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on Wed Nov 22, 2017 3:46 am
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Hey everyone out there, it’s me Maya Jensen and I’m bringing you my very first Blog since the Elven Decoy! Ok, that’s a lie. If you were to look back, this is I think my 4th Blog back. But It’s all good as right now, I’m sitting here, wide awake as Mizore is sound asleep. She looks so cute while she’s sleeping. Smile. Though she looks so cute no matter what. Wink

Anyways, today we just got done airing the very first Show of High Stakes Wrestling. And While I know I should be asleep, since I have a flight to catch tomorrow for my final match in a Ladies All-Star Wrestling, I just can’t sleep. I tried. But hey perhaps I can redeem my last entry. Ok, I was sick and just couldn’t keep it up, but all I had to do was type right? 

So let’s get things rolling though. As it’s time to kick this thing off right.

Prime Data CardAd

Now, me and Mizore were back stage ofcourse, I know early on before the show even started she said she was seeing something. I never did see anything myself so I was curious.

But eventually, the show kicked off, on hulu for that mater. Hey, I like Hulu. Me and Mizore have watched plenty of shows on it. Anyways, the show kicks off with Johnathan Steele and Justin start up their usual antics. And by usual, I mean they were paired off before in EWE, incase any new readers don’t know what I’m talking about. Wasn’t long until Christy Clark-Chaos herself comes out to the ring… and ok, I may say it like that in person, out of respect. But it’s just such a pain to type.. Should I just call her Triple C? Well, CCC gets up and thanks the fans and all the support. She mentioned the Championships and I was eager to find out about them, but CCC is holding on to that little bit of information. Which I was a bit disappointed.

I do remember her talking about people mistaking this for uh… bad movies. Can’t say I’ve seen any of them, not that I have any desire to do so… But I just don’t get what Justin was talking about when he said it’s because the show is called Slam? But she went on and talked about how HSW will eventually become great. That would be pretty awesome if you ask me. 

She began to introduce Jack Michaels and then there was the plug in about 4CW. But I’m sorry Christy, but you may eventually get those titles, but it will be me and Mizore who will be winning that tournament. Wink. Though, I just hope she don’t get to upset, I wouldn’t want me and Mizore to win then be put on the wrong side of a Handicap match, or guatnlet against the entire roster, then again, that may actually be pretty fun. But I’m getting off topic.

Anyways, Jack Michaels comes out and gives a pretty great speech. And the inscription on the old EWE Championship, that got to tugging on my heart strings. Just I have to wonder what my dad would think of all this. I haven’t talked with him since Father’s day…

But Christy was handed the parephobial torch and… oh a commercial break.

Next, CCC’s made it back to her office and my sister’s there already asking for her next match. Seems, she didn’t need to bother though as CCC had already booked the match she was wanting. She leaves, not sure where she went as I wanted to say hi, didn’t get to before the show started since, well, I’m not sure when she arrived. 

As my sister walked out, in walked another man. I thought he looked a little familiar. Brit.. I mean Roller X did show me a picture of the guy one time. But his name was Charles Whittaker… an unusual middle name but well ok, i thought his cane looked pretty cool. Anyways, he was there to get a sponsorship for his league. Hope it works out for him. Though wonder what Roller X will think?

Prime Data GoodeTimes

I have to say, CCC sure was go go go at the beginning there. I remember she was the special guest of Eli’s for his, Goode Times segment. I know there was some bad blood between them, and I’ll admit I still remember when he threatened Mizore when he was trying to go after her dad. Ofcourse, Mizore put him in his place in what i think was her first ever men’s division match. Ok, it wasn’t ranked but you know what I mean.

Anyways, the fans were pretty against Eli and he wasn’t taking it so lightly. He even insulted my sister and that got on my bad side too. I guess B- Roller X heard him as she came out to set the record straight. I noticed she was also not wearing her skates she had on while she was talking with CCC earlier. Nor her helmet for that matter. Odd, but didn’t seem she was there to talk as she cracks him one with a round-house kick. Guess it didn’t serve him for insulting her.

Eli retreats but not very far as CCC decided that it was time to start the very first match of High Stakes Wrestling. Which is exactly what happened.

Prime Data RXEli

The match gets underway with Eli going with blind rage to get back at Roller X’s attack on him just a few moments ago. Roller X took advantage of this but Eli managed to get control of the match. Sorry I’m doing most of this by memory, so bare with me here.

But I remember Eli got Roller X in submission move which she gets out of. Then at some point the match was taken to the outside and the ref, well, he was given the slowest 10 count I’ve ever seen. But Roller X hit some pretty great moves while they were on the outside. And at one point they were fighting in the crowd. Sadly, it was here that things started to turn sour for my sister as the outside scuffle ended with Roller X getting her head hit hard on the fence. I’d wonder why Eli decided to not just let her get counted out, but with the slow count, I guess I can’t blame him.

But my sister did start to make a come back. Surviving 2 pin fall attempts. Yet she went for her cursed skull finisher and that was really what done her in as A Goode Bye later, Eli got the victory… 

I just hope Britney’s ok… she told mer before about how hard she was training for that match.. and to lose in her return… like I said, I hope Britney’s ok, but I didn’t get a chance to talk to her before she left. I would have gone to check up on her right afterwards, but Mizore match was next and I wanted to watch it.

Prime Data LYMizore

Well, this match wasn’t very long. That little guy sure was a feisty fellow. I’m still not sure why Mizore went for the Snowbound. I even asked her after the match and yeah she was just going with the pace of the match.

Regardless it was a slightly adjusted Cold Shoulder that put Little Yokai on ice and Mizore her first win since EWE!

While I was doing a slight celebration with Mizore… yeah I know the match wasn’t that long but it was still her first win in some time so Razz… Eli Goode was having a little chat with Jack Michaels. Seemed he was happy to be able to be given a chance to go after the top prize again, then was saying how he was glad Jack himself wasn’t on the roster. I dunno.. I figured he would be the guy to beat. And he will be if/when me and Mizore face him and CCC in that tag tournament Wink

Anyways, Eli leaves and then uh… what was his name again? That guy with the long beard, Like fought Dutch for the EWE Championship. And didn’t he take the title from Mizore’s dad at one point too? 

Well, what ever his name was, though I think it had something to do with pants…. he showed up and chased with Jack as well. That’s all I remember though as I said, I didn’t catch much of that segment.

Next we were treated to a little promo by James Ceno. The effects looked pretty cool and I have to wonder if this promo would of worked better if he wasn’t debuting this show. Awe well, at least it was given before his actual match. So that’s good.

Prime Data CenoDK

Which his match was next. Though, I was out grabbing me and Mizore something to drink, I honestly didn’t catch most of it. When I got back, King had hit Ceno in the kidney area and it sure took it’s tole. But Ceno was able to fight through the pain and soon executed his ThunderClap, which I only know because I looked it up a little after, and he got the pinfall.

There was one final thing that happened as I was heading out to the gorilla position, awaiting for my turn to head out to the ring. And that was CCC talking on the phone with someone, before she got yet another visitor. Never did get to see who it was, but I know she’s the boss and all, but she sure was getting a lot of attention.

Prime Data MayaMidnight

Yeah, I was actually surprised myself when they later told me that my match had become the new main event. I’m not even sure why they changed their minds but there I was, in the main event of the very first show of High Stakes wrestling. It was an amazing feeling.

I still remember that match. As I remember how the start neither of us wanted to start the offense. So I offered my hand to shake. I figured, if she wasn’t going to atlas be a good-sport it’d atlas help us start things off, and sure enough she slapped my hand away and got the ball rolling with her own strike, which I matches with a strike of my own. We even hit the ropes and after midnight leap-frogged me I leap forged her and we ended up trying to go for the same move. But we still battled back and forth trying to get momentum on our side.

Yet I was the one who was able to finally take control, I hit her with combinations, showing her that I was not who she thought I was. Sure enough it ended after a two count and Annie countered me and then got on me hitting her hard rights to my head. I can still feel it now… and I still got another match today.

But it didn’t matter, I wasn’t going to do less than my best for that match and ok, I did try to steal the match. My mind was at the time thinking of my final match in LAW, but it didn’t work and I’m kind of glad it didn’t. Sure it meant I’m more sore now, but it’s the price I pay. Even more so as the match was taken briefly outside and I hit those darn steel steps.

But the match wasn’t over yet, and Annie may have gotten control but I was able to counter with my Tiger Spirit kick. I follow it up with my X-Blade Crash but only Get a two count. I saw no need to argue with the ref, and besides, I wanted to put the icing on the cake to show Annie and Everyone else that I really am GreenNoMore and my kick can get the job done… ok it didn’t this time.. neither did my 18 waves of Pain. But before I could hit my final Finisher, I get that nasty kick of Midnight’s. But the clock may have struck midnight but the match was still going on.

And then there was the cloak of darkness, but I told Annie that it wasn’t going to work. The Darkness is only as strong as the light let’s it. And after getting that 2nd wind I was able to get tot he ropes… of course, Annie didn’t want to let go, I’m not surprised, hurt more but again I’m not surprised.

I get up and Annie starts mocking a particular superstar as she stomps on the mat. But at that point I knew what was coming and I hit her with the one move that I hadn’t done yet. Fitting, she thought she could open up old doubts that I no longer have about my love… and I end the match with the move that was named after her.

I won that match, and I was, exhausted but thrilled. I didn’t see Annie’s sneak attack, I know. I should of saw it coming. Perhaps that will give Annie some kind of satisfaction. But she will still remember that it was I who beat her that night.

So, that wraps that up. I have to say I have to start getting ready for my flight here soon. But don’t worry, I won’t leave you without continuingg the long standing tradition as it’s time for…

Prime Data D0ImlfT

Last Time: N/A

(Yeah I figured I’d start over, being in a new fed and all.)

Year to date: 0.0

Prime Data DXLY


Dangerous X Vs Little Yokai

Winner: Dangerous X

Reason: I don’t know who this knew guy is… never seen him before, but with a name like Dangerous X. Suerly he can put the little guy away.

Prime Data MidnightMandie

Annie Fugate Vs Mandie Wheeler

Winner: Annie Fugate

Reason: Again it’s someone I know, versus someone I don’t. And I just went through a match with Annie and she means business. She’s also fresh off a loss so that could spell trouble for the new girl.

Prime Data DKRX

Desmond King Vs Roller X

Winner: Roller X

Reason: You can call me bias if you want, but I’m sticking to Roller X winning this one. Sure she lost to Eli, but she put up a great fight and this time, she’ll be the one who comes out with the Victory!

Prime Data CenoEli

James Ceno Vs Eli Goode

Winner: Eli Goode

Reason: I just realized, I’m not even on this card. Guess I get a week off, but man I hope I don’t have to deal with waiting forever for my next match here too, especially now that I’m leaving LAW. But as for why I picked Eli? Well, he’s gotten better, I can tell you that. Especially to beat my sister. So I give it to him. Though funny, both of these two seem to have a connection to Jack Michaels. I wonder which one he’s rooting for?

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