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Leo & Mystery Partner (Blitz) Vs Cryme Time Empty Leo & Mystery Partner (Blitz) Vs Cryme Time

on Mon Feb 12, 2018 2:02 pm
Leo & Mystery Partner (Blitz) Vs Cryme Time DD2010-LeoCT

RP Link: http://z6.invisionfree.com/eweefed2k10/index.php?showtopic=1011

Results Link: http://eweppv.webs.com/DynamicDestruction2010/

Show: Dynamic Destruction 2010 [9/26/2010]

Leo Kat & Mystery Partner VS Cryme Tyme

(The scene opens to Leo at Lisa's hospital room. Lisa was still in her comma. Leo was holding one of her hands in both of his.)

Leo: I couldn't get my revenge on Jensen. Kristy's just too strong, plus she seems to be so Nieve. So I've decieded to do what you wanted me to do in the first place. I'm staying in eWe. I'll go far, for you, just like you wanted.

(Leo leaned over and kissed Lisa gentlly on the forehead.)

Leo: I just hop you'll be able to chear for me again.

(and with that Leo placed Lisa's hand back down and left the room. outside stood, Spangled.)

Spangled: ready to go?

Leo: ready.

(The two of them walked off as the scene fades.)

(The scene opens to Leo and Spangled walking to the exit of the airport.)

Guys voice: Hey Leo, Spangled!

(Leo and spangled turned around to see Blitz and Thend walking up to them.)

Blitz: Hey Leo, fancy meeting you here.

Leo: And what brings you here anyways?

Blitz: You know just sight seeing. Me and Thend here's been on a road trip since leaving eWe.

(Leo raised one eye brow.)

Leo: I thought when people go on a road trip they travel on roads?

Blitz: Yeah, I know. We did drive over here.

Spangled: How's that possible, you can't drive over water.

Blitz: gotcha. The guys at the plane loaded our car, so we could fly over here. So what are you guys doing here?

Leo: Isn't it obvious?

Blitz: Hmm... Your here for some eWe thing right?

Leo: Right, I'm here for Dynamic Destruction.

Blitz: Wow, you got in a pay-per-view, That's cool. What's yeah doing? Going for that Television title, again?

Leo: No, it's a tag match with a mystery partner.

Blitz: Oh so your just in one of those unimportant matches, Jensen and Law book to fill in space.

Leo: Listen Blitz, this Match is important. I'm going to go out there and show everyone that I'm stepping up my game. People in eWe no longer respect me. They all think I'm some kind of Joke, since the only matches I've won lately are those were my oppoents aren't even trying. But that all changes during Dynamic Destruction, because I've put my past behind me, and I'm showing everyone here, that I'm a force to be recond with. My loosing streak stops here, starting with Cryme Time.

Blitz: That's cool. So do you have any idea who your partner is?

Leo: Not a clue.

Blitz: You sure your partner will be able to handle that zeal of yours? I mean hopfully you won't try to beat Cryme time all by yourself.

Leo: I believe that whoever, my partner is will be able to sence my passion and be able to perform the best he can too. My zeal, as you call it, will not make me turn this in to a one man show. I'm passionate enough that I'll be able to surport my partner 100 percent and in turn my partner will do the same for me.

(Blitz grinned.)

Blitz: (seriously) I'm sure he will.

Thend: So you guys have a ride?

Spangled: We were going to go to the dealers to get a rental.

thend: why waist the money. We can take you were you need to go.

Blitz: Yeah, and you can even drive it if you want.

Spangled: thanks, that will work fine.

(The four of them left the airport and the scene fades.)

(the scene opens up to the inside of a hotel room, the door was then opened as Blitz, Leo, Spangled, and Thend walked in. Blitz and Thend walked over to the living room area as Leo and Spangled went to the bedroom areas to deposit there thngs.)

Blitz: It was nice of them to let us stay with them.

Thend: Yeah, but don't forget why where here.

Blitz: I haven't, besides, that's only the second reason why we're here.

(Leo and Spangled came back into the living room area.)

Leo: Ok, that's all settled. What are you guys doing now?

Blitz: We're going to go swiming.

Spangled: Were at?

Blitz: Lake Baikal.

(spangled looked at Blitz)

Spangled: Your kidding right? Just about all bodies of water in or near Russia are polluted.

Blitz: They are? Well, it looks like We'll be getting are glowing tan today.

Spangled: It's not something to joke about Blitz, swimming in that lake could kill you.

Thend: Don't worry about him, We've got a guy set up that's going to lend us a sub, to go down in.

Leo: what's so special about lake Baikal?

Blitz: If you want to know, just come with us.

Leo: Not sure if I care that much, I do need to train for my match.

Blitz: You have plenty of time to train. But if you don't want to know?

(Blitz turns towards the door.)

Leo: wait. I'll come, just to make sure you two idiots don't go killing yourself.

(Leo turned to Spangled.)

Leo: you get on coms, and track us, just incase.

Spangled: Right.

(Leo then turned back to Blitz)

Leo: Well, let's get to it.

(Blitz grinns as he, Thend and Leo head out the door and the scene fades.)

(the scene opens to Blitz, Thend, and Leo standing on a dock. By the dock was a submarine. In the hatch door was the sub's captian.)

Captain: All aboard.

(Blitz, Thend, and Leo boarded the sub and the Captian closed the hatch. The scene cuts to inside the sub where Blitz, Thend, and Leo are taking seats at controls desks. The Captian sat at another one.)

Captain: Now as I've told your two friends, Leo, that this Sub is a special sub designed to handle immense pressure as well as for tracking things. That's why it's so small on the inside. you don't need to mess with those control desks, because I've got every thing handled at mine.

(The captain pressed some buttons at his control desk.)

Captian: All right, down she goes.

(The sub began to submerge, but it had no windows , but instead they had to use the moniter to see outside. The four of them sat in silence as the sub continued to go down.)

Blitz: Say Leo.

Leo: What?

Blitz: Just wanted to know if you wanted to chat to pass the time?

Leo: So then what do you want to talk about?

Blitz: How about your match?

Leo: If you must.

Blitz: But anyways, what do you think about Cryme time?

Leo: well, I believe that their new. But quite frankly, I don't care. Come Dynamic Desruction they'll going to get a real taste on what eWe's like. They may be debuting in a pay-per-view, but that's just more luck than anything else.

Blitz: So you think you deserve to be in the pay-per-view?

Leo: You know, I'm not saying I do. but I'm going out there to show everyone that I'm starting over. I've put my past record behind me and I'm starting a new and I'm going to show everyone that Leo Kat is a force to be recond with. I'm no longer the looser I once was, choking whenever the competition heated up. Well, now I'm the one that's bringing the fire.

Captain: I'm starting the sweep now.

(Leo turned to the captian.)

Leo: Sweep? what sweep?

Captain: The sonar sweep.

Leo: What for?

(Leo turned to Blitz)

Leo: Are you guys searching for something?

(Blitz grinned)

Blitz: That's right Leo. We're searching for something.

Leo: But what is it?

Blitz: A very rare and powerful gem.

Leo: A Gem? how can a gem be powerful?

Blitz: you'll just have to wait till we get it.

(Leo thought about for a minute then said.)

Leo: What makes you think it's still there? If this gem is a powerful as you say it is, what makes you think someone else would have found it allready.

(The captian turned towards Leo.)

Captian: If this gem is there, it has only remained uncaptured because noone has been able to find it or retreive it. After Blitz and Thend, told me about it, I made a sweep by myself to see if I could find it, but With no luck

Leo: What makes you think this time will be any different?

Captian: I'm not sure. I told Blitz and Thend that but they still insisted.

(Leo looked over to Blitz and Thend.)

Leo: So? What makes you think this time will be any different.

(Blitz grinned)

Blitz: Because this time we have Spangled.

(Blitz spoke into his earpiece, the one that Spangled gave him, Thend, And Leo before they left the hotel room.)

Blitz: So you going to help us?

Spangled: (on the other side of the ear piece) Sure, just tell me what you want me to do.

Thend: (Into his earpiece) We need you to search the lake for any kinds of strange energy distubances.

Spangled: Ok, but it'd help if I was patched into the sub, your in.

Thend: How do we do that?

Spangled: Just tell Leo to place the USB plug in somewhere in the sub.

Thend: (to Leo) you got that?

Leo: Yeah.

(Leo pulled out a flash drive looking device then turned to the captain.)

Leo: Any where to plug this in?

Captian: Check your desk.

(Leo did and found a spot to put it in then he put the flash drive into it.)

Spangled: All right, just give me a minute.

(They waited 50 seconds)

(Spangled voice then came through the subs speakers.)

Spangled: I found it or something. Captian, check your scene I put the location there. it should be in some kind of cavern.

Captain: I see, but how did you...

Spangled: Let's just say, I'm smart.

Captain: fair enough.

(the captain udjusted the sub's course and the sub made it's way to the bottom of the lake.)

Captian: don't worry, this sub was built to sustain massive amounts of pressure. Plus the coordinates your friend gave me are not on the bottom, there just close.

Blitz: swell.

(It took a while for them for the sub to reach the coordinace.)

Captian: Hmm... normal subs can't make it this far down.

(The screens showed a gap in the wall enough for the sub to go into.)

captian: Well, lets see where it leads.

(The captian directed the sub to head into the gap. The sub continued down a long tunnel inside the gap.)

Captain: uh-oh

Thend: Uh-oh? what's wrong?

Captian: Somethings wrong with the ship. The pressure starting to get to her.

Thend: I thought you said, this ship can handle the pressure, plus Aren't we heading up?

Captian: That's right, but something's messing with the ship. we have got to get out fast.

Leo: Let's just go back.

Captain: We can't, if we try to go back now, with the way the subs acting up, we won't make it.

Leo: Oh, then step on it.

(The Captain pressed some more keys as the sub continued down the tunnel, finially it seemed to reach the top. and emerged in an underwater carvern, not to far off was some land.)

Captain: That's strange.

Blitz: What's strange.

Captian: the outside pressure. It's gone, but we're still far under sea level.

Blitz: Well, that's not that bad.

(Blitz looked at his moniter.)

Blitz: Head over to that land over there.

(the captian directed the sub to head in that direction. As they did they all started to notice a faint blue glow coming from the land. Finially as they reached the land they all could make out a small glowing blue object suspended in mid air.)

Blitz: There it is. One of the Chaos Emeralds.

(Leo turned to Blitz.)

Leo: Chaos Emerald?

Blitz: That's what it's called.

Leo: Whatever, but the question is, How we going to get it. The pressure outside will probally kill us.

Captian: Not according to the subs read outs.

Leo: Which could have been damaged with whatever caused the sub to start messing up.

Captian: True.

(Blitz turned to Leo.)

Blitz: there still might be a way.

Leo: how?

Blitz: Your metallic wristband.

Leo: That might work, I remember that it could sustain a person from mass ammounts of pressure.

Blitz: Good, so get out there and get it.

(Leo took out the key to his metallic wristband and activated his metallic wristband. Leo waited till the metllic subsutace had spread all over him, then he turned to the captain)

Leo: I can get out with out the pressure getting in here right?

Captian: yeah, there's a anti-pressure chamber just before the hatch, like most subs.

Leo: ok.

(Leo began to climb to the hatch. he closed the first door after he enterd it and shut it tightly, he then went to the other and opened it. Once outside Leo walked over to the Chaos Emerald. He picked it up then went back into the ship. closing the outside hatch tightly then the second door, to the main area. Once inside he handed the Emerald to Blitz and he deActivated his wristband.)

(Blitz held the emerald, and gazed at it.)

Blitz: Check it out, you can actually feel it's power ratiating from it.

(Leo looked at Blitz, as he just relised something.)

Leo: Well, I'm glad you got your gem, but how are we going to get back? The subs damaged remember?

Thend: well I geuss you may be late for your Dynamic desruction match, seeing as we're trapped down here.

(that made Leo mad.)

end part 1
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Leo & Mystery Partner (Blitz) Vs Cryme Time Empty Re: Leo & Mystery Partner (Blitz) Vs Cryme Time

on Mon Feb 12, 2018 2:02 pm
Leo and Mystery Partner vs Cryme Time (Shad Gaspard and JTG) part 2

Part 2

(The scene opens to Blitz, Thend, Leo, and a submarine Captain, inside a submarine in an underwater cavern.)

Leo: Argh, How am I suppose to make it to my match on the 26, if we're trapped in this stupid cavern.

Thend: Well, If we can't get out, missing your match isn't going to be the only thing you'll have to worry about.

Leo: Oh and what's that?

Thend: We'll starve to death.

Blitz: (Interjected) or dehydrate.

Leo: I'm glad you guys are taking this so seriously.

Blitz: relax, Leo. We'll make it out.

Leo: And howís that?

Blitz: The Chaos Emerald.

Leo: how is that emerald going to help us get out of here and besides I thought emeralds were green.

Blitz: first off, It doesn't really matter what color it is, they're called Chaos Emeralds so that's what we're going to call them. As for your other question, it's simple. Why do you think the pressure here is so light?

Leo: Because we're in a cavern? How should I know.

(Blitz held up the Chaos emerald.)

Blitz: This is why. I told you the chaos emeralds are powerful.

Leo: ok, fine then. but are you really willing to test out your theory because if your wrong, we're dead.

Blitz: It's are only hope, your just going to have to trust me.

(Leo looked Blitz in the eyes. Blitz's eyes showed that he knew what he was talking about. So Leo nodded.)

Leo: Ok, Blitz, I trust you.

(Blitz turned to the captain.)

Blitz: All right captain, let's head back out.

(The captain nodded as he turned back to his controls. Leo sat back down in his seat. The sub began to dive once more. The trip back was very nerve ending. Everyone had there eyes on the pressure gage and the gage and strangely as they continued on their way, the gage never went up. Blitz was ofcourse sitting back in his seat. Finally, with a sigh of relief from everyone, the sub broke the surface of the lake.)

Blitz: see, I told you. You just need to trust me.

Leo: I'll do that.

(The captain drove the sub back towards the dock, then stopped. Once it did everyone got out and stood on the docks.)

Captain: Well, Blitz, that was definitely an adventure. Encase you ever need me again, feel free to call.

Blitz: I'll do that.

(Blitz, Thend, and Leo headed off the docks and to Blitz's Cobalt. Blitz opened the drivers side door.)

Blitz: So Leo, now what do you want to do?

(Thend opened his door and slid the passenger seat forward.)

Leo: I'm heading back to the hotel and I'm going to take me a nap.

(Leo got in the car into the back seat, and Thend put the passenger side seat back into place and got into. Blitz also got in and both he and Thend shut their doors.)

Blitz: Well don't sleep for to long, because you still have training to do.

(Blitz grinned as he turned on the car and drove off. The scene then fades.)

(The Scene opens to Leo walked down the street. As he does he notices Trixy come out of a diner. So Leo walks up to her.)

Leo: hey Trixy.

(Trixy turns towards Leo.)

Trixy: Hey, Leo.

Leo: Just get done with breakfast?

Trixy: Yeah, well actually an impromptu interview with Blaze.

Leo: How so? I thought you were the one who springs interviews on people.

Trixy: Yeah, well I went over to say hi, then that little girl with him made me give him an interview.

(Leo smiled.)

Leo: well, at least you know what's it's like to be ambushed with an interview.

Trixy: I guess so. So where you headed?

Leo: Nowhere really, I was just walking around town, to see if something catches my eye.

Trixy: Shouldn't you be training for you match?

Leo: I'll get to that, Right now I'm relaxing a bit.

Trixy: well, don't relax to much or you won't be ready for Cryme Time.

Leo: that's seems to be there saying isn't it. It's Cryme Time, ha. Honestly if they don't start taking eWe more seriously their not going to last long. Those two are just a bunch of rappen punks who think they can make it big in eWe. Well, come Dynamic Destruction me and my partner will show them just what to expect at eWe. Because if they want to get up on stage and prance around like the rappers they are, they're going to find out about loosing the hard way, and Cryme Time is going to wish they didn't leave law school.

Tirxy: Law school?

Leo: doesn't matter. Come the 26, I'm going to show everyone that my loosing is up. I'm ready to win and it starts with Crime Time. It's Cryme Time all right, it's time for Cryme Time to fail.

Tirxy: That's some good stuff right there. To bad I don't have a camera with me.

(Leo glanced at a security camera on a near by building.)

Leo: there are cameras all around, eWe, will get the message one way or the other.

(And Leo walks off as the scene fades.)

end Leo's role play.

Begin Mystery Partner's Scene.

OOC: My partner sent this to me and I wrote it in my style of role plays, so it'll be that much harder for you guys to know who he is.

(The scene opens to dimly lit arena, where we see a lone figure standing in the center of the ring. This figure wore a cloak to hide his Identity.)

M.Partner: Dynamic Destruction. If you told that to ten people each person would see it differently. One person might think your some kind of terrorist. Another might just say 'right on dud." But if you were to tell that to me, I'd think of one thing. Face off.

(The figure raised his hands as fireworks go off in the background.)

M.Partner: On September 26, 2010 you will see matches like you've never seen before. But I'm not here to advertise Dynamic Destruction, no, I'm here to tell you that on that day I will reveal myself and you will see me and Leo Kat face Cryme Time.

(Two moniter flared up on the walls behind the figure. To the left of the guy showed a picture of Leo Kat and a blacked out image of a guy. To the right was a picture of Cryme Time.)

M.Partner: I'm sure most of you fans out there won't think much of this match. Just four guys out to make a name for themselves. That's where you'd be wrong. This match will be far from just some average match Jensen and Law threw in Dynamic Destruction to have a full card. This match will be amazing, a match so heated that sparks will fly. I'm telling you that this match will be great, but I'm also telling you that I've come to win. I've seen that Leo Kat seems to choke when competition heats up but this time I know it will be different. I can see it in Leo's eyes. That determination, that will to win. I know that this time, Leo won't choke he's here to win and there's nothing that's going to get in his way. Now this match is not all about one man trying to beat two others. No. This is about two men facing two other men. I'm Leo's partner and I can tell you that I will work off Leo's determination because I have the same. Both of us have our will set on accomplishing this match, are focus is the same... beat Cryme Time.

(The guy walked around the ring a bit before continuing.)

M.Partner: Which brings me to Cryme Time. This is their first match here at eWe and because of that I believe that they'll strive hard to achieve that victory.

(The guy smirked.)

M.Parnter: Unless their to busy rapping and commenting petty theifs to focus on their matches. Having fun in life is very important but they'd better learn to keep the balance. I just have one more thing to say to you.

M.Partner: (As he does a peace sign pose) Yo.

(The guy walks back to the center of the ring.)

M.Partner: So remember Cryme Time, September 26, 2010 at Dynamic Destruction it will be time for Cryme Time to loose.

(The guy strikes a pose by crossing his arms in front of his cest in an X shape as fire works explode in the background.)

M.Partner: Be ready.

(the scene fades.)

end Mystery Partner's scene
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Leo & Mystery Partner (Blitz) Vs Cryme Time Empty Re: Leo & Mystery Partner (Blitz) Vs Cryme Time

on Mon Feb 12, 2018 2:02 pm
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Leo & Mystery Partner (Blitz) Vs Cryme Time Empty Re: Leo & Mystery Partner (Blitz) Vs Cryme Time

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