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Raven Vs Kaitlyn Empty Raven Vs Kaitlyn

on Wed Jan 03, 2018 9:29 pm
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RP Link: https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/ewewrestling/6-11-14-kaitlyn-vs-raven-t1144.html

Show: Ladies Night [6/11/2014]

"Things are about to change."

The words echoed around the dark corridoor as a lone cameraman walked down them. Along the walls were different paintings dipicticting different SuperStars and Diva's. Dean Winchester, Leo Kat, HHH, and a few recent ones, as could be seen by the looks of things, Dutch Clark, Syd Vicious, Leon Cashmere, and even Dynamic Derrek Daniels. All of which of the different paintings seemed to have a common theme. Each one has grace the halls of EWE and made their marks in some form or another.

"Dean Winchester," Came the voice from the shadows as the camera came to the painting, "Left EWE years ago because he couldn't abondon his so called, 'Hunting'. He believed that's where he belonged so that's where he went despite how many titles he's won. How he was the fan favorite as he took on the evil that was Michael Jensen. But that was then."

The camera moved on past other portaits that were there along the walls as it rested on that of Leo Kat.

"While Leo wasn't known for being the best in the company," The voice returned, "He was known as being one of the worst. Lower than even the jobber Squad, speaking his name people knew exactly who he was and how much of a disgrace to this company he was. So he finally left, to seek whatever thing he went, but we no longer care, why? Because we're glad he left."

The camera continued down the hall til it rested on that of Syd Vicious. The voice continued as it echo'd through out the corridoor, yet it sounded closer now.

"Here we have one that a little closer to home," The voice continued, "Not that I knew her or had anything to do with her departure, but she was considered the very top class in my Division. After all she ruled with with extreme violence and she was out to show just how much of a joke the division had become as a whole. So what happened to her? She lost her title, and as she had been telling everyone, she left the Diva's division. Yet she instead of going to the men's division like she said, she just left the company has a whole. So why did she leave? Doesn't matter, good bye Syd Vicious."

The camera moved on past other portaits as it continued down the hall.

"But what's this got to do with anything?" The voice asked, "How does all these Divas and Superstars who have left this company have anything to do with this?"

The camera came to the end of the portaits to a place set up for another entry.

"Because Kaitlyn..."

A figure stepped out of the shadows into the camera's view. It was Raven and she continued to address the camera.

"You're next."

Raven turned around to put something on the wall. She turned back to the camera but Raven blocked the view.

"You see Kaitlyn," Raven said, "Your time here in EWE has come to an end. Long has everyone suffered because you simply refuse to leave. Sure, you give people a nice warm up, or a quick win. Just like how you gave Stealth Elf a very easy first title defense."

Raven nodded as she pulled out her kunai knife.

"Unlike the others who have said their constant peices about getting you out of here," Raven continued as she held the kunai in a threatening manor, "I won't fail. You will be exposed and you'll never be in this place again."

Raven looked into the camera as her intent was pretty clear. But then she gave a sigh.

"I find it funny, People like Leon Cashmere, Dutch Clark, those people do things behind the scene and alas they're given their pink slips," Raven said as she twirled her knife slowly, "Yet when it comes to you and other peices of trash, they're alloud to stay? Why is that? Why do you get special treatment when people with actual tallent for the game leave? Then again, may be that is why they leave. They get tired of all these s*** wrestlers coming in and mocking up this company. They get tired of those who treat EWE like nothing but a joke. Like the Jobber Sqaud, or those Skylander wanna-bes. H*** atleast they have had atleast one win. You and Eve? You've never won a single match since you got here, yet you both have had title defenses? How the h*** did you even deserve those? Unless it was a simple matter of the higher-ups wanting to give those champions an easy victory."

Raven thought for a moment then nodded.

"Guess that is all you are Kaitlyn," Raven said, "You're nothing but a training dummy. And yes I mean training dummy, after all to be a sparing partner you'd have to have some kind of tallent. The only real time you ever land a hit or do anything worth wild is because you're opponent let you, almost having to grab you're arm and make you land a hit. Just like a training dummy."

Raven nodded as she took a step towards the camera til her face filled the entire view.

"The EWE is going to lose it's training dummy," Raven said, "But hey, maybe they'll keep you around backstage just for some practice sessions. But as for the real competition? Say good-bye. For as I said... You're next."

Raven grinned as she walked past the camera. The camera then caught what Raven had placed on the wall, it was a plague with Kaitlyn's name on it. The camera zoom's in on this for a moment before fading away.

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Raven Vs Kaitlyn Empty Re: Raven Vs Kaitlyn

on Wed Jan 03, 2018 9:30 pm
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