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on Wed Nov 22, 2017 7:44 pm
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OOC: I'm doing a mixture of comic and role play. I will only role play parts that I can't get a good enough images for.

OOC: due to not having a image thing of the great Sphinx, this part will be done through a role play. I may do this during other times too.

(The scene continues with Blitz and Thend arriving a the Great Sphinx. Thend and Blitz approached the The great sphinx. They got up to it and started

examing it.)

Blitz: You know I'm not sure if we'll be able to just find it.

Thend: Yep, considering who knows how many people have tried.

Voice: Hey Blitz, Thend.

(Blitz and Thend turned around to see Spangled.)

Blitz: hey, Spangled, we were just talking about you.

Thend: well, more like talking about the problem we'd like you to help us with.

Spangled: You told me on the phone. That's why I'm here.

(Spangled pulled out a small flat retangular device. He pressed a button and a screen apreared on the side facing Spangled.)

Spangled: Just give me a minute to scope this thing out.

(Spangled did and pointed the other side of the device all around the Great Sphynx. Spangled then pointed it at the Sphynx's missing nose.)

Spangled: I found something.

(Blitz and thend walked over to where Spangled stood.)

Blitz: What is it?

Spangled: up there, in that space the nose should be. There's a small hole with some kind of button on the inside of it.

Thend: So I geuss we're going to need to press it some how.

Blitz: (Shrugged) (In a mock tone) Oh, great can't wait to get back and tell the others... So geuss what I did in Egypt. I picked the Great Sphynx's nose.

(Spangled took aff his backpack and started rummaging through it.)

Thend: do you have something in there that will help us...

Blitz: (Inturpted) pick it's nose.

(Thend glared a Blitz for a second then turn his focus back to Spangled. Spangled pulled out a metal poll of about one foot long.)

Spangled: this will do the trick. I brought it in case we needed to reach something high up.

(Blitz and Thend staired at the small poll.)

Blitz: how is that sort thing going to help us reach way up there?

Spangled: this is how.

(Spangled started twisting one end of the poll and as he did the poll started growing larger and larger.)

Blitz: amazing. How does it do that?

Spangled: (As he continued to twist the poll) It's complicated.

Blitz: Fair enough.

(Spangled continued twisting. finially he managed to get the poll at a lenghth that would be long enough.)

Spangled: All right, just help me with this.

(So they all three worked together and managed to press the button in the hole in the Great Sphynix's missing nose. Once they did a grumbling sound was

heard as a pieced of the wall on the Sphynx lowed down to revial a hole.)

Spangled: Well, there you are. You go ahead and get your Emerald. I'll stay here and shrink the poll down.

Blitz: I'll go ahead and get it. If I run into any trouble I'll just give your guys a call on the headsets.

Thend: Right, it should be faster that way.

(Spangled had the poll on the ground and he was twisting it to make it shrink)

Spangled: How will that be faster?

Blitz: Trust me it will be.

(and with that Blitz ran into the hole in the wall.)

end scene.

(The scene continue's as Blitz comes out of the hole in the Sphynx. Spangled pushed the button in the Great Sphynx's missing nose with the poll and the

wall closed. Spangled then started twisting the poll so it'd shrink back down.)

Thend: so Where's the Yellow emerald?

Blitz: It wasn't there. Some one else got it first.

Thend: What?!? what make you say that? you sure there wasn't something you had to do to get the emerald to show up?

(Blitz pulled out the note.)

Blitz: This is how I know. Whoever took the emerald was kind enough to leave us this.

(Spangled had finished shrinking the poll back to it's original size and placed it in his bag. He then walked up to Blitz.)

Spangled: I could probally run a check on the note. It may help find out who Matt is.

(Blitz gave the note to Spangled.)

Blitz: I was hoping you would.

Spangled: no problem. it may take a while to do, but shouldn't take too long.

Blitz: let's hope not.

Thend: Well, let's get out of here. To where it's nice and cool.

Blitz: sounds good to me. Let's go.

(The three of them left.)

end scene

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