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Raven Vs Stealth Elf

on Wed Jan 03, 2018 8:30 pm

RP Link:\

Show: War Games 2013 [11/24/2013]

Part 1

-Before Last Ladies' Night-

The scene opens up to that of a park at night. More specifically a park bench close by a street light. We then see one Grace Moretti standing there waiting for a contact. She took out her phone to check the time. She should of be there. She bundled up as she shivered slightly.

"Cold are you?"

The voice caused Grace to jump slightly as she turned around. Raven had just walked into the light from behind her.

"It's not a good idea to sneak up on me," Grace said to her.

Raven only stood there for a moment, "So, you wanted to see me?"

Grace gave a nod, "Well, as you probably know, I'm the general manager of Ladies' Night," Grace said, "And I noticed that you seemed to have dropped off from EWE."

"Our Previous employer canceled what he was having us do," Raven said.

"Our?" Grace asked.

"The Shadow Division," Raven said.

"Oh, well I'm not looking for the three of you," Grace said, "Just you."

"Fine," Raven said to her.

Grace nodded, "Good, so you're first match will be at War Games," she said, "on November 24th. You're opponent will be one little gnome by the name of Stealth Elf. However, I'd like it if you sent a little message to her this Wednesday on Ladies' Night."

Raven gave a nod, "Consider it done."

Grace nodded, "Good. I'll see you then."

Raven gave a nod as she turned to leave. Walking back into the shadows soon disappearing. Grace grinned as she headed off.

End part 1

Part 2

A lone camera is set up in a dark room. Though one may think it was simply a black screen. But then someone steps in front of the camera. The lit seemed dim but you could make out that it was EWE Diva Raven.

"I've been away from EWE and things have changed allot since then," Raven said, "Ladies' Night has returned, and now it seems it's under new management. One Grace Moretti."

Raven paused after she said the name. Then continued.

"Now Ms. Moretti seems to have that only a select few should really be at the top of the company," Raven continued, "Something I've believed for a long time. So it give me great pleasure to work for someone as this."

Raven smiled darkly.

"And this Sunday, It's time for me to show one of the individuals that they don't belong in this company," Raven said, "You see, this, Stealth Elf, is really nothing more than a mockery of the true Diva's in this show. She thinks that just because she know a 'little bit' of ninjitsu that she can make it in this Division? She naive to think so."

Raven shook her head.

"She beat Josie Wales, so what of it? so did I," Raven said, "She also took on AJ Lee and Kaitlynn? Honestly a deaf bat could defeat them. One talks worse than the jobbers and the other just wants to b**** around about how the poor Bella twins are making fun of her."

"Now this green skinned freak thinks she has a chance to defeat me," Raven continued, "That's not going to happen. After all, I'm not in the same league as those others you've faced. I'm not having an off day like Josie was last Wednesday. I just hope that my little demonstration was enough to get you to tuck your pointy little ears and get out of this company. Because if you show up on War Games, I'm going to beat you allot worse. And it won't end with me simply walking away. I'll be taking you on a short walk of the shadows. And when you good and down, I'll strike with a thief, in the Night."

Raven smiled as she walked backwards as the darkness of the room surrounded her.

"Come little Elf, the shadows await."

The scene fades on that.

End part 2
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Re: Raven Vs Stealth Elf

on Wed Jan 03, 2018 8:31 pm
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