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Blitz Vs Adam Rose

on Sun Feb 18, 2018 1:09 am
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RP Link:

Show: Chaos [10/26/2015]

OOC: sorry for no layout, had issues, BW is Blitz obviously

The camera's open up to an undisclosed location. What we see is close up of the International Championship. Towards the bottom of its faceplate is the name Blitz, signaling who its owner currently was.

BW: There's a lot of hype going on around this little baby.

The camera zoom's out to see that the International Championship was sitting on a small table. Standing beside this table was none other than Blitz 1, wearing his trademark attire of Black shirt with a White B on it, black shorts, and white shoes with black style marks. Blitz grins slightly at the camera.

BW: We've heard a lot from three others who are after this belt right here. Each of them hungry and are gunning to get on that International Ballot to see who faces me at Extreme Overload, and which two will face off for the next shot at the championship.

Blitz slides a leg on the table as he sits on the corner slightly.

BW: Don't you just love how much each of them have blown over me with it though? What am I supposed to lay down and die? That hurts guys, so much.

Blitz mocks pouting by rubbing his fist below his eye momentarily.

BW: But you guys forget something. Yeah you're each hungry, I know. You think that someone like me wouldn't know that? Like Dean you're all fired up about how you've been denied a championship match since you got here two years ago, but I was denied it for 5 years. Cesario believes that he was cheated at Summer BreakDown, but truth was I was just better on that night. Then you have Benny who calls my win a fluke, distracted by Heyman was it? No, Benjamin it was no fluke. No to all of you. I told you all that there was more to me than you've seen in the past. Rather I admit I was too distracted with other things or I simply just didn't care enough to give my best. But know this...

Blitz swiped up his International Championship and swung it over his left shoulder.

BW: It took me 5 years to get this thing, and I'm not about to lose it on my first defense. I'm fired up to prove to everyone that I'm not a joke and not the loser you all see me as. Sure I love to have fun when I'm in the ring. I make jokes about my opponents and I have a good time with the crowds. But mark my words that when fight comes it's time to get serious. I'm not full of myself or letting this win get to my head. I'm simply confident in what I can do, something that people don't seem to be able to see due to not being able to see past my failures. I've explained them, but yeah it all goes to you as sounded cocky right? Trying to make me sound like I could win if I tried but simply not going to do so? I'm not Michelle McCool you know. Yes, I've not given my best, but there were times I've gave what I had and it wasn't good enough. But now it's time to stop with the excuses. I'm upping my game with every match I have. So sit back and enjoy the show.

Blitz smirked as he swings around fully to sit on the table all the way.

BW: You know, that's one thing I'm surprised I didn't hear any of you talk about. Where I was last week. Truth of the matter is... eh who cares right. You wouldn't believe me how I signed up for a match only for me to find out later that someone took my request away... Not to point fingers but I think the Paulrus had something to do with it. But as I said you don't want to hear that. So let's just say I was taking a vacation in Hawaii with all the beautiful babes pouring over me because of my sweet new bling.

Blitz held out his championship a little to indicate what his 'sweet new bling' was.

BW: I did watch the show though, well got the aired tape so no commentator’s I was not in the back watching. But don't you just love the assumptions. It's always so fun. But hey I did watch it later and no I'm not worried at all who I'm going to be getting for Extreme Overload. If it's Dean, that'll sure be a great match. Wonder if they'll vote on match stipulations? Maybe No Disqualification so his buddies can come on down, though I may have a few friends to help me out. Not that that would concern the Shield. After all I can hear it now.

Blitz put on his best Dean Ambrose face, even gave an over-exaggerated twitch.

BW: Blitz says he'll bring some friends, ha, who's he going to bring? Leo? I've kicked his can multiple times. He only has losers for friends.

Blitz smirked as he stopped his impersonation.

BW: Well, technically, one of my friends is your boss, the leader of your little gang... though admittedly things aren't going so well with that. I'm fixing to have a talk with her about some of her questionable motherly choices. We'll just have to see how that goes.

Blitz shrugged as he got back on point.

BW: Then there's Benny. I'd love to see him get his shot so I can prove to him and anyone else that my win was no fluke. After all, isn't a fluke where someone wins by accident? You were distracted, not an accident... I hit my Blitz Kick, not an accident... I pinned, not an accident. So where's this accident? Eh, just goes to show you that people will say whatever they want rather than admit their faults.

Blitz takes off his title and lays it across his lap.

BW: Then there's Cesaro who, ok he's the least person I want to face me. Just, I like the fire and energy coming from Dean and Benny. Cesaro just feels dull to me and most of his stuff is from Heyman. So I guess at the very least it will give me another chance to stick it to the guy. After all he's the guy who brought me back into this wrestling life when I was just as happy to be home with my little girl.... But you lit that fire back in me... but you know I just can't stand you Heyman. I don't like cheaters, which is what you are. And quite frankly you're so boring speaking in public. You can only milk Brock Lesnar's concurring defeat of Undertaker so many times before I just tune you out.

Blitz smiles.

BW: Whoever, it's going to be, just know that I can't wait. But before that, I think I need to show you guys a little bit of what to expect on Extreme Overload. Wait what's that? You don't take a victory over someone like Adam Rose anything special?

Blitz thought about it for a moment but smirked.

BW: Sorry, to say it Adam, but their right. They'd see you as just as bad as me... though with my rep, probably better.

Blitz chuckled.

BW: But don't get me wrong, I love you're little Entourage and it's only more fitting with this coming Chaos the final Chaos before Halloween. Maybe I'll wear a mask too. Yeah get all dressed up in spirits for the holiday.

Blitz stood up and placed his title on the table behind him. He then reached down out of the shot and pulled up a red curtain. He lifted it up above his head and waited a second before dropping it and...

BW: Tadaa!

Blitz was wearing a... cheerleader outfit?

BW: Whoops wrong costume.

Blitz chuckled as he started the movements for a cheer.

BW: Ra Ra, Ree, I'll Blitz Kick you in the Knee. Ra, Ra Rass, I Blitz kick you in the... Face!

Blitz chuckled again as he lifted the curtain again and dropped it, revealing a Bunny outfit.

BW: Hmm... This one's not bad, but I do recall you already have a bit of hatred for this particular mammal. So we'll go with something else.

He pretends to munch on a carrot from the suit.

BW: What's up doc!

He picks up the curtain a third time and drops it, revealing a Zorro costume.

BW: Now this is more like it. The masked Blitz, out to save the day from corrupted Villainy. You can call me, Blitzorro!

Blitz took out the sword and did a few swipes of it off camera like Zorro would do to make his Z mark.

BW: Adam, you'll soon realize that you may not think I'm a Rosebud. But I'm no Lemmon... I'm in a category all my own. So you, and the others can all watch...

Blitz turns and picks up his belt as he wraps it around his waist.

BW: As I show you just what I can do.

Blitz smirks as he picks up the curtain a final time and drops it but this time he's no longer there. The camera then pans over to the wall that Blitz had sliced at with his sword earlier to show a capital B itched into that wall. The scene then fades to black.
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Re: Blitz Vs Adam Rose

on Sun Feb 18, 2018 1:34 am
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