see around the area at all the different people and I couldn’t help but think this was some kind of advertisement but it sure set a bit of the tone so let’s see what else they have going on.

So Jaiden Rishel comes out to the ring as he’s out to say a a few things about the show. Well that is until he’s interrupted by his dad, J. Rish. The two talk about how Jaiden hasn’t been answering his phone from his lawyers and board of directors. Oh? J. Rish is now co. Owner now? That’s interesting.

Really? Jaiden’s throwing aa tantrum? Uh… ok that’s aa little awkward. But seems his dad’s not through as he has three of the Academy wrestlers come out and give a bit of a beat down to Jaeden. Afterwords Jaiden gives some kind of threat and we’re on to the next part of the show!

Is it our first match? Nope, not yet. Instead we get to see Yedah’s or Marcus Maximus’s first interview as he’s interviewing the Academy Champion, Jace Valentine! Well, Marcus does make a good point as even I was wondering what would be happening with the title, but Jace is convinced the title will be brought to the main show. Well that’s good to hear.

Oh? An open defense huh? May have to take him up on his offer. But for tonight, it’s all about them tag titles for me. Smile

So, about that time, me and Mizore had just left our locker room but Annabelle waited an extra moment as she was changing into her halloween costume for the night. Well, for Halloween we were going to all go as Everwing Fairies, which me and Mizore elected not to wear tonight, but didn’t see why Annabelle wouldn’t wear hers. Well, seems she was instead going to wear a witches outfit. Pretty simple but she pulled it off nicely.

Anyways, I also offered to teach her a few things after the show, I mean who knew if someone tried to do something either during one of my matches or even if someone tried something backstage. Which Annabelle agreed to. Mizore even offered to help her, that was nice of her, Smile. But seemed Annabelle was a ok with just me training her.

After that, we got a bit hyped for our match before we reminded Mizore that it was a Monster Mash Match. Not sure why everyone thought it was a Monster Ball… but couldn’t help but tease her again about the Moscow/Glascow incident again before we headed to find a nice place to view the show.

And we were just in time to see the first match of the… wait, not yet? Ok. Razz yeah the first match wasn’t up just yet, but instead we see what looks to be the arrival of a new CWF signee. Lance LaRusso. I’m not sure if the guy with him is also a wrestler or not but he introduced himself as Ashley Hunter.

The two get stopped by the guard before finally letting backstage.

Next up we get to see a small meeting with Jaiden and Sunset. They’re not to happy about Jace being back on Evolution. After their little meeting, Sunset haas aa small run in with Danny Gordy which was a small hello… oh Gordy’s a bounty hunter huh? That’s interesting.

So here we are, the first match of Hellbound. The Trick or Treat Match! I have to say, when this match was announced I thought it was a pretty interesting and wish I could of been apart of it. Ah well, maybe next year.

So, the match went on as everyone short of took to a corner and started at it with someone. Pandalike with Gordy, Kendo with TLS, Walker with Skelton. And Rogers with… well no one as he tries to get the bag in his lone corner. Only for Gordy to send Pandalike after him with an Irish whip.

After that it was pretty hectic was many time someone went for a bag, Someone else was there to stop them. That was even the case with Kendo after hitting a wrist Clutch Exploder on TLS he goes for the bag, only to be hit with Pandalike’s Pandamask! Go Panda POWER!

This gets Kendo’s attention as he turns around, right into a Pandamonium from the top rope! Pandalike then hops up and is the first to snag a trick or treat bag!

Go Pandalike Go!

So, after that Kendo wasn’t to happy with it as he cactus clotheslines Jeff Walker out of the ring and then locks in his Read Naked Choke! That had to hurt but what’s he doing that? This isn’t a submission and the bags are dwindling fast!

After all, Rogers is again going after the lone back but TLS and Gordy to stop him! Yeaouch that was a nasty spill to the outside… believe me, I know the feeling…. Painful memories aside, TLS and Gordy are going at it and, wait where’s James Skelton? Oh, there he is claiming a bag for himself! Now only 2 bags remain!

That gets the attention of the other two as Kendo jumps back in the ring and Gordy tries to grab the bag in his corner when Kendo catches up and slams him back to the mat. The two get up and trade shots before finally Gordy goes for a power slam by lifting up the big man Kendo, but a shift and Shining Wizard! Gordy’s down! And Kendo’s able to get the 3rd bag of the match!

So it’s TLS and Rogers who are up and are battling it out in the final corner. As they do Gordy gets up and goes for a bag but TLS doesn’t let him have it. Wait, that’s Harvey Danger down there. What’s he doing out in the match?

I dunno but as the two battle it up on top turn buckle, Harvey jumps up and gives Gordy a shove… but that’s not until TLS hits Harvey with an elbow and loses his footing as both men are down leaving Gordy to grab the final bag!

So, next up we have Elijah and Highlander playing a board game. Which was a precursor to the Monopoly game. The rest of the conversation I wasn’t really sure what they were talking about, but I was noticing a commotion in the back halls. Seems someone had gotten into highlander’s locker room and trashed the place. Leaving that mark that symbolized Chaolin Shawn and Trinity… Wonder what they were after but Annabelle suggested we make sure how lock room was safe. Not that I thought they’d do something to it but better safe than sorry.

While we were back in our locker room, it seemed the Danger boiz were heading out to the ring to give a bit of hype to out tag match later. Of course, I will say Jim, me and Mizore aren’t scared of those two.

But I did give Mizore aa little tease when even Jim got the Monster’s Mash name right. Sorry baby I couldn’t help myself. I still love you. <3

It was at this time that they aired the video package that me and Mizore did. Well, the CWF production crew asked if we wanted to do anything more to help hype the tag match so we headed there to give them some ideas as we recorded our thoughts. I thought it turned out well in the end. And guess we’ll see if we can trump the Danger Boiz’s ‘6th win’ by this being the 3rd times the charm. Wink

So, I wonder where they got the footage for this.. but some time before the show it seems Silas and Kaylan went on a scary hayride… not sure if you’d see me on one of those things. Got enough scary things in my life thank you. Razz Anyways, the ride goes on and we see some crazy things. That is until suddenly, the Slashers come out of no where and attack Silas and Kaylan! I mean, we haven’t heard from them in awhile but that’s one way to try and make their presence known… geeze. Well, the security for the hayride come out and stop the fight and you can see things are going to escalate.

Ok, time to see just what Tricks or treats we get for the first match. I’m a bit excited to see it myself.

First one we get to see is Gordy’s. Looks like they’re going in reverse order of when they got the bag in the match. He opens his and we get. Ooh look it’s a contract! That’s awesome he got a… Evening Gown match against RM Strong? Very Happy oh I just can’t stop laughing. Yeah I know it’s not very nice. But just picturing him in a dress… I just can’t help myself. Lol

So, anyways, Gordy wasn’t to pleased, which I can’t imagine he would be. But he salaams the contract down to the floor before we see an index card also come out of it. I wonder what it had on it but Gordy wouldn’t share it. Instead just leaves.

Next up we have Kendo’s bag! What is it he got. Another contract? Oh a title match? That’s gotta be awesome! I mean a shot at the… oh AAcademy title. Nothing agianst that tile just he almost hyped it up like it was the CWF championship he was getting. Ah well. But hey, looks like Jace has his first opponent. Smile

Next up was James Skelton as we… oh Pandalike can’t seem to wait to check his out. So he’s given the green light. Surprised A CWF Championship Title shot! That’s awesome Pandalike! JT and Kendo don’t seem to think so as they’re pretty mad. Even mention that paandamask attack. But I mean, he did get distracted by it. Regardless they both leave and it’s time to see just what the final bag will reveal. But, I have a feeling we’ll be seeing a trick. After all we already had 2 treats and 1 trick thus far.

So James pulls out his goody and it’s not a contract but just a piece of paper. He starts to shake for it and I have to wonder just what kind of trick it is. Maybe a handicap match against the Eternals? I dunno but finally he turns the paper around and… Surprised He’s FIRED! What the… dang, now I’m glad I wasn’t in the match but really? That’s his trick? What a terrible trick!

But, I can’t really think on it to much. After all it’s finally time for me and Mizore’s tag match. Time to win the gold!!

We start with the entrances as The slashers make their way down first. Followed up by Silas and Kaylan. But when they get down there, Silas snaps and attacks Mick Horrorflick. The ref, Clark Summits breaking them up and getting them into their corners. Oh, Silas is from Glasgow? Ok, maybe I teased my baby enough for one night. Though hey, we’re in Kaylan’s home town and next Evolution we’ll be in Silas’. That’s pretty cool.

Danger boiz was after them as they had pyros and the like. Finally it was me and Mizore’s turn as we got quiet the cheers. We got in the ring but, Ray, it’s The Frost Elite, not just Frost Elite. Sounds better with the ‘the’. Wink

Well, I should mention that Annabelle wasn’t out there with us. She changed her mind at the last moment. But it was ok.

When the bell finally rung though, things got heated up. Mizore was going after Crazy Chris, Silas took to Vlad, hititng him with a Falcon Arrow. I went after Kaylan as we battling it out a bit. I get her into the corner and driver her shoulder into said corner several times. I look to fly when Mick out of no where sends me crashing down with aa Powerbomb!

While I’m recovering from the powerbomb, expecting Mick to try and capitalize, instead he heads out of the ring to get a chair. SUPERKICK by Crazy Chris as Mick’s down. But my baby isn’t done with Chris as she leaps out with a Suicide Dive! Get ‘em baby!

The three of them outside start to stir as Kaylan’s ready to fly at them herself. NO! She’s stopped by Vlad hitting hitting his Dead Leaves Rustling! Kaylan’s down but Silas has her back as gets to Vlad dropping him with Fall of Angels! He goes for the cover but ain’t letting that happen as I fly from the top rope and make the save!

Wait what did Rolash call me? That jerk, he’s just mad that I eliminated him in Golden Intentions.

In the mean time, Crazy Chris and my baby are taking it to Mick Horrowflick on the outside, they back body drop him right into the announce table but it stands strong. Mick goes to count jumping off it but Chris pulls him out of the air with a Fallaway slam onto the Apron! Chris goes for the count but he forgot Mizore was right there!

I mean, sorry Jim but why would we let the Danger Boiz! Have the title? Either way, it was at that point that Dangerous Dan sprints across the ring doing an spring board corkscrew right to my love. Watch out Mizore! Ooph she’s struck down…

While all that was going on, me, Kaylan, and Vlad were just left the ring as we continued to fight. Vlad strikes out at Kaylan but a small bit of team work to with Kaylan to take down Vlad with a Double Clothesline! Sorry, Kaylan but the team up is only temporary as I spring board off the apron and hit a Flying Headscissors! I go for the cover!

1, 2, Silas Saves at the last second! We almost had it! Silas picks me up and hurls me into the air and I fall onto those steel steps.. Ouch that hurt… you have no idea. Silas tried to capitalize but Mizore to the rescue! Mizore gets on him holding the back of his head before suddenly he grabs her by the air. Really? Hair pulling? Come on! But he chucks her into the steel turnbuckle!

Meanwhile, the Danger Boiz have Mick Horrorflick up the entrance ramp. They are working well together. Mick tries to fight out of it but a rising knee from Dan followed by a double suplex down to the steel ramp below ends that! Dan goes for the cover, could it be over! No! A kick out at 2!

After the kick out, Kaylan runs up the ramp and his Crazy Chris with a Superwoman Punch! Dan tries to help his brother but is dropped with a Sweet Release! Kaylan goes for the cover! 1, 2! Go Mizore! She breaks up the cover with a low drop kick!

Mizore picks Kaylan up and tosses her right into the ramp barricade! As that time Vlad has gotten up there and tries to go for Dan but Crazy Chris istops him. A hard right followed by a DDT Stops him! Back at ringside, Silas has just pulled out a 15 foot ladder? What’s he going to do with that?

Well, seems he wasn’t the only one who thought of bringing out some toys as Mick has pulled out a table and set it up! Kincaid sees this and starts to take the ladder that way but NO! He’s stopped by Dangerous Dan with a Twist of FATE!

Dan tries to take the ladder but me and Mizore put a stop to that as we double team him causing him to drop the ladder. But it’s now hung up on the apron! But it’s rigid enough as we hit Dan with out ELITE KICK! Right into that ladder!

We set up the ladder as Silas starts to climb up one side of it! But I wasn’t going to let him do anything as I dash up the other side! I hit him with a few punches to the face but I’m hit with a headbutt to my jaw… ugh reminds me of another situation with a ladder and a headbutt… Anyways, I get ready to jump towards Kincaid with my X-Blade Crash! No Countered into a Celtic cross at the last minute!!

We are all out and I don’t really remember what happened after that. But looking back at the tapes… I seen… the Danger Boiz double teaming Mick and securing the… win…

Hello everyone. This is Annabelle Jackson. I regret to inform you that Maya won’t be able to finish this blog. She stopped working on it for a bit then got to busy to finish it. Well, she actually started working on one for HSW first since it was even later. But then something happened on Monday and… She can’t watch the footage from Hellbound. We’re not sure what will be happening to Prime Data for awhile now, but Maya did work on parts of this so I didn’t want you fans to miss out. So I’m adding this before I get it posted for her.

There won’t be any Prime Predictions as the show after Hellbound has already pasted. However, I’ll add which ones she got right for the show. If you like. Follow me, @AnnabelleJPrime, or Maya, @MayaJensenPrime, on twitter. Maya’s also on ASKfm if you’d like to send her any questions. Until next time.

Last Time: 4-2

(Not bad for still learning about the competitors here.)

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