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Blitz Vs Avalanche

on Wed Nov 22, 2017 7:02 pm
Rp Link:

Note: I'll be adding layouts, coloring, RP Links (where possible) and Results links (again where possible) at a future date.

Blitz 1 and his twin brother Blitz 2 were sitting in Blitz 1's locker room. Blitz 2 was sitting in a swivel chair, swinging back and forth while Blitz 1 was
occupying his self by a counter organizing his things. Just then there was a knock at the door, but before either of the Blitz's could respond it was opened
wide. Blitz 1's best friend Thend, pronounced the end, came into the room holding a news paper as he did.

"You here what their saying about you?" Thend said as he walked over to Blitz 1 who had turned around when the door was opened.

"What?" Blitz replied.

Thend handed him the news paper and Blitz looked at it. The paper was folded back to where one of the inner stories of the paper was now on front. Blitz
looked a at the title first. It read, 'Hero Washout'. Blitz scanned a bit of the article and then handed it back to Thend.

"I don't want to read about what some reporter has to say about me," Blitz said.

"I be glad to then," Blitz 2 said and walked over to Thend and snagged the paper from him.

Blitz 1 walked over to a bench that was near the middle of the room.

"I know that you don't want to read it but they a bit true in what there saying," Thend told his friend.

Blitz put his hands on his knees before speaking, "I know that I haven't been doing to well in my matches lately. And I haven't been reacting in a good way
do to that."

"You did almost quit," Thend replied.

Blitz looked at Thend. He knew that over the past month or so he had been letting his constant failures against Spider get the best of him. Not only that but the excitement with Dr. Warlin didn't help him much either. The thing that really was bugging him most right now was the fact that Kristy Tiger, a eWe Diva who he had rescued from Dr. Warlin, doesn't seem to trust him any more. Some how she had gotten the idea that he had lied to her about Jensen's

"That was wrong of me to do I know," he finally said, " But I've been a little preoccupied."

"Well I hope you can pull yourself together by next Sunday," Thend told him, " other wise Avalanche will walk all over you."

Blitz 1's gaze turned away from his friend. He was right of course. Blitz 1 knew that he needed to pull himself together for his fight with Avalanche. Blitz remembered Avalanche from the matches with him. Avalanche was a big power house. He could easily withstand many blows from any opponent. Blitz knew that Avalanche would be a powerful opponent and would take Blitz's best to be able to take him down. One of the things that made Blitz want to defeat him all the more was the fact that Avalanche was Spider's tag team partner. Spider was an opponent will great skill. Blitz had fought against Spider and Avalanche's tag team, know as the Men of Valor, three times before. But Blitz knew that he couldn't let Avalanche's choice of partner's mess with Blitz's judgment of him. Avalanche was in fact a completely different person than Spider, with a different wresting style and all.

Blitz 2, threw the news paper to the floor.

"You were wise in not reading that Bro," Blitz 2 said, "Nothing but junk."

Blitz 2 beamed a smile at Blitz 1 and he smiled back.

Just then there was a knock at the door, but this time the door was not opened without a response from someone in the room.

"Come in," Blitz 1 called out.

The door was opened and a man in a black suit came in. The man was in his thirties and a neatly combined short black hair. He also had a van dyke beard.

"Dalton!" Blitz said in surprise, as he quickly stood up.

Dalton stepped into the room and Blitz noticed that there was someone behind Dalton. A guy about his age, who wore a black shirt over a blue shirt with
slightly longer sleeves. The guy also had on black jeans and wore a backwards hat. Blitz had never seen him before.

"Well, that's no way to treat an old friend," Dalton said with a slight smile.

"We were never friends," Blitz said flatly.

"And after all we've been through..." Dalton said and grinned as if he knew exactly what he had done.

Thend then stepped in between the two.

"I'd suggest you leave," Thend said.

"Oh and why's that?" Dalton asked as if he thought that the threat was funny.

Thend was about to respond when he had noticed the other guy, who had also stepped into the room and was now standing right beside Dalton. It wasn't the guy himself that caught his attention, because he knew that he could easily take him out, but it was the fact that he had noticed that his hand had moved and was now resting on what looked to be the handle of a sword as it stuck out of it's case. The case was attached to the guy's belt.

"That's a sword," Thend said puzzled by it. He didn't think people really used those this day in age.

"Ah, how very obvious of you," Dalton said with no sound of sarcasm at all, "This here is my good friend John. He's really quite good with that sword mind you."

"Dalton," Blitz said stepping forward, "I want you to leave, I don't want any part with you."

"You don't, do you," Dalton said with a hint of a smile, "I do have the methods to help you become the King of Extreme."

"Oh like you did last time?" Blitz said. Blitz remembered all to well what Dalton did the last time. Dalton forced Blitz to go through five different challenges and all of them was suppose to help him win the Mid Eastern number one contender tournament plus beat Dean Whenchester, who at the time had the belt.

"If you remember," Blitz went on, "I lost to spider in the finials."

"Ah yes but if you remember that was also the challenge you had the most trouble with," Dalton replied, "If you hadn't of seen the can of web remover you
would have failed."

"That just shows how resourceful I can be." Blitz said defensively.

"Of course, if I'm not incorrect, You have yet to beat Spider, Now haven't you," Dalton said, "If you let me train you, you will be able to beat Spider."

"I'm not worried about Spider right now," Blitz said, "He's not even in the tournament and besides my next match is against Avalanche, not Spider."

"A foe who you have still been unable to defeat," Dalton said, "I can help you with him too, Any of your opponents actually."

Blitz looked at Dalton. Blitz could see that Dalton's eyes where showing that he really could help him. But Blitz knew that there'd be some sort catch to it. Blitz pointed to the door then replied.

"Get out, I don't want anything to do with you."

The look in Dalton's eyes showed that he wasn't going to back down with out a fight. He shrugged his shoulders and said almost in an evil tone.

"All right, Blitz," he said, "But I do hope you know what your doing."

Dalton turned to John and made a gesture for him to follow. Then the two of them left the room, closing the door behind them.

"What was that all about?" Blitz 2 asked.

"Nothing we can't handle," Blitz replied with confidence.


"Hello, Ladies and Gentlemen," Trixy, the official interviewer for eWe, announced to a camera that was just a little ways ahead of her, "I'm here with Blitz to discuss with him about his match this coming Sunday."

Blitz and Trixy were sitting in two chairs facing an interviewing camera. Trixy paused briefly after making her announcement then she turned to Blitz.

"Now your going up against your first opponent in Kind of Extreme," Trixy said.

"That's right," Blitz replied, "My first match is against Avalanche."

"So tell us Blitz, " Trixy began but paused briefly, "What are your thoughts on how you will be knocked out of King of Extreme during the first round."

"What makes you say that?" Blitz asked.

"It's obvious," Trixy said with a small shrug, "You've failed to beat him before, on multiple occasions, I might add. What makes this one any different."

"Well," Blitz began, he wasn't really sure what was going on here. He'd never seen her talk like this before.

"Well, what?" Trixy asked wanting Blitz to finish his statement.

"Well," Blitz began again, "All the other times I faced him, it was during a tag-team match."

"So you think," Trixy said, "that if just you couldn't beat him with someone else, you could beat him all by yourself? Did you think that your partner was
slowing you down?"

"I didn't say that," Blitz replied.

"well, " Trixy said ignoring Blitz's last statement, "It seems to me that Rick, isn't the problem in your little tag-team. It's you, You and your selfness."

"I never blamed Rick for our tag-team's recent losses," Blitz said.

"You sure fooled me," Trixy said.

Blitz stared at Trixy. What exactly was she trying to do? Was she mad at him for something? Maybe, Blitz thought, Jensen had convinced her that Jenson
had nothing to do with Jensen's kidnapping.

"Listen," Blitz said softly, "I don't know what Jensen told you but..."

"Jensen?" Trixy began sharply and Blitz thought he saw a tear in the corner of her eye, "Jensen has nothing to do with this, or your recent failures."

Blitz was confused. If it wasn't Jensen who was causing Trixy to act like this, then what was it?

"Now before you have any more wild accusations," Trixy said calming down a bit, "Let's continue."

"Sure," Blitz said.

Trixy sat up a bit and wiped her eyes before continuing.

"Now, what do you plan on doing to stop Avalanche?" Trixy said then smiled, "Are you going to leave the ring and try to get him to chase you?"

"What's with you Trixy," Blitz snapped, " I know that tactic didn't really work, but why are you trying to insult me with it?"

"Well, your tactics are pretty bad," Trixy told him, "You'd think you would have learned by now, that speed isn't always the answer. "

"I'm beginning to think that you don't want me to win this match," Blitz said, his anger starting to build.

"No that's not right," Trixy said, "I know that you aren't going to win this match."


"You heard what I said," Trixy said her voice starting to rise, "You're a failer, You can't win with a partner, and you can't win by yourself. Your tactics are weak and Everybody can see right through them. The only people that you've been able to defeat were those who 'No Show' and your partner, Rick Cage. You may be able to stand tall among the beginners but when it comes to those with real talent, Avalanche, you just fall to the snowy land slide. Your just a kid who got in way over his head."

When Trixy was finished she was standing on her feet. Blitz just sat there, looking into the eyes of a person he thought he knew. Blitz then got to his feet as well. He was struggling to keep his anger in check.

"I don't need this," He said and left the room.

As Blitz left he didn't notice a figure standing in a corner, hiding in the shadows. The figure stepped out of the shadows and walked up to Trixy.

"I did as you asked," Trixy told the figure.

The figure then smiled and nodded.

End part 1
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Re: Blitz Vs Avalanche

on Wed Nov 22, 2017 7:02 pm
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