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Raven Vs Anya Makarov

on Wed Jan 03, 2018 9:14 pm
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Show: Ladies Night [2/24/2014] (Posted date)

Doubts, Countless doubts. That's what they believed, every single one of them. Why did they believe such things? Such idiocracy. It's because she has failed, yet again on getting the victory. or a victory in a proper way. When will they learn, when will they realize that it doesn't matter how you win, as long as you do. But that's not what happened last week, When Raven was on her back, and the one who took her title to make history was the one who did it. Though In some ways, Raven too made history that night. As she will forever be known as the one who allowed Trish Stratus to achieve the first ever Diva's Grand Slam.

"But tell me, is that really so wrong?"

Raven could be seen sitting in some dark room, her bangs covering her face and Raven made no attempts to brush them away.

"Do I require the fame, or the lime light to do my work?" Raven asked, "Do I require to be the gorgeous dame that's some former supermodel? After all only the beautiful win, right?"

Raven shakes her head.

"That's the problem with people," Raven continued, "They take one thing and twist it around. Do I think I'm that hot? H*ll if I know what beauty is. I'm not the leader, I'm not the star of Grace's beauty pageant, or whatever it is you people want to call it. No I'm the one who does whatever is necessary to ensure that what Grace has planned comes true. Do I even want the lime light? Be the one that the spot light stops on when things are all said in done? No. That's not why I'm here."

Raven places her hands down on her crossed legs as she just looks down on the floor. Well to the best that you could tell anyways, for her hair was getting in the way.

"Last week, our team lost, and I have no one to blaim but myself," Raven replied still looking at that spot on the floor, "It had nothing to do with rather I could work with Michelle McCool or not. H*ll I could work with Kristy Jensen or even that petrified elf if it was part of Grace's plan. But no, that wasn't the problem. And to be honest, I've been toying around with it in my head, over and over again. Why did you lose Raven? Why was it you that was pinned out of all the possibilities?"

Raven thought for a moment before pulling out one of her Kunai knifes and began to itch something into the floor. It wasn't really show on camera and it was probably just some random doodling.

"Was it because I don't have what it takes?" Raven pondered, "Or possibly that Trish Stratus truly has, as they say, my number?"

Raven continued to ponder as she continued to write into the wooden floor in front of her.

"Is it because I've gone soft?" Raven asked, "That when I took on the second mission to raise a 5 year old, that it somehow has made me lose my touch? Or maybe It's more that I've bitten off more than I could chew, while taking the second mission and instead of being able to train my body and hone my skills, I'm stuck watching that little girl?"

Raven ponders this, tilting her head to the side as her long black hair dangles off. She finally puts down the knife as she looks up to the camera.

"Or maybe it's something different," Raven said, "Maybe I believed that I could use that tag match to further give Trish a sense of false security. But it failed last time didn't it? Trish was just too good at Anniversary X despite me giving her faulty bread crumbs. Or that in the end, I just wasn't as good as I thought I was. Could it be true? Well, maybe it is. Maybe the great Raven of Grace's army, is just all big talk and says these things to make up excuses for why her bark is worse than her bit."

Raven just looked at the camera. The look on her face showed that of failer and disappointment all to confirming what she just said. But then she began to laugh, cold, maniacle, and calculating. She was truly enjoying her performance.

"No, little Stratus," Raven said as a grin spread across her face, "The game began a long time ago, and you defeating me at Anniversary X was just the next step. You may not get it now, in fact I suspect that you'll chalk it up to some non-sense that I've continued to spew from my mouth. Or perhaps you and you're little playmate will ask, 'why go through all the trouble, when she could of just defeated me then and this would of been over with.' "

Raven's grin increased all the more.

"All in due time, little Trish," Raven replied, "But just know this, When the time comes, and the curtain falls, you'll understand exactly why."

Raven laughed. The very thought of her plan thrilled her. Once she stopped she began to twist her Kunai between her index and thumb, not doing it hard enough to break the skin.

"But it looks like my date with Trish Status, isn't the only match I have for Last Stand," Raven replied still twisting the kunai, "For the Mrs. goody, goody, two-shoes has decided that she wants to finally end this little feud that's been going on between her and my boss, Grace Moretti. She could of just ended it long ago and fired that stupid little green thing that likes to play wrestler. But no, she had to keep the Elf around and then b**** about it when the poor elf gets exactly what she deserves. A straight beat down, straight out of this company. Which is what would of happened last week, had the Voice of Rebellion not showed up."

Raven stopped the twisting on her Kunai as she looked to the camera, annoyed.

"See, Jensen, what Grace is looking form is not Chaos. When rouge superstars try to take it on their on agenda to go against the true authority here, that's where the true anarchy arises," Raven said, "What we were doing to the Stealth Elf, wasn't out of order, no it was dealing out the corporal punishment, so that she will learn her place. But instead of letting us do what needs to be done, you let people like Anya come in and let the Diva's of this Division think they should challenge the authority, that they should take a stand for whatever misguided reasons they have."

Raven tosses down her kunai knife so that it sticks into the wooden floor beside her. She then places her elbows on her knees, laces her fingers together, then leans forward as she rests her head on her hands.

"Perhaps, Kristy Jensen Realizes this," Raven continued as her long bangs still remained in front of her face, "For there's probably a small bit of understanding deep down inside of her, why else would she give Miss Moretti the stipulation of if she loses, she'll be demoted. That in itself shows that there's a small glimmer of understanding in her as she's given us the ability to turn her decision around. Well that..."

Raven smirks a bit as she says the other possibility.

"Or she's got misplaced trust in that little team she's assembled for herself," Raven said, "Which was a mistake. After all, we've already proven that we are better than each of those three she has. Michelle McCool has defeated Mizore, not once, but twice. Both myself and Michelle have taken down the green elf in both the ring and outside the ring. So what makes her honestly think that either of them have a chance against us? Especially, once we've turned the match from a three on three down to a three on two handicap match, then to a three on one."

Raven smiles as she thinks on just how the match will go down. Finally she looked back to the camera.

"But I guess you still have you're wild card huh?" Raven said continuing towards the camera, "Anya Makarov. Wasn't really apart of your little group til she decided to stick her nose into where it didn't belong. Though that could be said the same of Mizore too. Regardless, Anya's probably thinking pretty high of herself huh? taking it to all four members of Miss Moretti's Army, causing us to retreat."

Raven scoffs at that as she picks up her Kunai and slams it back into the wooden floor.

"Ha don't get so full of yourself Anya," Raven said, "All you did was catch a few of us off guard, and the retreat was nothing more than a tactical decision, for we still had matches later that night. Yet, I'm beginning to wonder if you're any good in that ring. True you're probably known allot from some old days. But only a year ago you were losing to my old partner, ArchAngel. And I'm far superior to that idiot."

Raven grabbed the kunai knife as she stood up, the camera following her as it kept her in view from her waist up. Raven crosses her arms, shifting slightly to one side.

"See Anya I'm not impressed by you, then again I'm not impressed by anyone in this company," Raven said, "Sure you can hold that against me and say about all the great things you did but I don't give a d***. You could even say how I've got no room to talk since I've lost like, how many was it now? Oh right, I don't keep track on something a miniscule as that. I'm not some idiot not being able to move on from the past, and keeping some record of how many times I've loss or even won for that matter. I'm only looking forward to the next mission. And Makarov, you are the center focus of my next mission."

Raven let a small smile grow on her lips.

"It's nothing personal Anya," Raven continued, "Then again not much I do here is personal. What are match is, is me sending you and Kristy Jensen a statement, that she's made a mistake and her trust in you, and the others on her team was wrong."

Raven grinned at the camera before she began to look at the kunai in her hand. She was like that for a bit before she looked back towards the camera and continued to speak.

"So do you think like the others Anya?" Raven asked, "Do you think that I don't have what it takes anymore? Or that you don't think I ever had it? But you'd be wrong to think that way. You can't trust what you see with your eyes Anya for when it comes to me, Seeing isn’t always believing. It's my greatest weapon, the ability to make you think one thing, when all the while something is entirely different. But go ahead, Anya. Fall into the same trap that Trish Stratus has. Then when it's all said and done, the truth will hit you like a thief in the night."

Raven grins a bit more. Things were going to get really interesting.

"Ladies Night number fifty four," Raven said as she held her kunai out, "You'll be coming into the shadows to play. And it all leads to one thing..."

Raven laughed as she threw her Kunai down to the floor with great speed. She continued her laugh as she turned around and walked into the shadows. The camera then panned down to see that the Kunai struck directly into the middle of what Raven had been doodling early. But it wasn't doodling persay but two words written out: Last Stand.

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Re: Raven Vs Anya Makarov

on Wed Jan 03, 2018 9:15 pm
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