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Raven Vs Trish Stratus

on Wed Jan 03, 2018 9:07 pm

RP Link:

Show: AnniVersary X [1/24/2014]

Scene 1

After her the conclusion of her previous match Raven brought Sparrow back to her locker room. Once there she began to give her an examination to make sure she was OK. Sparrow just stood there as Raven inspected her. Once Raven deemed she was fine she went over and picked up her bag.

"Get you're things," Raven told Sparrow, "We're leaving."

Sparrow gave a nod as she picked up her backpack and put it on. Though there was a knock at the door. Raven's eyes narrowed. She was not in the mood.

"If that's an interviewer, you'd best keep on moving," Raven said as she put the Shining Star Championship into her bag. But there was only another knock. So Raven went over and opened the door quiet irritated, yet it wasn't an interviewer, it was Kristy Jensen.

"Raven, we need to talk," She said. But Raven just crossed her arms.

"About what? My next punishment match? Isn't 2 handicap matches good enough for you?" Raven asked her not so much having a problem with the matches per-say, but more irritated that Kristy was keeping her from leaving.

"No it's not about that," Kristy replied, "It's about Sparrow. And as I said before, rather I care about your tactics in the ring or not, I can't have you're antics endanger a little girl."

"I told you she would be fine," Raven said, "And she still will be."

"Oh? And what if I wasn't there tonight hmm?" Kristy asked getting irritated.

"I didn't need you help," Raven said, "I was in complete control of the situation."

"You missed hitting Mickie... though not saying I condone that kind of violence, but you still missed," Kristy said.

"I didn't miss," Raven said, "I'm not stupid Kristy because I know that if I had hit her in the neck as I had said, I'd get fired, Shining Star Champion or not. And if I'm fired, I can't very well perform my duty of working for Miss Moretti now can I?"

"Regardless," Kristy said still whiled up, "I will not have you flinging those blades at others. So if I see you do it again, I'll strip you of that Championship and you can join Grace and Josie Wales in suspension."

Raven only rolled her eyes, "Whatever, Now is that it? because you're in my way."

Of course it only aggravated Kristy a little more.

"Watch your tone with me," Kristy said, "And no that's not it. Like I said, you can't just be bringing Sparrow to ring side like that. She could get hurt... or worse."

"Better than out here in the back where I can't get to her in time," Raven said, "When she's out there I can keep an eye on her."

"You honestly think that's a good idea?" Kristy said, [color=#00FFFF]"After all, the 27th you're going against Mickie's Wife... and unlike last time, you don't have the match to help occupy her from trying to attack Sparrow."

"Then I'll be doing something about it," Raven replied, "Leaving her back here won't stop anything, it'll just allow her to attack her without me there."

Kristy gave a sigh. Raven was right about that.

"Fine, but I'll be putting security by her, to keep Mickie from trying something," Kristy said.

"You don't think I can do my job?" Raven asked Kristy.

"After what happened out there? No," Kristy said, "Plus I will not have you getting an additional advantage if you decide to abandon your match to keep Sparrow safe when the security can keep her safe just as much as you."

Raven only chuckled, "Not exactly. But Fine, since you don't seem to be giving me a choice."

"That's exactly right," Kristy replied. She then looked down at Sparrow, but Sparrow hid behind Raven's leg. Kristy smiled lightly as Sparrow's shyness was cute then she looked back to Raven.

"Of course, you could just get a sitter and leave her home," Kristy said but the look at Raven showed she wasn't going to do that. So Kristy just sighed then left.

Raven then looked to Sparrow, "Let's go," she said. So Sparrow grabbed Raven's hand as They left the room and headed out of the arena.

Scene 2

In a hotel room, somewhere in New York City, EWE Diva, Raven was sitting in the dark at a desk pouring over some documents due to the dim light of a small lamp. She had to make sure that the light wasn't to bright for she didn't want to wake up Sparrow. Eventually, Raven finished whatever she had been doing with the documents as she reached over and turned off the light. Then she got up and instead of getting in bed, she headed to the balcony of the hotel room as she shut the glass door behind her. She walked over to the railing and leaned on it as she stared out at the city.

It wasn't really that quiet as this was New York, and it was only about 10:30. Yet despite all the noise she took notice of something.

"I know your there," Raven replied not bothering to turn around but there was a slight chuckle.

"Maybe I wanted you to know that," came a voice. But Raven only rolled her eyes as she turned around. To see a guy in the corner of the balcony. Oddly he was wearing a full black outfit yet his outfit also consisted of a mask with what could of been goggles. Raven folded her arms and raised an eyebrow slightly at the man's attire.

"Don't like the new look?" The man asked. But Raven ignored the question as she continued.

"ArchAngel what are you doing here?" Raven asked.

"Same as you," ArchAngel replied, "Anniversary X."

"So you have a contract with someone from EWE?" Raven asked.

"You could say that," ArchAngel said almost as if he was hiding something. But Raven decided not to pursue it for now.

"Still haven't told me what you're doing here," Raven said. ArchAngel looked inside the window to where Sparrow was asleep on the bed.

"I was just curious," ArchAngel said, "After all, I saw the interview on Ladies' Night, and it's got me curious."

ArchAngel looked back over to Raven.

"That interviewer was right," ArchAngel said, "You do seem to care allot more about that girl than simply another job. Besides, I've seen you have similar missions yet you were never this attached before."

"It's none of your business," Raven said simply yet that reply seemed to prove to ArchAngel that there was something more going on. As he gave a grin though you couldn't see it through the mask.

"So there is something," ArchAngel said, "Unless, you're just going soft."

That was a mistake as ArchAngel suddenly found himself slammed against the wall with a Kunai Dagger at his throat. Raven glared straight into his eyes for a moment.

"I have not gone soft," Raven finally said the anger apparent, "I am only doing my job."

ArchAngel didn't seem to scared though but he knew not to say anything. Finally, Raven grabbed him and gave him a push away from her.

"Now get out of here before I take it you're here to jepordize my mission," Raven said.

"Whatever you say," ArchAngel said before he jumped off the balcony seemingly disappearing. Raven only watched the spot where he had been before she turned back the city streets. She put away her dagger but something was still on her mind. She stood there watching out for a bit. Soon though, she turned whatever was on her mind to annoyance, which she decided to vent in a more, productive way as she took out her phone and pointed it at herself. She then began to record.

"Trish Stratus," She said looking at the phone, "This coming Sunday, me and you will be going one-on-one as you make an attempt to become the Shining Star Champion. But don't let what happened last time fool you. I let you win that match last week. No, this is not me making excuses. It was simply a means to an end to end the match sooner than later. After all that B**** Wife of yours tried to go after Sparrow and I had had enough of the match. Though, let's face it, there wasn't any real reason I need to win that match, now was there?"

Raven shook her head as she adjusted the camera angle a bit.

"Oh sure you can say that it's a momentum thing," Raven continued, "And perhaps say how it'll be 'getting in my head' that I lost to you. Don't kid yourself. The truth is, this is more of a hinderence to you than it is me. See you go into the match thinking you know you can beat me. When all along you have yet to see what I can truly do. So yeah you may think beating me is helping you shed some light on me, but all the while, you're truly in the dark. You don't know me. You only see me as a puppet tossed aside because her employer was suspended. But that's OK. I prefer you stay clueless. Just makes my job so much easier."

Raven gave a slight chuckle.

"How nice it'll be when you loose this title match," Raven said, "But you should be happy though. After all, what more does a Fan love to watch, then their hero getting so close to reaching her goal, only for her to fail. It'll be my pleasure to help you with that. For I don't care how much motivation or whatever you wanna call it, that you have. You will fail, one way or another."

The look on Raven's face was showing just how serious she was.

"Yet hopefully you can keep your B**** A** wife in check at Anniversary X," Raven replied, "Though I don't see what you saw in her... let alone the very fact of same sex relationships is completely disgusting. Rather you're gay, lesbian, bi, Then again, I couldn't care less about any of that stuff. Romance, Love, it only gets in the way. Sure it can be a strong motivator, but you wouldn't find yourself in the situation if it wasn't for it anyways. So makes me wonder how it'll effect you this Sunday. After all, things seem to be coming to a conclusion with your 'wife' and you're going to be stuck in the middle of it. Then Again, you're already stuck in the middle of it and I'm interested to see what other kinds of reprocussions you'll have for sticking with that B****."

Raven adjusted the camera angle again.

"So things might not be going to well for your personal life," Raven continued, "But rest assured that you're professional life won't be any better. Because this Sunday night, you may have your hopes set on collecting the final piece to your Diva Grand slam, but it won't come to florensen. For your dream will be taken from you that night. Like a thief, in the night."

Raven stopped recording as she lowered her arm. It did help her to vent a little. So she headed back into the hotel room where she happened to glance at Sparrow. She was still sleeping peacefully. So Raven went over and adjusted her blanket slight before she got onto her own bed as she laid down to sleep.


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Re: Raven Vs Trish Stratus

on Wed Jan 03, 2018 9:07 pm
In New Orleans, Louisiana, Raven was sleeping in the bed to her hotel room. She had a long day of training the previous day and she was enjoying her rest that morning. It wasn't really sure how long she would of continued to slept as the sounds of the TV being on woke her from her sleep. Raven was quiet annoyed as she could hear that the TV was low and with how hard she had trained the day before, most people would of slept on through it. But not Raven, as her keen senses had woken her up. After all it was vital for some of the missions she's had to do and being able to sense even the tiniest of noises that were out of place was important. But for this morning, it only served as an irritant as the TV kept her from being able to sleep. The thought of having the TV turned off crossed her mind, but her mind said she should get up.

So that's what she did as she opened her eyes and sat up in bed. She glances over to see that Sparrow was up and it was her that turned on the TV, as Raven figured. Raven glanced at the TV to see it was an episode of My Little Pony, Friendship is magic. Of course, Raven didn't watch to much TV. It was a waisted past time and most of the shows provided little to know use to her. So Raven got up as she went to the coffee machine and began to prepare herself some coffee. As she did she glanced back over as she saw that Sparrow was pretty in tune with the program on TV. Raven's eyes for detail began to observe other details. Like how Sparrow seemed to be holding on to her two my little pony dolls, or how she was still in her pajamas. Of course, that made Raven think about how seemingly useless pajamas could be. After all, why would one need to dress up for bed? Sure you have one aspect of it, where a woman would want to please her lover by wearing sexual attire for bed. But this wasn't the case. However, Raven just figured people prefer it's comforts, though it still wasn't something Raven cared for. She only had Sparrow wear them because it was in the letter she got. Otherwise, she'd not mess with them, seeing how if they needed to flee for whatever reason, Sparrow would be still wearing that attire.

The show on the TV lead to a commercial as it did Sparrow looked over at Raven as she gave a smile.

"Good Morning," She said. Raven nodded back to her as a sign to return the good morning. Though Raven had noticed that Sparrow had been warming up to her. Yet she still found that she was very shy when it came to others. Raven knew some people thought it was, cute, but to her, it was just something. Though she could think of a few scenarios where that shyness of hers would get come as a problem. But for the most part, it meant Raven didn't have to worry about a overly active child. For that would be a handful for her. Not that she didn't believe she couldn't do it. Just that it made things easier.

Sparrow smiled again at Raven before she looked back at her dolls and began to play with them as she waited for the commercial to end. Raven, however, looked at the coffee maker as it had just finished filling the pot with the black liquid that's preferred by so many. Raven then poured herself a cup as she took it back over to her bed as she sat down at the edge. She blew slightly on the coffee to help it cool off some. Of course, Sparrow had looked over at her and noticed the drink.

"Can I have some?" Sparrow asked Raven.

"No," Came Raven's reply as she took a sip of the coffee. Sparrow didn't bother protesting as she just went back to her dolls. Soon, the episode of My little Pony returned and Sparrow's eyes went back to it. Raven just sat there though as she drunk her cup of coffee. Of course, she was doing a little more than that as she began to tune her hearing to things going on outside the TV's sound range. It was just something she did considering who knew what could happen and a previous mission of hers could come back to haunt her. Raven doubted it, but Noir taught her to keep in touch with her surroundings.

Eventually, the show ended and Raven had finished her cup of coffee. So Raven then gave Sparrow a bath and got her into some more suitable clothes. Afterwards, Raven took a quick shower herself. After getting dressed into her usual black attire Raven looked to Sparrow. Raven made sure Sparrow was ready to go out before she picked up a bag and the two of them headed out.

So the two of them began to walk through the city. Sparrow's hand was holding Raven's as she was walking closely. Raven's senses were on alert as they traveled. After all any one of these people passing by could be a potential threat to Sparrow. Yet her outward appearance never did change. Soon they reached their destination. Yet it wasn't much of one as it was simply some random ally-way. But it was the spot Raven picked out as she began to pull out a tripod from her bag and set it up. The ally-way to her was good enough, after all she knew that to really send a message, the scenery was just as important as the words being said.

Raven then took out the camera and placed it on the tripod, making sure it was attached properly. Once there she moved Sparrow to a point just behind the camera. The message wouldn't work to well to have Sparrow in the shot, playing with her dolls.

"I want you to be quiet while I do this OK?" Raven said to Sparrow. Sparrow gave a nod to add to her reply.

"Otay, Aunty Ray Ray," Sparrow replied. Raven sighed slightly. Not sure how she cared about her calling her that. But it was a matter to address later as she walked over to the end of the ally where a wall towered above. Of course there were high walls on all sides and it gave a nice shadowing effect to the end of the ally. So Raven stepped into the shadows and seemingly disappeared. It was all part of her skills. So she used a remote to start the camera recording. Then she began to address it as she remained hidden.

"You know what I think is interesting," Raven said, "How Trish Stratus believes that she knows about what goes on in my head. Yet as I've said before, she's left in the dark when it comes to me. After all, she thinks that I want to prove myself to this company? To who? the fans? I couldn't care less about them. To management? Don't make me laugh as I've already said time and time again that there's only one person in management that I true answer too. And it's not The Jensen's. it's not Brooke McGuire. It's Grace Moretti. And until I've received further instruction, I have but one goal, and that is to make sure that the Shining Star Championship stays with me. So go ahead, talk about my last 2 matches where I lost in a handicap match. It's already clouded your mind that you honestly think I lost those matches. But why bother in repeating myself huh? It just helps create the continued illusion around me. It keeps you more and more in the dark. And that, Ms Stratus, is exactly where I want you."

Raven laughed a cold hearted laugh that seemed to echo through the ally-way.

"So, soon the company that we both work for will celebrate itself turning 10," Raven said still completely hidden in the shadows, "A monumentis occasion, if you actually cared for such a thing. I personally don't care if it's about to turn 10, 1, 100 or some other random number. And you're wishing to use this time to write your name in history as the first Diva Grandslammer. Yet you've still got a problem. You're still looking up at this big occasion, with it's bright and flashing lights. All the while not realizing it's only a distraction for you as you don't see the threat coming at you from the darkness. That's right Trish, You're eye is to far on the ball that you won't see things coming at you."

Raven chuckles a bit more which gets the attention of Sparrow but she was told to be quiet so she goes back to her dolls.

"You keep looking at this goal of yours and finding excuses for yourself," Raven continued, "Like I want to prove that I can do something on my own? Apparently you weren't listening right before I defeated your B**** and that Girl who wants to play dark chick. I said then that I do whatever it takes to accomplish my goal, and I don't care rather you, or anyone has a problem with it. If I capitalize after a distraction like I did with McCool, fine. If I have to pull out a weapon like I've done numerous occasions just to keep you from this Championship, then that's what I'll do. So really it's not a question of if I need the assist or not. The only thing that matters to me is that at the end of the night, I walk out of there, still Shining Star Champion."

There was a grin on Raven's face... but still it couldn't be seen.

"Yet, it's a little interesting how you came about this match," Raven continued, "But of course, I can't complain. If Brooke wants to give you McB****'s rematch clause, fine. But even that, you say pinning me last Ladies' Night was what really sealed the deal for those people who would complain about it. But that's the problem with you Trish. You care to much about what people say. Who cares about going all the way to 'redeem' yourself just to prove people that you got what you deserve. Like with me and the title. Did I care what people thought of me as a champion when I let the sore excuse for a team, Frost Elfs, pick up a win over me? No. How about when you and your B**** won the match against me last Ladies' Night? Still no. The fact is, I know the truth of what went down. I trying to convince you won't change a thing about it. It only continues to lead to your illusions of me. Illusions that will keep you from getting the championship that you want to complete your epic saga."

Raven chuckled slightly.

"Even now, your brain is continuing to supply false assumptions about me as I stand here, talking to you without even showing myself," Raven continued, "What is your mind telling you? That I'm to much of a coward to show my face while I say these words? Am I trying to lure you into thinking I'm some gothic girl trying to impress you with my abilities to hide? Then again, A child could come over here and stand in the dark shadows. Even you with your flashing lights could pull it off. But the truth of what I'm doing is simply to show you a metaphor. You think I'm standing over here hiding in the shadows. After all it's where my voice is coming from. But the reality is simply this..."

Just then a hand was placed on the camera from the side of it. The hand turned the camera so that it was looking to the side... to show it was Raven.

"All is not as it seems."

Raven grinned towards the camera before she stopped it's recording. After that she began to pack it and the tripod back into her bag. She looked to Sparrow.

"Let's go," she said to her. Then the two of them headed out of the ally-way and went back to the hotel room.

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Re: Raven Vs Trish Stratus

on Wed Jan 03, 2018 9:09 pm
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Re: Raven Vs Trish Stratus

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