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Little Yokai in 9-Way Elimination Match Empty Little Yokai in 9-Way Elimination Match

on Wed Nov 22, 2017 5:35 pm
[align=center]Little Yokai in 9-Way Elimination Match 9Way

RP Link:http://s13.zifboards.com/hswefed/index.php?showtopic=145

Did anyone expect that? I mean Little Yokai actually tied with someone who actually posted? No one saw that coming. Mandie Wheeler was supposed to destroy Little Yokai send him to the grave. Then again why are we opening in a morgue as we now see a mortician walking into where they keep the bodies on ice. The mortician walks up to a particular drawer with a sticky note on it. He looks at it as it says “Hear Lies Little Yokai”. The mortician was confused but opened the door anyways and pulled out the small tray. Laying on it was Little Yokai himself but the mortician had no idea who this was. He scratched his head at the strange shaped Little Yokai when suddenly he sprang to life and shouted everyone’s favorite catch phrase.

Little Yokai: "FEAR ME!!”

The mortician jumped back as he yelped. The guy nearly pooped himself.. wait… *sniff sniff* no I think he did poo himself. Good thing he wore his brown pants. Regardless of that he hit tailed it out of there but was soon passed by another individual. This was Justin Mason as he was looking rather contused. He glanced down at the second note he’d received from an unknown source. As he walked into where Little Yokai was. Seeing him he titled his head but could’t help but say.

Justin Mason: "I thought I was meeting Mizore here.”

Little Yokai cocked his head at Justin as he seemed to be asking why that was. At least that’s what Justin took it as.

Justin Mason: "Well, since Annie did the snow thing for her interview, figured this was Mizore doing one for her opponent. Thought it seemed fitting.”

Little Yokai: "No one cares about them! This is where Mandie Wheeler thought she left the GREAT Yokai! But she was wrong. She will FEAR Yokai as I come back from the Grave!!”

Justin Mason: "Actually, you’re in a morgue…”

Little Yokai: "Silence!”

Little Yokai said with his high pitched voice. He glared at Justin who takes a slight step back. He then glanced around wondering where the camera was.

Justin Mason: "Uh… how are you catching this?”

Little Yokai pointed up and towards one of the security Cameras.

Little Yokai: "Shh, the eyes are EVERYWHERE!!”

Justin scratched his head but then remembered something.

Justin Mason: "Oh I get it. You’re referring to how Mandie splices her promos from different sources.”

Justin smiled slightly thinking he got it but Little Yokai seemed to just stare at Justin before jumping up on the sliding table he hadn’t gotten down from.

Little Yokai: "I make no ‘referring’ I am Yokai! And all will fear me! Just like Mandie Wheeler, she FEARs me!!”

Justin nodded his head.

Justin Mason: "Fears of not getting the job done again.”

Little Yokai: "You DARE mock the Evil Yokai! I said she FEARS ME!! She saw the EVIL that Yokai is. She will NEVER be the same.”

Justin Mason: "Oh, ok I get you. So uh… well, you kind of ruined my chance at a proper introduction here… So that was your last match. What about this coming up match? Or before that, what about the three people who have already secured their spot for Summer Breakdown. I mean, you’ve lost to 2/3rds of them.”

Little Yokai: "Yokai does NOT lose!”

Justin Mason: "Well, both Eli and Mizore have beaten you in a match. So does that count?”

Little Yokai: "Does the GREAT Evil YOKAI care about this match you say? I only Install FEAR!!”

Justin Mason: "Neither of those two seem to Fear you though. Eli made a great show about it too.”

Little Yokai: "Death to my ENEMIES!!”

Justin Mason: "I don’t get it?”

Little Yokai: "Eli Fears Yokai. Eli is to afraid to admit it. He wants to be special! But he will not be Special!!”

Justin Mason: "Are you talking bout his claims of being the face of the HSW company? Or him wanting to be the first HSW champion?”

Little Yokai doesn’t respond, instead he just stares at Justin Mason.

Justin Mason: "So his undefeated record then?”

Again Little Yokai doesn’t say a word. Just stares his death stare at Mason. Though to most girls that’s the cutest thing.

Justin Mason: "Right ok… so let’s talk about your match then. I think we’ve covered Mandie..”

Little Yokai: "FEAR ME!!”

Justin Mason: "You’re not going to do that again are you?”

Little Yokai: "Yokai does not do THAT again.”

Justin scratched his head as he didn’t quiet understand his reply.

Justin Mason: "Right well… ok, Let’s start with Annie. She’s the first to really say anything about the match. She thinks you’re a joke.”

Little Yokai: "I am YOKAI the evilest EVIL there ever was! I am no Joke.”

Justin was actually glad he didn’t just say…

Little Yokai: "Fear ME!!”

Well there it was but at least he said more than that this time.

Justin Mason: "Ok, then what about Roller X? She’s claimed that you’re funny and has given you a little credit, unlike others. But she still thinks she’ll easily beat you.”

Little Yokai: "Fear ME!!”

Justin Mason: "Oh come on… say something more? Like how she seems to be ready to go to war with anyone in the place… though seeing what Annie said about her sister, I can’t blame her.”

Little Yokai: "She will get her WAR!! And I will get DEATH to my Enemies!”

Justin only shrugged. It was better than just his usual response.

Justin Mason: "Ok ok. What about Jay and Mike Jobber? You’ve been compared to the two of them on countless occasions. Some thing you’re just a big a joke as they are.”

Little Yokai stares at Justin.

Little Yokai: "You think the GREAT Evil Yokai is a Joke?!”

Justin took a sheepish step back.

Justin Mason: "I uh… didn’t say that. I said people have said that.”

Little Yokai: "Where are these people? They will rue the day they MOCK the EVIL Yokai!!”

Justin Mason: "Uh.. well it’s been tweeted out by some wrestlers as well as…”

Little Yokai: "Then I shall take hurt those birds… as they will Fear Me!!”

Justin sighed. That wasn’t what he meant but he decided to just move on.

Justin Mason: "Ok, let’s talk about Rocco Abrams then. He was fighting in Japan before now. And before that he was also considered a joke.”

Little Yokai: "He can’t hide in Japan from Yokai!! I will hunt him down and he will be defeated!”

Justin Mason: "That’s not what I…”

Again another glare from Yokai and Justin just figured it was a good time to just move on.

Justin Mason: "Ok fine, Next we have Auburn. I may have missed it… I mean I did miss correcting Annie about that one thing… But as far as I know. Auburn’s not really said anything about you. Good or bad.”

Little Yokai: "Yokai will not Burn! I am too Evil!”

Justin scratched his head. Not quiet sure what he was talking about.

Justin Mason: "Uh, Auburn is a competitor and she’s in your match.”

Little Yokai: "Then she shall Fear Me!!”

Justin Mason: "Right…”

Justin paused not really wanting to bring up the final opponent. Not with what Annie said about her. But in the end he knew he’d better. Just this time he hoped all he got was a fear me.

Justin Mason: "So, there’s one final person in your match. Well, perhaps as she may not even be fit to compete by Slam 5. But that is Maya Jensen.”

There was actually silence after that. Little Yokai just sort of stood there. Not saying anything. Justin was starting to fill a little awkward but then again that’s in his nature.

Justin Mason: "Uh.. any comment!”

Before Little Yokai said anything, the door opened and in walked the mortician followed by another. They looked at this wondering what was going on. The mortician in the brown pants looked over to Little Yokai.

Mortician 1: "That’s him.. that the thing.”

The first looked to the Yokai then back to his co-worker. But suddenly, little Yokai jumped off the table towards the mortician in the brown pants with his battle Cry!

Little Yokai: "Fear me!”

The mortician yelled out and ran giving his pants another darkening of it’s color. This time Little Yokai gave chase. The 2nd mortician then looked over to Justin Mason who just shrugged as he wasn’t sure what was gong on.

Justin Mason: "Yeah, I have no idea.”

So the two of them left the area and that’s all we have for now.

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Little Yokai in 9-Way Elimination Match Empty Re: Little Yokai in 9-Way Elimination Match

on Wed Nov 22, 2017 5:35 pm
[align=center]RP Link:http://s13.zifboards.com/hswefed/index.php?showtopic=169

So what is Little Yokai up to this time? Well, after a hoot and a holler from inside the Ladies’ Locker Room in the MMSW building, we begin to realized just that. Suddenly, we see Little Yokai flying from the locker room and landing on his face. He gets back up and seemed mad but his cute high pitched voice only comes through.

Little Yokai: "How DARE you throw the Great and Powerful Yokai out! I am pure EVIL and I will find the one that is more EVIL than I?”

This was an interesting statement by Yokai and it would be ashamed if no one heard it. Oh wait someone did as we have Justin White walking over. What was he even doing there? But he seemed to have a slight grin.

Justin White: "More Evil than you? Please, anyone can be more evil than you.”

Little Yokai seemed to glance over towards Justin. Justin still smirking.

Little Yokai: "You DARE mock the Great EVIL Yokai?”

Justin rolled his eyes slightly.

Justin White: "What are you going to make me fear you

Little Yokai: "Fear Me!”

Well, guess Justin got it right as Little Yokai dashed over to him and tried to attack him grabbing on to his leg and hitting him several times with his fist. Finally, Justin somehow manages to pull free of him and uses his hand to hold him back.

Justin White: "You know what, I’m in a good mood right now. About to go see a lovely young lady who wants the ride the White Express!”

Little Yokai: "I do not care about your color or your express route! For I am Yokai!!”

Justin didn’t even seem to be bothered that Yokai interrupted him. Must be one special lady.

Justin White: "You said that already. But hey, I have some time to kill, how about I give you an interview?”

One REALLY special lady. Justin had to be practically forced to interview him the last few times. This even seem to get Little Yokai’s attention. As he stops his attempt to attack and just stares at him. So Justin decides to just go with it.

Justin White: "So, what shall we talk about first hmm? How about the upset with Mandie Wheeler?”

Little Yokai: "She dared to MOCK the great Evil Yokai? Yokai is not a Yokia, Yokai is not a piano or sofa.”

Justin White: "Or a TV screen, because that would be a terrible image.”

Justin smirks at his own joke and he gets a death glare from Yokai.

Justin White: "Yeah well she is one of your, opponents for the 9 way match. Though I doubt you’ll be able to beat her this time.”

Little Yokai: "Why has Justin Changed sides, again?”

Little Yokai made a very good point. After all first he said Yokai would lose when he interviewed him before the Little Yokai Mandie match, but when he interviewed Mandie he claimed Little Yokai would win. But Justin seemed to wave it off.

Justin White: "Please, that was obviously the other Justin. Though he wasn’t as good as looking as I am.”

Little Yokai: "What are you good at looking at?”

Justin gave him an incredulous look but just decided to move on.

Justin White: "So far most of your opponents have agreed that you are pretty much a disgrace to wrestling. And I tend to agree with them, or more they agree with me. But one of your opponents actually had something positive to say about you. Odd, right?”

Little Yokai: "Roller X will Fear Me, just like the others.”

Justin White: "What? No, I’m not talking about her. I’m talking about Auburn. She seems to agree that everyone should fear you. Though she was playing with Toys? Who does she think she is? Jessica Fugate?”

Little Yokai: "I already preOrdered mine.”

Justin was a bit confused.

Justin White: "You can’t order Jessica, she don’t do that anymore.”

Little Yokai: "Do what?”

Justin sighed.

Justin White: "I’ll tell you when you’re older.”

Little Yokai looked at him again but Justin just moved on.

Justin White: "But speaking of the Fugates, Everyone knows the real winner of the match will be Annie.”

Little Yokai: "I do not fear a knee. All will fear the Great and Powerful Yokai! ”

[color=steelblue]Justin White: "No, you idiot. Not a knee, Annie. And it’s not Annie’s knee that’s going to seal the deal for her, but her foot.

Little Yokai: "I am Pure evil, I will not run by any foul odor!!”

Justin had to roll his eyes.

Justin White: "You know, I don’t even know why I’m standing here for this. We know that you’re going to be the first one eliminated. Perhaps the second or third if your lucky and the Jobber clowns get eliminated before you.”

Little Yokai: "Death to my Enemies!”

Again Justin just shakes his head slightly.

Justin White: "Right, well you work on that, I have better places to be.”

With that, Justin White heads off leaving Yokai behind. But don’t worry this thing isn’t over just yet. So let’s follow Justin as we see just what it is that made him so happy in the first place. So Justin makes his way down the hall and eventually, leads to a class room. The class room was currently empty. But Justin seems to check his hair a moment, and was that breath spray? Guess Justin really is looking to get some action, at least of the kissing variety. He steps into the class room as a flirtatious grin is on his face. When he enters he sees the teacher’s chair is turned the other way. Justin smirks again.

Justin White: "Hey there. Are you ready to ride the White Express?”

Slowly the chair turns around and it’s not what Justin expected. And sadly no it wasn’t what you were expecting either. Instead, a woman sat in the chair but it wasn’t some hot student he thought it was.

???: "No.”

The woman said as her eyes narrow slightly, her tone dark. Justin was looking at this woman with disgust in his eyes.

Justin White: "Hold on a moment. I was told a beautiful student of the school wanted to meet me here. You are clearly not her.”

The woman just stared at Justin and Justin took a slight involuntary step back from the intent in those eyes.

???: "That’s pathetic as I never made any indication of my looks. Now have a seat, we need to talk.”

Her tone was still cold, and that was enough for Justin as he slowly walked to the front row and had a seat. But the rest of this conversation will have to remain a mystery for it is the…

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Little Yokai in 9-Way Elimination Match Empty Re: Little Yokai in 9-Way Elimination Match

on Wed Nov 22, 2017 5:39 pm
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Little Yokai in 9-Way Elimination Match Empty Re: Little Yokai in 9-Way Elimination Match

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