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Prime Data

on Wed Nov 22, 2017 3:59 am


Hello Spring Kitties! How are things? Good? Well let me make it even better. That’s right this is a SUPER special edition of Prime Data. Well, ok it’s not technically a ‘Special edition’. But It’s not about HSW. Surprised Not about HSW and not a special edition? What could that mean? Well, I’m sure some of you Spring Kitties know, that I’m actually in 3 feds. That’s right. I’m in HSW, LAW, and CWF! So why haven’t you seen a Prime Data from one of my others feds? Or in LAW’s case, since my return?

Truth be told it’s because I’ve been busy training, hanging with Mizore and wrestling in these shows that really I’ve only been doing the Prime Data for the one Federation. That and I’ve just not thought about it until now. However, I say this is a bit of a ‘special edition’ because I’m actually going to see how well this goes for CWF. If my Championship Wrestling Federation Spring Kitties enjoy it, then I’ll do my best to remember to do one for CWF shows.

As for my LAW Spring Kitties…. You might have to wait just a little longer for it to return. I’m still getting my feet wet again in LAW.

So without further ado let’s get Prime Data Uprising Edition Started!!

We begin the lovely Academy PPV with Elijah and Omega. These two are in the ring and ready to hype up the card for us. Just as Omega’s about to tell us just who will be going after the Academy Champion in action next week, BAM! Jaiden Rishel. He’s really hated guy and truth be told I’ve only been recently seeing just how much he is. Yet I wonder what he’s doing out there.

Well, the two trade insults a bit, seems Jaiden really wants complete control of his company. Well, I guess I should explain. See, Jaiden some how got control of CWF from his father (don’t ask me how because I don’t know just yet) but that was after Jaiden’s father made a deal to host the Academy show. I’ve seen how much Jaiden dislikes the show because it’s part of his company that he doesn’t own.

So wait. Contract clause? Ok, Jaiden just found a loophole in the contract… that can’t be good. Well, ok he’s at least letting them have the PPV keep going. I know the fans would be mad as well as myself, I mean I just got Hayden to agree to our match.

Enter J. Rish! Jaiden’s father. J. Comes in over the titantron and pretty much tells Jaiden that he can’t just involve the clause he did and after a hissy fit from Jaiden, his father tells him that he’ll see him in court.

With that they head off and really, hope things work out for Omega and Elijah but for now we got more Uprising!

So before we get to out first match, Tara’s ready to give Kendo a an interview. However, his manager snatches the mic from her and pretty much turns it into a promo. He hypes him but but I have to ask. “Out of anyone in his way” so I wasn’t in his way when I beat him in my debut? Razz

So here we go with our opening Fatal Four way. This should be quiet exciting. I mean Pandalike’s been impressive and then you got Roger Rogers who… well, he’s here. Ok I don’t know much about him, nor Teeny Mars. Though wait, Teeny’s a guy? Seriously I saw his name on the banner and thought he was a girl. Shows what I know.

Anyways, the match gets going as they pair off, Pandalike with Teeny and Roger Rogers with… Kendo. Geeze looks like a mismatch. Not saying he couldn’t pull out something because hey I kicked Kendo’s butt. Now let see if… oh nope, it’s all Kendo. Kendo goes on a rage attacking Rogers hitting him with a few rights getting him to the corner and each that head to the turnbuckked had to hurt. One duplex later and Kendo’s making the pin, 1, 2… nope Pandalike for the save! Go Get him Pandalike!

Panda tries to get things going for him but Kendo’s power is just to much for him. A Supplex to him and Teeny Mars makes the save! Dang, that’s two saves. What will happen next? Well, Kendo goes livid as he duplexes all of them around for awhile, total domination here. Finally he goes for Teeny getting him in a Rear Naked Choke. Come on Teeny don’t… he tapped right out the gate… that was rather disappointing. But Kendo took it to them all out there tonight and got the win.

Next up we see Jace backstage talking on his phone. Seems he’s got some people coming out to watch his match. But after he hangs up the phone he goes from almost a smile to a frown. Wonder why? And who was he talking too?

Well, afterwords Danny Gordy, a new guy on the roster comes up and seems he’s ready to give him a bit of a pep talk. But jace just insults him for it. That was nice of him… not.

This match starts off with some great sportsmanship. If only every competitor was like that. Anyways, the match get under way with Enders going on the offensive. She starts working that right arm of Yedah. Yedah gives her his Hero Kick and a two count. He tries to pick up some momentum after that but Enders won’t have it. She continues to work him over and that arm of his until going for an armbar but Yedah fights out and rolls out of the ring. SUICIDE DIVE!

After the collision Enders gets them both in the ring and locks in a camel clutch. But no Yedah fights to his feet and hits an Electric Chair Drop! Yedah’s looking a little froggy as it’s time to fly! NO! Knees up at the last second. But that’s all the offense from Yedah as Enders locks in her Scissors Arm bar! Ouch, that snap… she might have broke his arm. Poor Yedah. He taps right after that.

I feel a little bad for Enders as it doesn’t seem she meant to hurt his arm like that. Just hope Yedah can recover. And again great sportsmanship from Enders as she checks on Yedah. And no backstabbing Razz. Either way great win by Enders.

Next up was an interview with yours truly. I was in the back talking with my good friend and manager Annabelle Jackson when Tara Robinson came up to me for an interview.

I have to say, I’m still not fully used to getting interviews. Usually I’ll make my promo for the week, maybe a second and then it’s match time. But I’m not going to say know of the Spring Kitties want some more information. Smile

So what’d we talk about? Well, my up coming match and why I decided not to wait to ask for the match. I mean so what if he might have been double booked had he won his match. But he should have thought about that before he attacked us. Because if he thought there’d not be any retaliation he was sadly mistaken.

Anyways, we wrapped up the interview and I made sure that Annabelle was ok with coming to the ring with me for this match. I mean I wouldn’t put it past either of them to try and attack her. And Annabelle’s not a wrestler, not to mention I’ve never even seen her in a physical fight. But she was ok with it so we headed off to check out more parts of the show while we awaited my match.

So, I was wondering how Yedah was doing and here’s the chance we get to see as he’s in the Trainer’s room having his arm looked at. Ok, so his real name is Marcus Maximus, catchy.

Anyways, the nurse tells him she thinks that Marcus may have a fully torn bicep… and he’s not to happy about it. I mean I can’t imagine anyone would. Then Jaiden Rishel walks in. Wait, you can’t fire someone for having an injury! I’m pretty sure Jaiden needs to add that to his list of legal things to look into.

Didn’t know Tara was feeling overworked. I feel a little bad for her but hey Jaiden is allowing Marcus to stay as long as he helps her with interviews. So it’s a win win.

So this match I hear was going to be something as it had two representatives from rivaling factions. The Academy Faction and the Eternals Faction. Yeah, don’t be confused, the Academy show has it’s own faction as those guys apparently live in the building the show take place in.

Anyways, the two start by firing off some strikes in the middle of the ring which ends with Eris hitting a hip toss followed by a Springboard Moonsault! This gets her a two count. After words it’s Kirkson who takes momentum hitting a move or two before taunting the fans. Should of kept your eye on your opponent there Kirkson Wink as Eris his a flying head scissors takedown giving Eris yet another 2 count.

Eris takes control of the match at that point. Hitting him with a hurricanarana variation, a nasty uppercut, and finally her Applie of Discord fisher! She goes for the pin and 3rd times the charm as she gets the 3!

I’m happy for her as even some of her stable mates have come from the back and helped celebrate her win. I mean just what the eternals get for their boss trying to cancel their show Razz

Hold up, Jace Valentine is heading out there now and… he’s attacking Damion Kirkson?! Eris tries to pull him off but it’s no use as soon he locks in his Valentine Vicegrip to Kirkson.

Ok, so all of this was to be proactive? I mean I can understand where Jace is coming from but I don’t think that is the way to go about it. I mean, if he thought they’d get involved in the match, why not just get some people to help him keep them at bay? I mean even I’d volunteer if he’d of asked.

But with all that said, my match is next and I’m all fired up! Let’s do this!

So this was it. Time to teach Hayden Alister a lesson. And what a lesson it was. I mean, Hayden only hit one move that entire match. Though, I don’t think I really noticed at the time. But why was he not doing any kind of offense? Was he just toying with me? And I thought for sure hit manager would of gotten involved, even with a save by pulling me off his client. But no… Well, maybe he had just had seconds thoughts.

But let me sum up the match a bit for you Spring Kitties. As I said I had the momentum the entire time. Hitting a Cross body block at the begging and the fans already shouting me name. It was something and I always appreciate it. Smile

I whip Alister into the ropes but he reverses it with a sling blade. But that’s all he did as I reverse that suplex and smash him to the canvas. I decided to do some flying with a 450 splash! A cover but it was only a 2 count.

But I wasn’t letting that get to me as I mounted him and hit him with a few punches before finally being shoved off. But that wouldn’t stop my onslaught as he was going to pay and pay he did with a clothesline followed by my X-Blade Crash!

He nearly flew out of the ring with that one but I drag him back and again he kicks out at 2. I heard Mitchell yell at Alister to focus which I half expected some kind of counter after that… instead he just walked right into my spinning heel kick followed by another lovely kick I like to call Green No More!

I make the pin and get the win! Annabelle joins me in the ring for a celebration but I don’t really know what came over me. I mean maybe it was because I was expecting more from him or maybe it was the heat of the moment… I don’t know but I just started to stomp on Alister. So much for me proving that I’m ‘above’ that kind of retaliation… So I apologies to all my Spring Kitties. But thankfully Annabelle was there and I snapped out of whatever it was that came over me and we left the ring.

So afterwords me and Annabelle were heading back to the lockeroom when we were stopped by Tara. I did make a joke about how it was becoming a habit of her coming to interview me, which I’m not apposed to her doing at all. But before it really got started Rayne Kancer came up to us almost out of no where.

I was curious to why it was but all she did was hit me with a few insults about how I’ve not really faced a true challenge yet in CWF. I wouldn’t go that far as I’ve had some impressive victories so far but that didn’t matter. If she or any of her Eternal friends have an issue with it, I’ll take any of them on in a match. Yeah I’m just reiterating what I told Rayne then but I’m still holding true to what I said as it was not one of those ‘heat of the moment’ type things.

It’s time for another grudge match as we got Freddie Styles and Danny Gordy in the ring. Danny Gordy… Danny Gordy… just doesn’t have that ring to it. Anyways, Styles spits in Gordy’s face at the start of the match and gets a punch to the nose in the process… Ouch. My love had her nose hurt badly a few weeks ago and that just reminded me of that. No worries it’s all better now. Smile

Anyways, Gordy’s off as he tries another punch but nope Styles dodges and Shoulderblocks him off his feet. Freddy just gets on fire after that with several shots to the downed Gordy. Come on Refs get him off him!

Really it’s all Styles at that point as he gets up and goes for the ATL Stomp after nearly knocking Gordy unconscious with all those hits. I mean seriously there were so many I have to wonder why the ref didn’t Disqualify him. Well, Styles tries to be cocky and just puts his boot on Gordy but nope, kick out!

Styles keeps the momentum though soon hitting his BALLGAME! Will it end it? No! Kick out at the LAST POSSIBLE MOMENT!! Freddy goes for another Ballgame but seriously how many times has someone tried to hit their finisher a 2nd time after a near fall like that and NOT been countered? Well, that’s exactly what happened here as STF! Gordy gets it locked in!

Styles tries to fight and get to the ropes but it’s no good as he’s forced to tap out! Well done Gordy. After the match he goes with some celebration but wait, Styles is behind him! BALLGAME! Styles sure is a sore loser. HEY don’t step on his face! That not only hurts but it’s so disrespectful.

So we have one final match left but before that we head backstage one final time. There we see Tristan Kancer walking along before CHAIR SHOT BY JACE VALINTINE! He doesn’t end there as he just goes to work on Tristan. Seriously Jace, that’s not the way to go about this. Bring back up, but don’t just go and attack them like this. Because then you’re no better than they are… then again is he even better than they are? I don’t know I’m still knew and from what I’ve been seeing. I can’t help but think that maybe he isn’t… at least he’s going the wrong way with it.

Needless to say after hitting him with a trash can… poor janitor’s going to have to clean that mess up. He gets a call from, oh it’s his mother. And apparently his sisters too. They’re coming to watch his match. That’s nice of them. Jace doesn’t seem to happy though. I wonder why that is? Well, doesn’t matter, time for the main event!

The match starts off pretty heated as Rayne Kancer jumps into the air and smashes into Jace. Valitine tosser her off him before hitting a Spinning Heel Kick followed by a Corkscrew Elbow Drop.

The momentum stays in Jaces’s favor for a bit before he goes for a web of Lies Boston Crab. But Rayne gets out of it and hits a Shining Wizard giving her a near fall.

I’m still in the back watching the match via one of the set up monitors. After all if she takes up my challenge I’ll need to know more about how she wrestles. I watch as Rayne tries to take control pulling him up by the hair.. ugh that’s gotta hurt. Especially with how short it was. A slap across the face after that and she goes for another but no he blocks it before Death Valley Drive! Right down to the mat but only another 2 count.

Rayne’s fired up after that as she gets up and uses some rapid fire chops to his chest to back him into the corner. Wait, he’s mounting the turnbuckle pad? What’s he… Surprised FROM MONTREAL WITH LOVE!! The flip pile driver out of no where as he again goes for the cover and AGAIN Rayne kicks out! They both get up and Jace prepares for a super kick but NO! Rollup!

It’s not over yet though as Jace kicks out! Rayne then takes Jace out of the ring and right in front of Jace’s mother and two sisters and begins to just beat on him out there. Though, if that was my mother and sister…. Well, I know Britney would enjoy it… I wish I knew why she’s mad at me..

Rayne tries to talk some trash to Jace’s family but it’s the break Jace needs as he prevents her from hitting the barricade with his face and BACKBREAKER! He tosses Rayne back into the ring before sealing the deal with his Ego Erasure DDT! This scores him the 3 count!

Jace celebrates in the ring as ooh confetti! His family hop into the ring with him and it’s a huge victory for Jace as he’s given the title. It was pretty emotional from all of them. And that ends the show. Razz

Now for those of you are new to Prime Data. This it is now time for me to do what I like to call, Prime Predictions! This is where I’ll predict who will win on the next show. It’s also the final thing I do so thanks everyone to checking out the blog and reading up till now. If I get enough positive feedback maybe I’ll get around to making more of these. Until then, it’s time for Prime Predictions!

Last Time: 0-0

(First time doing this for CWF! Also the year to date, We’ll see if I keep this up. May even just do Prime Predictions!)

Year to date: 0-0

Trick of Treat Match

Skeleton Vs Roger Rogers Vs Walker Vs Kendo Vs Gordy Vs Pandalike Vs TLS

Winner: Pandalike

Reason: I’ve seen this kid in action and I’m impressed. Ok he did lose this show but doesn’t mean I can’t root for him to win. On that note I don’t even know if there’s full on winner but there are prizes so top prize for Pandalike!

Monster’s Mash Tag Team Championship Match

Danger Boiz Vs The Slashers Vs The Frost Elite Vs Silas Kincaid and Kaylan El

Winner: My Match

Reason: Time for The Frost Elite to win the gold!!

Bloodbath Match

Jaiden Rishel Vs Highlander

Winner: Highlander

Reason: Not sure what brought about this match but Jaiden could use a ‘reality check’ and a loss here just might help with that.

Impact Championship Match

Tristan Kancer Vs Danger

Winner: Tristan Kancer

Reason: With the way he won it, I can easily see the Eternals/Trinity to get involved here. Not saying it’s right though. :/

Grudge Match

Colton Mace Vs Ataxia

Winner: Ataxia

Reason: Again I don’t know enough about this match so I’ll go with Ataxia. I seen him in the ring and it was something.

Grudge Match

Chaolin Sahn Vs Jarvis King

Winner: Chaplin Sahn

Reason: Much as I’d like to say he could use a reality check too… I gotta give it to him. Though I heard someone call this a batman/Joker relationship… Well, should be something to see.

CWF World Championship Match

Ripper Vs Elijah Vs Hodge

Winner: Elijah

Reason: Wish I new more about these guys but hey I know Ripper won the Golden Intentions Match. But I still gotta give it the champ. Just because hey, when in doubt, go for the champ Wink

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