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Prime Data Special Edition #1 Empty Prime Data Special Edition #1

on Wed Nov 22, 2017 3:47 am
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Prime Data Special Edition #1 69lLt9z

Hello everyone Maya here again with a Special Edition of Prime Data. What’s a Special Edition? Well, pretty much it’s just a normal blog that’s not associated to a Wrestling show. Meaning I’m not going over a show, I’m just talking and sharing my thoughts on a few things. Well, mainly one thing in particular. And that, is my final match in LAW.

Ok, I know I just said that it’s not going to be going over a show, which it’s not. I don’t think I’ll even be watching any more LAW shows because then I’ll regret my decision to leave LAW so soon. However, I will be keeping in touch with some of Abby Addictions matches. She’s just that good a wrestler. Smile. And I’m curious as to what she does next.

Anyways, So first thing I wanted to go over is well, I’m sorry for what happened at my last LAW match. Truth be told I wasn’t at my best because, well, a lot of factors. And no I’m not trying to make up excuses. Sarah Lacklan is a great wrestler after all. Just well, I feel like I could have done better than what I did.

For starters, those of you may know, on Saturday, the one before LAW, I had a pretty intense match against one Annie Fugate. I was able to pick up the win, even if Annie was a bit of a sore loser after words Razz. But with all that, it was pretty late by the time me and Mizore got back to the hotel. With LAW the very next day, we were set for an early morning flight.

And wouldn’t you know it. My sleeping problem happened again. I really don’t like to get into the details of it. But let’s just say after it happened, I found myself awake pretty early on Sunday Morning. Like 4am. Never did get back to sleep. But it wasn’t a total loss, I was able to get my Prime Data on HSW Slam #1. But either way, not much longer after I finished it, it was time to leave for my flight. Thankfully we had packed the night before so all we had to do was grab our stuff and head to the airport.

During the plane ride, I did do my best to catch up on my sleep. But we were sitting right in front of the noisiest group of people I’ve ever heard. It was a family of 6. With three boys right behind us and their parents and I guess a sister right behind them. The boys were extremely loud. Hooting and a hollering and arguing about something. I did my best to tune them out, But I couldn’t sleep. Mizore finally said something to them… and they only got worse after that. Even kicked our chairs a few times. Wasn’t until about 10 minutes after it was time to land that their parents finally told them to stop… seems they had earplugs… *sigh* wish I had thought of that.

After we landed, we headed out and took a cab to our next hotel room. I wanted to take a nap right then and there but we couldn’t as we had to head to the stadium so I could talk with LAW management and finish up my leaving paper work. Didn’t know there was so much to do just to try and leave a company, but part of it was to make sure I’d be able to come back without much trouble. Which, if I’m finally able to get the issues fixed, I’ll gladly return… But I don’t know when that will be. Maybe not even for another year or more.

Either way, after that, me and Maya went to grab some food. I was still dead tired, but I had to make sure to eat. 

The rest of the day was pretty much a blur. I remember one part getting to the show earlier, getting changed and taking a nap in our locker room… which we didn’t get our own this time thanks to this being my last show. Mizore thought there might of been a little more to It than that but Either way, I did my best to sleep. It came and went and when I finally had dozed off and was sleeping pretty good, because the other talent had left the locker room. I was being woken up by Mizore as I was told it was time for my match. *sigh*

And that’s what happened. I went to my match, pretty tired, and I did the best that I could. I was wore out and exhausted too, while Sarah, well she looked in way better condition. I have to say that I used to be able to handle more than one match so close together. Seriously, back in EWE, it felt like just about every pay-per-view I found myself in multiple matches. I have had more than a year off, and the bi-weekly matches of LAW didn’t exactly help. Ok, I did train pretty well in between but Well, there was also the tired aspect.

But I guess I’m just making up excuses. I still stand by what I tweeted earlier this morning. I would like a Rematch against Sarah. Just because I feel that I could do so much better than what I did. And ofcourse, make sure it’s set up during a time where I won’t have to worry about over booking myself.

You know, it almost feels like I’m just trying to mope around and not accept my loss. I do accept it, just I know that I will feel bad until I get a chance to redeem myself. It was supposed to be my final match in LAW… which means I may not get that chance again to take on Sarah Lacklan… but maybe if she sees that she didn’t get the best I could offer, maybe she’ll be willing to take me in a rematch. I guess I’ll have to wait and see. 

The other thing I want to bring up is I feel kind of strange that I’m off the next HSW card. Yeah, I know I could use a bit of a break to catch up on my sleep and recover from my last week end. I’ll still be training but me and Mizore will be having a nice mini vacation. Still I can’t help but feel like I should of been on that card. I do want to compete and I an willing and able too. After all, 2 weeks should be more than enough time to recover from the double dose of matches. But I guess I can’t help it. Awe well.

 I'm just going to have to enjoy my time off. Just know that I'm going to be raring to go with whoever I end up facing next. So be prepared!

Anyways, that’s really it for me. I’ll catch you all later.

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