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Blitz Vs Shawn Ashlock

on Wed Nov 22, 2017 7:34 pm
Note: I'll be adding layouts, coloring, RP Links (where possible) and Results links (again where possible) at a future date.

(The scene opens to Blitz's locker room. Blitz was doing some push ups while Thend was at Blitz's desk looking on a laptop.)

Thend: Say, Blitz. You've got to see all of Ashlocke's acheievements

(Blitz go up from his pushups and began to do some jumping jacks.)

Blitz: I don't need to look.

Thend: Why, not? In order to defeat your opponent you need to know about them.

(Blitz shook his head as he did his jumping jacks.)

Blitz: I don't need to look, because I can have you read them to me.

Thend: Oh, Well.

(Thend looked at the list on his computer as he talked.)

Thend: Let's see, he was a member of the first X-tag champions.

Blitz: So, just because he was the first to do it doesn't really mean much. He just timed it right.

Thend: Well, he was the first and only 2 time X-tag champion

Blitz: now that's a bit more of an acomplishment. But still, you can't forget to include his partner, which could have made the diference. Rather they had good team work or one person was responsible for all their wins but it really doesn't matter because the last time i check, I'm facing him in a single match, not a tag team.

Thend: All right, but he's also was the first and only triple X chamption.

(Blitz changed started doing some stretches.)

Blitz: Once again, it could all be just timing.

Thend: What about how he won 2 title matches in his first pay-per-view and he was the former heavyweight champion as well as he was a hall of fame inductee?

Blitz: Pleeease, that all happened in the past. things he's done some time ago. so tell me something he's done recently?

(Thend turned around to look at Blitz)

Thend: I think this is the first match he's had in a while.

(Blitz finshed his stretches and stood up)

Blitz: really? wow. No wonder I had only barely heard of him. Hop he don't have ring rust.

Thend: You never know. of course isn't this tournament to determine who gets the all american title?

Blitz: Yeah.

Thend: Why's Ashlock going after a low title?

Blitz: He's not high enough on the rankings.

(Blitz thought for a second.)

Blitz: You know he'll probally say something in reply, on how that's ony temperarly through

Thend: He's not to far behind the next section right?

Blitz: Yep. I believe he was 50 something. I'm like 34 or 35. the guy above Ashlock in the next section is 5 something too. So I'm catching up.

Thend: Better start pulling in some wins.

Blitz: Oh I plan on it.

(Blitz gave a yawn.)

Blitz: All right. I'm outa here. let's get going.

Thend: K
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Re: Blitz Vs Shawn Ashlock

on Wed Nov 22, 2017 7:48 pm
Results Link: (TBA)
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