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Prime Data

on Wed Nov 22, 2017 3:54 am
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Hello Spring Kitties, and it’s that time!! Time for the first iPPV of HSW!! Did the Frost Elite go home with all the titles? Did we fail to win any? Well, you’re going to have to wait a little longer on that (assuming you didn’t watch the show Wink ) for first it’s time we hit up the preShow… That’s right Frontline 2 is up first!!

We start Frontline off with everyone’s favorite Production Room area!! Razz But this time they are joined by none other than Johnny Chaos! And, again it bother’s me that I only know some things about this guy… like how he’s our CEO’s older brother and he’s been an EWE champion as Kenny alluded to earlier. But speaking of champions we get a video package featuring the first person to claim right to enter the World tournament… *sigh* by beating me.

I’m not going into so much detail with these video packages. But I did want to say a few things about this one.. well first off yep it featured my match with Ceno. As I figured. It really hurt to watch a bit. But not to worry, I’ve already issued a challenge to Ceno on twitter and we’ll see if he responds or CCC gives me the match anyways. Smile. But more on that later as the video package comes to an end and we head back to the production room.

As said before the divider we’re back in the production room with Johnny Chaos tells us about what he knows about Ceno. Be funny if the reason Ceno traded shows was because not wanting to deal with Johnny Very Happy. But I doubt it. It does remind me of the old shows and that draft they had while I was there. I was super nervous about it but me and Mizore got drafted to the same show so I was happy. Smile

There was a mention of a kiss Ceno shared with Kelly? First Jay has the hots for her, now Ceno? I might have to look that up. *goes to check* oh ok so he did that to fire up Jay for their match… lot of good that did him if I remember that match didn’t last very long.

Oh Jud and Luke didn’t make it huh? Shucks that’s one less I have for my predictions. Razz. Guess we’re getting a video package for Eli next.

Wasn’t going to say much about this video package… but well maybe I should go ahead. This one did have my sister at the beginning… already I can see that these video packages might not goad well for me and her. Shame. But we see Eli’s match against RX and him countering her Derby Dash. Which I feel bad for RX, that was on the first show after all. The next one has Eli defeating Ceno in that 2nd match. Which well, wonder if Ceno’s as annoyed with this part being used? Should I really be calling each part out? Eh probably not. Really it’s one of those things you just should see Smile. But it was fun to watch his little rise and his little talking… ugh why does it sound like I’m critiquing it? Let’s just move on… Razz

Back to the production room we go with our fabulous trio. As they now talk about Eli’s chances. Kelly talks about how people saw Eli as being the first HSW champion but my baby is one of those three, Kelly. And she’s not about to let that happen! #MizoreUndefeated!

Then it was Johnny’s turn to give his thoughts. I half way remember part of what happened. It was really horrible but I guess Eli was able to get the help he need. Well good for him. Smile. But sorry Johnny but I agree with Kenny. Eli wasn’t Little Yokai… Very Happy

Though I’m glad Johnny was able to forgive him and give him some mad props. As for me, it’s so hard to tell with Eli.. seriously one minute he’s an arrogant attention getter… next he’s just a normal guy trying to make a name for himself. So can’t really say how I feel about him… but I do know that it will be Mizore who is the first HSW Champion.

Man, 15 minutes in and we still aren’t to our first match. Then again I guess it can’t helped. Since what was going to be our first match didn’t show up. But we head back to the production room for more SBD hype!!

And after a short welcome back and a intro for the Champions Spotlight match we get… another video package! Ok, maybe that’s a little over excited. Don’t get me wrong it’s fun to watch but who really blogs about what feels like a podcast with a few matches thrown in? *shrug*

This video was interesting to watch as I can’t say I’ve followed Alessandro in EWE. But not only that but we got a few clips from his time outside EWE so it made it more interesting.

Back to the fab Trio as they give us their thoughts on Alessandro. Johnny gives his thoughts as he’s been in the ring with him but… really? I don’t already know Johnny so tell me. I wanna know. Well, seems the two of them has had respect and wait, barn burner? Don’t talk like that Johnny I like the current MMSW building, and we need to get that out of your mind. Razz

Well, it was a short conversation and Yay finally the first match Smile

So Paul Blair and James Raven. Wonder what Raven’s got for us. As for Paul, well seems he’s some kind of local celebrity, in his home town that is. But as I watched Paul sure showed us why he’s a celebrity as he picks up momentum and doesn’t let go. Sure Raven does his best to put a stop to it but in the end it’s a BlairKick and a pinball!

Short little trip back to the production room as Kenny and Kelly talk briefly on cheating. Yeah it’s no fun at all. Especially when it’s done to you. Sad. But it’s time for another video package!

Wow… so that was Bronx huh? Very impressive. :O wait that’s his finisher!?! That’s AMAZING!! I hope he hits that in his match. It’s just… wow!

Back in the production room as they’re talking about Bronx and yes Kenny I can say that the video really helped me see who this guy was. Razz. Johnny’s picking him for the match because, he’s beaten AQ so many times Very Happy Then Kelly, asks if Johnny will try and invade 4CW to take him on and Johnny of course says no.. gotta love that ‘retired’ excuse Razz. Was why When I talked to Mizore about me joining LAW she said no. Because she was retired. Awe well, that’s not important right now.

Oh? Yay finally to one of my matches. As they’re hying the Tag match. Johnny says he doesn’t know any of us but guess that make sense. Wasn’t he done in EWE for the most part when me and Mizore arrived? *shrug*. Regardless, Let’s see about that video package. Smile

So they’re not doing the voice over thing with this one huh? And all the teams are in the same video. Ah well. Though hey, there’s my mom. I completely forgot she was in Mizore’s very first match. o.O She tapped out to her?! Wait is that the real reason why mom has been against Mizore? Well, ok Mom’s not really talked about that in so long. In fact she’s actually been rather nice to me since… well you know. But Just hope she don’t catch this and starts thinking badly about Mizore again. Sad

And there’s me! Back when I looked like that. Well #GreenNoMore with that Wink. But yeah it was exhilarating winning my very first title. And here’s hoping that tonight will be me winning yet another title or two. Wink

Then we got both of us winning the Shining Star Champion, against Calista Leon no less. Hope she doesn’t see this. Then again I hope she does and she comes to HSW so I can have my rematch. Smile

We also got my cash in on Lady Lilac, completing my Grand Slam. Smile. I was rather disappointed that Lady Lilac never came back for the rematch. I was rather hoping she would. But she never came back after that match. Also see they didn’t really fully show my lost to Mizore the very next show… *sigh* I really don’t like it when we have to face each other in the ring. But I was happy to help her achieve her dream then. Smile

And then you got use winning the Diva’s Tag team championships. And just you wait, we’ll be gaining HSW tag team championships here soon. Wink

Next few sort of flew by. Even laughed when the Hitmen had that static. Though wait was that a joke by the production team about who they used to dress up as? Very Happy.

So after the short bits with those others, seems the production crew decided to just throw in an entire match of the Sugay Sisters. Dang. That or they really like them. Either way they show the last bit of their first match in HSW and well already covered that Razz

We move on to Paragon’s part in this video and o.O that was some kind of ruthless with Amber with that, oh his name is Bryan Williams? That’s a lot of glass. Then we shift to another brutal match that Leon took part in. Just brutal match after brutal match.

Oh hey there’s Kelsi! Go Kelsi! Win that… oh wait this is Leon’s highlight reel… yep there he goes and wins. But I remember hearing about that structure one time. I though it looked awesome. Wish I could get in a match with that but I have my doubts we’ll ever get to see it Sad. Wait they’re saying Alessandro’s dead again? How many times does this guy come back from the dead? o.O

These guys have had a lot of hardcore style matches. It’s making me think about what I have in store for the Women’s Vegas Roulette match… though I noticed they haven’t talked about that match yet. But the shows not over yet.

Back to the production room we go as they talk about that video package we just saw. No ‘in ring’ insight from Johnny as he’s faced none of us, well makes since he’s not faced me or Mizore before. We only just recently started facing guys. Razz. He did point out the team thing and I agree, but I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. And ah, Johnny’s heard of us, that’s so nice. Shame he didn’t actually follow our exports back then, then again… maybe that’s not such a bad thing… I get enough ‘former’ creature thing as it is. :/

Johnny gets a little upset about the Hitmen, though I guess I can’t blame him. With what they were involved with… regardless he don’t go into much detail as we move on to my sister’s match Smile

So did RX pick up the victory? Well I was on the edge of my seat as I watched. She really needed a victory… as do I.. and what I was in the early goings got me worried yet causing me to want to cheer her on more as it was Nero who had momentum. He his a hard spear and I held my breath but it was only a two count. But he sets up the Fall From Grace and there it was! The counter as he suplexes him off the turnbuckle!! Dang those can hurt, even more when you land on the outside… *ouch* anyways, it’s all over after that as Roller X takes control and eventually goes for her “Spinning X” then DERBY DASH! It Connects!! Great scouting Sis. Smile. But it was all she wrote as she dropped on the pinball and got that 3 count! I’m so happy for her. Smile

Back to the production room we go as Kenny has a bit to say before we hit that next Video Package. “let's take a look at the third person to seal herself in her spot, right here tonight." Hey now, was that a pun at my sister? I mean I know that’s who she beat to get into the Semi-finals.. but that still wasn’t nice.

Regardless, I won’t let that get me down from checking out my baby’s Video Package. Smile

Aww, there she is winning her way through LY, Desmond King, and Even my sister. It was great I may just have to watch it again… *rewinds*. Ok, I’m back. But I like that video, even if it still highlighted one of my sister’s losses, but I can’t stay to mad. Because, at least one of the two people important in my life won the match. Smile.

So where we off to this scene? The production room? OMG you’re right?

Oh ha ha Kenny, that ‘say that again’ joke is so old. Even if I have used it a time or two… Razz. Well, the two talk about my baby and all good words. And don’t worry, her odds may be a little less thanks to the Gauntlet, but you watch it won’t slow her down as you’ll be seeing Me and her walking out as your Women’s Champion, Tag Team Champions, and HSW World Champion!!

But it’s time for the final FL match… ooh I’m getting nervous because after that, it’s time for Summer BreakDown!!

So now it’s time for the final match of the card… I’m a bit sad that my sister’s match was moved from the main event… though maybe it was because of Nero? Yeah had to be. Probably did something that made them mad. Any who let’s watch as the fans cheer the Jobber’s.. them lovable clowns… (unless they fail to give you a better match *grr* ). And as expected they boo for the Sugays. Of course, I’m looking for the Jobber’s to win this. A little extra payback for what they did to Mizore on Slam 5. And for pretty much ignoring me in all their little promos. But Can’t fault them for that I guess.

So the match begins and well, ok the Sugay’s start off strong, isolating Jay for a good 4 and a half minutes. When they hit their, what’s that called? “Boogie Down Bronx”? Well they hit it and I thought it was over. o.O A shoulder up from Jay… :O and a roll up!?! Could my wish be coming true? Nope 2 count. Tala’s not to happy with that as she drops Jay with a hard DDT and stomps away!!

The Sugay’s are making him pay as they his a Stack SuperPlex but Jay’s gets the save with a leg on the ropes o.O then another Stack Suplex attempt and WOW! A DDT Counter? Who is this guy and what have they done with Jay Jobber?!? o.O. Then wait a cross body?! o.O Ok, something’s going on here. Am I maybe dreaming? *pinches self*…*ouch* nope not dreaming… But Jay tags in Mike and he comes in and… What Am I WATCHING!?! Clotheslines, double clotheslines?! Whatever has replaced Jay has replaced Mike too! They actually might be able to pull this off!?! *ooff* That was a low blow Jaslene… a REALLY low blow. The ref warns her and she drops Mike with a hard Snap DDT… Jay goes in for renege but well the old Jobber’s return as he’s it with as they call the “Kulture Shock” and taunt him before returning to Mike with another tag move they call the “Knockout”. But it ends in a submission which Mike taps out too. *sigh* So much for them losing for what they did to Mizore…

Wait a second… There’s Blair! It’s a 2 one one assault but hey if Jay could get up they could… nope the Sugay’s bailed as Blair gets in the ring… But then sends a message to the retreating Sugay’s with a Blairkick to each Jobber Brother… I feel a bit sorry for the two of them…

After the match we return with a little bit of commentary by Kenny and Kelly as they’re both surprised by the Jobber fight back as I was. And yeah, it sure does help hype those three teams up a bit (even if Blair’s partner wasn’t with him Razz ) but it’s all good, we know the tag champs aren’t going to be one of them… Wink

But it’s time for a final video package. This time featuring Auburn!

Another good video package as we see Auburn’s rise from her debut to getting into the World Championship Semi-finals on just her 2nd match. She’s still an awesome person and still my pick to make it to the finals… even though we all know who my pick is to win Wink

Where are we? We’re in the Production room Baby, and you are going to… ok maybe not that.. Very Happy but I had to throw that joke in there. Wink

Anyways, we get one final hype up from Kenny, Kelly, and Johnny Chaos. First they talk about Auburn a bit and give their thoughts on who they think will win the World Title, but sorry Johnny, and Kelly, we know it’s going to be my girl, Mizore. Kelly you shouldn’t of changed your vote Wink.

Anyways, that’s it for the pre-show. And Summer BreakDown’s about to start… which yeah I know I worked on FL 2 as it happened but I don’t think I can sit still and type while Summer BreakDown is going on… So I’ll be doing that after results. So when I come back.. it’s time for Summer BreakDown!!

Oh wow… the show has been… well… Let me put this into a bit of perspective but yeah you guys probably know from before the divider that I was waiting until after SBD to finish this up… well, that’s what I’m doing and sorry for this being so late. Just been training for the CWF Rumble match as well as my next match and… ok I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s get back to what you came here for…. Summer BreakDown!!

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Re: Prime Data

on Wed Nov 22, 2017 3:54 am
[align=center]-Part 2-


So here we are at the start of the show and everyone’s gotten hyped! Before any thing else happens we see Justin White and Jonathan Steele in tuxes no less. They’re hyping up the card starting with Kelsi’s match and then shifting to the Tag Team Champs.. Seriously Justin picking them because you don’t wanna be fired? Then wait… Justin didn’t give a snide comment about me when hyping about the Women’s match? Well, after the Champion’s Spotlight match hype, White’s back to his usual commentary about showing his favoritism towards Eli… Sorry though Eli you’re going to lose that bet ;P

But the music is all cut off as “Gonna Go Far Kid” hits over that PA system. I still remember having said my good-luck before she headed out of the locker room. I kind of wish I could of been out there with her, but she wanted her Father and soon to be Step-mother there with her and with Hollie caring her new younger sibling with her.. it’s like Mizore has her entire… new family... out there….

Ok snap out of it Maya, this isn’t about that. Anyways, after she finishes her intro and gives her parents… yeah I know Hollie’s not officially yet but still… a hug and then we get to see who she’s facing… and It’s CENO!! Hey that works for me since I was hoping she’d not have to face Auburn in the Semi-finals, so they could both make the finals. Smile. So he gets into the ring and it’s time for the match.

Yeah I know, no match picture but it’s not my fault, they didn’t make one. Sad. Regardless it’s time for a clash of Fire and Ice! Mizore vs James Ceno!! Who will win? Well, let’s find out…

OOPH right out of the gate and Ceno’s dominating my girl. After the onslaught he attempts a pin but come on Ceno it’ll take more that that to take down my baby. Wink. Ceno keeps control though as he uses all the body mass against her. But then Mizore flips it on him as she uses a head scissor to get back in this thing. With some targets to Ceno’s knees and a blow to his ear, Mizore works to take control of this match.

Mizore continues to work those knees then Watch out Mizore! He’s got that spotted! To late as James grabs her leg and hits a T bone duplex that has Mizore going across the ring. Hurt me just to watch but watch on I shall… I will root for my girl until she’s your HSW Champion!!

Ceno takes back control as he uses his power to hurt Mizore. I was on my feet watching the monitor wishing I was out there, cheering her on from ringside! I just wanted to show my support… Stop it Maya…

Anyways, more brutal shots from James and a flying elbow that made even my head hurt. James thought it was over but No! Shoulder up! THat’s my girl! I hear Steele’s commentary and all I got to say to him is that she’s not giving up! She’ll win this match. But Ceno’s back on the attack.. Hey let go of her hair! Ceno then rams her into the corner a bit before tossing her back to the middle of the ring and o.O That spear, I hope she’s OK?! No, I know she’s ok! She’ll pull through, I know it!

Ceno continues to hurt her and soon as her set up on the corner… flash backs from my match with him hit my head as I yelled out telling her to watch out.. even if I knew she couldn’t hear me. But it didn’t matter as when Ceno tried to go for his Super Back Suplex Mizore stops him and takes him to the mat! That’s my girl! But She still had a ways to go with both of them down… it quickly shows Mizore’s parents as they have a similar look as I do on my face. Ceno is up first and he goes over to Mizore who gives him a good kick to the stomach. A knee lift later and Ceno’s down!

Ooh, I see her catching that knee from earlier. Time for her to put it to work again as she goes for another grapevine! What? No! Ceno had it spotted again and shoves her out of the ring with the power in his good leg. Ceno follows her out though as Mike Miller begins his count. Doesn’t seem slow this time but I was to busy watching as Mizore got up thanks to the guardrail… Hey! I told you to stop grabbing her hair! I like it the way it is…

Well he drags her over and is about to slam her into the ring post but Mizore catches it and uses her momentum to swing around and slams her boots straight into his chest. Ha, talk about using your power against you Razz. Mizore’s a bit angry though as she gets on him and just starts to unload! All I can think is Make him pay! But Ceno finally gets her off and gets to his feet, Mizore’s not done yet but No Ceno’s still scouting her as he slams her sternum into the mat and… now he’s got her in a choke! After that move! Mizore needs to breath and I’m holding my own breath just watching. Come on Mizore! And there it is, she gets that knee up and into James’ stomach to get out of that. But she’s not done yet as she hits an incredible move by stepping off his knee and slamming her own kneed right underneath his chin! Ha! Ceno is dazed and Mizore gets back in the ring… then I hear the ref say 10!

Wow, not that I was shocked at the outcome but with all that was happening on the outside, I forgot about the count! But Woo!! That’s my girl! She’s going on to the Finals!

Oh come on Ceno don’t be a sore loser! But it was ok, he wanted to go back in but Mizore was ready if he did add a stare down from White Tiger and Ceno changes his mind, taking his frustrations out on the commentary booth by smashing one of the monitors to the ground.

Well, seems they’re reUsing those Video packages from the Pre-show. I’m fine as I get to once again see Mizore’s video package and after her tough match against Ceno it was just the bit of icing on the cake. I won’t be going into as much detail if they show any of the other though as I covered them all above in the FL 2 portion Razz

Looks like Summer BreakDown is more straight to business, (unlike FL Razz) as we are now to Kelsi vs Desmond! And yes Steele matches can get brought on through Twitter. Just look at my Slam 6 match Wink it’s a great way to find opponents. Wink.

I then watch as Kelsi heads to the ring, she’s really living it up out there, getting the fans to go along with her and her song. Is it odd that it reminds me of Auburn? Regardless, it works to get the fans all hyped up and now it’s time as the bell rings!

As the match starts the two go to lock up, but it’s a fake! Kelsi ducks behind Demond and knocks him forward a few steps, a drop to hold later and Desmond's on the mat! Kelsi tries to lock in her Sub Parr, but it’s no good as Desmond knocks her away. Things shift to Demond’s favor as he strikes with that hard clothesline… ugh that had to hurt. She get up and gives for that dead drop but Kelsi’s not that loopy yet as she recovers and Kelsi goes for the… ok to heavy for an KSTFO, but ooff a sharp elbow to her back followed by a Snap Bower bomb. He covers as I shake my head, surely it’s not over that fast, but Kelsi proves she still has some more fight in her as she gets the shoulder up at two!

The match them goes to favor Desmond as he uses his power and strength on Kelsi just like Ceno did to Mizore… and we saw how that ended Wink… So Desmond hits the Lightswitch and sets her up for a Canadian Import but Kelsi’s still not out yet as she slips off his back and rolls him up for a 2 count. Another small package after that and wondering if that’s it, Nope! But Kelsi’s not letting up her offense just yet as a Double arm DDT gets Desmond where Kelsi wants him and.. Sub Parr! She’s got it locked in!

Or so it seemed as Desmond powers right out of it. Dang he’s been pretty impressive in this match… then again hasn’t he been using that power game of his for each of his matches he’s had? Not counting his match with Ceno anyways… regardless Kelsi whips Desmond into the corner, no! It’s reversed as she’s sent instead. But Kelsi jumps up onto the corner turnbuckle and Wow she faked a jump! That actually got me laughing as I seen Desmond fall for it. The look on his face as he wonders where Kelsi was only to be met with Mizore’s Breaking the Ice! Nice! It’s over after that! Two Count again… but it’s ok, Kelsi’s still on the game as she tries to toss him over the ropes… or so it seemed as Desmond blocks and hits an arm drag over on Kelsi over the ropes… then he starts holding his arm and yelling in pain? Yeouch, I see what happened… his arm got caught and hit that edge… And There Kelsi is, rolling back in and locking in the Sub Parr on that hurt arm. After that fall I’m surprised he held out a bit with his hurt arm in the Sub Parr, but he taps out anyways, earning Kelsi the Victory!!

Well, the celebration was cut short a little as it seems Desmond’s arm may have been hurt worse than what they thought. And see, Kelsi is a nice person as she tried to check on Desmond, but the ref didn’t let her. So Kelsi heads to the back after that. I wonder if Desmond will be out of it for awhile? I dunno but we’re moving on!

Another video package from FL as this time it’s Auburn’s! So guess that means Ceno’s video package won’t be played then? I mean he is out of the runnings now.

After the Video package we head back to the Production room… wait, this isn’t Frontline… Razz. But we actually see some goings on back stage and oh hey it’s Mizore… ok she’s by the craft table… so that was when she headed out to grab something to drink.

Man… That Annie makes me so mad… Well incase you didn’t see, Annie approached Mizore and started asking about me.. calling me a loser and about how I wouldn’t be able to win Women’s… Mizore did what she could to defend me and then… o.O Roller X showed up? I… didn’t know that. Annie leaves but what Roller X said… So that’s when… *sigh*

Another replay video package as this time it features Alessandro. But next was my first Summer BreakDown match. I don’t even need to fast forward as I remember it quiet clearly. So let’s get to this!

Everyone is doing their entrances as they head to the ring. I myself had my entrance and as I watch this I can’t help again wonder if I should do a bit more for my entrance. I couldn’t tell you what I’d do.. I mean Fray’s anger and the fire works for her… Gabrielle well didn’t really have that much of an fancy entrance, but still felt like her was set apart from the others. And Midnight… well she enters after me and she has that darkness thing going on… I just don’t have a ‘gimmick’ that really translates into a fancy entrance.

But it’s time to find out just what the first match type will be as all eyes were focused to the stage and that roulette wheel. I just remember staring at that as to see just what we’d get first and we got… A Tables Match!!

The match got started and right out of the gate I seen Fray charging at me. Maybe she wanted to make good on that promise she was saying while I was… in disposed. Didn’t matter, all that mattered was I saw it coming and I stepped out of the way and Fray went crashing to the floor outside. As I watched this again a thought slipped through my mind. I mean wouldn’t it of been funny if that crash had been through the table right then? Yeah I know it’s mean but I thought it would of been funny.

Instead I looked over and catching Annie staring me down and taunting me to Bring it. I could of, I really could of, but I elected not too. I was playing it smart knowing that while I would still keep Annie in my sights, I wasn’t about to blindly go after her only to be caught by one of the others and be sent through a table. So I slipped out to deal with Fray. Besides, I had a bit of issues with her too, She thinks I’m weak but I’ll show her.

So I was outside going to work on Fray. Using the barricade as a tool to sink my fists into her. I tried to go for a bulldog but Fray slips free and I found myself on my back with Fray on top of me hitting her own set of punches. Of course while I was defending myself, Mandie and Gabrielle was going back and forth in the ring and… wait Annie was watching that entire time? Geez. I mean yeah I know I was glancing towards her from time to time and the others, to make sure they didn’t do anything while I was fighting Fray, but wow.

Well, I still had my hands full with Fray but in the ring Gabrielle managed to get some momentum in her favor as she toss Mandie into the corner and a cross Body later and she’s seeing stars… and not the stars on Annie’s attire because she’s STILL just standing there. Gabrielle catches this two but despite a quick check to make sure that’s all she’s doing, she goes out to grab the table from outside.

Speaking of Tables… it was at that time that Fray had my back wrenched over the side of one of them. Ouch that hurt, and to make matters worse she plays even more dirty by pressing those nasty fingers into my eyes.. I mean ok I’ve had to wash my eyes already from watching her little promos but this… Ok lame joke aside, I finally had enough and shoved Fray back. But Fray goes for a buzzsaw kick and nope not happening as I drop to the ground to keep the attack from hitting. But I followed through and slammed Fray’s head down on the table. To bad it wasn’t enough for the elimination but it sure knocked Fray out… All I had to do now was get Fray back on the table and send her through it. Though hey, Justin that wasn’t very nice… then again I’d be more surprised if Justin actually said something nice about me… Razz

Regardless, yeah I needed to clear my eyes a bit but as I was working to get Fray onto the table, Seemed Gabrielle had gotten hers into the ring as she got up. Uh oh, Fray’s back and she’s about too.. No wait, Stroke of Midnight! What?! Why’d she do that? Probably more mind games. Whatever, Annie’s so smug as she tells Gabrielle “You’re Welcome” and slides out of the ring to let her finish her business. But while she did that, I was already ready to put Fray though the table. I went with a flying curb stomp because well I wanted to make sure there wasn’t any kind of misconception and people say I went through the table with her. But when I suddenly heard the 2nd table smash just as I was executing my move… I dunno. I felt a little robbed. Well, I didn’t know who went first… I thought it was about the same time… But who got eliminated?

Both of them? Wow. Yeah I was shocked. It also meant one less round we’d have to go through. But wow. So we all got back in the ring as the EMT’s checked on Fray and Mandie Wheeler and helped them to the back. I was still making sure that Annie didn’t try anything in between the rounds but seemed she didn’t.

We all finally turned are attention back to the stage where the ref… oh his name is Zach Slater? Well Zach spins the wheel. And it lands… on a Steel Cage! I couldn’t help but look up as the cage above us began to lower. Not sure why I hadn’t noticed it up there before but might of put it up there just in case for this match alone. Who really knew.

When the Cage finally lowered Jenna Jones, Are ref for the match’ began to secure it as Annie, Gabrielle, and I start to look at each other. It was going to be more difficult this time around… no matter what Justin said, there would only be one person eliminated… and with only one way to secure ourself to the next round… yeah way more tough.

The start of that match was pretty intense. Seriously, no one wanted to make that first move, rather to escape or to target someone. But someone had to do it and it was Gabrielle who was the first one to try and attempt an escape. I have to say that was a pretty impressive way to climb up higher on the cage via spring board but I also used the spring board to my advantage as I side kicked Gabrielle right off the cage wall. When we got up I speared her right back down!

I started to get to work on Gabrielle, no sense trying to just go at an attempt when she’d more than likely get up and take me off that wall. Then there was Annie.. wait a minute where was Annie? Dang she’s trying to escape and I caught it just in time as I ran over to keep her from doing just that… But Annie was expecting it as she kicked me and I barely managed to grab the cage after that… would of been a nasty fall.

I caught up to her as I grabbed ahold of her leg and wasn’t about to let her go. But after a kick to the head yeah… I held on as much as I could but after that, I lost my grip and fell back to the mat… Ugh such a hard landing. But before Annie could get back to her climb, Gabrielle for the save as a missile drop kick to the cage and Annie was off. Dang, she rolled through but serves you right anyways Razz

Well, I was down for a bit recovering from that nasty fall, but it was fine as Annie and Gabrielle went to work on each other. Annie tried to take control but after whipping Gabrielle into the ropes, Gabrielle returned to whip Annie into the ropes but followed her in to slam her against that cage wall. Bet that hurt…. Gabrielle gets momentum in her favor but when she tried to go for her finisher it’s countered by Annie with a DDT. Then she flows this into a Figure 4 Leglock.

But I bet you’re wondering? Where was I during this huh? Why wasn’t I don’t something or why is it I can only give you the exact details of what they were doing now that I’m watching the footage after? Well I tell you why, because while they were doing all that. I was using that time to escape. Wink And it worked too. I got all the way to the top of the cage before Annie even noticed me. She let go of her leglock. Annie of course yelled at me and that’s when I noticed they realized I was pretty much out. Wasn’t anything Annie could do and she knew it as she started to turn back around. But that’s when it hit me… that’s when I wanted to do something that would possibly keep Annie from getting past this round. So I stood up on the cage. The fans knew what I was doing as they cheered louder. Which was exactly what I needed as Annie began to turn around… perfect. Time for a move for the Highlight reel! As I launched myself back into the ring with the biggest X-Blade Crash I have ever done! It connected and the crowds went nuts as Annie was now out on the floor.

It was a great move… sore one but great. I got up to see Gabrielle starting to get up by the ropes and I just told her to go ahead. After all, I wasn’t about to stop her, but more importantly, I was more excited to have Annie finally getting eliminated! So we both began to climb up the Cage wall.

I was to busy climbing when I heard Annie getting up. But it was to late now to worry about that as I kept on climbing. Of course Annie elected not to go after me but after Gabrielle as she slammed into the cage wall causing Gabrielle to fall off one final time. I eventually made it to the top and glanced over to see Annie already climbing and Gabrielle down on the floor. I sighed a bit to myself.. I mean all that and she STILL manage to get past the round. But Yeah we both made it out and the round was over.

Ugh, I was tired after that match. Seriously I was leaning against the railing resting as much as I could before it was time for the final round. And to think, after that round I still had a gauntlet match to go through… but I would persevere! I would keep on going!

Eventually we were told to return to the ring as the cage was back up on the ceiling and Gabrielle headed to the back. When we got into the ring it was back looking up to the stage as Zach Slater spun the wheel one final time. I nearly gulped when I saw it nearly land on an inferno match.. I mean knowing right now what happened in this round and what might of happened had it been an inferno match? Geez. I had been burnt once and it was not very pleasant. But instead it was a ladder match which meant the title would be hanging above us… Ugh Annie that was a mean comment, but I didn’t care what you said, I was going to be the winner here! I was determined! Finally, the belt was hanging above us as Jenna checked on us both and called for the bell!

The start of the round was pretty intense as Annie issued a challenge for me to bring it. And bring it I did as I rushed at her but I saw Annie about to counter so I leapt over her and hit the ropes for my Tiger Spirit Kick! Annie was down and I was about to get out to grab a ladder when… hey let go of my leg! I tried to pull free but instead got pulled right into that darn Cloak of Darkness!!

You have no idea how much pain I was in with that move and all the wear and tear that I had been through. I nearly gave up right then and there but no! I refused as I managed to fight my way back up and then slammed us back tot he mat. We slowly got up to our feet and I dunno what it was. But that smirk on Annie’s face… I just reached over and Slapped her as hard as I could… Probably not the best idea and yeah Annie chuckled before talking me to the ground and unloading on me… Ugh I did my best to cover up but those blows just didn’t let up.

And that’s really where it all went bad. Annie finally finished and picked me up before dropping me again with a spin buster… Then the kick to the head and I was seeing… ok I already made that joke already. But still, I was sent over the ropes and right into the ladder that was set up… the pain was real and it hurts just to watch this yet again. Every time she taunted me and hit me into that ladder, or with it. I can just feel the memory of that pain coursing through me. But someone I dug down deep, really deep as Annie tried to drop kick me into the ladder a second time as I stopped it and did the same to her! It felt so AWESOME! I signaled for her to get back up as I go for my Green No More! But no good as Annie bats away my set up leg. She goes for her own kick but I wasn’t about to be denied as I grabbed her leg on instinct right before I go for my Green No More! Again and this time I connect! But my fire had died down at that point as I dropped to a knee to get some of my strength back.

We slowly got back up and began to exchange blows… and that’s when it happened… My sister came out from the back and when I finally noticed her, I tried to tell he not to do it. But she did.. she hit Annie with her Cursed Skull, knocking her out. I couldn’t believe it. But as I stood there staring at fallen Annie, my mind just went through all the things that would be said… I can’t win a title without help… I’m not good enough… I had ‘cheated’…. How could Britney do that to me? I … wanted to win the match on my own!

Britney… or Roller X I should call her, set up the ladder and told me to climb it… I still couldn’t believe her as I yelled at her telling her that I didn’t want to win that way.. and I told her I didn’t want her to fight my battles… Maybe that was a bad thing to say but I was so upset… But I saw it… a moment to late as she just snapped and one blinding pain in the head later, I was out cold.

Wasn’t until later I found out she had taken the belt down and just tossed it at Annie… She was that mad at what I said…. Even now as I look back I just… I don’t know what to really say.

Well, next was another reAired video package, this one was of Eli Goode. I barely listened to it now just like I didn’t really hear it then. I wanted to find my sister after I finally came too…

And find my sister I did. I had let her know what was on my mind as I was upset yes, but I wanted to know what was going on with her… after what she said… I… I know she’s still mad at me. I… haven’t really talked with her since then. I haven’t really tried either because… I don’t know if she’s still mad. I mean aside for her tweets on twitter about joining that Football league, she’s not really said anything to me… Maybe I’ll try and see where she’s at during the CWF Battle Royal… assuming she shows up…

But let’s move on to the next match… I need to get my mind off that.

Well, I can say that one way to really get your mind off your problems is Auburn’s entrance. She’s just so enthusiastic and it’s very catchy. She hypes up the crowds getting them to sing along with her song. I even find myself doing it now, even if I still don’t know all of the words to it. Razz.

As for Eli’s entrance. Again it’s very interesting and I have got to stop saying this, but should I really make some changes to my entrance? I mean I know I ask this a lot but well, I haven’t really gotten an answer… Then again it is pretty expensive… though that would really depend on what I do.. since shutting off lights isn’t exactly costly… But what if I… ok stop it Maya, Let me get back to the match.

So they start to circle and soon Eli begins to slowly advance towards Auburn to lock up. No good as Auburn just side steps it and chuckles to herself. Eli tries again but this time Auburn starts with the offense and kicks him in the stomach followed by a dropkick to the face. She tries to capitalize but it’s only a 1 count.

Eli then takes up some momentum as he hits her with a clothesline and pulls her up… hey not the hair! Seriously what’s with these guys in the semi-finals and hair pulling? Oh so this time Mike says something about it… Though maybe I didn’t catch it with Mizore’s match. But that’s not all the ref gets on to Eli about as Eli goes to cook Auburn and doesn’t let go until Mike reaches that 4 count. Ugh, Eli really? Well, Auburn gets some pay back as Eli runs at her and a dodge causes him to eat the turnbuckle chest first. But that’s not all Auburn does as she goes for a missile drop kick and gets a 2 count on him.

Auburn stays with the momentum as she get’s those Yes kicks to his toro followed by a drop kick and a Hulk Hogan Leg drop. Pin attempt but this time we only get a 1 count. But the tides turned after that as Eli is pulled up only to go into a flurry of rights until she’s back to the ropes and after a clothesline she’s out to the floor. Come on Auburn! But I cheered to soon as Eli’s runs out and!! Plancha! Wow what a move! Even if I’m still rooting for Auburn I can still appreciate an awesome move!

Mike’s actually not doing a slow count this time as yeah I actually am paying attention to that count. Eli of course, starts to beat on Auburn and.. Again with the hair? Seriously now I think Eli’s just trying to mimic Ceno at this point. Hair pull in the ring, hair pull out of the ring. Well, maybe he’ll mimic his loss too Razz

Back to what was actually happening, Eli taunts to use the steel steps against Auburn, come on Eli don’t do that. He goes to send her and HA! A reverse by Auburn! She then capitalized on it as she slams her foot into Eli’s shoulder up against the steel steps. I can’t help but wince in pain at that. Auburn slides into the ring at that point and waits for Eli to return. But it’s looking like it’s going to be another count out victory! See I told you, Eli’s mimicking the hair pulls, now he’s going to mimic the way he… oh Auburn pulled him back into the ring at the last second. That’s showing some class as she wants to beat him in the ring. I applaud you Auburn. Smile

The match goes on as Auburn works on that shoulder. Eventually getting him into an Armbar. Eli almost gets to the ropes but Auburn pulls him back to the center of the ring and locks it in again! Come on Auburn! Wait! Eli makes a shift in position and Auburn’s shoulder’s are on the Matt!! Auburn has no choice but to kick out and let go.

Eli is in pain still and Auburn goes for her Lands End but Eli ducks and in an interesting moment has the two drop the the mat and he locks in Goode Night! Come on Auburn! Don’t Tap you can get out of it!! I just watched as she struggles and soon her arm just goes limp… the ref raises her arm twice and I was so hoping that She’d some how get back in it by. The third arm lift but no good… Eli Wins Via Submission. Sad

Eli celebrates and soon Mike helps Auburn out. But Eli walks up to them.. oh please Eli don’t mimic Ceno and be a sore… well Winner in this case… Oh? So he’s just helping her. That shows some respect there… *sigh* I just don’t know with him some times. One minute he’s all arrogant and ruthless in all the wrong ways…. Other times he’s doing things like that to show some respect. Either way, the match is over and time for another video package!

Oh? This time it’s the tag team Video Package. I half way wondered if they’d reUse it. But well it was just in time as now it was time.. for the Gauntlet match… and let me tell you… Well see for yourself.

So as Darren Jennings hypes up the match by going over the rules for the gauntlet, the question on everyone’s mind, is who’s out first? Who drew the lucky spot number 1 and 2? Was it the Frost Elite? Well, we didn’t get spot 1 as that was the Suicide Kings… You know… ok I’ll go ahead and say this now as I’ve not really got the chance to say anything else. But When I first saw this team had entered the gauntlet… and after what I… well let’s just say that I wasn’t to happy… more depressed but followed by a bit of anger as I thought these guys were mocking me… turns out they weren’t and that’s just the name of their team, goes back to when they were wrestling in some other federation… but I didn’t know that then. Ah well.

So who’s number 2? Well it was the Fr… Sugay Sisters!! Had you going for a moment there didn’t you Wink. Unless you’ve actually seen the iPPV. Anyways, they have their entrance where again all those lights and things it’s more than my entrance… Though at least I’m not taunting the fans like those two do. And who is all in that Sugay Army? That the name of their fans? Or is it just them two? Not really sure. But hey we got Tala Sugay and James Raven to start us off, so let’s see how these guys fair… though you know I’m hoping the Sugay’s get past this round… as me and Mizore want to be the ones to eliminate them Wink

So the match begins and Tala’s her regular arrogant self, ugh I just wanna be out there right now and… well that comes later Wink for now Tala makes the first move of the match with a hard right, James’s doesn’t seem to impressed as he just chuckles it off. He slaps her and tries for something but it’s a kick to the knee and a DDT for his trouble. But James isn’t down for very long at all as 2 arm drags and a snap duplex scores him a kick out by Tala. James tries to keep control of the match but a reversal sends James into the corner where the isolation and tag teaming begins.

The Sugay’s keep him isolated for awhile before finally James manages to hit a back suplex and a bit few exchanges and a two count later and 2 count before he sends her over to his corner and tags in Big Shank. Shank starts to dominate Jaslene and hits a more than a few hard rights… I know that I shouldn’t be rooting that kind of behavior… but those two had it coming. Besides, the ref has things under control… right? He warns Shank and starts to count for the DQ and Shank gets in the refs face… Oh come on now, he’s just doing his job. But thankfully James gets in the ring and prevents Shank from doing who knows what.

The match continues as Shank goes back to using that power of his against Jaslene. He gets two 2 counts as the final one is broken up by Tala. I was so torn on it all. Seriously, the Sugay’s were getting what they deserved but at the same time, I still wanted me and Mizore to get our shot at them. Well, James and Shank do a double team on Jaslene and James goes for the pin, only to be broken up by Tala again! James doesn’t seem to mind until… really? Come on Ref, that was a low blow! But the ref didn’t see it because he was getting Tala back into the corner.

Tala gets tagged in after that and she rushes James with a shining Wizard… that and the low blow was more than enough to keep James down for a bit. And that’s all they needed as a double dropkick sends Shank off the apron in a nasty strike on the barricade. The sisters then lock James into a double submission hold they call the ‘NY Killa’ and James taps out!

So who’s out next? Well it’s none other than the Frost Elite!! This time I’m not kidding Razz. So yeah we were pretty tired up to that point. I was in that grueling Vegas Roulette match, not to mention the beat down with that ladder… *shudders* and Mizore has had her match with Ceno at the start of the show. But we were determined! And with the Sugay’s being our first opponent in the gauntlet, that just added an extra bit of oomph to our resolve. Smile

Ugh, wouldn’t you know it, those Sugay’s would attack us before we even get to the ring. They double teamed Mizore into the steel steps and toss me into the ring… a few tombs and kicks weren’t helping my already sore body and after that double duplex it took some will power but I got that shoulder up at two! No way was I going to let them win THAT easy… or at all for that matter. But that wasn’t all they had for me as I’m hit with that Double Trouble… I’m not even sure if I’d of been able to kick out but thanks to Mizore for the save! Mizore starts to clean house on the Sugay Sisters. Jasmine tries to grab Mizore from behind but We’re on to that as Mizore hits a back elbow and I roller her up but it’s a kick out before the 1.

We weren’t done yet as Mizore blocks a shot from Tala and hits her with a Tornado DDT as I hit Jaslene with a Russian Legswep. I needed a slight moment after that but Mizore had it as she remove Tala from the ring with a clothesline! Mizore finally comes to get me as I get up. We both knew what to do. It was Elite Kick Time! We hit our move on Jaslene and Mizore makes the cover and that’s all she wrote.

Though, you know looking back at this, I just realized something… Wasn’t I the legal woman in the ring? I don’t remember a tag so how was it Mizore got the pin? Eh, guess there was a tag that I just don’t remember. Either way, me and Mizore take a moment to rest as we wait on the next entrant. I’m surprised the Sugay’s didn’t act out in revenge but they didn’t.

So who was we up for next? Well it’d be the Jobber Squad!! And hey, maybe this time they’d actually put up more a fight? Yeah I know both me and Mizore could of used the easier elimination but with what happened on Frontline maybe they’ll actually make up for the pitiful match Mike gave me before?

Ok, that’s not what they did. I know it wasn’t to sportsmanlike of us to attack Jay while he wanted to check on his brother but We were tired and ready to move on. And yeah, perhaps I shouldn’t of used that move, but darn did it not look awesome! I mean first time we were brought out the Snow Storm!

But who would be next? I mean so far so good right?… Then Paragon’s music hit… Ugh, this was going to be a fight! Wait, Jack’s coming down with them as well? I mean I knew he supported them but I didn’t think he would be coming down with them… But it didn’t matter. I wanted to start this thing out as Mizore headed to the corner. I tried to be sportsmanlike and offer Amber a handshake but she just swats it away. Fine be like that. Not that I care… and we wind up trading shots for a bit until Amber blocks one and I’m down with an Armdrag. I try to get back up but I’m down again with a Snap DDT.. this time I couldn’t just get up as Amber mounts me and hits those hard shots as I could hear Mizore in the corner calling me up!

Wasn’t much I could do as Amber lets up but just kept on driving strikes on me even knocking my breathe away… it wasn’t looking good. Amber picks me up and tries to get me over to Leon… No way I was going to let that happen as I go for a school girl, just to break up the flow if anything… of course she kicks out and I get a hard right, a kick to the gut and move punches as I’m mounted again.

I was tired and exhausted but I wasn’t out. Amber thought she could send me to the ropes but I returned with a diving Cross-body she didn’t see coming. Of course, that only gave me a bit of reprieve as I was still on the mat again. Amber gets up and tags in Leon. I do my best to try and make it over to Mizore but it’s no good. I’m grabbed and my head is driven into his knee… ugh like I didn’t have enough problems with my aching head.

I was pretty out of it at that point as I’m hit on the head yet again with that Stalling Brain-Buster Suplex. I’m not even sure I would of been able to get out of that, but Mizore gets in and makes the save. And after a Tactical Nuke… which I can probably only tell you what it is now that I’m looking back, but Mizore makes the save yet again.

I really don’t want to go over all the gory details here but they isolated me pretty bad and soon they knocked Mizore off the apron and there was no where I was going to be getting a save from her this time. Amber looks to put me away with her Original Sin but I couldn’t let that happen! So I summoned up what I could and Dropped her with the Frigid Ice Wall!… huh, in a way Mizore did just save me again. Wink

I was pretty out of it at that point as desperation mode kicked in. Amber was down but not for long as we both struggled to tag in our partners! I reach out and FINALLY! Tag Mizore in, but Amber gets to Leon. But my baby has had enough as she goes in and just cleans house! She’s fired up and boy does she look so hot doing so! <3. Just one more of the things I love about her.

My baby goes for her breaking the ice but NO! Leon Elbows her and flings her off the turnbuckle with a huge belly to Belly. Cashmere tries to capitalize but it’s a two count. He then tries for a power bomb but a hurranicanna puts a stop to that. Their both down and I’m tagged back in. Was I still tired? Well duh, but that didn’t matter, My baby needed me back in the match and I was going to get back in that match. Of course, I still wanted a bit of payback for them isolating me earlier. Leon gets the tag to Amber and we trade shots in the middle of the ring. I hit a Russian Legsweep after ducking one of Amber’s blows. And a quick kick out for my troubles. Whatever I pick her up for a suplex but Amber blocks it and I’m the one who’s supplied.

What happens next well… From what I remember I attempted a few times to get up as I hear Amber taunting for Mizore to come into the ring. I finally get up and next thing I knew I Amber ducks and I’m hit By MIZORE!! What’s with this PPV! And the people close to me taking me out like that! … Ok I know this one was a mistake but seriously, despite all my heart, hard work and determination… I lose both of my matches thanks to something… that really wasn’t my fault. *sigh*

So yeah that’s pretty much what happened. Oh… wait I started to get back up… yeah I know it’s odd me saying that but tbh I don’t remember anything after that collision with Mizore… Must of been really knocked for a loop. But either way, A “Sawdust In the Blood” later and that was the three count. Of course, Mizore had been knocked out earlier and wasn’t able to make the save that time…

I do remember being helped to the back by Mizore but it was all a blur at that point. But wait Jack’s nod of approval? Ugh Jack is just making me sick. He’s not supposed to be playing favorites…

Anyways the match moves on with Paul Blair and Claws… the only team in the match without a team name. Well, for a team without a name they sure did a lot better than we were able too.. then again they were fresh, we were not.

Blair was also pretty cocky in this match as he was constantly taunting and trying to make a statement to Jack. In the end it costed him as a taunt to Jack while Claws had Amber ready for a move, Amber slides off and takes him down with an Inverted DDT. Amber hits a few moves before tagging in Leon who takes down Claws with a Roaring Elbow. Blair tries to take on Leon with his BlairKick but it’s no good as Leon steps out of the way before dropping Blair with a super kick of his own, he then goes for the cover and yep, it’s a 3 count.

The last team to show up was the Hitmen. They actually put on a better showing. But not to see it short, Paragon managed to stay just a step ahead and a cheating red mist by Amber and it’s over for them as Leon makes the cover and gets the three count on Danial… So Yeah we have the first Tag team Champions… and I’m… well we’ll get them next time. I promise you that!

Ok so I’m starting to feel a bit of the pressure with getting this done. Yeah I know, Spring Kitties want their Weekly Dose of Prime Data well, Bi weekly anyways. And I’m trying to get this to you. Just be patient as I finish this up…. Not that it matters since you’ll still be seeing it all at once. But I might do a bit more summing after this. I’m so sorry but this thing is late as it is and I don’t want you guys to have to wait any longer…

So, next we’re treated to a little interview with Kelly and Eli. Eli gives his thoughts and seems like he’s saying he has the support of Jack and Paragon… I’ll just leave that alone for now. But I have to say Kelly, not back to ringside, it’s back to a video Package!!

This one is of Bronx Valescence and I can only assume his match with Alessandro is coming up. I’m looking forward to reWatching it. The match that is. So let’s get to that shall we!!

So this is it! The great Champions Spotlight and boy I was pretty excited for this match. I mean just to sit back and watch this match was just such a treat. And There weren’t to big ego’s or anything super aggressive just two men at the top of their feds going head to head.

And boy was it an amazing match… So amazing that while I was watching my good friend Annabelle came over to watch it with me. We cheered along with the audience on screen as the match continued, going back and forth between both of these two. Every time one would get an advantage it wasn’t long until the other countered and took up the momentum. It was just that awesome! So awesome that you guys might just have to go check it out yourselves!

But I can at least tell you how it ended. Alessandro counters that Valence Victory move I saw from the video package and I was both in awe about that counter and a little sad I wouldn’t get to see Bronx’s finisher.. I mean it just looks awesome! But AQ doesn’t get the pinfall as Bronx gets the shoulder up.

A little later I was finally treated with seeing that awesome finisher of Bronx’s as man was it sweet and I was even more AMAZED that Alessandro was able to kick out of it. Talk about your will power.

Finally, it all came down to a pin attempt reversed into a pin attempt.. seriously, they just kept on reversing the pin attempts and me and Annabelle were holding our breathes with each change. Until FINALLY The three count was made as Bronx was a split second to late to get out of the pin.

Just what a match… I still can’t believe it and in spite of all the other things happening at this PPV this was one match that it didn’t matter who won or loss, it still brought a smile to my face.

It also brought a smile to Annabelle’s face as she mentioned that both Alessandro and Bronx were pretty hot. Guess I just don’t see it, then again I’m not interested in guys at all… *shrug*

Oh so that’s where CCC went. Seriously, I had been wondering where she was at the end of the show. But hey if her child is sick… well, I hope baby Jack’s doing better. But for now let’s move on to the final match of the Summer BreakDown to determine the first ever HSW Champion!!

It’s time… Finally time to find out just who will be the first HSW world champion. Yes I say that as I already know the answer to that question but hey, gotta add some hype in my blogs Razz

Anyways, I watch as Jack comes down to the ring and boy had I not known what was going on. I mean I just thought he was once again flaunting his ‘chosen’ team.

Either way, the match gets started and both are pretty weary. Both had gone through incredible matches and well.. Hey, Jack really is a jerk saying it was inevitable that we’d make a mistake… We’ll sure show him and Paragon come the next iPPV, but I’m getting ahead of myself again…

The match goes on and I’m on the edge of my seat. Yeah I know the outcome but it sure was a hard fought battle. I mean I even grimaced a little when Mizore got crotched on the top turnbuckle then was kicked off… reminds me of what happened with my match with Ceno…

But Mizore managed to hang on and while Eli tried to take advantage with a duplex, Mizore just wouldn’t let go. Later when I saw Eli hit the Goode Deal I saw myself trying to cheer Mizore on to get out of the kickoff… Again I probably looked foolish to Annabelle sitting there with me as she knew I knew the outcome already.


ut enough of the suspense This match lead down to Eli going for his Goode Bye but Mizore again shows her resolve and making sure he doesn’t connect by hanging on with her legs. They are pretty strong legs. Anyways, Eli fails to get the Goode Bye and COLD SHOULDER!! I’m now standing up cheering loudly as I watch Mizore collapse on the pin and the ref hits the mat for the 1! 2! 3! Why was I cheering? I better stop…

But here you go the first EVER HSW World Champion is none other than my baby, my love! Mizore Payne!!

What happened next… I… I’m not sure if I can watch it again… but, no I need too. If anything it will help strength my own resolve for what lays ahead of me on Slam 6… So here we go.

So, this all started out what you’d expect. Me, Kelsi, and 18 were win the back cheering what was Mizore’s biggest win! Jack comes up and offers some words as he’s about to present the belt… then… he just drops the belt as he claims that Mizore doesn’t have what is needed.

I didn’t understand but that’s when things just started to go bad… Ceno comes out with a chair… A chair and hits Mizore’s dad with it before Jack grabs Mizore with the Mean Machine Stretch! We tried to get out but the d*mn door was shut… ok I shouldn’t be swearing.. even in type but it made me so mad… I mean I should of been out there.. I should of BEEN there at ringside! Not in the locker room… Why wasn’t I out there? I could of done something…

Ok… so White Tiger was there.. but.. even he couldn’t do anything after getting hit in the face with a stinking FIRE!! And the Roaring Elbow but Leon and that chain…. I just… I kept on at that door… I wanted to get out but nothing… all I could do was sit and watch on as Jack and Paragon just…

I had to stop watching this for a moment… I knew what was coming and it just made me mad… and then it gave me flash backs of what happened to me… and Jack… JACK!! Did this to HER!! MY LOVE!! I DON’T Care what his reasoning IS!!

… So he punished her.. just to try and prepare her… like I said… I don’t care… Mizore didn’t deserve this. So Jack… Paragon Every LAST one of you! I am COMING! Once Mizore has defeated Jack in his little game! I’m going to make sure every last member of Paragon pays for what they did… You can promise on that!

I hate abruptly stop working on this and you guys get confused when my tone abruptly changes but I was pretty fired up. I wasn’t ready for those Prime Predictions but now.. I’m ready. So for Slam 6! Prime Predictions!!

Last Time: 4-3

(Ugh barely over half. It was FL and Auburn not making Finals that got it.)

Year to date: 17-7


North American Battle Royal

Winner: Kelsi Parr

Reason: I’ll be honest, while I thought about entering I decided not too. I have my hands full at the next iPPV as it is for I’m going to go after Women’s and Tag again. But with that I only know of like two people going in this… oh Ceno signed up too? Eh I don’t care. Kelsi’s going to win!


Paul Blair Vs Shido Cavallari

Winner: Paul Blair

Reason: I don’t really know anything about Shido. And hey Paul despite his ego has been doing well so far.


Gabrielle Martinez Vs Fray

Winner: Gabrielle Martinez

Reason: I’m a bit sad that she wasn’t able to get past that 2nd round in the Vegas Roulette match. So I look forward to her getting her first HSW win here!


Eli Goode Vs Nero Phoenix

Winner: Eli Goode

Reason: I’ve said this time and time again, but with Eli, you just don’t really know what to get with him… not with his in ring abilities but his behavior. I will say that he seems pretty down and taken aback with what Paragon did… so that’s make him good in my book… for now anyways Razz


Roller X Vs Auburn Cox

Winner: Auburn Cox

Reason: I’m still a bit upset with what Roller X did. Seriously, I’ve tried to get ahold of her but… ok not as much as I should… guess I’m trying to give her her space. But I have a bad feeling that this all started when I predicted Mizore to when her match on Slam 4. I hope I’m wrong… because me picking Auburn now…. Just help her out will you Auburn?


??? Vs ???

Winner: My Match

Reason: He’s going to pay!


Mizore Vs Jack Michaels

Winner: Mizore

Reason: You don’t even have to ask me who’s going to win this match. Mizore’s a WHOLE lot tougher than you give her credit for Jack. And you’re going to wish you never did what you did. Winter is coming!

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