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Pregnant / Kidnapped / Escape Empty Pregnant / Kidnapped / Escape

on Wed Feb 21, 2018 12:01 pm
(a news room is shown. This scene takes place a little after Kristy quits according to ewe.com report)

New Anchor: We apologies but we were given in accurate information on the latest Jensen girl. please forget that ever happened but Kristy Tiger is no longer a eWe Diva due to...

(The scene cuts out.)

OCC: the rest of this will take place in first person view in book form. Also it takes place sometime before the above scene.

Another loss. I thought as I walked down the hall of the arena. I thought about it and I really needed to step up my game if I was ever to win that Women's championship belt. But the truth was I was preoccupied. The truth was, my mind was on Jensen. Not because he was my FiancÈ' but because I really loathed him. The only reason why I agreed to marry him was because it was all apart of my plan to ruin his life. I walked down the hall until I reached my locker room. I went in and went over to a cabinet. I pulled out an ice pack then sat down in a chair. I then proceeded to place the ice pack on my leg.

It wasn't long till there was a knock on my door.

"come in, " I said hoping it wasn't someone looking for an interview.

The door opened and Michael Jensen walked in.

"To bad about your match, " He said.

"Yeah, well it happens, " I said.

Michael walked to me and reached into his inner coat pocket.

"I was going to use these to celebrate you becoming the number one contender, " Michael said as he pulled out two tickets, "But I guess we could still go."

I looked at the tickets. They were for a classical music concert. By the looks of them they were vary expensive tickets.

"Keep them, " I said, "Wait till I win a number 1 contenders match."

I looked down at the ice pack I still had placed against my leg. Jensen got closer and squatted down. He then used is hand to left my chin up so I was looking directly into his eyes.

"Is there something wrong?" he asked. Apparently he noticed my tone of voice. As I looked into his eyes I just wanted to kiss him... No wait. This guy's a monster. How could I let myself think that way any more. But Michael must have noticed something for he leaned forward and kissed me.

"I love you, " Jensen whispered to me, " you know that right?"

I looked into his gaze. I could literally see the care in his eyes. I turned my head. This guy's the one who turned you into a cyborg. Who wants to use me as some kind of super soldier. To control me.

"what's wrong?" Jensen asked. I could tell he didn't know what was bothering me or so it seemed.

I stood up and walked to the other side of the room. I crossed my arms and lowered my head. I can't let him get to me. I can't let his lies work on me. I just need to remember he's a monster.

"Is this about the wedding?" Michael asked his concern was still in his voice, "Do you think It's to soon?"

How can he still act so clueless?

"We could always post pone it to a later date, if you like." Michael said.

I heard him take a step towards me.

"Well...?" He asked.

"You, " I began, "lied to me."

I couldn't see his reaction but I felt the atmosphere change.

"I lied to you?" Michael asked almost like he was confused, "How did I lie to you?"

I turned around.

"About every thing," I said, "You've been lying to me from the begining. Telling me that Blitz stole something from you. How you had no part in my kidnapping before retribution. How can I trust you?"

I started to calm down when I noticed Michaelís expression. It wasn't what I expected. His face showed me that what I knew was the truth but it also showed me something else. guilt. could it really be?

"You're right, " Michael finally said, "I did lie to you. but you need to understand everything since then has been the truth. I fell in love with you and like I said before, I want to spend the rest of my life with you and that's the truth."

I looked in Michaelís gaze. His voice and expression told me he was telling the truth. but...

"Can I really accept that?" I asked.

"You'll just have to trust me." He said, "I love you Kristy, but if you want to leave, I won't stop you."

We stood there. The weight of those words still weighing me down. Could I really trust him? My own feeling told me to do just that. but do I still love him?

I walked up to Jensen. Then I wrapped my arms around him and began to kiss him. Our Kiss began to get more intense....

OCC: The rest of this scene is censored. You can probably guess why. So I don't need to say it.

Things have gone smoothly between me and Michael since then. We decided to move the wedding back to a later date. We both thought that November was going to be to soon. So a week as gone by since then. Me and Michael were back in his office. Michael was working on his laptop doing something for eWe while I was leaning over the back of his chair with my arms wrapped around his neck. My head was beside his as I watched him work.

"So your putting those two against each other again?" I asked.

"Yes, " Jensen said, "Dean and Spider have had it coming for a while, now."

"I see, " I said as I looked over the card Michael was working on, "To bad I can't be in it."

"Well you lost that chance when you lost to Alicia Q," Michael said.

"It wasn't a total loss, " I said remembering what happened after the match.

Michael looked at me and grinned. Then I gave him a kiss.

"I hope I'm not interrupting anything?" A voice called from across the room.

Me and Michael looked up to see a man standing in the door way. He was a blond and he was wearing fancy clothes. I recognized him from my first date with Michael. I stood up but kept one hand on Michaelís shoulder.

"Oliver Queen, " Michael said, " I thought I told you that your not welcome here."

"Oh I know that, " Oliver said as he sat in one of the chairs in front of Michaelís desk, "But I just wanted to talk business, Michael."

"We have no business to discuss, " Michael said, "And it's Mr. Jensen."

"Well, if you want to be so formal, " Oliver said, "Just have your new 'fiancÈ' step out side so we can get down to business."

"Don't use that tone in front of her like that, " Michael said strictly.

I gently squeezed Michaelís shoulders.

"Don't worry about it, " I said, "I can take care of this rude guy by myself."

I turned to Oliver.

"This coming from a Diva who loss 90% of her matches, " Oliver said with a grin.

I released Michael shoulders.

"Oh I'm good enough to wipe that grin off your face, " I said my anger growing.

"Please, I'm shaking in my million dollar shoes, " Oliver said still grinning.

"that's it!" I started to cross to the other side of Michaelís desk. Oliver got to his feet and began to motion me to 'bring it' with his hands. I advanced and was about to swing my fist when I was hit by sense of dizziness. It wasn't long before I fell to the floor as I blacked out.

"Kristy!" was the last thing I heard before I was out.


I woke up in a hospital room with a terrible stomach ache. I was still a little drowsy but I looked to see Michael leaning over my bed holding my hand. He was also wiping his other hand on my forehead.

"How you feeling?" he asked.

"Like I just woke up early after staying up all night," I said the dreariness still in my voice.

Michael smiled. He leaned over and kissed my forehead.

"Don't worry I have all the best doctors flown in, " Michael said, "You'll be fine."

As if on cue the door opened and one of the doctors entered.

"Awe, she's awake, " he said with a friendly smile.

"So, do you know what's wrong with me?" I asked.

The doctor walked over to the other side of the room.

"Good news actually, " The doctor said, "You're pregnant."

Any drowsiness that I felt left right there. I propped my self up with one arm.

"What?!?" I asked astonished.

"You're pregnant." the doctor said.

"I think you'd better run the test again, " Michael said, "It's not possible for her to be pregnant."

"We, only had sex a week ago, " I said.

The doctor shrugged and smiled, "It's rare, yes, to find out this early but it can happen. especially for those who conceive their baby close to their next period. when was your last period?"

I thought about it and that made me realize something. Since I lost my memories I haven't had a period.

"I don't remember, " I said honestly.

"There you have it," the doctor said, "Let me be the first to congratulate you."

The doctor then checked my pulse and other doctoring stuff then he walked to the door.

"Everything seems to be working fine, " the doctor said, "I'll be right back and we'll not see if we can't let you go home."

Then the doctor left the room. I looked over to Michael and noticed he had was clearly trying to figure out something.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

"Nothing, " he said but I noticed a slight shift in his voice.

"Are you sure?" I asked.

"Yeah, " he replied, "It's just a little unexpected."

He gave me a smile and I returned it to him.

"Good thing you didn't book me for Night of terror, " I said.

"Yeah, " he agreed, "Looks like you're on maternal leave now."

"Yep, " I said.

I laid back down. Looks like I'm going to be a mother. But am I ready?


OOC: for those of you who think or know or something similar about you can't figure out if a girl's pregnant within a week well I'm sorry. This is just to explain why Kristy pretty much quit as in why I'm not going to use Kristy as a Diva anymore or for now. I'm not really sure If I'm going to turn her back into a wrestler or not. Anyways, stay tuned.
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Pregnant / Kidnapped / Escape Empty Re: Pregnant / Kidnapped / Escape

on Wed Feb 21, 2018 12:02 pm

A bright light apeared wakening me from my sleep. I squinted to see that the light was coming from an old light bulb hanging from the cealing. How odd? I attempted to raise my hand to block out the light when I relized I couldn't. I looked down to see that I was strapped to a chair. I struggled but I couldn't get free.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you," a deep voice said from the darkness.

I looked and saw a figure standing just outside the light. I couldn't tell exactly what he was wearing but I could see that it wasn't a normal outfit. The outfit also consisted of a hood which the figure had up.

"Who are you?" I asked, "And what do you want?"

"That doesn't matter, " The deep voice'd man said, "But I will insist that you not try to use any of your Cybornetic abilities. If you do the device on you neck will trigger thus knocking you out."

I couldn't see the device he was talkinng about but I could feel it. it was like a metal band with a lump on the back. I knew there was something out there that could knock me out for Jensen used it on me once. But there was one thing that was bugging me.

"How do you know about my abilities?" I asked.

"Don't worry about that," He said, "Right now I need you to be a good little girl and sit still. I'll be back later."

The figure turned around but as he did I noticed two things he had on his back. But surely I was mistaken. For the outline looked like a bow and a quiver full of arrows.

"Wait a minute, " I said as he walked off but he just continued and I lost him to the shadows.

Who was that guy? I thought And how does he know about my abilities? I didn't know but I had to get out.


OOC: ok this next scene will take place in role play form. It is because this scene doens't have kristy in it and I'm not going to do a first person from the angle of someone who's not my character. Just read and see why.

(This scene opens up in a room inside a police station. At the table in the center was Dr. Warlin as he was handcuffed to the table. The door to the room opened and Jensen walkes into the room. Jensen walks to the table.

Dr. Warlin: Awe, Jensen, My favorite back stabbing boss, how may I help you?

(Jensen places a folder down on the table and slides it to Dr. Warlin. On the folders tab read "XD 001".)

Jensen: You told me that XD 001 couldn't get pregnant.

Dr. Warlin: Yes, yes I did. Why? Don't tell me she did?

Jensen: She did. The doctors reported it.

Dr. Warlin: Perhaps you need better doctors.

Jensen: What I need is for you to find out how this happened.

(Warlin opened the folder and started browsing then he looked up.)

Dr. Warlin: Not sure why it matters to you. Figured since you're going to marry her starting a family would be the next step.

(Jensen leaned towards Warlin.)

Jensen: That's none of your buisness. You just need to find out what's wrong.

Dr. Warlin: Well, I must ask what's in it for me?

Jensen: I make sure your life doesn't become a living pain.

Dr. Warlin: I doubt your new fiance wants to hear you talk like that. but tell you what. You get me out of here and free of all charges and I'll help you out.

Jensen: Fine.

(Jensen turned to leave but Warlin spoke up.)

Dr. Warlin: You do realize I'm going to have to see her in order to figure out how she got pregnant.

(Jensen turned his head around.)

Jensen: You're not to touch her.

(Warlin closed the folder and slid it to the other end of the table.)

Dr. Warlin: YOu might want that back. I'll look at it again once I'm a free man.

(Jensen went over to the table and picked up the file he then left the room.)

(The scene fades to Jensen pulling up to one of his various mansions. Jensen gets out but as he did a Arrow comes flying out of no where and strikes the door of the mansion. Jensen is ducked down by his security people but it seems like the person is gone. Jensen Looked at the arrow and saw that it had a note attached to it. Jensen got up and examed the note. The note read "I got your girl." with a picture a green colored Arrow at the bottom.)

Jensen: Green Arrow.

(The scene fades.)

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on Wed Feb 21, 2018 12:02 pm
OOC: Back with the first person view in book form.

Captivity was hard. I had to sit in that chair all day long. Three times a day that man would come and unlock one of my hands so I could eat. Going to the bathroom was the worst. If I had to go he'd bring in a small bucket. Ugh it was embarrassing.

But anyways I finally, got to see who my captor was. When I saw him at first I couldn't believe it. It was eWe Superstar Green Arrow. Or should I say ex eWe Superstar. I remembered that he quit eWe sometime in between my last match and Night of Terror. Not sure why though. I did ask him once but he never replied. The problem was he never revealed himself in eWe. He signed on as a mystery wrestler So the only clue to his identity would be his old manager Chloe Sullivan.

As the days went by, I just grew more depressed. Surely Michael with all his resources would be able to find some guy in a green suit. I'm not even sure on how this was effecting my unborn baby. I still hadn't told Green Arrow about my pregnancy but maybe it was about time. Maybe he'd at least place me in a better place than some chair.

So that's what I was thinking when he came to feed me the next mourning. Well, I could exactly tell the time but since the last meal he said was dinner I'm pretty sure it was morning.

Green Arrow walked up to me with a tray. He placed the tray down on my lap. He then unlocked my right arm from the restraint. I looked down at the meal he brought me. It was some kind of pourage. Same thing every time.

"You know you shouldn't treat me like this, " I said as he turned to leave.

"Oh and why's that, " He responded with out turning around.

"because, " I said, "I'm pregnant."

I waited to see his response but he just stood there with his back turned.

"Well that sure explains a few things, " Green Arrow said, "But that doesn't change anything."

Green Arrow then walked off and I was left alone again.

How was I suppose to get out of here? I did try to escape once and found out he was telling the truth about the collar thing around my neck. It really could knock me out if I tried to use my Cybernetic abilities. It even included my enhanced vision.

I picked up the soon in the bowl as I looked down at my food. Then I slammed the spoon back down. splatting some of the pourage stuff. It's hopeless. Why even try...

Then something shocked me. I wasn't sure what it was but then it did it again. I quickly moved the bowl so I could see the tray. And in my reflection I noticed that my collar was sparking. Could it be? But what did it? I pulled the tray closer and noticed a small bit of the pourage stuff on the collar. But was it enough to sort out the device.

I waited a bit then finally, I couldn't wait much longer. I grabbed the device with my free hand then pulled as I activated my cyber strength. And it broke off.

Finally. I thought as I quickly pulled off the other hand restraint. I did the same with the two leg cuffs and I stood up.

At first I was a little woozy for sitting in that chair for so long but I shook it off. With a new found determination I ran to the direction that Green Arrow went. I was going home.


OOC: This next scene is in Role play form.

(Jensen was in his office. He was on his phone.)

Jensen: I don't care about that. Just find her.

(He then slammed down the phone. You could see the worry on his face. Jensen looked down on his desk to where the note and the arrow he got saying his fiancÈ had been kidnapped. He stared at it for a while then his phone rang. It had an Unknown number on it. Quickly Jensen picked up the phone.)

Jensen: (angrily) Who is this?

Voice on the other end: Michael?

Jensen: (less tense) Kristy? Is that you?

Kristy: (on other end of the phone) Yes.

Jensen: Where are you? You tell that...

Kristy: It's ok. I escaped.

Jensen: Escaped? Then where are you?

Kristy: I'm not sure. but I figured that you'd be able to trace this call.

(Jensen pressed a button on his computer. and A map and timer appeared.)

Jensen: Don't worry, honey. I'm tracing the call right now. Just give me 30 seconds.

Kristy: Good.

Jensen: What happened to your kidnappers?

Kristy: I'm not sure. After I busted out it looked like they left. but they only person I ever saw while there was Green Arrow.

Jensen: I knew he was in on it for he sent me a note.

Kristy: really? What it say?

Jensen: It simply said "I got your girl." Then it had a picture of a green colored arrow.

Kristy: You ever find out who he is?

Jensen: No. But don't worry I've got the best men on the case. We'll catch him.

Kristy: That's good.

(The waited a few seconds.)

Jensen: So Uh, how were they treating you?

Kristy: terrible, They strapped me to a chair and put some kind of collar on me. If I tried to use my abilities I'd wind up unconscious.

Jensen: So how'd you get out?

Kristy: I accidentally got some of this stuff they were feeding me on it. It short circuited.

Jensen: Well, I'm glad it did.

Kristy: Me too. It was just terrible.

(Jensen looked to his computer.)

Jensen: I got your location. I'm sending someone to pick you up now.

Kristy: Could you come? I don't trust anyone right now besides you.

Jensen: All right. I'll come. Just sit still.

Kristy: I'll try.


OOC: back to Kristy's point of view.

I hung up the phone. I was so glad that Michael was coming to pick me up. I just hoped he didn't take long. I looked around. The payphone I found was in some dump. The only way I was able to use the phone was because Someone had left change in the return slot of the phone. I got out of the pay phone and waited outside keeping a careful watch of my surroundings. I wasn't about to let Green Arrow or anyone get the drop on me. All my cybernetic senses were on high alert. I would notice if someone was coming.

It took a while but I began to see something in the sky. I realized it was a helicopter. Could it be Michael? I stepped from the pay phone but hesitated. I didn't know if that was really Jensen.

The Helicopter made it here and landed. I didn't recognize the pilot so I raised my hand and pointed at the chopter. If it wasn't Michael I was going to shoot whoever the poor sucker was.

The door to the helicopter slid open. It was Michael. I almost collapsed out of relief. Michael got out of the chopter and walked over to me. I just fell into his embrace.

"Take me home, " I said.

I noticed Michael nod. He held me for a few more moments. I was finally relieved. Jensen then walked me to the helicopter and we entered. I was strapped in and Michael did the same. I just leaned against Michael feeling his warm embrace. I was going home.

OOC: Role play form again.

(Back in the room Kristy was held in. The door opened and Green Arrow walked in. He then noticed that Kristy wasn't there. So he pulled out a cell phone and dialed a number. He waited till the other end picked up.)

Green Arrow: She's gone sir.

(Green Arrow pauses has he listens to the person on the other end. He then walked over to where the collar the two halves of the collar were on the floor. He examined them. Then replied.)

Green Arrow: Must have sort circuited. Looks like it got some of that porage stuff on it.

(Green Arrow paused again as he listened.)

Green Arrow: I understand.

(Green Arrow then hung up the phone. He then walked over to one side of the room where a cabinet stood. He unlocked the padlock on it. Inside were cans of gasoline. Green Arrow then took them out and began to empty them out onto the floor mostly around where the chair stood. He finished and then exited the warehouse. He then pulled out an arrow from his quiver and knocked into his bow. He let the arrows tip then he let the arrow fly. The Arrow traveled into the warehouseís open door and landed through the seat of the chair. The fire then ignited the gasoline. Green Arrow watched as the warehouse burned. You could even see the fire burn reflected on his shades.)

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