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Blitz Vs Khaos

on Wed Nov 22, 2017 7:36 pm
Note: I'll be adding layouts, coloring, RP Links (where possible) and Results links (again where possible) at a future date.

*The scene opens to the ring as we've just seen Blitz win his match last week against Jon Moxley. Has he got up the ref came up to him as he rose his arm in the air.*

Ring annoucer: Here's your winner, Blitz 1.

*Blitz rose his other arm in triumph as he couldn't help smiling. It was good to be back.*

*The scene fades as it opens to later on as we see Blitz in his locker room as he was getting ready to leave the arena. There was a knock at the door. Blitz was curious since most people only come to see him before his matches but not after.*

Blitz: Come in.

*The door opened to reviel eWe interviewer Trixy. However, this time she was not accompanied by a cameraman. Blitz gave her a small grin as he noticed this then went back to getting ready to leave the arena.*

Blitz: Hey, Trixy. What's up?

Trixy: Just coming down to say hi. You didn't come for an interview for your last match for me to welcome you then.

*Blitz places the last object in his bag. He then turns back to Trixy.*

Blitz: Not a problem. You can interview me for my next match.

Trixy: Well I just found out that you're being entered into a number one contender tournament.

Blitz: Really? How'd you find out so fast? I mean the show just ended not long ago.

Trixy: *Smiles* Perk of being an eWe interviewer.

Blitz: I see...

*Blitz glances to see if there was maybe a cameraman behind Trixy. He wouldn't put it past her to try and interview him now. But as far as he could see there wasn't one there.*

Blitz: So... why the impomptu meeting?

*Trixy's gaze began to shift to a spot a little off from where Blitz stood. Ofcourse, this notion didn't get past Blitz.*

Blitz: Something wrong?

Trixy: ... No. I'm just seeing if you wanted some company... that's all.

*Blitz could still tell that there was something on her mind for she kept looking at that spot in the floor.*

Blitz: Come on... I know there's something wrong.

*Blitz glances at the spot on the floor that Trixy was absent mindily looking at.*

Blitz: Unless that spot's really fun to look at.

*Trixy glanced up to look at Blitz.*

Trixy: No... it's just every time you enter in some kind of tournament. Something bad happens.

Blitz: Huh?

*Trixy eye began to sway slightly but she fixed them back on Blitz.*

Trixy: King of Extreme. Not only did you're brother and friend get kidnapped but I was threatened to try and bring your spirits down during out interview.

Blitz: Well...

Trixy: Then there was your first tournament. It was also a Number One contender tournament. During that one you were kidnapped and torchured. And I'm just going to stick around with you to make sure you don't get into trouble... or trouble finds me.

*Trixy had gotten all worked up. Blitz waited for her to calm before he continued.*

Blitz: First of all, I was technacally held against my will and tested. I don't really consider it torchure. Plus that was only two tournaments and besides... all those things were brought on by one guy and he's far to busy to deal with me now.

Trixy: Yet he found time to do those thing while managing his company? I mean didn't he make some pretty big stepps in his company?

Blitz: Yeah...

Trixy: So he could still try something.

*Blitz sighed. It was sounding that he wasn't going to convinve Trixy that Dalton was not going to be messing with him during this tournament.*

Blitz: Honestly, he's got his hands full...*Blitz saw Trixy about to say something back* but you're welcome to tag along if you want too.

*Trixy just stood there and Blitz took it as a sign that she was indeed going to tag along.*

Blitz: All right then.

*Blitz picked up his bag and left out of the room. Trixy ofcourse, followed as the scene fades.*

*Most of the following week Blitz went about his normal ruetine. Well, almost normal as where ever he went Trixy made sure to come along. The only time she left him is when she had an interveiw someone who had an upcoming match. But Blitz didn't allow this to effect his concentration. He was determined that he was going to win this tournament and nothing, rather Trixy barely letting him out of her sight or if some how Dalton or anyone else decieded to interfere, was going to stop him from winning. In fact the minor distraction only made him train harder, to push himself past his limits. He wasn't about to let this title shot slip between his fingers. The other thing that made this tournament important was the winner not only got a title shot but the match took place at Wrestle Mania. Blitz got a taste of what it was like to be on the grand stage, he lost but that only made him want to go back all the more... to fix what happened all them years ago to win a title match at Wrestle Mania.*

*So that's how Blitz was feeling as he made his way inside the arena. He was ready. His sights locked on target. Blitz wasn't occompied by Trixy for she had arrived earlier. Blitz went to his locker and to prepare. This really didn't take much for his wrestling gear was the same as his normal clothes. Black short sleeved shirt with a white B in the center, Black shorts, with a pair of white and black shoes. Blitz, however, used his time to start on some stretching and other light excercise like push ups, in order to help him get warmed up for his match. So that's what Blitz was doing as he awaited his match.*

*Then his cell phone went off. Blitz pulled it out and checked who might be calling but it was unknown. So Blitz answered it.*

Blitz: Hello?

???: Good luck on your match tonight.

*Blitz recignized the voice. It was ofcourse Dalton.*

Blitz: Dalton? and here I thought you had your hands full with your family problems.

Dalton: Don't worry. I have time to wish you luck.

Blitz: All right then.

*Blitz hung up the phone. After he did he made saved the number under Dalton's name. Blitz, honestly, didn't really care if Dalton had more to say or not. His match was what was important to him.*

*Blitz went back to his routine. Not long he checked the wall clock. It was time to go. Blitz made his way out of his locker room and to the stage entrance. He waited til he heard his Entrance music to come on til he went on. Ready or not... here I come.*

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Re: Blitz Vs Khaos

on Wed Nov 22, 2017 7:49 pm
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