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Little Yokai Vs Eli Goode Empty Little Yokai Vs Eli Goode

on Wed Nov 22, 2017 5:27 pm
[align=center]Little Yokai Vs Eli Goode EliLY

RP Link:http://s13.zifboards.com/hswefed/index.php?showtopic=63

Instead of opening up to the usual backstage of SNS we find ourselves in what looks to be a bathroom. The place was rather moderate as someone was slightly whistling as the shower head continued to spray water down onto its occupant. It wasn’t long before the shower stopped, and a hand came out and grabbed the towel hanging just outside. Who was this? Well, it wasn’t long before we find out as its none other than Justin White! Wait, Justin White? That’s a little unusual, but thankfully he wrapped the towel around his waist as he walks over to the mirror which was fogged up thanks to the steam of the shower. He takes his hand and wipes away the steam a little to reveal his face in the mirror. He strikes a pose as he smirks at himself.

Justin White: Lookin’ Good.

Justin smirks as he takes one of the bottles on the sink and squeezes out some of its lather before slowly started spreading the substance in his hair. He continues to style his hair as slowly the lack of steam imminating from the shower begins to cause the rest of the fog to slowly begin to evaporate. As Justin glanced down he see, Little Yokai?! His reflection anyways. This causes Justin to jump in surprise, I mean who wouldn’t seeing someone in your bathroom you weren’t suspecting… or in the case of Justin not a hot woman… wait, that’s not right either


Justin White: What the H*ll!

Justin quickly turns around and sees, nothing. Little Yokai was not where to be seen. Justin looks around, more confused. There was no where for the little guy to go. Unless he jumped into the toilet. Nah, he’s not that small. Just when he was about to turn back towards the sink his shower turned on. Justin over to it and saw the slight salute of a small man.

Justin White: Hey, you little thing, what the h*ll are you doing in my shower?

Not the best insult from Justin White but he walked over and threw back the curtain, guess he didn’t think the little guy would be naked in there. Which he wasn’t, but Little Yokai didn’t seem to be in there at all. Again Justin looked around, confusion written all over his face.

Justin White: I must be seeing things.

Justin said wiping his face and eyes with his hands and immediately regretted his decision as the remnants of the hair gel was still on his hands as he gives a slight yelp in pain as the his eyes began to start burning. Quickly, Justin runs over to the sick and begins to rinse out his eyes. Once he finished he grabs a small town by the sink and begins to wipe his eyes. When he looks up and sees in the mirror again. Suddenly, he sees Little Yokai again, holding up his hands as this time he verbally exclaims:

Little Yokai: Fear ME!!

Justin jumps up as he dashes out of the bathroom. He may deny it later and perhaps he DID go back and check to see what he was doing in his bathroom later, but as of right now, he ran out of there, which was hilarious.

Scene 2

Wait, Scene 2? Shouldn’t this be RP 2? We are breaking new ground people. But alas we open up to the Mean Machine School of Wrestling as Justin White Is in Christy Clark-Chaos’ office.

Justin White: I keep telling you, that little creep has been following me everywhere. In the bathroom, in my car, and even in my Ladies room.

Christy raises an eyebrow at him. He had been in here for the past several minutes complaining of Little Yokai stalking him all day. Yet the mention of the Ladies’ room caused Christy to finally speak up.

Christy Chaos-Clark: You have a bathroom specifically for girls in your house?

Justin shakes his head. Seemed he believed Christy was missing the point.

Justin White: No, no. It’s where I entertain my ladies.

He had a bit of a swagger to him as he said the last part. But CCC only rolled her eyes.

Christy Chaos-Clark: Sorry I asked. But I don’t know what you want me to do about Yokai. Assuming you’re not just hallucinating he could just want to interview him.

Justin White: Interview him? Come on, I’m not an interviewer. I’m your number 1 commentator. I ain’t got time for something as trivial as that.

CCC only shakes her head slightly.

Christy Chaos-Clark: I don’t really care what you think. Head on over to the interview set. If he is following you perhaps he’ll show up.

Justin White: But…

Justin was about to make a complaint but a cold stare from Christy shut him up.

Christy Chaos-Clark: Just go. I have better things to do than listen to your complaints about Little Yokai.

Justin looks at her and just grunts in annoyance as he headed out of her office and to the interview set. Seemed it was already set up for someone earlier that day. That’s a good enough explanation, yeah. There, Justin found a microphone left behind as he picked it up. He looks around waiting to see that little munchkin to show up.

Little Yokai: FEAR ME!!

Suddenly, Little Yokai jumped down from, well who knows, it’s Little Yokai. He aimed for Justin who managed to step out of the way just in time to avoid being hit.

Justin White: Listen here you little jerk. I’m going to interview you and you’re going to leave me the h*ll alone!

Little Yokai was scrambling to his feet as he got up. There he looked at Justin with glaring eyes beneath his mask.

Little Yokai: You dare mock the evil Yokai? I am not a little jerk, I am a LARGE jerk!!

Justin White: Whatever, no body cares.

Justin glances towards the camera and presses a button on a remote to start it. I did say he picked that up too didn’t I? No? Well, just roll with it. The camera’s recording light went red as Justin kept one eye on Yokai and the other towards the camera.

Justin White: Hello, Ladies, and guys who wish they were me. I am Justin White here and are you in for a special treat. For I am going to be your interviewer this time. It’s a real honor for you, though not that my guest is any better.

Justin glances towards Little Yokai as he tried to charge Justin. But this time Justin managed to put a hand up and stop Yokai as Yokai continued to try and push through. Is Justin now got super strength? or at least average strength? eh, don’t put to much into it.

Justin White: My guest is none other than this little midget….

Little Yokai: FEAR ME!!

Little Yokai shouted our before finally stopping his advance.

Justin White: Now, what should I ask him? I could do the usual baloney and talk about his fluke of a win against Dangerous X on Slam 3, but it was a fluke and no one cares.

Little Yokai seems to get angry, not sure rather it’s from the insult or just because Justin seemed to be ignoring him.

Little Yokai: How dare you insult the great Evil Yokai!! The greatest evil that ever was!! The X that was Dangerous could not handle that which is Yokai! He thought he was evil but I was Eviler!

His higher pitched voice made it so much cuter, even enough to let ‘eviler’ not being a word slide. Justin glances down at Yokai and rolled his eyes before back to the camera.

Justin White: I could also ask him about his thoughts on his Slam 3 match, but we all know how that will turn out. The FACE of the company, Eli Goode will make short work of this crazy thing and move on to become your HSW World Heavyweight Champion!

Again Little Yokai let out a small outrage from that.

Little Yokai: No one cares about being the overweight champion! Yokai does not care! But if That will make people Fear ME! I will take this championship for fat people and make it MINE!! Then there will be DEATH to my ENEMIES!!

Justin looked down at this crazy person. He couldn’t help but laugh. He felt a little more in control now.

Justin White: We all know you're not Goode enough. And Fat championship? Well, if you had more fat on your body, you’d make a good volley ball.

Little Yokai: An EVIL Volley Ball!

Justin couldn’t believe that insult just went over his head.

Justin White: You really are that stupid aren’t you?

Little Yokai: Yokai is not Stupid! Yokai is EVIL! the most Evil of all Evils! You will ALL FEAR ME!!

Little Yokai suddenly jumps up and attacks the camera. Why? because he's evil that’s why. Justin just looks at it as he just holds up his arms.

Justin White: Hey, that’s not coming out of my pay check.

Little Yokai turns back towards Justin and shouts out.

Little Yokai: FEAR ME!

Before he dashes out of the room. Justin was only left to ponder just what that was about. But hey, if that meant he’d not have to see Yokai again, well then he didn’t care. Instead he glances at the camera that was now on the floor and busted.

Justin White: Eh, not my problem.

And with that Justin heads out of the room and goes off to do his other business. Whatever that may be.

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Little Yokai Vs Eli Goode Empty Re: Little Yokai Vs Eli Goode

on Wed Nov 22, 2017 5:27 pm
[align=center]RP Link:http://s13.zifboards.com/hswefed/index.php?showtopic=80

It was now time for Saturday Night Slam, ok I lied it was still about an hour away. But it was so close as the fans were already filling up the stands. To know exactly how many, you’ll have to wait until later. So what are the camera’s rolling backstage for this early before the show? Well, the answer to that will be given by our awkward interviewing host, Justin Mason. Currently, the camera’s were rolling as Mason seemed to be fiddling with his microphone.

Justin Mason: “Testing, 1, 2, 3… Huh? What do you mean we’re live?”

Mason looks up and past the camera to the one behind it who seemed to confirm what he just said. With that Mason slightly fumbled his microphone before getting it straight again.

Justin Mason: “Right, well I’m Justin Mason, and I’m back here only a hour before the show is to begin. While everyone is waiting to see the first round of the HSW World Championship Double Elimination Tournament… Geeze that’s a mouthful… I am here backstage to interview one of the wrestlers who is a part of the match who everyone believes the winner will be the First Ever HSW World Champion as well as the Face of the Company… So here he is, Eli Goode!”

Mason awaited for some kind of fan reaction but had to remind himself that this wasn’t being displayed out on the titantron. When he collected his thoughts he began to look around, left and right.

Justin Mason: “Uh… Where’s Eli?”

Again he looks around when suddenly the cameraman says something that’s again not picked up by the camera. How is that possible? I dunno, maybe he’s whispering into a headset or something. Either way, Jason seems to looks slightly confused.

Justin Mason: “What do you mean that’s not who I’m interviewing? What I just said was what I was told. So naturally that means Eli right?”

Seems the response he got was not what he expected.

Justin Mason: “Oh… Right well…”

Mason Recollected himself before looking back at the camera.

Justin Mason: “Sorry about that folks. Who I’ll be interviewing is not Eli Goode, but his opponent Little Yo-kay… uh, I mean Yokai.”


Mason Jumped slightly as the voice came from standing right next to him. When he looked down he was both shocked and confused.

Justin Mason: “When did you get there?”

The camera zoomed back so it now got Little Yokai in the shot. He was standing right next to Mason in what would be the customary spot to stand in.

LITTLE YOKAI: “What do you MEAN how long have I been here? You dare MOCK the Evil Great Yokai! I have been standing here the whole time!”

His high pitched voice nearly caused Mason to chuckled. But he got ahold of himself.

Justin Mason: “No, no mocking at all. So, Little Yokai, welcome, I hope you’re doing well.”

LITTLE YOKAI: “The Great Yokai is doing WELL!”

Again he shouts the last part as Justin had shifted the microphone towards Yokai but he held it at a regular person’s height and had to quickly adjust it.

Justin Mason: “Good good. Now, later tonight you will be facing none other than Eli Goode. But before we get to him, how about we talk about the others in this tournament? Seems everyone else has been doing it for their second time on the air.”

LITTLE YOKAI: “Yokai does not Fly! Not without proper equipment!”

Again Mason continued to put the microphone in the wrong posision as Little Yokai talked.

Justin Mason: “Not what I meant. But how about it?”

LITTLE YOKAI: “I don’t care about the others! They will ALL FEAR ME!! The Great and Powerful Evil of all Evils!”

Mason looked to the camera and gave a slight confused look. He had been planning on talking about the others. Now he’s not sure what to do.

Justin Mason: “Are you sure? I mean surely there’s something you would like to talk about each individual one.”

Little Yokai turned his eyes towards Mason with evil inten. However, it just looked as cute as could be. It lasted a moment before he turned back towards the camera. But Mason took that as a go ahead. Why? Because, that’s why.

Justin Mason: “So… What are you’re thoughts on Maya Jensen?”

LITTLE YOKAI: “Fear me!”

When Little Yokai went back to silence, Mason decided to move on.

Justin Mason: “How about her opponent then? Mike Jobber. Some say you’re in the same Class as him. You’re thoughts?”


Mason scratched his head with his free arm before sighing.

Justin Mason: “Would the same go for his brother, Jay Jobber?”

LITTLE YOKAI: “Fear me!”

Justin Mason: “What about his opponent, James Ceno! Some think he’s the only person who can really take out you’re current opponent.”

LITTLE YOKAI: “Fear me!”

Another sigh from Mason but he just moved on.

Justin Mason: “Uh, Annie Fugate she had some…”

LITTLE YOKAI: “Fear me!”

Justin Mason: “You didn’t even let me finish.”

Little Yokai glared at Mason.


Then her turned back to the camera.


Mason just shook his head before just moving on.

Justin Mason: “Talia Lea?”

LITTLE YOKAI: “Fear me!”

Justin Mason: “Roller X?”

LITTLE YOKAI: “Fear me!”

Justin Mason: “Saraya Waters?”

LITTLE YOKAI: “Fear me!”

Justin Mason: “Mandie Wheeler!”


Justin Mason: “Rocco Abrams?”


Justin Mason: “Desmond King?”


Justin Mason: “Ok… surely you have SOMETHING for Mizore? She beat you on the first Slam and it’s you’re only loss in the company thus far.”

LITTLE YOKAI: “She will… Fear ME!!”

Mason just sighed as he listed everyone in the tournament and all Little Yokai said was Fear Me. Finally he just gave a shrug.

Justin Mason: “Ok, fine. We can talk about you’re Opponent then. He doesn’t seem to care to much about you. Even mocked you.”


Justin gives a slight nod as Little Yokai seemed to be getting angry.

Justin Mason: “Yes… He did.”

LITTLE YOKAI: “Then he will… FEAR ME!!”

With that Little Yokai suddenly ran off shouting aloud.


Mason watched him leave the room as he just stood there, with the microphone still extended… took him to realize that he had the microphone raised to the average person’s height again as he quickly lowered his hand. He scratched his head.

Justin Mason: “I don’t think he’s coming back.”

There wasn’t any sign of him returning. Mason looked down just to be sure he wasn’t standing by him again and he didn’t notice before he shrugged and looking back to the camera.

Justin Mason: “Well, this has been Justin Mason and Little Yokai. We hope you enjoy the show.”

With that the camera’s cut ending this bizarre interview.

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Little Yokai Vs Eli Goode Empty Re: Little Yokai Vs Eli Goode

on Wed Nov 22, 2017 5:28 pm
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