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Xccelerate Vs Cryme Tyme Vs DX

on Wed Nov 22, 2017 7:33 pm
Note: I'll be adding layouts, coloring, RP Links (where possible) and Results links (again where possible) at a future date.

(The scene opens to Blitz on his cell phone while he was standing in his locker room.)

Blitz: So you haven't found anything yet?

(Blitz pauses for a moment as he listens to the response.)

Blitz: All right, well keep on it.

(Blitz hung up his cell just as the door to his room opened and Thend stepped in.)

Thend: Hey, Blitz.

Blitz: Hey, Thend.

(Blitz puts his cell into his pocket as Thend shuts the door behind him.)

Thend: Guess what man?

Blitz: What?

Thend: You've and Leo's got a shot a the title.

Blitz: Oh, well, you know, it's not good to for people to waltz right up to me and start talking about my matches. Bad for the role plays.

Thend: Huh, sorry, I think.

(Blitz walked up to Thend and placed his arm on Thend's shoulder.)

Blitz: No big deal, Say how about me and you get out of here.

Thend: And make this the shortest time you've spent in one scene... I'm not sure.

Blitz: Oh come on, They're bound to be some thing to do in here.

Thend: Ok, fine. But don't forget that you need to spend time on your match.

Blitz: We, can do that on the way.

(Blitz took his arm off Thend and made his way to the door.)

Blitz: So you coming?

Thend: Oh, I guess.

(Blitz opened the door and saw that on the other side was Trixy and a cameraman.)

Trixy: Hey, Blitz, care for an interview?

Blitz: what no small talk? No, how have you been. Just straight to the point.

Trixy: Sorry, So, how have you been?

Blitz: I've been ...

(But before he could say how he was he spotted a ring on Trixy's finger.)

Blitz: Hello, what's this?

(Blitz grabbed Trixy's hand, the one with the ring. Blitz looked at the ring and give off a whistle.)

Blitz: Wow, Now that's a beauĂ­t.

(Blitz let down Trixy's hand as her face turns a slight red.)

Blitz: So who's the lucky man?

Trixy: It's Sean Lewis.

Blitz: I see.

(Blitz turns his head towards Thend)

Blitz: You hear that man, Trixy's going get hitched.

Thend: That's great.

Blitz: Yep, it's a good movie.

Trixy: What is?

(Blitz turned back to Trixy)

Blitz: Hitched, you should get it before you get hitched...But wait how can you get before you get it? (Blitz started pacing) On the other hand it makes since that she'd get Hitched before she got it. unless She didn't get it at all... but then what's the ring for... She's getting hitched but yet not getting it.... yet she doesn't have it... or does she...

(Blitz stopped pacing and turned back to Trixy.)

Blitz: Do you have the movie Hitched?

Trixy: Why?

Blitz: Not sure. But Congratulations on your engagement.

Trixy: Huh, thanks.

(They stood in silence for a moment then Trixy spoke up.)

Trixy: So what about that interview?

Blitz: Sure.

(Trixy stood in front of the cameraman and signaled him to start rolling.)

Trixy: Hello, I'm here with Xplotion brand Superstar Blitz to get a few words from him. (She turned to Blitz) Now, Blitz you've been gone for a while could you tell us why you've decided to come back?

Blitz: Well, for those of you who don't know, when I left the first time, it was because Jensen kicked me out, because he's a Lex Luther wana-be. He tried to make it so I couldn't come back but there was one problem, he only owns half the company. So After me, my bro, and Thend here had our own little road trip, I talked to Law about me coming back, so he put me on Xplosion, away from that superman hater.

Trixy: I see but that tells us how you came back, we want to know why.

Blitz: Oh why didn't you say so.

Trixy: I did say so.

Blitz: Oh... Well, I didn't want to quit in the first place. I like it here in eWe. I also love having matches.

Trixy: And speaking of matches, your welcome back mystery partner match didn't go over so good as you lost to Cryme Time. Who are in fact, going up against you in a tag team triple threat match. Did that loss upset your come back?

Blitz: Come back? I just thought it'd be cool if people didn't know it was me who was coming back. Someone even thought I might be 18.

Trixy: So any reason why you and Leo formed the tag team Xcelerate? I mean you did loose your first match with the guy. Are you sure this won't go as badly as your previous Tag-team, The movement.

Blitz: Of course not. Yah see, the way I see is we are already set to start winning. Me and Rick won are first match but lost all the rest, so now this match will be the opposite, we lost are first match and we'll win all the rest.

Trixy: You do relies that DX and Cryme Time will tear hole in what you just said.

Blitz: Cryme Time tear holes in what I just said? They're be to busy with their commercial to do that.

Trixy: But they did beat you last time even though they we're "busy" with their commercial.

Blitz: Fine, take all my good lines and bring them down, they have feeling too you know.

Trixy: You sure your not Blitz 2 in disguise?

Blitz: No, I'm just in a great mood. I'm back in eWe. Kristy now longer mad at me...

Trixy: You know what happened with her don't you?

Blitz: What?

Trixy: She agreed to marry Michael Jensen.

Blitz: Michael Jensen, The Michael Jensen? When did this happen?

Trixy: Don't you remember, it happened during Dynamic Destruction. You we're there remember.

Blitz: I left right after my match, So I didn't really see much of anything.

Trixy: Well it happened.

Blitz: So why'd she do it?

Trixy: I don't know. She's in love with the guy, seeing as she doesn't realize that he's responsible for kidnapping her and her lost memories.

Blitz: Oh she knows.

Trixy: How's that?

Blitz: I showed her a tape. But enough about this, I just talk with her later because I'm not going to let anything take my focus off this match.

Trixy: That's good now can we stop taking focus off your match and continue with the interview.

Blitz: Of course.

Trixy: Now, we all ready know what you think of Cryme Time. But what about DX?

Blitz: DX? They're in this too.

(Blitz turned to Thend.)

Blitz: You didn't tell me that.

Thend: You never gave me the chance.

Trixy: Are you afraid of DX or something?

(Blitz turned back to Trixy.)

Blitz: Of course not, I just didn't know I'd be going up against someone that high in the ranks.

Trixy: This match is going to determine who faces Style and Pride during Night of Terror.

Blitz: Ooo, sounds spooky. Night of Terror, going up against Dutch Clark, a guy with an anger problem as big as a whale. Seriously, that guy really should go to anger management. Maybe, Jack Nickelson can give you some intensive Anger management. Sleep in the same bed, steal your girl, and make you face your childhood bully who's now a monk... oh wait, that's not right, she's a nun.

Trixy: You realize that Dutch's anger helps him win his matches. And besides he's not your opponent.

Blitz: He will be, I'm just thinking ahead.

Trixy: You still haven't told us about what you think of DX.

Blitz: I think that their a solid tag-team. I think triple H is just as crazy as I am, maybe even more.

Trixy: And Shawn?

Blitz: He's ok, I do hope you guys are happy together.

Trixy: Excuse me?

Blitz: You know Sean Lewis.

Trixy: No, I wasn't talk about Sean Lewis I'm talking about Shawn Michaels. Your opponent.

Blitz: Oh, well I don't know much about him. Besides that he and Triple H form DX and they also sometimes hang out with Dean Whenchester. By the way how come him and Kurtis Porter aren't in this?

Trixy: Dean's taking some time off, or something like that, as DK.

Blitz: Donkey Kong?

Trixy: No, it's just DK, Dean's handler.

Blitz: Oh right. Going out of character, I gotcha. I just thought that Donkey Kong had taken Dean prisoner and Mario has to rescue him.

Trixy: Um, that doesn't make much since.

Blitz: It didn't, did it.

Trixy: No, not at all.

Blitz: Well, ok. Next question.

Trixy: I guess that's it. See yeah later.

Blitz: Later.

(Trixy and the cameraman walked off. Blitz stepped out into the hallway and Thend followed.)

Thend: You still want check out the city?

Blitz: Sure.

(The two of them left and the scene fades.)

(The scene opens up to Blitz and Thend walking down the street.)

Blitz: Sure is nice here. where are we again.

Thend: I don't know.

Blitz: What do you mean you don't know. Your my manager, are you not?

Thend: I am but I forgot. where we are.

Blitz: Ok forget it.

(the two of them continued down the street when they heard the sound of someone talking through a microphone from the distance.)

Blitz: What's that?

Thend: Someone talking through a microphone from the distance.

Blitz: What makes you so sure.

Thend: Look three lines up in the role play and it says that we heard the sound of someone talking through a microphone from the distance.

Blitz: Dude that was so OOC.

Thend: I know, but at least we now know what that sound is.

(Blitz suddenly got the urge to go check it out.)

Blitz: Hey dude?

Thend: Hey what?

Blitz: I just suddenly go this randomly out of the blue urge to check out what's causing that noise.

Thend: Really? Why?

Blitz: Don't know. So let's go.

(Blitz and Thend walked towards the sound. When they got closer they saw that the sound was coming from a park. In the park, were a crowd of people standing in front of the stage. On the stage was anther guy. speaking into a microphone.)

Blitz: Looks like your right about the microphone thing.

Thend: Told yeah. It pays to read.

(The two of them proceeded towards the area.)

Blitz: I wonder what their saying? You'd think we'd be able to hear seeing how close we are.

Thend: Our stupid handler probably just hasn't typed it in yet.

Blitz: Yeah stupid handler.

OOC: They're not very nice are they. But they're closer than they think.

Guy on stage: And we we'll fight for the rights of Midget's everywhere.

(Blitz turned to Thend.)

Blitz: Midgets?

(Thend gasped)

Thend: Wait they are midget's.

Blitz: Really? I just thought we were still far enough away that they looked small.

Thend: Your stupid.

(Suddenly the entire crowd turned towards them.)

Guy on stage: You, tall people, come up here.

(Blitz and Thend exchanged confused glances then they proceeded up to the stage. They stopped at the edge of the stage. So that the midget was as tall as them.)

Guy on stage: So you guy's said the M word?

(Blitz glanced at Thend, who just shrugged. Then he turned his gaze back to the midget on stage.)

Blitz: The M word?

Stage Midget: The word is midget.

Thend: But you just said it.

Blitz: As well as bit ago on stage. You called yourselves midgets.

(the entire crowd gasped. The midget on stage pointed a finger at Blitz accusingly.)

Stage Midget: How dare you call us that. Only fellow midgets may call each other that.

(Blitz stared at the midget still not getting what he was talking about. But Thend seemed to.)

Thend: Oh I get it.

(Blitz turned to Thend.)

Blitz: You do?

Thend: Yeah, it's like that one word that you should call me.

Blitz: Oh it's like that n word.

Thend: Pretty much.

(Blitz turned back to the midget.)

Blitz: Sorry.

Stage Midget: Fine, if you must call us something, call us Shorten Peoples.

Blitz: Shorten Peoples? So you want us to call you guys...

Stage Midget: You guys! How dare you have a problem with are race.

Blitz: I didn't know Shorten Peoples was a race.

Stage Midget: It is and we will get equal rights as all you Tall People.

Blitz: Tall people?

Stage Midget: You mock us? You make fun of us...

(The midget took a few steps back. and started saying into his microphone.)

Stage Midget: These guys insult us by calling us, what we are not. So, Since they do and there stupid handler who is not one of us keeps referring to us as midgets...

(The midget turned to Blitz and Thend.)

Stage Midget: You see, there he goes again. Now you two, I'm placing the curse of the leprechaun on you.

Blitz: Curse of the leprechaun? What are suppose to get smaller or something? Or maybe will find a never ending rainbow?

Stage Midget: You'll find out. Now be gone.

(The crowd of midgets started yelling at Blitz and Thend to leave. So they did and the scene cuts to Blitz and Thend walking down another street.)

Blitz: well, that went well. So you know what we should do?

Thend: What?

Blitz: We should talk about my match some more.

Thend: You remember what happened the last time you talked about your match while walking down the street.

Blitz: No, what?

Thend: I was kidnapped.

Blitz: Wait, I remember. But that was with my brother Blitz 2.

Thend: Yeah but I was also kidnapped to.

Blitz: come on now. This time's different.

Thend: Fine, whatever.

(They walk in silence for a bit.)

Blitz: well...

Thend: Well, what?

Blitz: Aren't you going to ask me a question?

Thend: I think you can handle talking about you match without me asking you a question. Besides where running out of words here. Say one thing about each of them.

Blitz: Ok...Hmmm... I guess I'll start with Cryme Time.

(Blitz clears his throat.)

Blitz: Now, let's see. Cryme Time. Your really funny, but I can't really say that because I haven't seen what you did yet or even what you did last time. Or at least not much. But You guys got potential. Potential to make people laugh that is.

Blitz; Next, Triple H. I have only seen what you did for the last Xplotion show... cute. very cute. but let's have some fun 'eh.

Blitz: Shawn Michaels, I've only heard about you from Dean role play things...

Thend: Stay in character.

Blitz: Oh right. But either way, I don't know much of you beside you got that stomping kick thing. I hope we have a stomping good match.

Blitz: Last is Leo. Your my partner not my opponent. So let's get out there and win.

(Blitz turned to Thend.)

Blitz: How'd I do.

Thend: Let's see what the judges think.

(Randomly three contest judges stepped out from no where. They each showed there cards.)

Thend: come on JC quit doing random stuff.

Blitz: Yeah no one will ever take me serious.

Thend: Blitz, you've been acting stranger than the random stuff that's been happening.

Blitz: I'm not sure about that...

(Blitz rolls his eyes.)

Thend: Better wrap this thing up.

Blitz: (rapping) Yo yo yo, that's all folks.

(Thend does a face palm.)

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Re: Xccelerate Vs Cryme Tyme Vs DX

on Wed Nov 22, 2017 7:33 pm
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