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on Wed Nov 22, 2017 3:49 am
[align=center]Original Link:http://s13.zifboards.com/hswefed/index.php?showtopic=226

OOC Note: Yeah I wrote this after Slam 5 Results. I explained IC why it was late in the blog.


Hello everyone… I really don’t want to do this, but I was told to go ahead as part of my, therapy. So… let’s just get to it.

Prime Data CardAd

Right off the bat, they started with my match. I knew this would be tough but my doctor wants me to watch the match… So here I go.

Prime Data MayaCeno

This match was hard to watch. People think this was the match that caused me to… but it wasn’t the match itself… sure it played a factor but… *sigh* why am I still trying to defend myself? People won’t care why it happened.

Either way… I did my best but I tried to hit, it’s been so long I forgot what I was going for… but it was a mistake as usually my decisions are.. and Ceno hit that cross-body, oh so that’s what that was… all I remember was eating that floor and then lights out.. which is exactly what happened. I guess, I can take some consolation in the fact I wasn’t pinned or submitted… But I still loss.

… Just what I needed. They advertise LAW… kudos for them but.. I miss LAW… and I was supposed to be in that match… The QOTR that is. *sigh*

This is a bit harder than I thought… I just want to stop and just lie here… well ok, I did pause for a moment there, but… ok next we have Kelsi walking out of… o.O. I totally forgot!?! We were supposed to meet up with Kelsi after the show to discuss wedding and baby shower stuff?! Stupid Stupid Stupid!!

Ok, been a bit since I got back to this.. I know you readers at home will think it’s odd but.. as I said this is hard….

Prime Data TaliaJayWaters

Ok, so here we are at the triple threat. I had wondered how Jay was in Round 3. But I don’t even know this was how. They remove Jay from the ring and start fighting each other. Then after taking each other out a slip trip and fall gets Jay the win? Even Darren was confused. Least I know how he got in the match…

So, Mike Jobber is still trying to get a date with Annie? Not sure what he sees in her… she’s pretty mean. But maybe he likes bad girls? Either way she agrees to the date if Mike can beat Desmond.

We see Jay trying to get into the Ladies’ Locker room to talk to Kelly… I obviously wasn’t in there but that security woman kept Jay from getting in.

Prime Data DKMike

Well, Annie follows Mike to the ring, I guess to make sure he loses? Well, during the match Desmond keeps control of it, yet I dunno, I mean I know I haven’t seen a lot of his matches… but is it just me or is Desmond acting a little different some how? I dunno. Either way, he seems to have trouble taking down Mike and Annie is not to happy. Mike even trips (something I can a test too) and Desmond hits the ref by mistake. That’s when Annie gets in to take matters in her own hand and goes for that kick she likes so much and… Did she just hit Desmond? Well that’s all it took as Mike falls on the pinball (literally) and gets the pin. Annie is sure shocked but maybe she’ll have a nice date with him?

Prime Data MidnightEliRocco

Well, this match was interesting… I’m feeling a bit tired so uh… well, they fight back and forth.different pairings and the like.. uh, it comes down to Annie and Rocco in the ring. Annie hits her special kick and but it yanked off the pin by Nero Phoenix, Rocco’s manager. Annie decides to deal with him but in the process, Eli jumps back in the ring and gets that pitfall. This is just a bad night for Annie…

Yeah I know I didn’t get into as much detail… but I’m really not feeling doing this… I think I’ll take another reprieve.

Ok, so apparently Thunder Dragon is coming to Slam 5. Maybe for a match? I dunno it didn’t really say and I haven’t really seen all of the Slam 5 card.

Prime Data MandieLY

So Mandie enters and is attacked by Little Yokai by jumping off the 5 screen display… quiet a long drop. But seems Manie is quick to get control and get him in the ring.

Yet, Mandie think’s it’s over but LY kicks out. She lifts him for a some move but LY counters, o.O. Seems there’s more fight in him than anyone could of guessed. Ofcourse, that attack sends Mandie to the outside and LY is right on top with a springboard to the outside.. but Mandie catches him and smacks him down… But as Mandie tries to get back in o.O the little guy won’t let go of her leg. And this gets a double count out. Wow… just wow.

So, Jaylina is now trying to get in the Ladies’ Locker room… but that same security guard from earlier stops her claiming she’s not allowed in there. Which I guess is technically true.


’m not sure what to make of the next bit of things. CCC was looking for Jack and she finds him in a storage area. Where he’s shaven and trying to look younger? Uh… did he take that 4CW tag match badly or something? Well he does look younger though. Well, regardless, sounds like he’s getting more back into wrestling. That’s cool I guess.

Prime Data FrayAuburn

Ok, so these two get to wrestling. Fray’s pretty crazy so there’s that. Ok, I’m trying to pay attention to this match… but just… I dunno… that thing is starting to hit me again… But uh… Auburn seal s the deal with her Land’s End.

Next up is… is… I can’t do this… I can’t watch that match. I don’t wanna see those two fight… at least not now. Those two… no… I just can’t…

Ok… so for those wondering. I haven’t touched this blog since… well it’s been awhile. Slam 5’s already come and gone and yeah. I did start on this and while I could adjust it but I’m just not. Keeps it more authentic I guess. Either way, let’s get to that last match.

Prime Data MizoreRX

So after both of their fancy entrances… well should I do something special with my Entrance? Never really thought about it and I’m not sure what I’d do anyways… and then there’s the money issue but I’m getting off topic here.

So, Mizore and Roller X actually shake hands before the match… I didn’t think they did with things getting a little tense with them back then. The match starts off with some back and forth at first, both pretty even for now. Soon, Roller X takes control of the match and… well, I already know the outcome but well let’s keep going. The match gets to the outside a bit before the battle it out but RX whips Mizore into the steps before getting back in the ring. RX follows her.

Mizore takes control for a bit there. Eventually Roller X starts to gain some momentum but after a failed climb to the rope… dang her too uh… Mizore hits her breaking the Ice on Roller X… I wondered if that was it but no, RX grabs that bottom rope. Mizore tries to keep the momentum going in her favor… again I wondered if that was it but my sister fights though it and gets to the ropes again. Mizore tries to pick up RX but she gets a Cursed Skull for her troubles. I noticed it took Roller X a bit to get on that pinfall… maybe if she got there sooner…

My sisters goes for the Derby Dash and… Mizore Counter’s with a Cold shoulder… uh… de-sa-vu. Though why did my sister think a Derby Dash after a devastating to her Cursed Skull would get the job done this time would work. Well, it didn’t as Mizore scores the pin fall… which I knew as well, Slam 5 has already passed. My sister was a it annoyed there after Mizore was nice and helped her up… I can’t help wondering if I made both their nights even worse…But I can’t be thinking like that.

Either way, I would not add my predictions but I already had them written out. So Let’s go with Prime Predictions!!

Prime Data D0ImlfT

Last Time: 2-3

(Go from perfect to miss most of them. And yes, Little Yokai/Mandie tied so not counting it.)

Year to date: 11-4

Prime Data EliJohnny


Eli Goode Vs Johnny Jobber

Winner: Eli

Reason: How many of the Jobber Family are there? Well, Eli should have this.

Prime Data MizoreFray


Mizore Vs Fray

Winner: Mizore

Reason: I’ll never predict against her.

Prime Data 9Way


Jay Jobber Vs Mike Jobber Vs Little Yokai Vs Mandie Wheeler Vs Auburn Vs Maya Jensen Vs Rocco Abrams Vs Annie Fugate Vs Roller X

Winner: My Match

Reason: Yeah I was going to predict myself to win.. not counting it for the predictions scores but as a motivator… but never did get this finished in time.

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