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on Wed Nov 22, 2017 3:48 am

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Prime Data

Hello everyone, Maya here with another Prime Predictions. I would like to start by pointing out the slight change to the look on here. Well, you can thank Photobucket for that. Seriously, 14 years (not that I’ve been using them that long) of allowing free ‘3rd part hosting’ and they suddenly decide to hide it under a pay wall? Yeah, I’m not about to do that when there are other sites out there that do just as good… I just have to figure it out. But for now this will have to work.

With that, let’s get things rolling!

Prime Data CardAd

So the show gets started with Christy coming out to the ring again as she has a few announcements to make. Starting with announcing our first iPPV (yeah that i is not a typo) being Summer BreakDown. I’ll be honest, most of the EWE PPVs short of became a blur to me. I wouldn’t of even remember that Mother/Daughter tag match took place on that one, then again I try not to think of that match as it brings up bad memories.

Anyways, CCC then brings up the champion vs champion match and that got me a little curious. Wonder if I was still with LAW and became champ if I’d be getting into one of those matches. Would of been fun but as I said, I’m no longer with LAW. Next was the Tag team titles and you bet I’m excited for those. The additional clause to allow other competitors join the match is a great idea… I mean, no offense to the Jobbers, but I’d prefer to have a bit more a challenge when the Frost Elite become the first ever HSW Tag Team Champions. Wink

Just before the final announcement, CCC said while the first Women’s Champion would be determined at the Summer BreakDown, they didn’t know who would be in the match just yet. Probably due to how they’re determining the World Championship as it’s going to be a kind of double elimination tournament. While I’m looking forward to it, I’d like to correct what Mizore put in her blog. Yes I did have that worried look and yes it was because I was worried about facing her in the tournament, but it wasn’t the same as it used too. I just don’t like the idea of me being the cause of Mizore being knocked out of the tournament and I hope at the VERY least, we both make it to the finals. 

And that was it for the announcements.

Next up we’re treated to seeing the Fugate Sisters. I’m doubt that the match would have ended differently if you were there Jessica Razz. But they soon parted ways as Jessica wasn’t allowed in the back. Instead, Annie ran into Mike who seemed to be trying to give her some gifts which she turned down each one. Mike even tried to pay her $5 but just got him leveled pretty fast. And that ended that encounter.

Prime Data DXLY

Next up was our opening match. I honestly was also expecting this Dangerous X guy to make short work of Little Yokai… no pun intended. But well he didn’t. Yokai seemed a bit more resilient got a pin fall because his foot was caught and the ref didn’t see it? o.O Uh… dang that sucks. Either way, after the match DX wasn’t to happy as he attacked the ref? Come on there’s no sense in that. Thankfully the security team gets out there before he’s able to do to much more.

Ofcourse, he gets his just deserts as CCC lays into him and tells him he can expect a pretty big fine before he’s dragged out of the building.

After that little interaction we are treated to a backstage interview with as they’re called the ‘fearsome Threesome’ which includes our CRO Jack Michaels, Leon Cashmere, and Phoenix Quagliaterre. I’ll admit I’m more the opposite Mizore when it comes to these three. Sure I know who Jack and Leon are, but aside for signing our contracts with Jack, I’ve not really interacted with those two. As for Phoenix, well, yeah I remember her from EWE. Seemed she and I were going to become friends at one point, but a dispute with my mom changed that. Not that I had anything to do with it, just Rogue stopped trying to talk with me after that. Ah well.

Anyways, they give some remarks giving the show praise and having high hopes for the future.

Prime Data MidnightMandie

I’d like to point out something Justin said, and what I did catch Annie talking about a few times too. I’m sorry but I find it a little funny seemed first they were talking about how it’s about those wins and losses only. But after Annie lost and got that sneaky strike on me before the show ended, now it’s all about who stood tall in the end? Sorry, Midnight and Justin, but the record books will say, Maya Jensen defeated Annie Fugate in the Main event of Saturday night Slam #1. Wink

So back to the match itself. It starts off pretty even as both these two seemed to be trying to be more cocky than actually wrestle. Annie does get a good move in to Mandie’s back and after taunting her, it fires up Mandie and Annie soon finds herself at the end of the Mandie-Lock.

After that it seems Mandie picks up the control for the remainder of the match. Annie does start to battle back but again Mandie gets things back in her favor, only to eat a Stroke of Midnight. And it gets Annie the 3 count.

Next up, Eli Goode comes out with pretty big talk. He claims he’s the face of the company and wants everyone to see him that way. I remember Roller X was in the back with me and Mizore and she remarked how she only remarked the 2-1 comment three times so it wasn’t as he put it ‘constantly’. Personally, I just think Eli’s got a big ego.

I know Roller X is wanting her rematch with him, saying that he was not willing to go more extreme than him. Even said she’d prove it in her up coming match. Which after Eli left, yeah that was next. I decided to head to the gorilla position to watch her match this time, ofcourse. But assuming you read Mizore’s blog, you already knew that. Wink

Prime Data DKRX

Seemed, Desmond thought he had this match in the bag with his power over Roller X. Yet, Roller X proved it wasn’t all about that after he tried to hit his first move and RX countered and got near fall. The match continues as my sister uses her speed to her advantage. King attempts to wear her out with a few big moves as well. 

At one point, King sends RX out of the ring and pursues her. But my sis shows that she can go extreme. Eventually, they get back in the ring and even connects the Derby Dash but only gets a 3 count. Finally, she locks in her X-Blade Trap and with the damage done to his back already he’s unable to get free and taps out. 

Ofcourse, I celebrated with RX as she came back through the curtain. She seemed in a better mood than she had been for awhile. When we got back to the girl’s locker room, Mizore told me of her encounter with her dad and how he had something important to tell her. Even I was curious as to what it was. Guess I’ll have to wait until after the show.

Back to the show, the fearsome threesome was backstage watching things unfold. Though seemed Jack and Leon were more in awe of Rogue’s ability to put away nachos. After that, they have a little chat and I can’t say I fully agree with Phe though. I’ve seen a ton of passion from the roster, even Eli and his ego. Unless she’s referring to face time because well, so far seems only Eli’s been putting forth that kind of effort. I just never think about it, tbh. Sure I’ve done my promos and blog but when the show starts, I’m usually only thinking of my match. Maybe I should make a change to that. Razz

Next up, we got a semi-returning Nero Phoenix. By semi-retiring I mean he’s going to be a manager only. Though, I gotta say, I think I’ve seen Nero’s name before but I don’t think I’ve really heard of Rocco Abrams. Might of been before I joined, or even before Michael married my mom because I’m sure she would of mentioned it… I don’t know. Either way, seems Rocco Abrams has returned after being abroad. So I’m looking forward to seeing what he can do.

Prime Data CenoEli

FInally, our main event. Everyone was interested to see how this match would turn out.

As the match started, the two were back and forth. Eli gets some momentum in his favor but a look to Jack Michaels gives Ceno what he needs to start turning things around. Things are still pretty back and forth though. After the commercial, Eli finds himself in a sleeper hold and manages to keep that hand up before the 3rd drop. He gets out of the hold and hits his Goode Bye, but not enough to get him the three count thanks to a slight delay on his end. Goode get’s the advantage again but again looking to his mentor is enough get him trapped in an Ankle Lock. I’m sorry Eli, I get you want the approval of Jack, but that’s not the way to do it.

Back to the match, Eli tries to get to the ropes but not until the 3rd time does he managed to grab them. But Ceno’s already gotten back in control of the match and soon hits a triple duplex combination before bridging in for the pin. The ref count to 2 and Eli gets the shoulder up, yet strange as it was, the ref hits the three. I was shocked along with everyone else. This was the guy who did the slow 10 count, maybe there was more to it than we originally thought? But a quick show of the highlights and we see Ceno messed up on that bridge as his shoulders were down that entire time. Kind of sucks, because seemed Eli’s excited to pick up the win. At least Ceno’s a good sport about it.

That’s it for the show, as it was a pretty great one. But now it’s time to end with my Prime Predictions!!

Prime Predictions

Last Time: 3-1

(I agree with Mizore. Who could have predicted Little Yokai picking up a win.)

Year to date: 3-1

Prime Data EliLY
World Championship Tournament Round 1
Eli Goode Vs Little Yokai
Winner: Eli Goode
Reason: I don’t know about Dangerous X, but I do not see Little Yokai getting an upset here. If he does, it would look bad for Eli.

Prime Data MayaMike
World Championship Tournament Round 1
Maya Jensen Vs Mike Jobber
Winner: My Match
Reason: So my very first male opponent is Mike Jobber huh? Well, he better not be thinking of Annie during this match… Razz
Prime Data CenoJay
World Championship Tournament Round 1
Jame Ceno Vs Jay Jobber
Winner: James Ceno
Reason: Again I’ve seen Jay get some upsets, but with Ceno coming in after a loss, and the guy fought with kidney stones the first show, you gotta give it to Ceno.

Prime Data RXWaters
World Championship Tournament Round 1
Roller X Vs Saraya Waters
Winner: Roller X
Reason: I know nothing about Saraya really. But I’m confident my sister can get the job done.

Prime Data MidnightTalia
World Championship Tournament Round 1
Annie Fugate Vs TailiaLea
Winner: Annie Fugate
Reason: Again Talia’s new and I don’t know much about her. Annie on the other hand, I know that she’ll be giving Talia’s debut a run for her money. Rather she cares as much for the world title or not.

Prime Data MizoreDK
World Championship Tournament Round 1
Mizore Vs Desmond King
Winner: Mizore
Reason: If you think for a second I think Mizore can’t beat Desmond, you got another thing coming.

Prime Data MandieRocco
World Championship Tournament Round 1
Mandie Wheeler VS Rocco Abrams
Winner: Rocco Abrams
Reason: I’ll admit I didn’t flip a coin like Mizore. But I took an educated guess. Yeah I seen Mandie in action but I had a feeling that it wasn’t the best she could do. As for Rocco, if he’s as good as he claims then yeah I could see him pulling out a win.
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