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Leo Vs Christy Chaos Empty Leo Vs Christy Chaos

on Mon Feb 12, 2018 1:55 pm
-insert Banner here-

RP Link: http://z6.invisionfree.com/eweefed2k10/index.php?showtopic=945

Show: Xplotion [9/8/2010]

Results Link: http://z6.invisionfree.com/eweefed2k10/index.php?showtopic=968
(PS, he summed up all results thus he messed up the fumed version of the segment of Leo finding Lisa's diary)

RolePlay Limit: 1
Maximum RolePlay Length: 3,000 Words

Pacific: Wednesday(8th) 10 pm
Mountain: Wednesday(8th) 11 pm
Central: Wednesday(8th)/Thursday(9th) Midnight
Eastern: Thursday(9th) 1 am
UK: Thursday(9th) 6 am

"So what are going to do once your done with eWe?" Trixy asked Leo.

Leo, Trixy and Spangled were sitting in my favorite place to open Leo's role plays, a diner. They were in a boothe with Leo sitting on one side and Spangled and trixy on the other.

"I plan on focusing on finding Lisa, " Leo said.

"You know I've been meaning to ask you, " Spangled said, "Am I coming with you?"

"Don't see why not, " Leo said, "after all, I'm probally going to need your help."

"Oh by the way, " Trixy said, " You have a match coming up."

"yeah I know, " Leo said, "It's against Christy Chaos the Women's champion."

"Ofcourse this is obiously a non-title match, " Spangled said grinning.

"Obviously, " Leo said not amused.

"Christy as been facing both Superstars and divas recently, " Trixy said.

"So I'm her next target?" Leo asked, "but why me?"

"How should I know?" Trixy said.

"You are an interviewer, " Leo said, "perhaps she told you in an interview?"

"Well, I don't remember anyways, " Trixy said, "JC hasn't been doing his homework."

"Who's JC?" Leo asked.

"Your handler, " Trixy said, "but we need to change the subject becuase it can get confusing."

"Sounds good to me." Leo said, "So how about this weather?"

"That's an unsual question, espeally coming from you, " Trixy stated.

"I'm just passing time, " Leo said.

"Well we could do that by talking about your match, " Trixy said, "Because your starting to act like Blitz."

"You right, " Leo said, "Ug, what's happening with me?"

Leo shakes his head.

"Ok, now I'm better, " Leo said.

"I just think JC can't think of anything to do so he's making you act wierd, " Spangled said.

"I thought we agreed to drop the JC subject," Leo said.

"I just thought you'd want to know why you were acting so strange, " Spangled replied.

"I wonder what JC's like?" Trixy wondered allowed.

"Probally, some lazy fat guy who plays vidoe games all day, " Leo said.

"But if he does, he wouldn't have time to do a role play, " Trixy said.

"actually that would explain why he hasn't come up with anything better than for us to talk about him, " Spangled pointed out.

"he sounds self centered," Leo said.

"Hey, don't say things like that, " Trixy said, "People will start thinking that it's true. besides we really should start talking more about your match."

"Ok fine," Leo said, "JC is not self centered, But I still don't see why we have to talk about my match? I got this in the bag."

"You have to talk about the match, " Spangled said, "If you don't you'll loose."

"how's that?" Leo said, "It's not like my wins and losses are based on some group of judges that base my win or loss on how often I talk about the match."

"You'd be surprised, " trixy said.

"Fine then, " Leo said, "I'll start now. My match, my match, my match, my match, my match, my match, my match, my match, my match, my match, my match, my match, my match, my match, my match, my match, my match, my match, my match."

"I don't think it works that way Leo, " Spangled said.

"Whatever, " Leo said, "I was just jokeing anyways."

"You and joking does not go in the same sentince Leo, " Spangled said, "unless there's a does not in the middle of them."

"You know we've really been getting off topic here, " trixy said.

"yeah we keep on making OOC comments, " Spangled said, "we really should get back to your match Leo."

"I don't need to, " Leo said, "because I know I'm going to win. So let's drop it."

"Whatever, " Spangled said, "We probally have a decent amount of words now so JC well probally end it soon anyways."

"Good, " Leo said, "because I have more in imporant things to do than 'talking' about my match. but I will make one last comment."

Leo stands up.

"I'm going to win," Leo said and he left.

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Leo Vs Christy Chaos Empty Re: Leo Vs Christy Chaos

on Mon Feb 12, 2018 1:57 pm
Results Link: http://z6.invisionfree.com/eweefed2k10/index.php?showtopic=968

Note: I don't normally do this, but there was an issue with the results he posted. The issue was that when he summed up the events, he messed up in a few spots as to what exactly happened. Thus, I'll be posting the segment I sent in for said match here. (PS yeah he didn't use it).

Leo Kat Vrs Christy Chaos

The match starts off pretty evenly, Then Leo steps up the pace as he gains control of the match. Eventually, Leo pulls of a Speed drop and gets Christy and covers. the Ref starts his count, 1... Suddenly a faint glow ementates form a crystal embeded into one of Leo's wristbands. Leo takes note of this. 2... Leo releases his hold head out the ring while Christy quickly gets a shoulder up before the ref says 3. everyone watches confused as Leo exits the ring and sprints back up the ramp and heads behind the curtain.

Kenny Greenwood: What's going on? Does Leo not know that he hasn't won yet?

Jimmy: Maybe not, but what was that glow on his wrist?

Kenny Greenwood: Don't know.

Everyone stares at the curtain that Leo left confused about why Leo just got up and left. Then Christy snapped out of it and reminded the judge that the match isn't over with and Leo is out of the ring. The Judge shakes his confusion has he starts his count, 1...2...3... Still Leo didnt' return, 4...5...6...

Kenny Greenwood: Looks like Leo isn't coming back.

Jimmy Justice: I guess not.

Kenny Greenwood: And he was so close to winning to.

9... 10. And Christy Chaos wins.


Leo is seen running through the streets using the glow from his wrist band to direct him, as he constantly adjusted his course so that the glow grew brighter. finailly, Leo slowed to a stop, in an Alley, The glow was really bright now. he looked around only to find that the alley was empty. besides a few news papers scattered around.

Leo: Lisa? Where are you?

Leo looked around he didn't see any body there nor did he see what was making his crystal glow. a wind blew by and that's when Leo caught saw it. under a big stack of newspapers was another glow. Leo quickly goes to the pile only to pull out a diary. Leo dug through the papers dispreate to find Lisa underneathe but he knew she wasn't, there wasn't enough newspapers to cover her. Leo sighed. Then he quickly flicked a switch on his wrist band and the driary spin to make a lid cover over the crystal to keep the glow from leaking out. Then he took off. Scene fades.
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