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Little Yokai Vs Mandie Wheeler Empty Little Yokai Vs Mandie Wheeler

on Wed Nov 22, 2017 5:29 pm
[align=center]Little Yokai Vs Mandie Wheeler MandieLY

RP Link:http://s13.zifboards.com/hswefed/index.php?showtopic=99

A loss. A loss to the face of company in Eli Goode. Surely now The Great and Powerful Yokai will fear the man! Well, I'd be lying if that were true. Little Yokai is that weird. But for now let's get the first scene started as now we see the mean Machine School of wrestling in full swing. The different students getting taught by various instructors. In the classroom part of the school those who were learning the basics of commentary or as this particular class was about, Interviewing, the students were in for a treat as they had special guest Justin White. Why was Justin doing this? Well, who knows, just go with it.

JW: "After today's session you will all learn how to properly interview someone. May even be as good at it as I am but well, we all can't be as good as me."

Justin smirks as he continues to pet his ego. The students there taking different notes.

JW: "Now to get things started, I'll need someone to volunteer as my interviewee? Then you will see how the great Justin White does it."

There were a few hands that raised up to be selected. Yet just as Justin was about to call on someone, all eyes turned to the teacher's desk where they saw someone climb out from under it and on top of it. it was Little Yokai!


Shouting as he leapt into the air and managed to hit on Justin's shoulders and hit him several times on the back of the head. Justin leapt slightly before finally managing to pry him off and throw him to the ground. He was looking pretty aggravated too.

JW: "You again?! Can't you see I'm trying to teach here?"

The students only seemed to watch in awe. One even couldn't help but shout excitedly. Little Yokai paid them no attention as he got up. Shouting out to try and run at him but this time Justin managed to side step him.

Student1: "Mr. White... why not interview him?"

JW: "Why would I do that? He's nothing but a pain."

This got a few remarks from the students. Mostly defending Little Yokai as he had just gotten away from the wall he ran in to. He looked back at Justin glaring.

Student2: "But shouldn't we know how to interview a potentially hostile wrestler?"

Justin looked to Yokai as he had ran over and attached himself to Justin's leg and began to beat on him from there. That or he was trying to trip him. It was hard to tell.

JW: "This guy, hostile? I think not."

This got the students talking again as they began to plead with Justin to interview Little Yokai. Finally Justin just sighed as he pried Little Yokai off his leg and standing him up.

JW: "Alright listen you. I'm going to interview you. Got it?"

Little Yokai just seemed to reach to try and hit him again but then he stopped and just glared at him.

JW: "I'll take that as a yes then."

So Justin walked over to the desk and picked up a microphone. It wasn't live though but it was going to be part of Justin's demonstration. He then walked back into position as again Little Yokai seemed to be staring at him.

JW: "So Little Yokai, tell us all here what it was like to be defeated by the true face of High Stakes Wrestling?"

A couple of the students seemed to question if this was the proper way to start an interview while others were taking more notes. As for Little Yokai he just glared at him as Justin moves the mic towards him.

LY: "I am YOKAI!! All will Fear ME!"

Justin returned the mic to himself.

JW: "Yeaaah, and how is that working out for you? Eli doesn't fear you? Then again he wouldn't, it is he who you should fear."

Little Yokai only glares at Justin.

LY: "Eli is only delaying his inevitable defeat! He fears Yokai! He is just hiding his feelings."

Justin White actually rolls his eyes at this.

JW: "Yeah and I just hit the jack-pot the other day at the slots."

LY: "Spend your money fast then because you will face your defeat at my hands too!! Death to My ENEMEIES!"

Justin looks over to the class and shrugs his shoulders. Trying to show that this guy was just plain crazy.

JW: "Well, speaking of defeats, you may actually be able to pick one up this coming Slam. You are facing Mandie Wheeler after all and well, we've seen you pick up a fluke win already."

Don't get that confused with Justin rooting for Little Yokai as he believed that neither were really championship material.

JW: "Though perhaps it will end in a draw and you and her can both hope a plane back to Mandieville."

Justin chuckles as he also believes the town is fictional. But Little Yokai just glares.

LY: "Mandieville has good chicken."

Justin looks him up and down incredulously. Before shaking his head.

JW: "But who cares. Now assuming you win... and while I would say that is a BIG IF... but we both know that neither of you two are real superstars. But let's say you win... how do you expect to win the Round 3 battle royal? When all anyone has to do is pick you up and drop you off on the other side?"

LY: "They will ALL Fear ME!! I will never quit! And Mandie Wheeler of MandieVille will also Fear me!"

JW: "I seriously doubt that."

Little Yokai then shouts out in a battle cry before Justin even finishes his sentence and storms out of the room. Justin watches him go and just chuckles before turning back to the class.

JW:" So, that's how you do it. Any questions?"

Several hands shot into the air at this point. But that's where we're leaving it as Justin continues to do his lecture thing. Little does he know that after the lecture he gets jumped again by Little Yokai!

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Little Yokai Vs Mandie Wheeler Empty Re: Little Yokai Vs Mandie Wheeler

on Wed Nov 22, 2017 5:29 pm
[align=center]RP Link:http://s13.zifboards.com/hswefed/index.php?showtopic=104

Harsh words were brought on by Mandie Wheeler to our beloved Little Yokai. How could she say such mean things? Killing? Example? Joke to the company? Camera's are always on me? The nerve! So what does Little Yokai have to say about all this? Well, you'd have to ask him. For now we find him, walking down a shopping mall after just attacking a poor defenseless puppy sellsmen for offering Little Yokai a free puppy.

Lady: There he is!

Before Little Yokai could take another step, he was sworn by his adoring fans... nothing but chicks as they all just adored Little Yokai's cuteness.


The chicks gave an ahh at his adorable little catch phrase. Didn't seem Little Yokai was to please with that.

LY: I am not cute! I am Yokai I am Evil!! You will all Fear me!

The chicks only continued to ooh and ahh at his cuteness, which only seemed to enrage Little Yokai. Finally he launched himself at one of them who side steps out of the way as the girls all giggled seeing him fall on his face.

Lady2: He's so cute.

Lady3: I know right.

Lady4: I want one.. where can I buy one?

They all watched as Little Yokai began to slowly rise to his feet. They were about to swarm him yet again when someone stepped in front of them.

Lady2: Eww it's her.

Lady3: Yeah, let's get out of here.

Lady4: Hey, there's a sell on shoes in this store!

The girls yippee as they left. This new girl just standing there watching. Slowly, Little Yokai makes it to his feet when the girl speaks.

???: They will never truly fear you, you know.

Her words were quiet harsh as this only seems to bother Little Yokai. As he shouts out loud.

LY: I AM EVIL!! They Will FEAR ME!!

The girl slowly turns around and just short of stares at Yokai. Yokai nearly loses his edge from that stare. Just WHO was this person?

???: No, they won't. Sure, you can pester them, attack them with your pitiful moves again and again but all you will do is come off as is annoying. And when you lose, time and time again, all they will see is a joke, just someone for them to step on and get an easy win.

Little Yokai glares back at this strange individual. Glaring intently.

LY: You DARE Mock the GREAT Evil YOKAI?!

This doesn't phase the girl one bit as she leans forward slightly, keeping the intense features on her face.

???: Yes, I dare. And what are you going to do about it?

Her eyes dared Yokai to do something. Not just daring but telling him exactly what she would do if he did dare. Her tone stayed straight as she said it as well. Finally, Yokai had enough as he charged in yelling his battle cry.

LY: Fear ME!!

He jumped up intending to go for her face, not that he could reach it as the peak of his jump barely got him to her chest. But as he reached that peak the girl excecuted a flawless and power side kick, sending Little Yokai flying until he hit one of the poles in the mall and sliding down until he landed on the ground. He was barely conscious at this point as he laid there. The girl slowly making her way over to him. She towered over him menacingly as she continued to speak in her soft yet harsh tones.

???: You're a joke Yokai. Nothing but a fly buzzing around your federation waiting for someone to swat you. You're opponent, Mandie Wheeler, she thinks she can go into your match and destroy you. Make you bleed. All because you are weak. And from what I've seen you are weak. But if you want to shut them up. If you want them to FEAR you...

Slowly the girl squats down as she rests her hands on her knees, leaning in just a tad towards Little Yokai.

???: Show them that this bug is no fly... but a wasp. Make an example out of them and sting them so bad that they think they had an allergic reaction. Do that, and then they will begin to fear you. And if any of them dare to step up... well, a wasp can sting more than once. So use that stinger.

The girl stands back up as she just walks off leaving Little Yokai still there. Slowly he begins to rise up and as he does a security officer from the mall walks over him.

Officer: Hey, are you alright? You wanna press charges on that woman?

Little Yokai just stared at where the girl had left before replying to the officer.

LY: No...

The officer just scratched his head.

Officer: You sure?

Little Yokai glared back at the officer before replying.


Little Yokai runs off and leaves the officer there pretty confused. He scratches his head before heading off.

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Little Yokai Vs Mandie Wheeler Empty Re: Little Yokai Vs Mandie Wheeler

on Wed Nov 22, 2017 5:32 pm
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Little Yokai Vs Mandie Wheeler Empty Re: Little Yokai Vs Mandie Wheeler

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