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Xcelerate Vs Degeneration X Vs Cryme Time Empty Xcelerate Vs Degeneration X Vs Cryme Time

on Mon Feb 12, 2018 2:04 pm
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RP Link: http://z6.invisionfree.com/eweefed2k10/index.php?showtopic=1069

Show: Xplotion [10/13/2010]

RolePlay Limit: 2 per team (1 Each)
Maximum RolePlay Length: 3,000 Words

Pacific: Wednesday(13th) 10 pm
Mountain: Wednesday(13th) 11 pm
Central: Wednesday(13th)/Thursday(14th) Midnight
Eastern: Thursday(14th) 1 am
UK: Thursday(14th) 6 am

The winners of the match will receive a shot at the Tag Titles against Style and Pride at Night of Terror.

Leo's role play

(The scene opens up in Leo's hotel room. As Leo enters the main area of his hotel room, from his bedroom, he notices Spangled sitting at the kitchen table with his laptop out. Spangled was also hanging up is cell phone and placing it into his pocket. Leo walked up to Spangled.)

Leo: Who was that?

(Spangled turned in his seat to look at Leo.)

Spangled: That was Blitz.

(Leo walked to the kitchen area and grabbed a bowl, and a box of cereal.)

Leo: Were you talking about those diamond things again.

Spangled: They're emeralds, not diamonds, and yes. He was wondering if I had found out who took the Yellow Emerald.

(Leo poured some cereal into the bowl and went to the fridge.)

Leo: Whatever.

(Leo opened the fridge and got out the milk. Then shut the fridge.)

Spangled: Not sure why your so sore, on the subject.

(Leo poured the remainder of the milk jug into his bowl then sat the jug down.)

Leo: I really don't care about some dumb gems anyways. If that's how he wants to spend his time, fine.
(Leo grabbed a spoon then sat down at the table opposite Spangled and began to eat
his cereal. Spangled closed his laptop so he wouldn't have to talk over it.)

Spangled: Well, speaking of Blitz, you and him do have a match coming up.

(Leo stopped eating for a second to give his response.)

Leo: Yeah, I know.

(Leo continued eating.)

Spangled: So you want to talk about it?

Leo: (In between spoon full of cereal) I'm eating now.

Spangled: Ok then.

(The waited for Leo to finish his cereal then Leo drained the remainder of the milk in the bowl.)

Spangled: How about now?

Leo: What are you an interviewer?

Spangled: No, just figured you'd want to talk about it.

Leo: I've never really cared about this pre-match talk before. What makes you think I'd care now?

Spangled: Well, it does help you get prepared psychologically.

Leo: Fine, then. What do you want to talk about?

Spangled: I already said we should talk about your match.

Leo: Be more specific.

Spangled: (grinning) So you want me to prompt you? Like an interview? I thought you hated interviews.

Leo: I never said that. But if your not going to help I'll just say whatever.

(Leo crossed his arms thinking.)

Leo: Well, I'm up against DX and Cryme Time, right?

Spangled: Right.

Leo: well, as for Cryme Time, I hope there victory over me and Blitz last pay-per-view, doesn't go to their heads. I'll admit that we weren't prepared, but this time me and Blitz will be prepared. They can yo all they want and put on stupid commercials all they want but come Wednesday, I'm going to show them that we're ready. Me and Blitz have already prepared our strategies as a Tag-team. So there isn't going to be any mystery between us, wrestling wise.

Spangled: So your saying you lost to Cryme Time because you didn't know what to expect with your mystery opponent?

Leo: That, and JC keeps on putting to much storyline into my role plays.

Spangled: Yeah, I'd say that's the main reason why you keep on loosing to non-No-Show-ers.

Leo: Moving on. Now let's see. We also have DX. Triple H and Shawn Michaels. Well, those two are defiantly in a different league than my usual opponents...

Spangled: (Interrupting) No show-ers, Practically No show-ers, and newbieĆ­s.

Leo: Well, me and Blitz are going to step up are game. We're in the big leagues now. So we're going to give it are all, supporting each other as we defeat these two other teams. Then once we've managed to achieve victory, We're heading to Night of Terror to win the Tag-team championship belt because we're Xcelerate. You see there's something you should know about acceleration. It always starts off slow, but then it just keeps on getting faster and faster. Xcelerate is here to bring on the speed.

(Leo sat there for a bit then got up.)

Leo: I'm going out, got some training to do.

(Leo left the hotel room and the scene fades.)

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Xcelerate Vs Degeneration X Vs Cryme Time Empty Re: Xcelerate Vs Degeneration X Vs Cryme Time

on Mon Feb 12, 2018 2:05 pm
Results Link: TBA
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