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Leo Kat in Beat the Clock Match Open Invite

on Mon Feb 12, 2018 2:00 pm
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Show: Xplotion [9/15/2010]

Official Show Date: Wednesday 15th September 2010
Venue: Riga Arena - Riga, Latvia.

Open Invite for No. 1 contendership for main Xplosion title

Leo kat

(The scene opens up to Leo's hotel room. as we see a rushed Leo enter and walk up to Spangled who was sitting at a table with a lab top open.)

Spangled: I was just watching Chaos, So did you find her?

(Leo showed Spangled Lisa's diary, that he got.)

Leo: No, but I did find her diary.

(Spangled held out his hand to take it and Leo gave it to him. Spangled placed the diary on the table and opened it somewhere in the middle, the page was blank, Spangled fliped throught the dairy only to find ever page the same.)

Spangled: There's nothing here.

Leo: Check the first page.

(Spangle did and sure enough that page had writing on it. Leo and Spangled glanced at the paragraph on the page.)

Leo: It looks like instructions.

Spangled: These could lead to Lisa, but...

Leo: But what?

Spangled: I just find it strange that the diary mysteously apears close by the last areana you were in, you did say that the crystal didn't start glowing till after you were in the ring.

Leo: That's right.

Spangled: Meaning someone must put it there then left, but why'd they leave and give us these instructions? Why not just wait till you got there?

(Leo crossed his arms, thinking.)

Leo: Maybe they couldn't stay, Maybe Lisa managed to get away long enough to give us these instructions. But as of right now we really don't have much to go on, because this is the only lead we have.

Spangled: Well, ok. I just don't want you to run into any traps.

(spangled studdied the instructions once more.)

Spangled: Well, here's some good news, The instructions lead to a place in the city.

Leo: Where at?

Spangled: Some abandoned building, on the outskirts of the city.

Leo: I'm off.

(Leo left as the scene fades.)

(the scene opens to Leo pulled up to an abandoned building, he got out of his car and looked around.)

Leo: (Into a headset) I'm at the building, now what?

Spangled: Enter it.

(Leo walked up to the front door, or more accuatly where the front door would have been. Leo entered the building.)

Spangled: so far so good? I'm stil tracking you, so far I'm not getting any interfearance.

Leo: Good, well so far I don't see anything.

(The building was an very old hotel room, with the check in desk not to far off.)

Spangled: well, according to the instructions you need to ring the bell 5 times, wait for 2 seconds, then ring it 3 times.

Leo: What bell?

Spangled: Aren't you in a hotel?

Leo: Yeah... (Then reliesed what he was refering to) Oh the bell at the front desk.

(Leo walked up to the front desk, he then proceded to ring the bell 5 times, wait 2 seconds, then rang the bell 3 more times.)

Leo: Now what?

Spangled: It just says wait there.

(so Leo did. a minute went by then suddenly Leo heard a gun cock as a female figure emerged from behind him.)

Women's voice: Stay right there and get those hands up.

(Leo did as he was told, but Leo knew who it was, his eyes started to tear up.)

Leo: Lisa?

(Leo started to turned around and sure enough, there standing in front of him, with a gun pointed at his chest, was Lisa Mcgovern.)

Lisa: (tears in her eyes too) Leo!

(Lisa ran to Leo and the two embrased.)

Lisa: I thought I'd never see you again.

Leo: I thought so too.

(The two kissed then broke apart.)

Lisa: So I see you got the diary.

Leo: Yeah, but Why didn't you just wait for me to show up.

Lisa: Well...

(Leo then noticed Lisa's clothes, they were worn out and dirty.)

Leo: And why are you wearing rags?

Lisa: I ran away, Leo.

Leo: from where?

Lisa: I'm not sure if we talk about this in the open.

Leo: then come back to my hotel room.

Lisa: Ok. Let's go.

(So the two left and the scene fades.)

(The scene opens back up to Leo and Lisa entering Leo's Apartment.)

Spangled: So this is Lisa huh?

(Lisa and Leo walked over to Spangled who was still sitting by the table.)

Lisa: Yeah, and you must be Spangled. Leo told me about you on the way over.

Spangled: I know, he didn't take his head set off.

(Leo took his head set off then looked at Lisa.)

Leo: So tell me, Where have you been all this time?

(Lisa sat down on one of the chairs by the table)

Lisa: Well, sometime after you left, the Metalic Corporation came back and offered my family a large sum of money as well as a new house, outside of the US. My family accepted the offer.

Leo: Why?

Lisa: Well, They told my parents that they were only trying to get your memories back and that you were actually an agent for them. They said the money was only an award for helping them find you. So my parents and me left for the new house. It seemed fine till I started noticing that we were being watched. Also I found out that they had lied about you being an agent for them. So I had been trying to escape. Wasn't till a month ago that I did. I found out that you had joined eWe so I made my way here.

(They sat in silence for awhile, then Spangled spoke up.)

Spangled: What now?

(Then as if on cue Leo's cell phone went off. Leo took out his phone and answered it.)

Leo: Yes, Mr. Green.

Mr. Green: Awe Leo, long time no see.

Leo: Sorry I've been busy.

Mr. Green: Too busy for your manager?

Leo: yeah, so why the call?

Mr. Green: Well, I just found out about an open number 1 contenders match, that I'm sure You'd be interseted in.

Leo: For the MidEastern?

Mr. Green: Actually it's for the new main title of Xplosion that Xplosion will get after Dynamic Destruction.

Leo: I see. well, I'm not sure.

Mr. green: What are you talking about Leo, This is a great oppertunity for you.

Leo: I'm not sure of how much longer I'm goning to be staying in eWe anyways.

Mr. Green: what?!? Why?

Leo: Personal reasons.

Mr. Green: Well ok then. call me if you change your mind.

(Leo hung up his cell and pocketed it.)

Lisa: Your quitting?

Leo: Yeah, I only joined because I thought it'd help me find you. Then it turned out to be a dead lead.


Ok so wanted to add this part because in case I lose it. But this match was a beat the clock match I got last place:

One of Jensens favourites on Xplosion for this one, Big show started slowly and Leo nearly put him away inside 5 minutes but as the match wore on he used his power and strength to gain control, throwing Leo around like a rag doll. Leo, despite a strong start clearly wasn't in the match, his head was too busy worrying about Lisa and the diary. Big Show went for a chokeslam buit Leo countered it into a beautiful roll up, he got a two but Big Show powered out. Leo is trying to use his speed but every time he slams into the big show with springboard moves he just bounces off, Big Show seems happy to let the clock run past Dutch's time but out of know where Leo takes him out with a cross body 1....2.. Big Show rolls the shoulder up, a huge buzzer goes off as time runs out on Leo, Big Show gets up and grabs Leo by the throat, lifting him into the air for a chokeslam but Leo drops down behind him and somehow manages a speed drop, picking up a three count.
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Re: Leo Kat in Beat the Clock Match Open Invite

on Mon Feb 12, 2018 2:01 pm
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