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Blitz Vs Shawn Michaels

on Wed Nov 22, 2017 7:05 pm

RP Link:

Note: I'll be adding layouts, coloring, RP Links (where possible) and Results links (again where possible) at a future date.

Manchester England Black Friday Kristy vs Sean Lewis.  and Blitz versus Shawn Michaels

Kristy Beat Ciaran Michaels.

***ooc: For those of you who might get confused let me say this. If if says Blitz, it refers to Superstar Blitz 1 WhiteTiger.  If it says Blitz 2 it refers  
to Superstar Blitz's twin Brother Blitz 2 Whitetiger. A***

Blitz and his twin brother Blitz 2 were in a restaurant, with two hot ladies, one a blond and the other a brunette. Blitz 2 had acquired the two babes and wanted Blitz to join them.  Blitz, however, wasn't really in the mood.  His mind was not only on his up coming match against Ciaran Michaels but also on Trixy's strange behavior lately.  Blitz tried to find out but Trixy wouldn't answer his calls or she'd tell him to stop calling.

"And so I said ' that's not a rabbit that's my sister, " Blitz 2 had said and it set the two girl laughing.

"You are funny, " the blond said, "That's the best joke I've ever heard."

"Ah that one was nothing, " Blitz 2 said, "You should have heard the one about the cat and the frog."

"Please do tell us, " the Brunette said.

"Well all right, " Blitz 2 said.

Blitz decided to tune out his twin.  Blitz just didn't want to hear his jokes.  He had heard them enough times that he just didn't find them funny, well at least when he had other things on his mind.

Blitz 2 finished the joke then turned to Blitz.

"Your awfully quiet, " Blitz 2 said.

"I'm just got other things on my mind, " Blitz said.

"Well, We'll just have to push them aside, " Blitz 2 said, "Why don't you tell the ladies about your win last week."

"Well, it wasn't really much of a win, " Blitz said, "I didn't even beat the guy."

"So, " Blitz 2 said, "You still won, It's not your fault that Avalanche decided to get attacked by Jensen's goons."

"True, " Blitz said, "But It feels like I really didn't deserve to be in round 2."

"Don't sweat it, bro," Blitz 2 said, "You would have put Avalanche in his place, at the bottom of the hill, if you would have faced him.  I think that Avalanche got off lucky."

"So you have another match coming up?" The blond said.

"Yeah, "Blitz replied, "Against Shawn Michaels."

"That hot guy on eWe?" The Brunette said, "Don't bruise him up to badly."

"You think Shawn is hot?" The blond asked.

"Well yeah," The Brunette replied.

"Well your wrong, " The blond said, "Jensen is where it's at?"

"That ugly bald guy? " The Brunette said, "He's not even a wrestler."

"Yeah, but he's filthy rich, " The blond said, "and I think his bald head is hot."

Blitz 2 turned to Blitz and said quietly as the two girls continued to argue, "Maybe eWe was a bad subject to bring up."

The two girls continued to argue about who was hotter in eWe while the two blitz's sat there and watched.  Finally, the two girls got so mad at the other that they just got up and left.  After they left the two brothers sat in silence for a few seconds.

"Well, That went well," Blitz 2 said.

"How so?" Blitz asked.

"I'm not sure if I wanted to date someone who thinks Jensen is hot." Blitz 2 replied.

Blitz looked at his brother then the two of them left.

Blitz and his brother walked out of the restaurant, heading back to their apartment.

"So tell me more about your match, " Blitz 2 said.

"Did you forget what happened the last time I brought it up?" Blitz said.

"Do you see any girls around?" Blitz 2 said.

"No, " Blitz admitted.

"Good so tell me, " Blitz 2 said.

"Well, I'm going up against Shawn Michaels. "Blitz said.

"So how does that make you feel? " Blitz 2 asked.

"What is this an interview?"  Blitz asked.

"No I'm a psychiatrist," Blitz 2 pointed out.

"Since when?" Blitz asked.

"Not sure?" Blitz 2 said, "But I do like that saying."

"Sometimes, I wonder if Mom didn't drop you on the head as a baby, " Blitz said.

"Twice actually, "Blitz 2 said, "But enough about me let's talk about you."

"What did I do to deserve such attention?" Blitz asked.

"You joined eWe," Blitz 2 said.

"Whatever, " Blitz said.

The two Blitzes continued down the road.

"So what about this Shawn Michaels character?" Blitz 2 asked, "What's he like?"

"How should I know?  I've never met the guy." Blitz said casually.

"I meant how he wrestles, " Blitz 2 said.

"Oh, well, " Blitz said, "I think he's Ok, I haven't really been keeping track of him."

"It's all right, " Blitz 2 said, "You'll beat him anyways."

"I thank maybe your putting way to much confidence in me, " Blitz said, "I mean, Shawn's not just going to walk out into the ring and say he forfeits."

"It's happened before, " Blitz 2 pointed out,  "I mean, you had Avalanche, The Russian Mafia, and Your first two opponents."

"They didn't forfeit, they no showed, " Blitz said.

"What's the difference? " Blitz 2 asked.

"It's too complicated, " Blitz said, "And besides, I don't think Shawn will forfeit."

"So your psychic now. " Blitz 2 said.

"No, " Blitz said, "I'm just not going to start thinking that he's going to no show.  Because if I do and he shows up, then I'm not going to be ready for it."

"Well, I hope he doesn't show anyways, " Blitz 2 said, "Because he's going to be in for the whooping of his life."

"You act as if your going to fight him," Blitz said.

"I am?" Blitz 2 asked, "Man, I didn't know that.  I'd better go get to training.  Lots to do, you know."

Blitz 2 starts walking faster but then Blitz said, "Your not going to face him, I am."

"Then why did you say I was?" Blitz 2 asked.

"I didn't," Blitz told him.

"Oh yes you did, " Blitz 2 said, "I heard you loud and clear."

Blitz does a face palm and said quietly, "Sometimes I wonder about you."

"No bro not sometimes," Blitz 2 said, "Your are a Wonder in eWe.  Shawn Michaels and the others just don't know it yet."

"So you think I should change my Sig to be Blitz, the Wonder of eWe? " Blitz asked not really serious.

"What's that?" Blitz 2 asked.

"You know the picture at the bottom of all my posts on the eWe site," Blitz told him.

"I still don't follow," Blitz 2 said.

"You know it's kind of like my slogan, "Blitz said, "it currently says 'the name of the game is speed'."

"You really shouldn't do drugs, bro, " Blitz 2 said.

"What are you talking about?" Blitz asked.

"They say the first step is admitting you have a problem," Blitz 2 said.

Blitz thought about it then realized what he was referring too.

"That's not what my slogan means, " Blitz told him, "It means that I'm fast."

"I'm fast too bro, " Blitz 2 said, "But how is running going to help you beat Shawn Michaels?"

"I'm more than just fast in running, " Blitz told him, "I'm also have quick reflexes.  I can pull off my moves on Shawn which will quickly wear him down. It also allows me to avoid or dodge his moves too."

"As to quote the Joker, 'Why so serious?' " Blitz 2 said, "You use to act like me. It's like we've flipped.  No wait, It's as if you've changed."

"No I haven't changed, " Blitz said, "You should know me by now but when I'm laid back, I act like that.  But some things have come up and I'm not sure what's going on."

"Like what?" Blitz 2 asked.

"Well, Trixy has been acting weird and Kristy suddenly was saying that I'm some kind of liar. It's all so very strange," Blitz said.

"Strange huh, " Blitz 2 said, "You mean like that black van over there that's heading for us."

Blitz looked and sure enough there was a black van heading their way.  The van suddenly stopped and the door swung open.  Without warning there was a bright flash and both Blitzes fell down unconscious.  Then three guys wearing black outfits came out of the van.  They picked up Blitz 2 and threw him into the van then they climbed in after him.  They shut the door and drove off.

While Blitz was unconscious he had a strange dream.  He dreamt that he was in the ring and over in the other corner was his opponent, Shawn Michaels.  The Bell rang and the two came out into the middle of the ring.  Blitz quickly tried to throw a punch at Shawn but suddenly he sped out of his reach.  Blitz continued to throw punch after punch but Shawn continued to speed out of his reach. Then as Blitz threw another punch Shawn quickly drop to the mat and made an attempt to swipe Blitz's legs out from underneath him.  Blitz tried to jump but for some reason his reflects were slower than usual.  So his legs were swept out from underneath him and Blitz fell to the mat.  Shawn then pinned Blitz, and he counted to three. The bell rang and Shawn got up, he raised his arms above his head in a victory stance.  Blitz couldn't believe he had lost and no sooner had he thought that, Shawn turned his eyes on him.

"Your not as fast has you thought you were." Shawn said.

Just then Jensen came into the ring.  He said how since Blitz lost he was now kicked out of eWe.  He then continued on to say that he had not only murdered Blitz 2  and Thend, but he now had complete control of Kristy. Kristy then walked onto the stage.

"I always liked him better anyways," Kristy said.

Jensen then turned to Blitz and stared him right in the eyes.

"I win, You loose."

Blitz got up in frustration and tried to tackle Jensen.  But he was suddenly grabbed from behind by Jensen's two henchmen.  Blitz struggled to get free but couldn't.  Jensen, Shawn, and Kristy just walked off.

"Jensen!" Blitz yelled.

And suddenly he sat up right on a couch.  It was all a dream, Blitz thought, and he started calming down.  He was back in his apartment.  But then he remembered that he and Blitz 2 were on the road, then a black van...

"That guy frustrates me too," a voice said from behind Blitz.

Blitz turned around to see Leo Kat and Spangled.

"What are you guys doing here?"  Blitz asked, "And how did I get here?"

"I brought you here," Leo said calmly, "I found you on the side of the road unconscious. So I brought you back to your apartment.  I then told Spangled to come."

"But I was with my brother," Blitz said.

"He must have been taken," Leo said.

Blitz stood up.  How could his brother have been taken.

"But why would anyone want to take him?" Blitz asked.

"We're not sure, " Spangled said, "But I'm pretty sure it's by the same guys who took Thend."

"What? How?  When did that happen?" Blitz asked shocked.

"I saw it a little before I found you, " Leo said, "I wasn't able to stop them, so I left to find you to see if they didn't try to take you too.  He was your friend after all."

Blitz took out his phone.

"What are you doing?" Leo asked.

"Calling eWe, " Blitz said, "I'm calling off my match.  I've got to go find Thend and my brother."

"I don't think that's very wise," Spangled said, "That could be the very reason why they were kidnapped."

Blitz thought about it.  Blitz didn't think Shawn had anything to do with it.  But it could have been someone else.  Maybe, even someone who had betted a lot of money against Blitz.  Blitz didn't really know, but Blitz knew that calling off his match would not be the best thing right now.  He put away his cell phone.

"So what do we do about it, then?" Blitz asked.

"You are going to do nothing, " Leo said, "You are going to train for your match like nothing happened and your going to face Shawn on Friday.  While, me and Spangled are going to find out who's behind this."

"Ok, then, " Blitz silently.

"Don't worry we'll find them, " Spangled said.

"I don't doubt you for a second, " Blitz said, "But I just wish I could be more of a help."

"You can, " Leo said, "Just let us know if something else turns up."

Leo and Spangled left.  Blitz then sat back down on the couch.  He was certain that Leo and Spangled could get the job done.  He knew because of the times Leo had managed to find him.  The best thing Blitz could do right now was to continue as if nothing had happened.  That brought Blitz back to his match against Shawn Michaels.  Would someone go that far to be King of Extreme?  Blitz really didn't know Shawn but he didn't think he'd stoop so low, as to kidnapping, just to win.  Blitz knew that he couldn't let his brother and Thend's kidnapping cloud his judgment when he's in the ring with Shawn.  He had all ready let that happen once, and that was when his tag-team partner failed to show up in an important match.  Thinking about that reminded Blitz of the dream he had had.  and one thought occurred to him.

"This is one dream that's not coming true, " Blitz said, "Watch out Shawn Michaels, because I'm coming to win."


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Re: Blitz Vs Shawn Michaels

on Wed Nov 22, 2017 7:06 pm
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